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  1. Yay, thanks!! I can go to jail now....and be tried as an adult! (:
  2. I have nothing to discuss here. except that my relationship with tbfob was a failure. tehe.
  3. i'm backkkk. again. because i'm awesome. since youuuu beenn gone!
  4. horatio: oh how i've missed you! you are as bright and cheery as ever. (: i love it! kat: glowsticking is amazing! as are you. but yes, the bf does like x-men. and dn'd...bah he's kinda a nerd. but it's cute. glowurm: haha, i do have some candy. but i don't wear it because i don't want to look like someone who uses X. that's badddd stuff.
  5. JesusFreak! hola! how are you, lovely?
  6. arkcheeerrr! ...if it makes you feel any better i have like...$45 in my checking account.
  7. one day kat and i were like, "whoa. we're bored. and seeing as we're the same person and all, we should probably go do something, like, together." and so we did. we flew to britian, were we kidnapped george and fred weasley, and locked them in a closet. a closet in a trailer. a trailer in the middle of the desert. then we put on their clothes, went to the HP set, pretended to be fred and george, and we raved like it was 1999! there were glowsticks everywhere. the end.
  8. hokay, soh... i wanna show of this picture. but i don't know where to put it, so it's just gonna go here lol.
  9. ooh, also i now have my nose pierced! and KAT KAT KAT!!! i kinda know how to do some tricks with glow sticks! the womanizer that i was in love with went to a lot of raves and such, so he's wayy good at glowsticking. he showed me some stuff, so i know a little bit. i stink way bad, but i'm getting better!
  10. hello all! long time no talk. boo i'm way lame. sorry sorry. but what's up? i feel like i should update everyone (who actually gets on here still) about my life. so i think i might just do that! so so so much has changed. for the good. sooo... where to start? i have really no idea when the last time i got on here was, so i'm just going to refresh everyone on what's been going on my life for the past year and a half. the summer of 2007, my brother attempted to commit suicide. at least he claimed that was his plan. when all reality he just freaked out my parents and drove to minnesota or so
  11. oh yes, my mom doesn't know about this boy, either. because i'm not allowed to date him because he's 19 and out of high school. ): so shhh! haha...please don't tell my madre. (:
  12. my boyfriend and i don't sew together...but we do make music! he's amazing at guitar.
  13. tibbyffoffolawws is my favorite. (:
  14. No. It was a picture someone sent me that made me think just how much guts you would have to have to go out in public like that. Would you mind posting it again, or showing me where it's at? I really think it's him.
  15. I had an epiphany the other day, Horatio, and have a question for you. You know that picture you would always show whenever someone asked what the REAL Patricia looked like? And the picture was of a male version of Wonder Woman? Was that Chris March, off of Project Runway 4?
  16. I was torn between naming the rat Oliver, Atticus, and Heathcliff. (All characters from the classics ...) But, ended up going with Oliver. It suits him well. (But, at the moment, he's sick. I'm really hoping he's going to get better. We just took him to the vet, and he's now on some medicine.)
  17. Hokay. 1) You guys are crazy. Chillax sometime, mmkay? 2) I'm an excellent driver. Only on Sundays. And every other day, too. =] 3) Still playing flute, and still trying out the violin, too. (The girl that played The Pretender with the Foo Fighters at the Grammys was crazy good at the violin!) 4) I luff the Twilight saga! Can't wait until Breaking Dawn and The Host come out. (The Host isn't a part of the Twilight Saga, it's just another book by Stepehnie Meyers, for you non-Twilight obsessed people out there.) 5) I got a rat yesterday! He's a dumbo rat, and super cute. Though, he's sti
  18. well, it seems like everyone's coming back ... I might as well too, right? It's been too long. What's everyone been up to? For me ... Life's been pretty crazy. I started playing bass in September. (Got a Fender P-Bass ... Wanting a Warwick now, though!) Hmm. What else? ... I started driving! No wrecks yet, and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Aww. Also, little Mr. Jack passed away in December ... He'd be turning five soon. I'm really wanting to get another animal ... A rat perhaps?
  19. Even The Losers - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers I get to see Tom Petty in July, too!
  20. TURTLECAT! There, I said it. :]
  21. Revive! ... These are my current favorite bands. =] Sick Puppies Finger Eleven Jimmy Eat World Nirvana Paramore
  22. And always makes me smile. Toto... ask you mother to email me please. Here is a new email address: pmajr@mac.com Thanks. You guys won't be talking about me, now will you? =P Sorry to deflate your ego, but no. I somehow dumped my address book and wanted to say hi, but her address is too hard to remember. Just making sure. Hehe. (Just to let you know, my ego isn't that big. It's actually quite small, contrary to popular belief. Hope that helps! :]
  23. Yeah ... needy boyfriend was my problem. =P And getting in shape for soccer. Needy boyfriend... hmmm. What position do you play? Was. Hah. He is no more. :] As for soccer, I'll probably play defense. It really doesn't start until the spring, I just have to get ready. Which means lotsa running! Glad to see you are free again. Fullbacks run the most, I believe. Yeah. =P Defense = hardly any running. Just side-to-side stuff. Buttt ... we have to run 2 or 3 miles at each practice, regardless of what position you play.
  24. Toto


    DO IT =o LIKE SERIOUSLY. Okay... here I am. I think you used that before. xD But that is me. Riiiiiight. I dun't believe you. But you will have to. LOL! The last time you showed us that, I was freaking out. I was just thinking, "But ... what if that IS her?!" Haha ... I'm a loser sometimes. :]
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