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  1. Chapter 5 - Archaeology Neil packed up everything he owned, which wasn't much more than what he'd brought from Myopia, though he'd gotten a slightly bigger rucksack since then. As he was leaving the castle grounds, he was stopped by someone shouting. "Wait! Neil!! Wait up!!!" yelled the voice, accompanied by powerful steps. Neil turned around to see he was being pursued by Destral. "Yes, what is it?" Neil asked sternly. "Well, I thought that since you've only lived here in the palace in your entire six years in Warudo, you might need someone who really knows the country. You do
  2. Chapter 4 - Birthday Later that night, Neil, for the second time, led Amkast to her lavish bedroom, waited for her outside to change into her black-and-white nightgown, and then went in her room to talk to her, to lull her to a drowsy state so she would go to bed properly. Neil assumed she must have been very restless normally. "Did you have fun in the library today, princess?" Neil asked. Amkast sat on her bed, holding two books she had taken from the library tenderly to her chest. "I did..." He sat down next to her on the bed. "Though I wish Destral hadn't been in there," She m
  3. Korean Vocaloid "SeeU". Have you heard her demo yet?
  4. Same here, at least for now. Another problem is, with most of the amateur songs I've seen (especially stuff produced with english language characters) it's difficult to get them to sound real, and even professional songs sometimes sound robotic, and I would want them to sound realistic.
  5. Aloysious eventually nodded. "It's my duty to meet all of your friends. Or at least a good portion of them." Mushroom shrugged. She wasn't exactly close to the models, just on friendly terms... but they were friends, she supposed... "They're roommates," Mushroom explained as she knocked on the door. Aloysious nodded. PMM looked awfully excited. The door creaked open, and standing there was a tall, dark-skinned girl with similarly dark cat's ears and tail, and a hot pink tank top, skinny jeans, and shiny, curly hair that went to her shoulders. She was pretty, Aloysious admitted. "Who is
  6. -Chapter 3: Tyu, Neil, and Destral too- For about a week, Neil didn't do much caretaking for Amkast; he would meet her in her room, or in the courtyard, and he would see her to bed. Every day he would do something new with her to help her 'break in' the new caretaker. The day after their inital meeting, Neil awoke and went out to one of the castle grounds for a little morning exercise. As he went out, he heard a strange thumping noise, looked around, but saw nothing unusual. Hmm. He kept walking, adjusting and loosening his scarf. Down in the city, it was a nice day out, but up in
  7. I just re-read this entire freaking tawpeek. and I'm convinced that this is the SINGLE GREATEST THREAD I EVER MADE it is revived as of right now.
  8. Thanks a ton for the award, Horatio, I've been really putting my all into this story, equal to the amount I put into Invision if not more (especially since with this I have to work with making up fictional cultures and magic and stuff) Anyway, chapta twu. Neil Rüzgar didn't want to be seen as a timid foreigner-certainly not considering that he was normally a very outspoken man. He reminded himself as he dressed the next day that he was a very powerful psychic-one that had been chosen specifically from all the young psychics in his hometown by his teacher-and if anyone tried to harass h
  9. Don't worry, the feral kangaroo will return once I get to re-writing Kat's story.
  10. I've actually been wanting to purchase Big Al or English Miku when she comes out so I can put my songs on YouTube, or possibly both of them so I have both female and male options for songs. One of the lame-o things though is that some of the Japanese-language characters would suit my songs better, but they can't sing in English too well. I would like to use Kaito for my EarthBound songs but he can't sing English. Nevertheless, the software is crazy expensive and I have to think about which ones suit my needs before buying one. Until then, I just listen to other people's songs.
  11. [Okay. Basically, this is the NEW new version of ADRPG. It doesn't suck. I actually like this as much if not more than Invision, which is saying something.] [basically, this is the only story I write that's actually actively written down in a notebook and then typed up, unlike everything else I do which is typed up period. Right now I have two filled notebooks of story, which is now over 400 pages. I only have five chapters typed up, though, as well as two sheets of background information, with a third in the works.] [Here's the first chapter, I don't want it to be too overwhelming so
  12. Is anyone here into Vocaloid? Or know what it is? I'm mainly asking this because I'd like to see how many HDers like it, plus I kind of wrote a fanfic about Vocaloid that I was thinking of posting. If anyone here does like it, feel free to name some songs you think are good.
  13. Now might be a good time to update every one on my love life. First off, anyone who's been reading my posts in this tawpeek may remember my friend Ghost, well, I actually dated her for about a few weeks and then we broke up. We're still best friends though, which is good. I'm now dating one of my (male) friends (nickname-street fighter). I've known him for over a year now because he's the best friend of one of my school friends, and we ended up getting together at an anime convention the three of us went to last month. So yeah, that's basically what's happening with me right now.
  14. Chapter Four Arkcher tried to convince himself he was dreaming as he listened to his father gush about how his little boy had grown up into such a fine young man, but it was nigh impossible. But wouldn't you do the same if your father suddenly traveled from a completely different part of the universe just to see you? Arkcher wasn't too happy later in the day when his wife was practically flirting his father. Luckily, unlike Arkcher, Aloysious was the sort of man who didn't get very angry at people, and was very forgiving of people. These traits only got passed on to one of his children
  15. Chapter Three Chapter Three Arkcher gulped, and with trembling hands, opened the door. It'll be a friend. It'll be a friend. I just know it... Before he knew it, standing in front of him was... ... a light brown wolf with white wings, folded across her back. You'd think Arkcher would be terrified, like most people, but he happened to be friends with this particular wolf. Her name was Mega Wolf, and before she walked into the house, she suddenly shape-shifted into a girl about Arkcher's age, a pretty Asian girl who always seemed to be smiling. In this form, she was Jeanette, not
  16. Chapter Two "Mushroom, dear. You've been listening to the exact same song for the past week. Please, stop..." Two days after they had come back home to the massive mansion on Mt. Jazzeh, Arkcher, who was trying to peacefully sleep in, awoke to the sound of both the Super Nintendo and the CD Player. Ugh, why did she still use CD Players? He would have to buy her an MP3 Player soon... He looked over and saw she was not even playing the game, merely sitting and listening to the song. "Mushroom, please. You'll ruin that thing if you do stuff like that." "It hasn't ruined our copies
  17. [Hey, sorry about the months-long delay in updates. Truth is I'm suffering from the worst bout of writer's block I've ever had for any of my stories, ever.] [in the meantime, I've been re-writing some of the earlier chapters of the story. I'll be making a few posts with those in them right now, just to hold you over until the next re-write or the next real chapter.]
  18. My major concern right now is adjusting myself back to a stable mindset, but it seems the only way I can do this is by avoiding school. But I can't avoid school-I mean, I guess I could, but I have my work and stuff...that was the only thing I didn't like about staying home those three days, was I worried about getting behind on my work. But at school, he's unavoidable; we not only have a class, but we have the same friends, things like that, we can't avoid each other. As evidenced when I tried going to school on Thursday.
  19. Horatio, I know you mean well, and I will take your advice as best as I can, but the main reason this hurts is because he never did stuff like this before. He would have never dreamed of hurting me like this. He never would have been happy seeing me sad-I don't know if I mentioned it yet, but he was always so sensitive to me being upset. If I showed any inclination of crying or being upset, the first thing he would do is try to help me. Like I said, this was why it hurt so much that he was acting this way. Like you, I don't really know the best way to express what I'm trying to say right now.
  20. I think what hurts the most is the fact that just before he had to break up with me, he was so loving, and just last week I'd been so sure everything was going to be alright. I just don't know what he's thinking, the way he's acting, why he's being so loving one moment and so mean the next..
  21. So, update. I had to stay home three days in a row. On Thursday I did attempt to go to school, but I was on the verge of a breakdown in my first class, went to the counselor, and my mom, without asking me if I wanted to go home, had my Uncle come pick me and take me to my grandma's. A lot of things have happened in just two days. On Wednesday night I finally confided in my mom just how much I was hurting-I told her that earlier that day I had tried to cut my leg, and that I was having suicidal thoughts because I just don't know how to deal with this kind of pain. On Thursday, when I tr
  22. Everyone... A few weeks ago, my boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me. Not because he didn't love me anymore, but because his mom made him-she thinks I'm distracting him from his grades. The day this happened, I had a panic attack and not only had to go to the nurse, but to counselor's office to deal with it. So for about two weeks, he was very cold and robotic to me. Then, for over two weeks, he was the same again. He held my hand, hugged me, he even kissed me. I was so happy, I thought everything would be fine again. Then, this last Sunday, we had an argument while messa
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