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  1. Slowly but surely pushing my way towards adulthood. Paying more bills, drinking more coffee, working harder to get important things done. I have my 21st birthday in a week. Probably won't be too exciting, considering it'll be a Monday.
  2. It's March 23rd! Hope all went well. Though, not so sure when we'll hear back, especially if it did.
  3. Alrighty, sorry for the long absence again! Been really focused, doing schoolwork and practicing. A lot. And hanging out with my boyfriend. Funny story, I accidentally changed my relationship status on facebook to engaged for a minute, which was the most terrifying minute of my life and at least 5 people saw it and legitimately thought I was engaged.
  4. Two more weeks of winter class! So, 2/3 through. haha. Currently trying to get a research project on manatees done and a book review.
  5. I'm always bouncing in and out of here. The forums weren't working one morning, not gonna lie, it freaked me out a little. This place is a security blanket of sorts.
  6. This picture of me and Thomas is actually a couple of years old. He doesn't really like taking pictures. haha
  7. Life update! A lot of being busy, just with a lot of stuff. Winter classes just started, before that, during that little break, I was working/playing trumpet/spending time with my significant other/spending time with my family a lot. Life is treating me pretty well, I'm on a pretty positive thinking track at the moment. Let's see... I had one roommate move out, another one just moved in. She's not officially signed on the lease, so it was really awkward when the manager was on a smoke break and could clearly see her moving her stuff into my apartment. Here's to hoping the manager says
  8. Wow, I totally missed this topic. Ye olde book of face, I'm friends with Cheesy on there. But none of the rest of you. But perhaps I am to try the new myspace soon.
  9. Tired. But working on the last bits of this semester. Just this final push for this week and next week.
  10. I have 3 schools in mind, all to stay relatively close to home and all great music schools. Also, fairly easy transfer. Actually, filling out forms due to be done by the end of next month. Pretty exciting.
  11. Haha, this school practically never stops. I mean, it does for a period of a few weeks after Summer and Winter classes, but otherwise, not so much. But, with California budget cuts we might not have those off season classes anymore. School has been going well, going insane doing too much as usual. Soon enough I'll have to fill out papers to transfer to a 4-year.
  12. I did pass my American Politics class. Now to wait for the end of the month for regular classes to start!
  13. No need for apologies, it was a lot of great information and not a lot of ramble.
  14. As soon as I'm ready, I'll be taking a year off school to work on a cruise ship as a trumpet player.
  15. It's difficult to fight something when it would be partially my own fault for dropping, as well.
  16. I'm hoping to get money back, even though I dropped after the deadline, considering I was not getting the proper responses necessary to complete the course.
  17. I've had it with the technical problems for this would-be easy A psychology class. I'm more than likely going to have to drop the class.
  18. Scratch that, the professor has finally checked his email as of a couple of hours ago. One exam grade is dropped regardless, so that's how we get to deal with that last test. Also, we've been given an additional half hour to our next tests. Still, it's a pain. These tests are available over the weekend, but otherwise we have little work.
  19. Psych had a test due Sunday, about 10 or more people sent out class emails trying to figure out various problems with the test, including myself, and still nobody has managed to contact the professor. This may result in failing grades. -.-
  20. In this particular course, the exams are all available from the start. In fact, it seems it is all graded by exams.
  21. Hooray! Well, Politics will be a little harder, seeing as it's all writing. But the psychology course looks like half of an effort from the professor, meaning I could likely get through the material in two weeks if I really want to.
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