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  1. "Dreaming" Hampton and the Hampsters. A divergence from the Microtonal ElectroFunk and such that youtube had been sending, but, not an unwelcome one.
  2. I return in the wake of what i assure you is an unspeakable incident caused by delving too deep into internet, But it did find a realtivley pleasent nightcore version of a eurobeat cover of offenbach's "infernal Galop" So, I suppose you win some, you lose some. How are you assorted mammals and others doing?
  3. hey y'all been a while. kinda got sorting through stuff and came across the CDs I'd not played in years. Not much to report, overall. just kinda figure I'd wander back over and see who all was still about.
  4. it's pretty fun, barring the occasional individual who complains more than they acually play the game.
  5. things are going as they are. couple freidns got me playing Heros of the Storm.
  6. well, a bit more than that... Arthur C Clark hearing a portion of the song synthesised was what inspired that scene in 2001...
  7. I'm somewhat suprised there are so few Vocaloid covers of "Dasiy bell" on youtube...
  8. My account profile apparently broke with the change in forum software a while back. I think, at the time, the offical word was that module was supposedly disabled for all but the administrator, as a bit of redundancy against the possibility of user info falling into the wrong paws.
  9. mhm, that's what seems to be belived.. at least, thelst track (the only one not an instrumental) seems along those lines)
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