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So I've taken to pencil drawings in hopes of selling commissions of them, in supplement to my digital art and graphics work. These are pictures of MacKenzie, my little monster and only the best model an artist could ask for. 




Sigh, photographing them always washes details out. I've also been converting them to digital so I can color them without screwing up the original artwork!

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My grandmother took the time to teach me how to draw faces at various angles when I was around 8 or 10. I have fond memories of her showing me the math tricks and oval guides, and seeing my people drawing skills change almost overnight. Beyond that, I've taught myself for the most part. 


As for my art career, I'm hoping it'll pick up more soon. I've been doing online graphics for almost two years, but it's hard to make enough and find clients. 

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You owe your grandmother so very much.  She would be so proud of you and the fact that you have developed into quite the artist.  You were an excellent student and it really shows.  

Finding clients is the hardest part of establishing a name and your business.  What I would recommend is to do a couple free drawings in such places as a local children's store to get your name recognised.  Also, I have no idea just how long the drawing takes, but you might ask a few of the local children's stores if you could set up in their store and consider giving them a small commission for every sale you make.  When they say yes, you contact the newspaper and news stations and make a "press release".  These are free and will hopefully get you and the store some additional business.

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Remember I used to write about superheros? This is one of them, one I haven't written about or drawn in 15 years. I was motivated to redraw her the other day. Here, have a major glow-up in my art style, featuring Primrose!



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