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  1. Thank you, I appreciate it. I may be more forgetful than her sometimes.
  2. Is it possible to uh...change my display name/username? Also....hi....been a little while. A certain someone reminded me about this and that I have an account.
  3. Hey Topazia, can we talk about that thing you asked about later? I'd prefer that.
  4. This was a blog I wrote earlier tonight while still in a very very emotional state. I'm still very upset. Crushed. Georgie 2001 - October 20, 2008 Goodbye little buddy. I miss you. Saying goodbye is not what I wanted to do tonight. But it's what I had to do. I lost my best friend tonight. He was my best friend since March of 2002. For more than 6 years he has always been right there. Now he's gone. Just like that. I was right there with him when he went. Not saying goodbye. But saying please don't go. I was saying please don't go long after he had already. I couldn't let him go.
  5. I do wonder what it is about though...hmm...
  6. Yes, that's correct. That's what I am At the moment, I'm on hold on the phone with godaddy customer support. And it's after 1 in the morning. Yay for 24/7 support! lol The worst part is that you are 'on hold' and it is 01H00 in the morning. Yeah, that's an annoying part but at least they have good friendly support and get the job done
  7. Yes, that's correct. That's what I am At the moment, I'm on hold on the phone with godaddy customer support. And it's after 1 in the morning. Yay for 24/7 support! lol
  8. So, in an effort to contribute to the forum, here is a writing I did for my class. It's basically a little introduction about me. You can see how I write (not bad I say ) and you can learn a bit about me as well... Hello to all. My name is Sean. I’m glad to be here at the Art Institute Online. Especially considering my past education has been limited and not fulfilled to my desires. A big regret of mine was walking away from high school in my first year. I started on my path to more education when I went back and got my GED. I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I wanted to attend the Ne
  9. Good luck with your school application. What kind of school is it? FedEx hs one of the best television stations in the USA, so if you were looking at a job in that area, it would be a great place to apply. It's the Art Institute Online. I'm doing web design and interactive media. Starting Monday.
  10. I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I certainly joined with the intention of posting more but things have gotten in the way lately of a lot of things. I'm in the process of working on getting into a school (almost done with that) and also doing a lot of looking for work. So it's been a little crazy lately. I will be posting though
  11. Wonderful!!! Everyone is welcome to participate. Please... photographs, written works, whatever you wish to contribute. Awesome. I'm glad I'll be able to help. I'm not bad with writing either so I'd be happy to contribute there as well. I just like working on a team and contributing. So count me in for photographs and some writing for sure.
  12. Does it matter that I'm new here? lol I have a talent. I'm a kinda sorta photographer. As in, I'm an amateur photographer. But people like my stuff. I wouldn't mind contributing. Just ask Topazia; I'm good with a camera And if you want to see what kind of photography I do, I can direct you to my online gallery.
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