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  1. I'm quite pleased with my ability to help them. I think they are too, or they'd just use the other self-check and avoid me. I'm looking forward to learning more with my baby. Original Ricolas are the ones I use. I'm sure other flavors are just as good. I know calcium citrate is much better than Tums, it's just harder to find cheap and I'm lazy and haven't looked yet. I'm getting more calcium right now because I discovered these fruit trays at work that have cheese in them and it's really good. Fortified OJ does have calcium. I don't like tofu or nuts, though. Mercury is most prevalent
  2. Tuna and other fish contain Omega-3s, which is what DHA is, one type of Omega-3. You can also find it in certain tree nuts (walnut and brazil, especially). I don't care for fish, except tuna, but I can only eat so much because of the mercury, particularly now that there's a tiny developing brain I don't want to addle. Other than DHA and a couple other preg-specific vitamins, as long as I intake enough of all the vitamins and minerals you're supposed to have anyway, both Tiny and I will be healthy. My biggest concern right now is iron and calcium. The gummies don't have either. Iron is hard on
  3. Hi there! Update in my life. I'm almost 13 weeks along. I'm finally starting to feel human again after weeks of near-constant pain and exhaustion. Baby is healthy and growing. Through some lapse in communication I'm still getting paid for the supervisor position from back in December. I did tell two managers about it, but I think they forgot to follow up. As far as I care, I did my part and if they forget then oh well I'm not going to complain about the huge pay difference in my favor We had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and we saw the baby! It was sooo cute! We could see its eyes and could
  4. I'm just about there. I still have to buy gifts for my dad and a friend, but then we're done! I've been very busy at work. I was the temporary supervisor over layaway, so I've been able to make enough money so Sean and I can have a good holiday season. We're in our own place (FINALLY!!) and we just found out some amazing news. I'm pregnant! It's adorable to imagine your little babies barking at each other. How smart! Hope you're having a great night!
  5. Ooh I cant wait to see them! I haven't been to a con but I want to when the timing is right.
  6. Story of the Bell Diver Once upon a time, there were mechanical water spirits whose souls resided within a tiny, magical bell. It was said they were a helpful race, but very lonely, as few people could see them. They say you could tell when one was near the surface by their bubbles if you looked closely enough. Most could hear a bell diver’s ringing late at night on calm water, a faint tinkling emanating from the center of lakes and ponds. It signaled favorable weather the next morning if it was slow, but storms if it was fast. Eventually the stories of bell divers rescuing lost boaters an
  7. *whine* But that would take work.... I'm going to put something in here tomorrow. Just gotta dig through my recent work for something harmless. I've taken to delving into character pasts, and I can't post pretty much anything here. Maybe a couple things, but not much. o.0 A PG forum is harder to write for than young adult/adult fiction with no such restraints. (I say PG bc a G rated forum wouldn't allow anything remotely uncomfortable, and it's clear that historically we even enter PG-13 at times, save language)
  8. Life is going ok. Work is...eh. I get a tiny raise in September (they're changing how they give raises and it's gonna suck) and then I'll be upped to ten an hour next February along with the rest of the store. I'm not pleased with what they're doing with the new associates and everything (established associates like me are getting left behind) but I keep reminding myself it's temporary and paying 20% of my tuition to becoming a teacher. As lousy as it is there, though, it's still the best paying job in this area without a degree so...And my insurance, while expensive in deductible, has semi de
  9. And my autograph? Yeah my signature kinda sucks... Maybe. k?
  10. I should really find more stuff to put on here.
  11. Um. Yeah. So last summer Rocky died. Totally forgot to update you guys. And I don't think I have any pics. He was a generic red betta. He was sick for a while and then he stopped eating and we euthanized him (cup of ice water. instant and painless. Better than letting him slowly die in great pain because of pinecone.) and buried him. We haven't gotten another fish. We got a second cat instead. She likes to cuddle and cause trouble (she knows what she's doing).
  12. Everyone is all grown up. How goes it with me? Married (2 years!). Working (2.5 years in one place...yay....?). In college (yay!!!!). Still writing (fingers...itching...). Currently watching my cat sleep with a Cheshire grin on her face (yeah somehow she can smile. adorable as all getout). Listening to my other cat yowling in heat. But she likes to cuddle so it's ok. Is anyone else currently active on the board (besides our favorite moderator)?
  13. Nah it's ok. It's a googlomerate email address and I have a googlomerate phone so I can get notifications. If I really feel like changing it it's just a matter of adjusting another email and then this one and then the other one again. Heh. Googlomerate. Sorry, proud of my terrible pun.
  14. Yay! I did it right! Except I had to use an account that I rarely use (but I'll start now) because my primary account is attached to a different profile on here (yes, remember I have like five).
  15. I can do that! ...I lost your email address. Shall I message it to you on the book of faces?
  16. Oh hi! I'm still alive! Yeah I can't update my email which I know is wrong in here because there is an incompatible file on line 88 of the code. Or something like that. I could post my accurate one here since I'm over 18 and trust the people here within reason.
  17. I'd put writing in the writing forum this is about my pet. As for life, it's going well. I got to help run layaway this year. It's so much more fun than cashiering. I get to run around in the backroom and outside in the trailers, and I don't have to deal with customers every second of every day like up front. I get to socialize with coworkers while it's slow and we're doing paperwork and cleaning up. I'm actually really upset about going back to the register after Christmas. We moved back into Sean's parents' house, like I said in my Rocky post, but I don't expect we'll be here more than a ye
  18. So, back in April sometime, Sean and I bought this little red betta fish from the Walmart across town. We got a little 1.5L bowl, food, some glass stones, and some special fish water. He took to it pretty quickly. When male bettas are happy, they build what's called bubble nests; this mass of little bubbles on the surface used to attract females in the while. He built us a few at first, but then they weren't so frequent. We named him Rocky because we had just finished acting in a Rocky Horror shadowcast show at our friend's theatre. We kept his tank fairly clean, but not as clean as we sho
  19. I should find more stuff to put in here.
  20. the things I remember writing... my momentum for this story is gone because I was unable to aim it properly. someday I'll write it again but better.
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