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  1. Oh I just hate it when that stuff happens! We've had that problem with other programs on our pc but not Lightroom.
  2. Word auto saves and I save pretty frequently because someone has grabby fingers. I just don't backup often because I don't want to have to save multiple files. I can probably just use my one drive tho. That'll remove the issue. Thankfully this isn't a new story, just a transcription. Idk what I'd do if I lost some other digital only stuff. I'm gonna transfer a lot to one drive tomorrow.
  3. Chapter Six Zavan stood at the corner waiting for Zillah, having never gotten an answer from his parents on the matter the previous night. As her bus arrived he stretched his arms and adjusted his bag. Zillah bounded off the bus, waving to her friends. She fell into step beside her brother as he started walking. “What are you so happy about, Zav?” She asked suddenly. The boy looked down at her. “What do you mean?” He asked. “You’re walking faster and you’re bouncy,” she pointed out. He noticed he did have a bit of a spring in his step after the conversation at school. “I ju
  4. ...my file... it got corrupted last night... I have a nearly filled 200-page notebook that I was ALMOST DONE TRANSCRIBING.... I can copy what I have here to save a little time, but... I have to type it ALL OVER AGAIN... I want to cry. It's the only damaged file on the flash drive. And it had to be that one. *curses and stomps* ... You're gonna have to wait on more of this until I calm down enough to redo it without fuming. In the meantime, I'll offer up some occupied stuff over there.
  5. Continuing on... “Welcome back, Mr. Faln,” he greeted. “My name is Dr. Andrews, and I’ll be overseeing your treatment here. Do you remember why you’re here?” Jack tried to speak but was weak, so he pantomimed cutting his wrist. “That’s right. You’re very lucky, Mr. Faln. Had your neighbor not found you when he did, you would have succeeded in your endeavor to kill yourself.” Jack just nodded, too weak to care, and motioned for writing material. The doctor put a pen in his hand and a pad underneath. When can I leave, Jack wrote. The doctor looked at his file before answering. “Well
  6. She LOVES slides lol welcome back! Did you habe a god drive home? Yeah we love being able to play and watch her learn and grow. She learned to climb onto the couch, and she's mastering stairs, and she has learned a few new words in the last few days!
  7. I'm so glad you liked it! I'll put more up later. Can you delete the other one? No need for two copies, and it is significantly more detailed in the redaction.
  8. Happy birthday you two! May your next year be full of success and waffles! I know for a fact that insanityscaptive is not an active user here but happy birthday to you too.
  9. This is the worst of the story. The rest is just life living, character exploration, and dealing with the consequences of his actions.
  10. Irritatingly, every apostrophe and quote mark has vanished. There were no typos in my word document.
  11. here's the next two chapters of Occupied. Six is really long so I'll post the next two next. --- Chapter Four Friday. After a day of vaguely interesting classes, Zavan felt somewhat bored as he walked into History class. He trudged across the room to his desk and collapsed into it, dropping his bag to the floor carelessly. His neck was a bit sore as he rubbed it to relieve tension. Then he noticed Mrs. Ellis’s handwriting gone from the whiteboard, replaced with a single line of information: Why do we need history? Who are you? The teenager perked up a little, intrigued. As the room fi
  12. I'll post some of the other one under patchwork or zombiecat so you can decide if it's okay.
  13. Thanks! Oh please do. I'll put more up in a little while. I also have another story I could put up as am example of my recent writing style but I'm not sure its appropriate. Although, it is far better than some things you approved years ago.
  14. I know it's a lot to read. But I'm so proud of it because it actually feels like decent writing and not like a 14yo wrote it!
  15. We took a couple but they are on hubby's phone. She was belle from beauty and the beast. So cute! I'll have to find them later. My mom was and my brother was he was there for a year or two. It sounds like you had a blast!
  16. good grief this must be one of the oldest topics on here that I started. 2004.
  17. Okay so I've been working on this story for a couple years. This is chapters 1 - 3. Please, feedback?? I've screened and double screened it for family-friendliness so it should be good for here (remember, most of my work deals with uncomfortable topics and sometimes bad language, part of the reason I don't post much in here anymore) I picked the three kids' names on purpose. They are all Jewish names that start with Z. Zohar means brilliant one. Zavan means restless. Zillah means little shadow. The family isn't Jewish, that's just what mom and dad decided to do. --------------------------
  18. Hey my brother used to work at Nellis once upon a time! Enjoy the show! Glad to hear you're safe and sound.
  19. There's a potentially fatal complication that very rarely occurs in children under two when you use benzocaine products (like Orajel) that the CDC actually warns about. So we don't use it. We've used clove oil with some success, we're just out right now. She's getting them out. One is already finished breaking through, and it's huge!! It's a top tooth. Lol she already runs me ragged. If she's not getting into the DVDs, she's trying to go into my sister-in-law's craft room or the bathroom or just general toddler mayhem. And yes, my gosh, I love watching her blossom into the little girl she's go
  20. Oh there's still a ton of yards with ridiculously high debris piles. Some trees haven't even been dealt with yet. But we are far better off than other places. Wow! Thank goodness your car was okay! She's whiny and clingy and generally crabby. But she's also cutting three teeth at the same time. She's good otherwise XD Getting very quick with the walking. Such a sense of humor. And she loves to dance to music, but is still a little confused as to why she suddenly wants to move, so she'll bounce a little and then look at us for approval lol She also learned hugs are amazing and now she likes
  21. She better bleeping not. I don't think she will, though. Thankfully Sean went back to work on Wednesday, so now it's just me and the banshee all day. Which is fine MacKenzie is whining in her crib because she needs to sleep and doesn't want to yet. But she's doing well. She can sort of say block. I'm still working on the colors, though. I'm so glad to hear you escaped largely unscathed! Yay for power and hot water!!
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