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Hey guys!

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Just dropping in to say hi to everyone, let you all know that I'm not dead and that life is wonderful!

Not sure how often I'll be coming back here.

Working as a Veterinary Nurse now and still drawing as a hobby.

I go by the username LittleBlue on a certain furry art website, although I'm not a furry, I just draw lots of anthros :)

It's been a while since I've been here! Hope everyone is doing well and such :D



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Lii! *glomp* Good to see you again! I'm glad you're doing well, and being a vet nurse sounds really fun!

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How wonderful that you have stopped back in. We have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please take only a couple minutes a week to keep us posted on your life.

After all, we are your friends and always want to hear how you are doing.


Being a vet nurse must be so exciting. Glad life is treating you so well.


Not much new to talk about. I am trying to get to Paris but the bid keeps

getting delayed. Perhaps I will be in Sydney for a layover.


Please do stop back in. At least for a quick post or two, it only takes a


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Hey there! Sounds like you're doing pretty well...always love to hear someone committed to keeping their hobby. Sometimes it's hard to find time for that stuff. So yea...stop by more often.

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