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  1. I like hurricane season lol *shrug* I don't want too much devastation and of course nobody to get hurt, but the storms are fascinating.
  2. hi Hoops!!! Florida is a great place! You'll love it here!!!
  3. it's the same as my insta, which, conveniently enough, you're following (or I'm following you?) yes please keep me updated on your travels, and drive safe! mackenzie is such a ham. she's learned to climb into the bathroom sink. she's learned to mimic jumping jacks, sneezes, "all gone" and is entering the beautiful stage of emergent literacy, meaning she knows those marks mean something, points to them and babbles, and then looks at the picture and babbles about that. yesterday she was saying something specific that I'm pretty sure was "play with mommy". my heart melted <3
  4. MacKenzie! She loves her water. I'm great! Sean and I are profiting with our graphics business and streaming on twitch! And we are loving this little angel, learning all sorts of new fun things. <3 Today her favorite word was "no". It starts.
  5. Dear everyone, gyuvfg b vcg s nkmm mjkn h tugj bv y, ' /.,mn yp;'./ /........... ////// ll.,l ,m,m,km,,1 Sincerely, MacKenzie
  6. I eat the ears, head, and tail, then the body. We're all doing well, and had a nice Easter with my parents and grandmother. Hi TBFOF! and thank you.
  7. Thanks, H. I don't know if she'll remember her. But she'll know about her. She loved her grandma, and grandma loved her back. Yeah, it was my mother in law.
  8. My MIL was diagnosed with cancer in January and given 6 months untreated or 2 years with chemo. So she started chemo last month so she could make memories with her first grandchild. Well, with a myriad of other health issues, the chemo was too much. Due to complications, she was put on life support earlier this week. Yesterday we had to let her go. My husband and I held her hand. She was 68. I'm coping. He seems to be doing as well as you can be the day after a parent dies. Just keep us in your thoughts.
  9. She's also been teething her molars. they're soooo big! I have truly loved being home with her so long. I really need a job, but I don't want to leave her again. I understand why some people put their kids in daycare... sometimes that's the only way they can afford to pay all the bills. But I have family and friends who can watch her for free, so daycare is far from my thoughts. Yeah, she'd get socialization, but there's so many germs and I don't trust people. If I can find a good recent one of the three of us I'll put it up. I don't care if I get mother of the year. I just want her to
  10. She's only 18 months. She can barely say shirt lol let alone tell me a story. I don't know what she could have dreamed. I dream of fantastic things. like, fantasy fantastic, like what the word actually means. I've dreamt of a plane landing next to a tea party after a bunch of birds flew into a friend's room (whom I've never met in person). And other random stuff. I'm sure she's dreaming of things she can't explain. She's done the whole sleepy screaming thing a couple times. Usually she just lost the pacifier, but if not, picking her up vertically helps. as a last resort, shouting for Sean
  11. She's so awesome! She's got 12 teeth now. And her vocabulary is growing every day. And tonight she had a night terror and wouldn't wake up until I yelled for Sean. he didn't hear me, but it solved my problem! It was instant. she was screaming and flailing with her eyes half-closed, not responding to anything, and then I shouted, then silence. a little girl looking at me calmly, if a little confused and scared because of her bad dream. But after a quick field trip to Daddy for a kiss, she went right back to sleep.
  12. wow, those are some harrowing experiences! I don't have any scary encounter stories. I'm glad I made your day! It's true!
  13. I mean in general, H. You post such pretty pictures here all the time. You clearly take time to find good subjects, and take the best shots you can.
  14. She's usually a pretty clean eater lol so we don't waste much food. And thanks for the encouragement!
  15. Mackenzie enjoying toddlerhood to its fullest! And some of my artsies.
  16. My December and January have been alright. Working on writing (other stuff. still upset about the jack thing, I don't want to go back to it just yet bc I'll throw a fit) and drawing more. Now that munchkin is on a reliable sleep schedule and Sean is doing his gaming streams, I can devote hours every day to creative outlets! I've also been doing research for my writing (because accuracy) so now I know how much it costs to have a collagen count test done for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Also, I know a TON about Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Yay!
  17. Chapter Seven After an uneventful weekend, Zavan walked into Mr. Calder’s classroom and took his usual spot in the back. He pulled out his textbook and opened it to the pages on the board. Today’s lesson was about zygotes. The boy shook his head, knowing the giggles that would come from the class as they perused the illustrated reproductive organs on the page. “Good morning, Mr. McAllister,” Mr. Calder piped up in his usual brogue. “Perusin’ today’s lessons, are we?” A warm smile graced the elderly man’s face. “Yes, sir,” Zavan replied. “Trying to get a grasp on it before the giggl
  18. Of course I will. I only have one more chapter; I haven't been able to think of what comes next so when I've posted the rest I'd love any suggestions.
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