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  1. Oh wow, I guess if you didn't know any better, you'd think I got washed away in that hurricane! It knocked out power and closed school for a week! In the 6+ years since, I got a permanent teaching job at the same school, teaching 8th grade. Shane and I got married two years ago, and it's nice to be living together. He's currently back in school on a completely different career path that should earn him a better income. All in all, things are going well!
  2. Before Facebook, and before Myspace, there was the Hampsterdance forums. This was my first ever online community, back when we still had dial-up internet. This is where I learned how to type properly, and essentially how to act on the internet. Hampsterking and his team of wonderful admins and mods made this a safe and happy place for my teenage years. He created a very special place for friends to be themselves, and it was about so much more than dancing Hampsters (though that song will live on forever, I'm sure). Hampsterking left this world a better place, and he will be missed.
  3. I am still in CT, and I'm teaching 7th grade science. So far it's going well for me. Shane is doing alright, he's working at Target and hating it. He's run into some trouble with his student teaching and withdrew from the program. He will, however, start subbing soon, and hopefully that will give him some experience to help him along. He's considering waiting until we move in together in CT to finish his education at a better school up here, because his current school is not helping him at all.
  4. Yep my power was out until Saturday, and Shane just got his back today. Aaaand tomorrow starts the nor'easter. Lovely.
  5. I kinda fell off the face of the planet for awhile with regards to this board, but I am on ye olde book of face, if you can find me. I'm friends with Kat, Jesse, and Horatio if that helps. Just please tell me who you are if you do find me, as I never add strangers. (Some weirdo tried adding me on facebook, and then on skype. o.O )
  6. Super late congrats! I highly recommend taking a look around Offbeat Bride. There are some awesome ideas over there. I am not actively planning my wedding, as I am still not officially engaged, but Shane and I are sort of in the process of idea gathering.
  7. Oh jeez have I really not been here since JANUARY? Yeesh. Things are going well for me. I have a one-year teaching job, filling in for a year-long maternity leave, but still salaried as a teacher, so that's awesome. I'm hoping this will lead to something permanent. I'm still with Shane, and things are still awesome there. Hurricane Sandy is starting to pick up around here, but we'll be fine. We have plenty of food and water, and switched over to propane heat last year, so we'll be warm. Hope all is well with you guys.
  8. Somehow I totally missed this. Thanks! XD
  9. Thanks! I passed the Praxis I took, which is good. And yes, one more to go, and then the reading test. Shouldn't be too tough. My birthday was this weekend, and I got a Samsung Stratostphere (droid phone), and it's a lot of fun to play with. Shane took me out to dinner when I was in NJ this weekend, and also out ice skating (he's never been, so I got to teach him, which was fun times). So, good weekend for me.
  10. I have my temporary certification now. It's good for one year, and I can upgrade it once my tests are passed. I need to take two Praxis tests that NJ didn't make me take, and the CT Foundations of Reading test. Once those are all passed, I think I get a five year certificate or something. I forget how long it takes the results to come in, I wanna say it's like a month or something. The test I'm taking today though is on a computer, so I think they can tell me what I got as soon as soon as I finish. At least, that's how it worked for the other computer based Praxis that I took.
  11. It finally snowed here! Yay! We got at least six inches, which is fun. Tomorrow I get to take another Praxis test for my CT certifications, and there is some talk about one of the science teachers in my school retiring soon. So, that's pretty exciting. I've also been shuffled around into some new classrooms, which is cool (technically I'm a floater, and the class I was working with didn't need me as much anymore, so this happens from time to time).
  12. Oh, I always donate them. There's a local place called Savers that we go to. It's like a Good Will, but the money and the items all stay in the area, which is pretty cool.
  13. I'll probably go back to that summer camp again this summer, but I'm keeping my options open. Thankfully, my temporary certifications for CT came in, so I get a raise of about $3/hr, which helps with the not working at DB. My week with Shane was really nice and much needed. He didn't propose, but we had an awesome time together. He got me a Big Bang Theory shirt and a "Soft Kitty" singing stuffed animal (a joke from BBT). I'm wearing the shirt as I type. XD I got clothes money for Christmas from my parents, so I've been able to do a lot of shopping lately, which is always fun. I do, h
  14. Oh, right, so I'm still alive. My new job has been really good so far. It's interesting and challenging. I like it. My job at Dress Barn is more or less drawing to a close. After New Years starts "winter hours," which pretty much takes me off the schedule. My boss is gonna keep me on payroll though, so I can fill in and come back on vacations (and continue to get my employee discount). Shane and I are still doing well, aside from the haven't seen each other in over two months thing. Thankfully, I'll be spending most of Christmas break with him. He also seems to have been hinting about pr
  15. Am I the only one thinking that iMessage sounds like the skype app?
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