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  1. I'll be with my family in a little town called Leesburg, about an hour north of Orlando. Aside from Universal Studios and Disney Land (world?), I have no idea what there is to do around there.
  2. So hey. I'm going to Florida, too. See my folks for Christmas. It'll be pretty great.
  3. I didn't think much of it until a morning news report emphasized fuel shortages in New York, and how it needed to be rationed among the mile-long lines. Most people weren't so much interested in fueling their chunky SUV's as they were for generators at home. Not a fun prospect to have a storm mess up your house and be without power for extended periods of time. And if tanker trucks with fuel weren't plentiful, one might assume other freight like groceries aren't a regular thing, either.
  4. The notion of a small chunk of Sandy making its way to Kansas is silly. ... such as seals.
  5. Nebraska isn't known for its tourist attractions. I guess the most magnificent thing to see is the Huskers' stadium. Economical living, though!
  6. Well, aside from the overheating issue, it's pretty good. I built myself a fancy desktop computer about two years ago, with two 22" screens and a big ol' keyboard, so switching from that to a little compact laptop was pretty drastic. I figure if I downgrade my hardware, I won't waste as much time, and I can focus on some things I've always wanted to get in to: namely audio recording/mixing, and flash animation. Right now I'm using Ubuntu Studio which tries to be Mac OSX with multimedia software built-in. I still beleive that Mac hardware is overpriced (although more stable than, say, Samsung)
  7. Our family used to live in Texas about 3 years ago, at which time we all moved to Nebraska. Dad got a job offer in Florida, so both parents moved there and left myself and my brother here in Nebraska, since we're big kids and can take care of ourselves and responsibility whatnot. They're about an hour north of Orlando, if I remember right.
  8. I drive a '96 Ford Ranger pickup. It's kind of those small-medium kinds of pickup trucks, the appropriate size so that it's not too small to be self-defeating, but big enough to actually carry something. You should break your resolve and get one. also DOOD I WENT TO SEE BIRDEMIC TOO with those Riffrax Live guys and now my bros and i seek to invest in slrpnls. If we don't, birds will... behave violently in a way that defies all description.
  9. As super-exciting as the midwest is, it wasn't my first choice of living conditions. I wouldn't call it unpleasant, though. Just a lot of corn and college students. I maintain that there are only two cities in my state, and lots of populated truck stops. I'm in Lincoln, which tries really hard to be a capitol city. I've been to Omaha only a handful of times.
  10. oh gads, my past-self embodies effectively every behavior that I find irritating today. I think my past-self would find the 2012 model to be super boring.
  11. My folks moved to Florida several months ago, and here's their first hurricane! Also some important friends of mine in Virginia and New York who I haven't heard from for a few weeks... I can only hope for the best.
  12. well let me just swing by a month later to check on my thread here Last year I made an unwise investment in a first-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab which was obsolete before a month of ownership. Good job, Samsung. I'm never buying from those guys again. Of course, I can still use it as an oversized mp3 player, so... there's that. I've since upgraded to a laptop with the most dreadful habit of heating up to about 70C by just sitting idle. I'll keep myself occupied with this until I fix the copper heatsink one of these days. And that's my cheap hardware story. Is Hampsterking still aro
  13. if this site had a mobile version, i'd be more responsive. Ill post some proper responses once i get a real keyboard- ive got an outdated 7" tablet i use to check in on things.
  14. nothing but the best for my old droogs and lewdies. So I hear lots of people are off having birthdays, getting married and the like. How's that all going for you? Last time I checked, we were a lot of 12-year-olds spouting off whatever comes to mind without any thought. That's what I did, anyway. Since then, I tried moving on from childhood habits and went on to more "grown up" things online, which almost exclusively meant logging upward of 30,000 hours playing PC games online. I ended up getting a job that allowed purchase of more software and shenanigans, I've since realized
  15. well next time you swing by exotic Nebraska, I know of some airports that are fully compatible with most modern aircrafts.
  16. Guys. guys. How long has it been since I made this account, it was like ten years ago. And it feels like even longer since I actually used it. I was very thrilled to see Horatio's enthusiasm once again, i tell you whut
  17. omg it's mw i'm so excited HEY HEY MW HI
  18. So I started participating in Version 2.0 but then got distracted by some Canadian culture.
  19. I'm a bit late to the thread, but that is terrible news. Makes me sad to know of unfortunate losses coming to people who have a consistent, positive, upbeat attitude such as yourself. At the same time, it's very heartwarming to see these people continue through life without letting this drag them down. You're a very respectable, patient person, Horatio. Sorry for your loss.
  20. Arkcher


    Heheh. Good to know I've left an impression
  21. Reporting in from exotic Nebraska-town. I wholeheartedly approve of this thread.
  22. [hnnnng okay after i go to work tonight i get TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS OFF in which i will probably play video games until they lose my interest* and then i'll start writing some more of this honestly, the only thing holding me back is how I have most of an outline written except for Josh's intro part 2. Intro P2 is gonna put all four characters in one place, and effectively all that Josh needs to do is drive from one place to another and I really can't think of a way to make it interesting, so i might just skip it since i've come up with nothing after a month of thinking about it.]
  23. so I just saw this post and i'm confused about liking your brothers' quotes. also bumping again for Katman who always does things on time.
  24. ... and his name is Arkcher and he is a handsome and amazing young man. :V
  25. Post 1.1.4 Joshua Bradford sternly filed through his large collection of cassette tapes, intently searching for a specific one. He had developed the habit of keeping an audio journal; friends and family had urged him to keep some record of his otherwise eventful life, but even after forty-some years, penmanship was definitely not one of his stronger points. Some might call him old-fashioned, still using a cassette tape recorder, but he was comfortable with using this medium. Minimal risk of overwriting what was stored, no chance of deleting them if they were stored digitally… They were so
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