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    My place! Where else? Oh! ANIME is cool! Remember that. Always. And sango is the BEST! Forget that. I'm mean remember it. No wait remember only the second thing, not the first. Whoops! I mean remember only both! Yes. That&
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    Writing, watching inuyasha, and talking
  1. Welcome!This is a club for those who are friends with Horatio!I made one yesterday , but the EVIL cyber space stole it!Therefore, everyone that signed up on the first one will have to sign up again.The only one who I remembered signing up is Horatio! Come on everyone!Sign up! +++++++++++++++++BFOHC members+++++++++++++++++ signed~HogwartsHamster aka Friend of Horatio! signed~Horatio ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Everyone sign up!
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