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  1. And yes, she is. She knows it too, the little flirt XD
  2. I have no idea. She quite likes them, though, which makes me laugh. She's such a trip! Irma did not live up to her hype. We didn't even lose power! Just a few flickers. We found some canned foods, and they did have water when we finally went shopping! We got two more cases. And we also got snack cakes because snack cakes. Most of the county was out of power, with the apparent exception of my neighborhood, but nobody was hurt and there was very little damage. And they've gotten half the county turned back on now. But now Sean is being paid to stay home because, I'm assuming, his work is st
  3. Hello hello! I did end up quitting my job. I lost hours because my boss scheduled me on days I cannot work. And after calling in sick one day and him being rude about it, plus the fact that I made less than 300 (need over 4 to make ends meet) in two weeks and my husband made 440 in one, plus the added cost of him working twenty minutes further from home than I do, which means my paycheck is costing us money... It's fine though. I get to spend my days loving the coolest kid ever. Yesterday was fun. We went to my mom's house and hung out there. I had a hot dog and he had a burger. MacKenzie
  4. Well, she's walking now. Her birthday was last Thursday and she had a wonderful party on Saturday. I have gotten more hours this week, since it's the first week the new manager has done the schedule and I had previously explained to him that I need 30 hours a week or my car doesn't get paid. I got 30 hours. Yay! My husband finally started his job, so now we're making more money. I may quit, since he makes double what I make. I haven't decided. The eclipse was interesting. I met Sean for lunch. Here is FL it wasn't a total eclipse so it just got a little darker for a few minutes. He had an
  5. What a cute hamster haha! Aww don't be too hard on the oval pizza girl. It's possible the dough just came out like that. Sometimes our dough comes out looking more like Alaska than a circle, and there's nothing we can do about it haha! You have so many interesting things going on. MacKenzie is crawling, and last night she started to walk while we hold her hands! She has learned a few words that she can reproduce reliably. Five (she thinks it means hand), hi!, cag (cat), dad (for both of us but mostly him), and she loves blowing raspberries. She's about 18lbs and 26 inches tall.
  6. Hellooooo Topazia! MacKenzie is crawling and Herman found out what the ball could do last night. He was cruising around at such high rates of speeds, that we needed to put up bumpers along the walls to keep him from an abrupt stop. LOL!!! We left him alone the first day and night at the house, to get accustomed to his new surroundings. So, when he was introduced to the ball... he just loved it. We had to watch the time so that he would not dehydrate. We placed Herman back into his cage, he drank a load of water and then got into the wheel. So, we placed him back into the ball for a
  7. Hello, Horatio!! Yay! Welcome, Herman!!! Don't worry, you're in good hands with H! I think I worked on Earth Day. I started a new job at a local health food store, and it's pretty interesting. Fun place to work. Good luck with your Yosemite adventures!!! MacKenzie is crawling and cruising and teething and babbling. She's been a very busy learner the last few weeks!! Tonight I learned that if you microwave 3 slices of American cheese (the singles) with a tablespoon or so of milk for 30-60 seconds, it makes amazing mac n cheese sauce!
  8. Aww it's been dead. Well thank you, tbfof lol she knows she's beautiful haha MacKenzie is now 6.5 months old. She's about 15.5 pounds. She can sit, eat, roll, and has two teeth. Thankfully she hasn't used them on her food source yet, but they're sharp on my knuckles that's for sure! Your life sounds amazing, tbfof! A triathlon and a trip to Asia! I'm glad your company is raising money for such a great cause.
  9. Aww it's been dead. Well thank you, tbfof lol she knows she's beautiful haha MacKenzie is now 6.5 months old. She's about 15.5 pounds. She can sit, eat, roll, and has two teeth. Thankfully she hasn't used them on her food source yet, but they're sharp on my knuckles that's for sure! Your life sounds amazing, tbfof! A triathlon and a trip to Asia! I'm glad your company is raising money for such a great cause.
  10. Hi wildcat! Welcome back! Thanks, she's just the sweetest thing. As of yesterday, she's 10 lbs 11 oz. She had her shots and was grumpy until we gave her some Tylenol. It took effect in like a minute, I was so shocked! Lol she's eating nothing but good old mother's milk. We ended up not doing anything Halloween. She was cute, just not anything specific to the day. Happy birthday, Horatio! I hope it was awesome!
  11. Your pictures are so pretty, Horatio! I love the dahlia. I'm looking forward to Halloween. No idea what I'm doing for it yet. Little girl will be something cute, I know that much. Update, she's getting so big! Probably hitting ten pounds now. Look how cute she is today lol
  12. We are all well, thank you! Sean goes back to work tomorrow (boo) but we're going on a trip to Kissimmee to a place I don't think I can talk about here with some friends on Sunday. MacKenzie is awesome. She's up to 7 pounds! She's a sleepy and very cute poop factory (they all are at that age). I'm good. I've lost about 20 of the 35 pounds I gained. Still out of work until the end of the month. I can't think of anything else worth updating. How are you?
  13. Ooh I can't wait to see them all! You have the neatest adventures. The west coast sounds amazing. If it weren't for earthquakes, I'd love to live there. We're all home, have been for just over a week. Mackenzie is happy and healthy and perfect. She eats well, isn't fussy as long as she's fed and clean, and she sleeps well at night. I set my alarm to feed her but she wakes herself up just before. She's so strong! She can move her head remarkably well for 11 days old and her leg control is so good she could probably move herself if she had the arm strength to lift her torso. All that kicking
  14. Here she is: the prettiest little girl in the whole world. Mackenzie Layne [last name]. And holy crap was she a source of excitement when she made her grand entrance. I was in labor for only 3 hours and 16 minutes. They didn't have time to drug me. The doc barely made it in the room in time to *ahem* catch. But aside from some sore stitches and anemia, I feel pretty darn good.
  15. I went to the doctor the other day and kiddo can come any time she feels like. She's not allowed to come before Monday or at least Sunday night though because tomorrow is the shower and I don't want to miss it. I'm feeling fine, albeit drained super easily and like there's a very squirmy bowling ball strapped to my gut. Sean is getting so antsy! I feel bad because the whole Can Come Anytime But No Way To Tell When thing has him feeling out of control and therefore very grumpy. I'm just nervous bc now I have to figure out how to keep a human alive. Your adventures sounds like so much fun! I
  16. I'll have to find the link to the YouTube video when I get home if you wanna see the sappy video lol. Makenzie is due Aug 17. I'll most definitely let you guys know when she comes!
  17. Hello hello! I hope you found beautiful things to take pictures of! I'm so excited... I'm 32 weeks along, and baby girl is just loving to move around. Now to get her to move for my mom... I made Sean a video for Sunday. I hope he likes it. It's sappy and very short. Be safe in your travels, H!! :D
  18. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia and New Zealand. They are such pretty places in pictures; someday I'd like to go. So, we found out. It's a girl! This is MacKenzie Layne [lastname]. :3 She's the prettiest little girl. And so active! She wouldn't stop squirming when the lady was trying to take her pictures. But she wasn't shy, not in the least, so we definitely know she's a girl. The "ball" over her chest is either a slice of her arm or her fist. You can see the umbilical cord next to that. Ultrasounds are sooo sharp now! We could see so much detail it was crazy! When the t
  19. Oh no! It's a very good thing you came home when you did! I hope you get it fixed posthaste! So I haven't been transferred, but they finally took the supervisor position away from me. Still only lost 10% though, which is what I was expecting with any move. Now I have to go submit the request AGAIN and make sure my manager approves it AGAIN because I've been in a position for less than six months AGAIN. Yes, I'm irritated. Although, depending on what the manager from the other store pulls me over to do, this could work out in my favor because I could be getting a promotion, meaning that the
  20. I can't vote in the primaries because I'm not a member of the two main parties. (I hate bipartisanship, btw, not fair to citizens but let's not get into politics) I did request a transfer back in November and they're just now getting around to finding a spot for me, so kind of both. I'm fine with losing part of my raise, it's a far higher pay rate than what faced me had I not been left where I am.
  21. I know I need to see him. I want to go. Good luck convincing my job to let me vanish for a week, though. It won't be hard setting up maternity leave, but for a nonmedical vacation? As if. Doc says Aug 17, with two week radius around that. So pretty much the month of August. I'm feeling pretty good, still have a sore back but my energy is coming back. Yes, we are now making even more money. Of course, I'm sacrificing most of the new raise because I'm transferring to a different store. I like the money, but I need to do something new or I'm not going to keep working. And the people are nicer
  22. Good morning! You're about twelve hours closer to my brother than I am! *suddenly sad. I miss him.* Hope you're enjoying your travels out there!
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