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[here goes nothing...]


"You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!" yelled a girl's voice.


"Do as I say, fool!"


It would appear that Arkcher and Mushroom_king were arguing, but this was actually just their daily conversations. No worries.

Arkcher sulked off after being yelled at by Mushroom_king (MK). MK seemed proud of herself. Arkcher turned back around and yelled,


"That doesn't even make sense."


"No, it actually doesn't."



Arkcher turned back around and walked away from MK. MK, feeling satisfied, decided to visit Dawn and Vanilla Star Hamster at Planet Horatio.


MK walked, swiftly like she usually did, over to the small faculty, and upon entering, Dawn and Vanilla Star Hamster waved to her from a booth. They had expected her.

"MK!" they both said, and Dawn got up and glomped MK, nearly knocking her to the floor, which nearly smothered her sanity, Paper Mario Master. (PMM)

"Watch it!" said PMM. He stood for a moment before throwing his Nintendo DS to the ground. "YOU MESSED ME UP!! YOU MUST DIE!!"

The other people in the building turned around to see what had happened, and to watch the upcoming Brawl (lol) that was to unfold.

PMM was an avid video game player in the same way that MK was an avid music lover. He had the ability to take on the costumes of game characters; usually, he was Jeff, so he had Jeff's weapons as part of the costume. No one knew what PMM really looked like.

He took out a Pop Gun and aimed it at Dawn. Dawn was a school friend of MK's, and a vampire.

PMM and Dawn lunged at each other and started beating the heck out of each other, classic bar-fight style.


"Hey, stop looking up my dress!" said Dawn.

"Hey, you two, stop it!"

The two stopped beating the snot out of each other long enough to see that the hamster, Horatio, and the Cheeseboy, Cheesemaster, were standing next to them.

"Great, now the anthropomorphic sponge is gonna preach to me!" whined PMM. He picked up his DS, which somehow didn't break, and left. MK had to go, too, since he was her sanity and all.

Cheesy picked up Dawn and stood her up. "I thought you didn't like fighting?"

"I don't...I didn't mean to..." Dawn was afraid of getting into trouble, due to some issues she had before she moved to Invision.

"Eh, it's nothing. You'd better find MK though."

Dawn said nothing. Instead, she stared at Cheesemaster for a minute, cocked her head, and then said: "I love your hair."

"I know. It's just MADE of awesome, isn't it?" he said, feeling very proud of himself. He posed, and Dawn shook her head.

"You're strange." she said, giggling like a giddy schoolgirl. "But, I'd better find MK. We had plans." She nudged Vanilla Star Hamster and started to leave.



[that's it for now.]

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[woo part 2.]


After Vanilla and Cheesemaster left Planet Horatio, they looked around for MK. She wasn't in proximity of her restaurant. Cheesemaster seemed worried, but VSH seemed occupied on other, far more important things.

"Cheesy, I just loooove your katana. where did you get it? can I have one? do you ever use it? could you beat me? would you hit a girl with it?"

"I'll answer every single one of your questions later," he said, with a hint of reluctance in his voice. "For now, let's find MK."

"What, do you think she's hurt or something?" said Vanilla Star hamster.

"Well, no, it's just that Hamsterdam is an awful big city and she's not so used to it."

"I guess not a whole lot of people live on Mt. Jazzeh, huh..."




In reality, MK was alright. She and Arkcher were at their vacation home in Hamsterdam playing Brawl. When gamers pack for trips, they pack the games first and then their clothes.

All of a sudden, MK's character, Kirby, opened an Assist Trophy, and out popped Jeff, her favorite game character. She paused.


FFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" she yelled, and then proceeded to molest the television.

"No." sighed Arkcher, "Just no."





[that part was not fictional.]




Night began to fall and Cheesemaster and Vanilla Star Hamster were still trying to find MK.

"Hey cheesemaster, if we got stuck in the mountains, would I be forced to eat you?"

"Er...I'd...prefer you didn't..."

"Say, have you tried calling MK or something...? you know, on a phone...?"

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"Hmm..." thought Cheesemaster. "Thing is, my cell phone isn't very good. Remember?"

Vanilla Star Hamster grumbled to herself. "Come on," she said. "Don't you have any idea where else she might be?!"

"Well," he said, "There is one other place."

"Why do you need to find her, anyhow?" said Vanilla. She swooned and said, "Do you liiiiike her?"

Cheesemaster gripped his Katana (awesome). "No," he said, with a supreme sense of seriousness in his voice. "What kind of a question was that?!"

"Oh well, you have Chees-"

A moment later, Vanilla Star Hamster found Cheesemaster's Katana just inches away from her neck.

"Say that again, I dare you."

"I-I didn't say anything..."

"Smart hamster...Let's get going."

Vanilla shrugged. Apparently, Cheesemaster wasn't fond of...


Out of nowhere, a girl who looked the same age as Cheesemaster ran up and glomped him. The girl was also made of Cheese, and was wearing a ruffly, almost Victorian style of dress. It was Cheese Woman, Cheesemaster's self-proclaimed girlfriend.

"Did I hear you say my name, Cheesie?" she said, almost bursting with excitement.

"No," he said, annoyed.

"Don't lie to me, sweetie, I know you called me!!"

"Please, I'm trying to find someone...please get off of me..."

Vanilla Star Hamster simply stood off to the side, trying very hard not to burst out laughing at the scene.

Cheese Woman reluctantly got off of him and let him stand up. "Oh, fine..." she said, upset, and Cheesemaster and Vanilla left the scene.




The duo found themselves at The Red Market, Mushroom_king's shop. They sold a lot of Plushies and furniture, it seemed.

It was pretty obvious that the store was owned by MK, as it reflected her eccentric personality; the store was staffed almost entirely by robots, plus one Invisionist...


"HEY!!" yelled a voice. It wasn't MK's, but was familiar.

A CatGirl with White fur jumped in out of nowhere. She had silvery faerie's wings, as well as a style equally eccentric to Mushroom_king's; she was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a monocle and red suspenders. Strapped to her back was an enormous sword, or rather, a Claymore...It was none other than Kat Dacatis.


"...Looking for MK..." mustered Cheesemaster. He was tired.

"Oh," said Kat. Kat was pretty crazy, but she was also quite intelligent. She was known for her advice as well as being strange.

"Do you know where she is?" asked Vanilla. "Cheesemaster needs to find her and won't tell me why!"

"Hmmmm," thought Kat. "I saw her leave, and I remember she was heading to the Hamster Mall. Maybe you oughta check there!"

"Thanks, Kat." said Cheesemaster, and started to head off, when Kat shouted, "HEY, I WANNA COME TOO!!!!"

Cheesemaster waved at her. "Sure, you can come with us..." he said. He was a good kid, and some of the Invisionists described him as "Not having a bad side".




Meanwhile, at the Hamster Mall....


Mushroom_king was sitting at a table in the Mall's food court, along with Arkcher, and some other characters: There was a Squirrel, who was writing something; There was a hamster in a pilot's cap; and a man who seemed to be in deep thought.

Mushroom_king glanced over at the Squirrel and asked: "What are you writing?"

The Squirrel's name was Skwerlhugger Will. he was similar to Kat in the way he was silly at times, but also very serious. The difference was that Skwerlhugger Will often talked about changing the world and politics while Kat gave smart advice.

Will looked up. "It's a letter," he said. "I'm writing a letter to the government of the planet Skizzenbuch."

"Oh," said Mushroom_king. "Isn't that where C.C. Edna is from?"

C.C. Edna was a young, homeless boy who came from Skizzenbuch, a planet where all the citizens are drawings.

"yea," said Will. "Their laws state that they can't do anything if a drawing has a problem, but the artist of that drawing made no way to fix it. Like Edna's problem-he's homeless, but his artist made no background story on how Edna got this way, or if he gets put into a Homeless shelter, nothing. So, when Edna lived on Skizzenbuch, the government said they couldn't help him, so I'm writing to them about it."


Mushroom_king took all the information in. "You know a lot about places you've never been..."

The man sitting across from her who had been silent started to speak up. His name was Lexxscrapham, a philosopher who lived on Mt. Lexx. He was visiting the town because he owned The Hamster Mall as well as The Village Market.

"It really is a strange law if you think about it, and no government could get away with it elsewhere," he said.

While Lexx explained things, Arkcher listened, leaving the Hamster in the Pilot's Cap, Horatio, the only one who noticed Cheesemaster, Kat, and Vanilla Star hamster Walk in.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but," explained Horatio, "some friends of ours are here."

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The group stopped their conversation just in time to see Kat, Cheesemaster, and Vanilla standing by their table.

"Hey, guys! What's up..." said Vanilla, cheerfully. "Kinda late, huh? My time of night!"

"I guess." said Mushroom_king. She sounded tired.

All of a sudden, Lexx and Will spoke up. "I wish I could talk with you three now, but we gotta close up this place. You guys are cool, so you can stay a little longer. But when we leave, you guys have to as well."

"A'ight!" said Mushroom_king.

Cheesemaster sat down next to MK. "Me and Vanilla have been looking all over for you...you should have told us where you were going."

Mushroom_king shrugged. "Sorry...I didn't really plan to come here, I just tagged along with the group...why were you looking for me, anyway?"

"We had plans, remember? I was gonna come by your place and you, me, and Arkcher would play Brawl or something...right? Well, there's tomorrow."

"I guess..." said MK. She was tired.

Arkcher stood behind MK and suddenly said, "Me and MK have to get home..."

Vanilla swooned again. "Awwww...you're gonna walk her home...how sweet..."

Arkcher put his hand over his face and was silent. He never liked people saying things like that to him...

"Well, she's like...my friend...plus we live together..."

"Oh yeah, I forgot!" said Vanilla, jumping around, her usual perky self.

"F-Forgot...what?..." He said.

Please, don't mention that one incident...

"You know, silly...You guys are married."

A look of shock and embarrassment flooded both Mushroom_king and Arkcher's faces, and Arkcher slowly backed away from her.

"I...I didn't even..."

"I forgot...hahahahaaha!"

Suddenly, Arkcher seemed to explode.



Vanilla was shocked-no one had ever yelled at her like that, especially not a boy. She started biting her nails, and suddenly burst out crying.

Arkcher still seemed angry, but moreso upset then angry.

Vanilla tried to wipe her eyes, and started blubbering an apology. "I...I'm sorry, A-Arkcher, I didn't m-mean too..I-I-I-was k-kidding...please forgive me!" and she continued sobbing.

Arkcher sighed. "It's okay. I...I forgive you. I do appreciate you being nice to me."

"Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!" she said, her tears suddenly vanishing. She hugged Arkcher. He seemed slightly shocked...


Horatio merely examined the scene. He was a good friend of every Invisonist, and nearly all of them loved him. He knew them extremely well...


There was Arkcher, an elf, who came from Canada on earth, and the youngest son of the inventor, Aloysius Ahrroww. Despite being of similar age to the others, he had the same mechanical mindset his father did, and was often stuck fixing broken things, often making new ones. He was easily recognized by his suit and his unique hairstyle, which he was very proud of.


There was Mushroom_king, a young girl from the land of Dreams, and Arkcher's friend. She was easily eccentric and often said things that people took the wrong way, but a lot of people liked her. She and Arkcher had gotten stuck in an arranged marriage around three years earlier.


There was Cheesemaster, another good friend of Arkcher and Mushroom_king. He was bizarre in the way that he was made of cheese, but he was a good kid-although he was a bit stubborn at times. He was easily known for his sweet ninja skillz, and his bouncy, curly hair.


And there was Vanilla Star Hamster....a childhood friend of Mushroom_king. She was a bit perky and slightly perverted, and people either loved her or hated her. She seemed to also know a lot of magic.


They were just four of the many, many characters of the diverse cast of Invision, a set of characters brought together through some unknown force.


This is where the story begins!



"MK....you...do realize you've been listening to the same exact song for the past week, right? Right?"


It was about two days after they had come back home-Arkcher and MK were back home in the Mansion on Mt. Jazzeh. The two were just beginning to wake up when Mushroom_king had already started playing her Super Nintendo...

"MK, you're only further ruining that thing by just standing there and listening to the song..."

"It never ruined Kirby 64 or Super Smash Brothers, did it?" she muttered.

The song in question was Beware The Forest's Mushrooms, from Mario RPG. Mushroom_king was more of a Mother fan herself-it was Cheesemaster who liked SMRPG. And the two were constantly fighting over which was better.


"EarthBound is better because it has JEFF!!!" MK would say.

"But Mario RPG has GENO!!!"

"At least Nintendo acknowledges that EarthBound exists...wait, no they don't. My bad."


"Come on," said Arkcher, who was already sitting at the vanity brushing his beautiful yellow hair, (he hadn't even gelled it yet-a first) which reached his hips. He hadn't changed into a new set of clothes yet, so his shirt was still wrinkled from sleeping in it and his necktie was more neck then tie. (That didn't even make sense) "I'm sure Shedra is waiting for us...as is everyone else."


"Everyone else" referred to the Mordreds, a large (VERY large) family of magicians who worked for Arkcher and MK. Shedra, who by no means was the oldest or tallest, was considered their leader of sorts. He did most of the household work. The Mordreds, despite being much older then Arkcher and MK (most of them, anyhow) were very short people. Many of their friends found this awkward. But the Mordreds aren't even relevant in this story, so let's move on.


Once Arkcher had FINALLY finished his hair (he was rather vain and proud of it), he went from the bedroom to the wardrobe room, where he changed into some clean clothes, as did MK.

After that, Mushroom_king glanced into her friend's closet. (not a nice thing to do) "Huh, all your suits look the same..."

Arkcher frowned. "They do not!" he stammered. "Each one is slightly different."

"Whatever you say. To me, they all look the same."

Looking at the pair, it was difficult to fathom they were friends-Arkcher, with his sharp sense of dress, and Mushroom_king with her shirt and pants combo, with a crazy color of Suspenders and an old-fashioned hat of some kind. Today she had a newsboy hat, her favorite kind.


"Well, there you two finally are..." scowled Shedra, who seemed a bit angry at their tardiness. "Here! Here's your freakin' Breakfast..." He wanted to seem serious, but you could hear him giggling. Shedra was hardly ever serious.


A small chat started over Breakfast:


"What are you two gonna do today, anyhow? You just got back from the main island*, so do you just plan to stay here...?"

The person asking this was one of Shedra's sisters, Courtney. She was a sweet girl, and she slightly fancied Arkcher-and he knew it, too.

"Probably..." he said, not really paying attention to her. He honestly didn't like her that much.

Courtney sensed he didn't feel like talking to her-she usually stopped when she sensed that, but felt like talking to him more.

"Then, what do you plan to do here?"

"I don't know," he said, sounding slightly frustrated, "Probably just play video games or something, or sleep..."

"Sounds fun," said MK sarcastically.

Arkcher stretched before muttering something.

MK stopped and looked at him. She was smirking. "What did you say?"

"Wha-nothing." he said quickly.

"What did you say?"

Arkcher sighed, and repeated what he said, but slightly louder: "Gee, it sure is boring around here..."

"You go on the internet to much..." said Shedra.

"Do not."

"Do too."

"Do not."

"Do too."

"NO YOU!!!"




"...never mind..."


After the Breakfast ordeal, Arkcher went to go do some studying in the Study. After all, that's why the Study exists! To study! Am I right?

The study was a nice room-there was a fireplace and a rocking chair, and a desk, and plenty of books. He felt like some alone time-after all, he had almost always been surrounded by people...the smart thing to do here would be to lock the door, but here, he doesn't for the sake of the plot.

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Arkcher fingered through the bookshelf, thinking to himself. He couldn't believe that he was looking for this one book he said he would never read.

It's gotta be here somewhere... he thought. After looking some more, he found it. He read the book's title and author aloud:

"Daily mechanisms, their many uses, and how to build them with things around your house-by Dr. Aloysius Ahrroww.


Aloysius Ahrroww...


Aloysius was a famous inventor. He was known for his many improvements on daily household things, and for finding new uses for them. He was also Arkcher's father. That part is important.


Arkcher sighed. His hand was trembling as he sat into the comfortable chair behind the desk, flipped open the cover, and began reading. His spine shook when he read the first sentence:


"I dedicate this book to my wife, Lara, and my four children; especially my newborn son, Arkcher Ahrroww..."


He didn't particularly want to read this; he was reading it because of an internal urge. He tried to pretend someone else wrote it, but the writing style was entirely reminiscent of how his father spoke, making it impossible to pretend someone else had written the book. His father's voice was the one reading the book to him, rather then Arkcher's voice reading the book. He found himself so lost in it that he didn't notice Mushroom_king and her sanity standing over him.


"Hey, what are you reading?" she said.

Arkcher looked up, and upon seeing her, freaked out a bit and shut the book as quickly as he could. It was too late, though-she had seen it.

A moment later, Paper Mario Master was on the desk, video game in one hand, and book in other. He played the game while reading the book's title. (that takes some skill)


"Various mechanisms...huh...yeah...yeah...by Aloysi...AHRROWW! Oh, this guy is related to you! No wonder you're reading it!"


"Yeah, Aloys...Aloysius...He's my...he's my dad."

"Oh. That explains things."


MK glanced the book over. "Huh...so, why were you reading this"


Arkcher folded his arms and looked at the floor. He was refusing to answer.


Paper Mario Master grabbed Arkcher's tie. "COUGH IT UP, OR ELSE I'LL BREAK YOUR PSYCHE-LOCKS MYSELF!!!"


"A-alright!" said Arkcher. "I...I read the book because...I miss my dad."

"Oh..." said Mushroom_king. "Why didn't you tell us before now?"

"Because...I felt like the odd one out here. You guys don't seem as though you miss any friends or family. I miss my dad, I miss one of my sisters, I miss my friends..."

"Are you serious?!" said Paper Mario Master. "Even if that was true, we'd still support you!!!"

Everyone glared at PMM.


"Er...maybe not me...but anyone else!"


"Do you really think we don't miss our friends and family?" said MK. "Dawn and Vanilla Star Hamser make me miss my past more, but I learn to forget it and have fun here."


Arkcher sighed again. "I just wish I could see my dad just one more time...he didn't even visit me at my wedding."

"Maybe he didn't approve of your mom making you get married." thought MK.

"<i>I'd</i> like to see your dad," wondered Paper Mario Master. "Your mom looked nothing like you."


For once, PMM was right-Lara Ahrroww, Arkcher's mother, was shorter and fatter, and had brown hair, while Arkcher was tall, thin, and had silky yellow hair, and from what arkcher said, his siblings were all the same, except his brother Derringer, who was Brunette but was taller than his sisters. He's not important to this story though.


MK picked up and examined the book once more. "Your dad was an inventor, right? Hmmm...seems like this book is about how he edited or fixed common household machines. Cool."

"That was his third book, I think," thought Arkcher. "He wrote it sometime after I was born."

"Ah...so the book is about 17 years old then. It's kinda old."

"He revised it once. I think we have that version, as well, somewhere."

Arkcher sighed. "If it was possible, I'd love for him to visit me...but he doesn't even like cars, let alone a spaceship."


Suddenly, the conversation was stopped by a sound that they didn't hear much-the ringing doorbell. The doorwoman, Inez Mordred, usually got the door, but Arkcher and MK decided this couldn't be a coincidence, and decided to answer the door themselves for once.


"You do it, Arkcher!" said MK.

"MK, you know how small a chance it is that it's my dad, right? It's probably just a friend."

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Chapter Six: The song "Humoresque of a little dog" does not actually have anything to do with dogs


Arkcher sighed, and with trembling hands, opened the door.

It'll be a friend, it'll be a friend, it'll be...

Before he knew it, standing in front of him was....


...a large, white wolf with wings. Most would be afraid, but Arkcher was friends with this wolf-her name was Mega Wolf.


Arkcher breathed a sigh of relief. "Ah...it's just you, Mega Wolf."

"Of course..." she said, shaking off the snow before stepping inside. "Who did you think I was?"

Oh, no one, just my father who I haven't seen in 9 or 10 years or so...


"Well, Ammy!" said Paper Mario Master. His normal green suit had been exchanged for a green jumpsuit and a mushroom hat. He bounced over to Mega Wolf and got on her back, like a steed. Mega Wolf shook him off and he was back in his normal clothes.

Mega Wolf laughed sarcastically. "Cut that out, it's annoying."


Running down the stairs were two small boys, one in a red sweater, and in a blue sweater. They both had bowl cuts. It was Sean and Julian, two adopted twin boys. Mushroom_king had adopted them. They stopped in front of Mega Wolf. They both seemed a bit wary, but they had learned to befriend the wolf. They both petted her.

"Hello Mega Wolf!" said Sean, who was petting her. Julian hugged her.


"Hi Sean and Julian," she said.

Mushroom_king walked over to Mega Wolf. "So Mega Wolf, why are you here, anyhow?"

Mega Wolf turned away from the twins and faced MK. "You wanna move to the sitting Room? I need to sit down..."


After moving to the flowery Sitting Room, and fixing themselves some sammiches, Mega wolf began to explain.

"Well, for one, everyone is fine everywhere else," she said. Mega Wolf, with her wings, could fly rather swiftly anywhere else, but her home was Mt. Jazzeh.


"Now, moving onto the reason I came here..."

Arkcher and Mushroom_king perked their ears.

"There's...there's a spaceship-not a huge one, so it can't be a threat-is coming here. I don't know where it might land..."


Arkcher looked warily at MK. <i>No way that can be my dad...</i> thought Arkcher.

He doesn't like cars, let alone a spaceship...


"Well, I doubt it would affect you much, Arkcher-it might just be a false alarm, perhaps just a traveler. Don't worry about it."


Mega Wolf said goodbye to them and left the Mansion, leaving MK tired and Arkcher both paranoid and worried.


"Well, we might as go to bed, Arkcher." she said, and put her hand on his shoulder. "And you don't need to worry about anything..."


Arkcher sighed heavily as he took off his coat and tie and washed his hair of gel, the thought of the spaceship containing his father plagued his mind, and later, his dreams.


"Ark...cher..." said a familiar voice...


His father was just a foot away from him, but when Arkcher reached out to hug him, but he disappeared suddenly, and suddenly, he felt weak...

a book appeared-it was the one he found in the Study, and it came down upon Arkcher, and...


"ARKCHER FREAKIN' AHRROWW!!!!" yelled a voice. It was Paper Mario Master, tugging at his collar.

"Dad...dad...please..." said Arkcher, still dreaming.


Arkcher opened his eyes all the way. Both PMM and Mushroom_king were fully dressed.

"We've been waiting for you, you lazy bum who stays up to late!!!! BREAKFAST IS GETTING COLD!!!!"

Mushroom_king sighed at her sanity's rude attitude. She sat on the bed in front of him. "Were you dreaming about your father?"


Arkcher coughed and looked off to the side. "Yea..."

"Well, you should wake up. You need some Breakfast..."

"Mmmhmmm." said Arkcher, slowly stretching and then rising out of bed.


Later on, during Breakfast, the doorbell rang, as it had yesterday.

By now, Arkcher had half-way abandoned the idea of his father ever visiting him ever again.

He sighed and said, "It's probably just Mega Wolf or Horatio coming to tell me who came in that ship last night...but I'll go get the door anyhow."


He walked away, towards the Foyer. He reached for the doorknob, his hand sweating and trembling, and his body shaking.


He opened the door, and standing in the doorway was a tall, thin man with broad shoulders and long, silky yellow hair, which was styled almost exactly the same as Arkcher's.

Both of them were completely speechless. After a minute or so of not talking, Arkcher grabbed his chest, whimpered, and fell to the ground.


[i myself was shaking by the time I finished writing this! Maybe too much momentum...]

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Meanwhile, up in the Dining Room, Mushroom_king was worrying about Arkcher.

"Paper mario Master..." she said. "Could you go check on Arkcher? You're done eating and it'll give you something to do."


"But...But...I got Giygas on the rope..."

Mushroom_king raised an eyebrow. "How are you playing MOTHER 1+2? You know Japanese?"

"Of Course I do. I wouldn't be THE Game Master if I didn't."

"I thought that was Captain N..." she murmured.


PMM walked down to the foyer. He dramatically gasped upon seeing Arkcher, and then he glanced at the look-alike in the doorway.

"You..." said PMM, "You killed him!! YOU'RE A CONVICTED FELON AREN'T YOU?!"


"Calm down, my excited, short friend..." said the strange man.


He laughed nervously, and glanced at Arkcher.


A moment later, Arkcher was standing up and the two were faced with each other. Paper Mario Master examined both of them.

After more silence, the look-alike grabbed Arkcher's shoulders.

"You're...You're...You're Arkcher, my son...I...haven't seen you in at least ten years!...". He glanced at Arkcher again and the two hugged each other.



"Sorry to interrupt your heartfelt reunion..." said Paper Mario Master, "But we were like, having Breakfast and stuff. Oh, and isn't your name Aloysius...?"


He nodded. "Yes...the inventor."

"Oh right," said PMM. "Well, uh, let me get the other important people, and we can get you a...wait, why the #### are you here in the first place?"

Aloysius laughed. It was a happy laugh. "To visit my son, of course. I wanted to stay a bit and explore, though, once I learned of his...er, residence."


A few minutes later, after PMM had gathered Mushroom_king and Shedra, they pointed Arkcher to the Guest's Room. He put his bags on the floor next to the pillowy bed and greeted MK.


"So...you are the girl who is married to my son?..."

MK nodded. Her eyes seemed glued to Aloysius.

"Arkcher...your dad...he's...kind of hot."


Aloysius laughed.


"But I can't help he's so attractive."

Arkcher posed and flipped his lengthy hair. "Of course he's attractive, he's RELATED to me!!"

"Ah, you're as vain as you always were..."

Aloysius had a faraway look in his eyes, and he was smiling.

"Well, we can talk more later, my dear girl..."

MK looked a bit shocked and embarrassed. "I want to talk to Arkcher."

"I understand," said MK, a tad reluctantly. "I'll leave you alone."


After the other two had left, Aloysius threw himself onto his bed. Arkcher simply stood at the door, arms crossed, not saying a word.

After an awkward silence, Aloysius sighed and said, "I know it seems strange having me come over and stay with you completely unannounced..."

"You think?"

Aloysius walked over to Arkcher and hugged him. Arkcher couldn't help but grin, and he felt truly warm inside.

All of a sudden, Aloysius began to tickle him (o_O), saying "We have so much to talk about!"

"D-dad!" stammered Arkcher. He thought he was too old for that, but he still giggled.

"Ah," breathed Aloysius. "Let's go sit down and we can talk."


The two of them went to the Sitting Room and Arkcher described to his father of the many things that had happened to him since they had last seen each other ten years earlier-the things that Arkcher experienced at School, and of course while on Invision.


Aloysius thought it over. "You're living every kid's dream."

"It's not as dreamy as it sounds," he said. "It is fun..."

Aloysius ruffled Arkcher's hair, but he backed away.


Aloysius laughed at him. "Ah, you haven't changed a whole lot personality-wise..."

Aloysius looked him over. The young man sitting next to him now was a very different person then the small boy he knew ten years ago, yet he felt very much the same, and Aloysius felt it was his duty to see his son and know how he was.

Aloysius sighed again, and said a bit dreamily, "I'm so glad you're a healthy boy..."

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[oh. and here's a chapter i seem to have forgotten to post...]


Arkcher, who had still not gotten over the shock of his father suddenly coming all the way from a different part of the universe just to visit him, tried to convince himself he was dreaming. Unfortunately, it was nigh impossible.


Later that same day, Mushroom_king was...well, she was basically flirting with Aloysius, but Aloysius was the kind of man who never got angry at people, and he was always nice and forgiving to people, so he didn't really care that she was flirting with him. This trait passed on to only one of his children, and unfortunately, it wasn't Arkcher.


Mushroom_king was examining Aloysius later on, at dinner. "Ha...Arkcher, you really are his spitting image..."

Arkcher looked, and sounded, tired. He'd had a long day. But what she said was true. The biggest difference was their way of dress, their attitude, and...hair length...


Paper Mario Master looked at Aloysius. Everyone in the Mansion seemed excited and curious to see this strange new person. "I...really, really do not want to imagine having to wash that much hair..." he said, with a look of disgust on his face. "When was the last time you got a haircut, Aloysius-san?"

Aloysius thought for a while. Eventually, PMM gave up and mustered, "Ok, I see, I already know the answer. The last time you cut your hair was never ago. I can see it in your eyes. They're, uh, really expressive..."

Arkcher suddenly perked up and said, "Hey, dad, do you think...maybe..starting tomorrow...you wanna visit everyone else here?"

Aloysius clapped and exclaimed, "Ah, that'd be wonderful..."

"Alright! Tomorrow, we'll go to Hamsterdam and meet everyone there, and then decide where we want to go next."


Aloysius seemed a bit clueless. MK sighed. "Arkcher, thanks for explaining the topography of Invision to your own dad..."

Arkcher shrugged.

"Hamsterdam is the biggest city," she explained. "There's more, but we'll learn later. Kay-o?"

Aloysius laughed. "Kay-O? haha...alright, Mrs. saturn!"

Mushroom_king gasped. "You...you like...EarthBound..."

Arkcher changed the subject just in time to keep MK from having a seizure.

"D-dad," said Arkcher, a bit flustered, "Actually, do you wanna stay here another day or two to...um...get settled in...?"

"That'd be wonderful as well...but I'd love to see your friends first."

"But dad-"

"I'm not so tired from traveling..."


"Yes. I'll get myself ready tomorrow and we can meet all your friends!"

Aloysius seemed very happy to do so. It was as though Aloysius didn't seem to care he had just traveled across the Universe just to visit one person..




The next morning, Arkcher decided they would leave sometime before Lunchtime, so they could get to Hamsterdam in time to eat at Planet Horatio.

At Breakfast, Aloysius had the joy of meeting Sean and Julian.


"Who are you?!" asked Sean.

Aloysius bent down to talk to them. He smiled at both of them.

"I'm Aloysius, and I am Arkcher's dad."

"Ohhhhh," said Julian, as if knowingly.

"That means..." said Sean,

"That if your my daddy's daddy..."


Aloysius frowned for the first time as the two boys hugged him. "I'm not that old..."

Aloysius sighed happily and hugged them. "So, who are you two?"

"I'm Sean!" said the boy in the Blue sweater.

"And I am Julian!" said the one in the Red sweater.

"And you are twin brothers?" asked Aloysius.

"Yea!!!" they said excitedly.

Aloysius turned to Arkcher. "You have children...?"

Arkcher gasped and responded quickly, "A-adopted! MK adopted them..."

Aloysius laughed. He ruffled the two boy's hair.

MK stepped over and got on her knees, next to Aloysius.

"Their full names are Sean Lennon Ahrroww and Julian Lennon Ahrroww!"

Aloysius laughed. MK wondered if he got the meaning of the names. He might of...


Later, they decided to leave. The ones going were MK, Arkcher, Their Sanities, Aloysius, Sean, Julian, and Shedra. Shedra considered himself the caretaker of Mushroom_king and Arkcher.

As they waited for a plane, (I couldn't think of anything...) Arkcher explained to Aloysius about the Mountain.

"This is Mt. Jazzeh. We live here. There's also a tribe of Eskimoes, and some of our friends live here. You can meet them anytime, though."

Aloysius seemed to easily take the information in. He was an intelligent man, after all.


After arriving in Hamsterdam, they had arrived in time for lunch, so they went to Planet Horatio.

"This is my restaurant!" said Mushroom_king, and she went inside, and over to the bar. Glowurm was working that day, and Kat was about to get her favorite drink, the Jig. Kat's favorite dance move was the Jig, so MK named a drink after it.


Several people glared at Aloysius, but no one payed any mind. Aloysius and Arkcher sat at the bar, and Glowurm looked at them.

Glowurm was a Glowing Worm from a planet where everything glowed in the dark. He was a pirate, and several of his worm legs (or...arms...) were replaced with hooks and peg legs. He also had an eye patch.

"Hello, glowing pirate!" exclaimed Aloysius.

Glow's eyes became big. "Who the heck are you?!"

Aloysius laughed, but Arkcher spoke.

"This is my dad..."

"HOLY ICELAND!!!" shouted Glow.

(That's my phrase...<.<)

The entire establishment went silent with some whispers here and there.

Arkcher looked steamed. "Ugh..."

"I'm sorry, dude." said Glowurm.


A second later, Aloysius was surrounded by the other Invisionists who were there for lunch, and they all were examining him.

There was Kat, but as well as her there was also SleepoverFanatic, Lexx (who seemed to still be visiting Hamsterdam) and Krisluvsdogs, who was visiting from Adstar. There were some more, but they aren't as important to the story.


Aloysius felt slightly awkward being examined in such closed quarters by two young women and an adult male, but he suck with it. He decided to examine them. He examined things a lot, huh?

SleepoverFanatic...she was a young woman who was wearing Watermelon Pajamas, and the other girl, KrisLuvsDogs, was a dog-girl with a green dress and a large bow in her hair. She was pretty, but seemed quieter then the others. He also examined Lexx, but you already know about him.


Kat walked up to Aloysius and looked him up and down with her large cat eyes. Aloysius was taken aback by her appearance, but decided not to question why she was wearing an ascot and a gold suit of armor and had a claymore and...

Suddenly, she exploded.


Aloysius ruffled his own hair and giggled nervously. He still had a feeling that most of Arkcher's friends weren't very deadly, even this girl, though that would change a bit later.

Kat smiled at him, though. She drank her Jig and started Jigging all of a sudden.


"Dad, don't ask."





SleepoverFanatic sat down and started to talk to him. "So..um..you're really Arkcher's dad?"

Aloysius nodded.

"And the famous inventor?"

Aloysius nodded.

KrisLuvsDogs (Kris for short) walked over. Her hands were behind her back, and she seemed very shy. She started to speak-her voice was quiet and had a slight hint of a Country accent to her voice, but it made her seem sweet, not like a Southerner.

She held her hand to her face and said, "You seem like a nice person. And you're slightly.."

"SEXY?!" said MK.

Kat burst out laughing, Arkcher and Aloysius blushed, and Kris giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Well, dad, do you want to eat something?"

Aloysius quickly nodded. "I do!"

Arkcher laughed. "Oh Boy! I'm so Hungry, I could eat an Octorock!!"


Arkcher, MK, and the other Invisionists were used to Planet Horatio, so they already knew what they were getting, but Aloysius looked over the various foodstuffs available.

"They have...interesting names..."

Kat, who was also a waitress and bartender, asked Aloysius if he wanted a drink.

"Er...you have any kind of Tea?"

"Coming up!" said Kat. A few minutes later, Aloysius had a green tea. It matched the minor British accent he had.


Later, after Lunch, the group said bye to Kat, Glow, Kris, and SleepoverFanatic and decided to explore some more.

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[not sure if this is appropriate or not.]


Aloysius started with being introduced to the two anthropomorphic girls.

Arkcher pointed to Kat, who was wearing a gold suit of armor, a monocle, and an ascot. Those are awesome.

"Dad, this is Kat Dacatis, but we just call her Kat."

"I like soup."

"Pleased to meet you," he said. "Um...why are you wearing a suit of armor and a monocle...? Were you at a convention?"




"Well, were you playing a game?"




"Middle Ages re-enactment?"




"Um...Role-Playing Game?" he asked. He sounded a bit happier.


"Um, that's part of the reason, but I kinda just wore it because I felt like it."


"Oh. Um...then why the dressy accessories...?"






Kat drank another Jig.


She banged her head on the table and shouted, "MY FAVORITE COLOR IS RED!!!!"


"That...is just wonderful..."


Kris was still smiling throughout the whole thing. Aloysius was the only one who was shocked (and quite frankly slightly amused) at Kat.

"Hi, I'm KrislovesDogs but people call me Kris! I'm Kat's friend."

Kris was wearing a Green Sweater and Dress, both were a dark Kelly Green, and she had a big, pale ribbon in her even paler hair. She was carrying a tiny notebook which had a pen inside of it.

"What's in the book?" he asked.

"Stories," she said, "and poems."

"All the Poets live on Adstar," said MK, butting in. "That's a group of man-made star shaped islands off to the west. It's kinda awesome. Kris is here to publish some of her stories."

Aloysius was silent, absorbing all the information he was getting. He glanced at Kat, who was drunk, apparently.


"Um, how old is this girl?"

"She's about 16 or 17. I forgot." said Kris.

"Um...don't you have to be 21 to drink?"

"Well yeah, I think so."

"Well, um...why does the sign say 'Drinking Age 12'?"

MK jumped up. "Uummmmmmm, Someone switched the numbers! Yeah, that's it, heh..."

"ELECTRIC ROCKS TASTE LIKE GOLD!!!" said Kat, putting an arm around Aloysius.



Arkcher and Mushroom_king grabbed Kat by the collar (do suits of armor have those?) and decided to take her home, leaving Aloysius alone with Kris. And Aloysius could NOT resist any pretty women.

"So...uh," he said slightly flirtatiously, "Could I see some of your poems...?"

Kris looked slightly surprised. "W-well...I haven't published these yet. It wouldn't be fair if you read them first, Aloysius."

"I see," he said, sighing. "Where can I read your published stories?"

"You can...you can find them here in Hamsterdam. There's a Stories Forum. You can read people's writing there. There is also a Music forum and Art forum.

Aloysius smiled at the prospect of both. "I love the fine arts. And everything is made by residents of the planet?"

"yes," said Kris.

The two were silent for a bit.

"Aloysius! You're too close!!!"

"I'm sorry," he said (and he sounded like he meant it-not common with grown people flirting with the youngins)


"Dad!" said a voice-Arkcher's of course.

Aloysius turned. "Yes?"

"Where do you wanna go next?"

"Well, I wanted to see some of the stories and Art and Songs that you and your friends have made!"

Arkcher was silent and said, "Well, that sounds good. Let's go!"

Kris decided to tag along, since she had to publish her stories anyway. (what happened to Kat?!)


Once the group got to the Story Forum, Aloysius read through some of Kris's poems and stories and complimented them.

He read some of the other's poems. "Who is Topazia? Who is My Own Mind?"

"Dad, it's XMyOwnMindX, not My Own Mind."

Aloysius looked confused, but went along with it anyway.

"They're two other poets. You can meet them later."

"I'd love to!" he said. "But not now. I have other stories to read."


Aloysius started reading a novel that was by an unknown author called Invision.

"I can't help but think I've experienced everything in this book!"

"Me too!" said Arkcher.

Kris and MK agreed.

"Weird, huh?" said Arkcher.

"IT SURE IS!!!" said The Author.


After reading as many stories as he could (Including the infamous Three Word Stories!), he walked over to the Music forum.

"People mostly talk about music instead of making any," said Arkcher. "Mushroom_king has made some songs, and there's a few here and there by other people." That part was boring so I won't go into detail on that.


Finally, the group stopped by the Art forum, where people posted drawings. Most of the pictures were old, but there was one gallery Aloysius liked. This gallery belonged to someone named Cheetaspot.

"I don't know the artist but she is just great!" Said Aloysius. "I'd buy one of these paintings, but I didn't bring any money with me."

"It's ok!" said Arkcher. "We can come back and you can buy one..."

Aloysius continued to stare at the pictures. "Where does this person live?"

"In the Mushroom Jungle, which is nearby here."

"I must meet her! I must tell her how talented she is. But, I want to see the rest of this town as well..."

"I say town first," said MK. "There's a lot of cool stuff."

Paper Mario Master drooled. "Like...Hamster Chic...

Arkcher looked disgusted. "Ewwww! You Furry!!"

"I'M NOT A FURRY!" cried PMM.

Arkcher went into Facepalm mode and shook his head. "Denial..."

"What are you talking about, kids?" asked Aloysius.

"My Sanity is a Furry!"


Aloysius looked confused. "I know what a Furry is," (GASP! an adult with a sensible job knew what they were talking about!) "But how is he one?"

"We'll even show you!!!" said MK, frustrated.


Everyone left the Art Forum and headed off towards a section of the city that was obviously busy because of the light. They walked until they were in front of a large, sleek building, with sliding glass doors and a big, pink, light-up sign that said "Hamster Chic" in cursive.

"Hamster...Chic? Fashion for Hamsters?"

"Not just hamsters, but for everyone on Invision," said PMM.

"Are we allowed inside?"

"Of course, just say we're friends of the models."

MK and Aloysius walked in, but Kris and Arkcher stayed out.

Kris looked horrified and Arkcher was in a firm pose, not moving.

"W-what's with you?"

"I-I'm not exposing myself to this kind of stuff!"

PMM groaned. "You make it sound like they're Playboy or something..."

"They're close enough, have you seen Miss B-?"

"Shut up, We're both going in."

Arkcher glanced off in a different direction as MK and Aloysius walked inside.

Arkcher looked at Kris, who smiled at him. The two weren't that close of friends, but Kris was nice, so Arkcher decided to take her along, somewhere, he didn't know where, really. Arkcher tried to not think of what his father was getting himself into.




Meanwhile, in the Hamster Chic building, MK was going to introduce Aloysius to some of Hamster Chic's employees, starting with the Models.


"There's a lot of models, but these two are most famous," she explained. "The first one is Miss Kitty Girl and the other is Miss Bunny. Miss Kitty Girl is from Texas, and Miss Bunny is from Japan, and they're best friends."

"I'm amusing they, like the two girls I saw at Planet Horatio today, are also Anthros?"

"....sure, why not. Do you want to meet them?"


Aloysius thought before answering.




[actually, the only one who really counts as Anthropomorphic is Kat, since Kris, Miss Bunny, and Miss Kitty Girl are mostly human with animal ears/tails, while Kat is basically a Cat on two legs. so confusing. maybe I should change it...]


[and yea Dog Lover, you'll debut somewhere.]

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Aloysius nodded. "It's my duty to meet all your friends."

Mushroom_king shrugged. She wasn't really FRIENDS with either model, just on friendly terms. "Well, which one first?"

"I guess I'll meet the Cat one first...Miss Kitty Girl?"

"Yeah, that's her name."


MK knocked on Miss Kitty Girl's door. Opening the door was a tall, brown-skinned girl with enormous brown cat ears and a cat's tail. She was wearing a hot pink tank top, a pair of tight jeans, and a cowboy hat, and she had shiny, curly hair that went to her chin and large, captivating eyes. She was quite pretty, but Aloysius didn't seem to care for her.

"Who is it?" called a distant voice.

"It's MK! And some other guy..."

MK giggled. "Is Miss Bunny in your room tonight?"

"She sure is!" said Miss Kitty Girl. She had a slight Texan accent. "Come on in."

She grabbed Aloysius by the arm and dragged him in. He seemed interested but you could tell he was a bit shocked.

"Sooo....who are you?" she asked Aloysius.

"I'm Aloysius Ahrroww. I'm Arkcher's father, and an inventor."

"Ohhhh!!! I know youuuu!" she said. She stood up, her hands on her hips, and then leaned and told him, "I know who you are!! I've seen you before!"

Aloysius smiled. "Yes, I guess you have."

Miss Kitty Girl plopped down on a pink pillow, while MK and Aloysius sat down on pillows of either purple or white. She sighed, and Aloysius looked around the room. It was a bright, almost blinding shade of Pink, with spotlights and mirrors everywhere, and makeup and clothes on tables. Of course, this was to be expected from a model, but the room seemed a bit messy. The TV was blaring, and the Cat girl kept switching between music videos, fashion channels, and Idol shows. The radio, too, was on, blaring so much pop music both Aloysius and Mushroom_king could barely stand it.

The only things breaking the Pink color was the occasional Texan thing-and Aloysius suddenly wondered why Texans were so obsessed with Texas-shaped things.

After some silence, Aloysius asked, "Who was the woman's voice I heard earlier?"

"That? That was Miss Bunny. She's also a model. And my best friend!"

"I see...what is she doing?"

"I don't know!" said Miss Kitty Girl, getting a bit flustered and sounding impatient. "Probably bathin' or makin' tea-"


"Yeah! I don't know how she likes the stuff!"

"I....I like tea."

"Oh! Really?! Well she'll probably share some with you!!"

"Are you talking about me?" Came a soft, shy voice.

Aloysius turned to where it was coming from, and before him was a tall, curvy young Asian woman with Rabbit's ears, one of which had a flowery ribbon tied on it. She was wearing what appeared to be some kind of lingerie, a kind of corset, or bootyshorts, with laces in the front and embellished with flowers. Aside from her revealing number, she had an untied Kimono serving as a robe that was blue and gold. And, she had curly, purple hair and a lovely face.

"I-I..." stuttered Aloysius, who seemed more surprised at her choice of clothing then he did at her beauty. He said nothing, simply swallowing his words and smiling at her.

Miss Bunny took off her robe and picked up a tray of enough tea for three people-apparently, she knew Miss Kitty Girl didn't like tea, and knew there were two guests."

Miss Bunny set the tray down on the floor and sat on a green cushion across from Aloysius, next to Miss Kitty Girl.

"H-Hi! said Aloysius, smiling. Miss Bunny smiled back at him. "Hi," she said.

Aloysius and MK helped themselves to Miss Bunny's tea, while she told them various stories about her and her modeling partner. It seemed strange since they were both opposite personalities, but that was the way most things were, it seemed. Paper Mario Master wasn't playing video games the entire trip-rather, he was staring at the two models.




After Mushroom_king and Arkcher left Hamster Chic, they needed to seek out Kris and Arkcher. It was getting late, and nighttime in a big city is never safe, even here. Sanity stealers from Outside The Wall could be anywhere!


As the two walked, PMM wouldn't shut up.

"You know, this isn't such a good idea, walkin' around the city this late. We might as well go to the whatever we were staying at, I'll bet Kris and Arkcher are there. I kind of don't want to get sanitynapped, if you know what I mean, unless the sanitynapper was a hot babe or somethin'...HOLY-!!!"

Two bright lights suddenly shined into their faces-in front of them was a purple Cadillac, and in it was a monkey with a beret and striped shirt, and in it's hand was a sock.

"Isn't this kind of thing normal for you, though?"


"That could be call for concern..." muttered Aloysius, who seemed to be keeping his cool.

All of a sudden, The Monkey got out of the car and walked toward them. It looked innocent enough, but what if it was...


"A...what?" said The Monkey. It sounded like a female.

"You don't know what a Sanity is?!" said PMM. He huffed. "TYPICAL! YOU'RE JUST PRETENDING! I AM A SANITY AND YOU ARE GOING TO KIDNAP MEEEEE!"

"No, I'm not! And from what I knew about sanities, you're not what I imagined one to be..."

PMM calmed down a bit. "I'm...not?"

"No!" said the monkey.

PMM and MK whispered to each other.

"Hey, I think we need to take you to Horatio..."

"Who?!" said the Monkey.

"We can use your car!" said PMM happily.

The Monkey looked a bit frightened, but obliged.

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[i have three chapters I haven't posted yet]


Mushroom_king and Aloysius decided to take the car that the monkey was driving, since it'd make the trip quicker.

"Don't sit on that sock!" said the monkey.

"Why? It's just a sock."

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice came out of nowhere.

"...you're real mean, pal."

"IS-IS IT-?"

"Yes, I'm talkin' to you! I ain't JUST a sock! I'm SOCKY-SOCK! Get it right!"

Aloysius looked like he would faint any minute. This was probably too much for him.

"Sockysock, huh?" said MK. "That's cool."

"and I'm TheBreakfastMonkey! I'll eat your soul!"

Aloysius gasped. MK heaved. "Only I can eat souls around here!"

"And, the car's name is Cadillac."

"Oh, so it's alive too?!" asked Aloysius, slightly surprised.

"Uh...you're surprised, I guess...well, yeah. And it's name is Cadillac, because it's a Cadillac."


Later on, the group went to the Town Hall, which was where Horatio the Hamster was. He was cleaning his plane and was about to turn in for the night, but he wasn't exactly able to, because a knock came from the door.

"Horatio! Horrrr-aaaayyy-shheeee-ooooooh!"

"Well, blast, who could that be...ah, it's Arkcher."

"Hey, Horatio. I need to use something real quick."

"Well, what is it?" said Horatio, grinning. He almost never got mad. Almost.

"I need to search for my dad and MK, and see where they are!"

"Ok, then! I'm going to sleep soon, so be quiet! Nighty-night!"


Just then, yet another knock came on the door. In walked MK and Aloysius, along with TheBreakfastMonkey and Socky Sock.

"MK!! Dad!!" said Arkcher, abandoning the search function and running over to them. Horatio turned around and walked over.

After giving them both hugs, he and Horatio examined TheBreakfastMonkey and Socky Sock. "Who are these two?

"We're not sure, but their names are TheBreakfastMonkey and Socky Sock. There's also a living car named Cadillac out there.

Horatio perked up his ears. "This seems important. Could you bring in Cadillac?"


After doing so, Horatio began to question the trio, all while typing away information into his Laptop.

"TheBreakfastMonkey...species, Monkey...Planet of Origin, Civolv, gender, female...Socky Sock, species, Sock...planet of Origin, LR, gender, male...Cadillac, species, Car, planet of Origin, Earth, gender unknown. Alright, I've got that typed in. You have no idea where you are, and have no sanities, correct?"

"Correct," said TheBreakfastMonkey, who was nervously tugging at her beret. She seemed scared.

"Well...do you know how you got here?"

She suddenly looked a lot less nervous, and she smiled. "We crashed here in a rocket," she said.

Arkcher suddenly spoke. "A...rocket?"

"Yeah," said Socky Sock. "A Rocket. We crashed here about a day or two ago."

"That's...the same day you landed!" Arkcher said, looking at his father. "That wasn't you in the rocket!!"


"How did you get here?!"

"Listen, son, I'll explain everything later, though I'm afraid I don't have much to say."

"What do you mean?!"

"Calm down, Arkcher." said Horatio. "We all need to be calm. These three...well..."

Socky Sock spoke up. "We don't really plan on leaving anytime soon."

Horatio gasped. "That....well...I'm afraid..."

"We can't stay?!" said TheBreakfastMonkey, who sounded as though she would cry.

"No, no, nothing like that! You can stay, it's just...you'll need sanities, and I don't have the power to issue those out. Only Stewart does, and-and-"

"What about him?"

"He's gone. He isn't coming back."

Arkcher and MK exchanged surprised glances, as neither of them had heard Horatio say anything like that before. He was forever the optimist, you know.

Horatio thought for a moment. "I'll see what I can do...All of you, you can leave now."

Arkcher nodded, and decided to give the new trio a place to stay.




"Dad, you have some things to explain to me."

Arkcher and Aloysius were talking after the other four had gone to sleep.

"Arkcher...I...I want to tell you, but I don't think you will believe me."

"Tell me."

"Well...I...I have no idea how I got here."

"WHAT?!" yelled Arkcher, furious.

"A-Arkcher!! Don't yell like that."


"I just told you! What kind of a question is that?!"


"Arkcher. Son...I...I...I honestly don't know. Please believe me..."

Arkcher thought for only a few seconds, but he thought very hard. "I believe you..."

"Thank...Thank you." said Aloysius, who was very grateful.

Arkcher stretched and then got up. "I'm tired. Let's go to sleep."




Arkcher woke up the next morning earlier then the others, so he decided to take a walk around Hamsterdam.


It was a lovely morning-the sun was just beginning to rise, casting a soft, warm glow all over the enormous city, which was oddly quiet, even for a morning. Hardly anyone was outside except fro Arkcher, so he got to enjoy time alone-which he frequently was alone. A soft breeze swept away his hair, and he stopped, simply taking a breath, the last fresh breath of air in the big city before the noise and lights would start.


Being alone is frequently a very good time to think, especially if you are in a quiet environment. Arkcher took advantage of this as he walked through Hamsterdam, which was slowly but surely waking up. However, the noisy, obnoxious people were not yet out-rather, the people who were kind and quiet were out and about, simply nodding as they passed Arkcher on their way to wherever. Back to the subject of thinking, Arkcher began to analyze the various things that had happened to him-his father had returned, and he had thought his father came in a rocket, but it turned out his father had no idea how he got here, rather, the rocket contained three odd characters whom seemed as though they would easily fit with the rest of Invision.

Arkcher eventually stumbled upon the local park in Hamsterdam, where he was quite surprised to see both Aloysius and Mushroom_king, and both of them seemed to be doing some kind of odd, yoga-ish routine.

Arkcher remembered Aloysius doing that every morning when he was young...seeing MK with Aloysius was what surprised him, and he assumed she was possibly flirting with him. Upon closer examination, however, he saw that she was being completely silent-a first.


After about half an hour of watching the two, he saw them both sit down on a park bench. MK acted tired; Aloysius seemed normal. Arkcher decided to go talk to them.


"MK! Dad! What are you two doing here?"

Aloysius looked at Arkcher and smiled. "You do remember that I always got up to do my meditations in the morning! And your friend decided to join me today."

Arkcher responded, "Huh...I got up and went for a walk a while ago, before you two got up."

"Yea, we saw...say, you guys wanna go to Planet Horatio for some breakfast and see Kat and the others?"

Aloysius, who may or may not have been too thrilled about the prospect of seeing Kat again, agreed.

On the way there, Arkcher wondered where TheBreakfastMonkey was.

"She was still sleeping," said MK, "when me and Aloysius left."




Upon reaching Planet Horatio, the trio found...chaos.

Kat and Glowurm were jumping around, yelling phrases that they couldn't make out, due to the crowd of people who were there talking and shouting. MK, using her powers that she had due to being the owner, went up to Kat and Glowurm to see what was the problem.

Kat (who was decked out in a red polo, black pants, and monocle, as well as the fact that she was wearing a Viking hat that had a Cavalier hat perfectly balanced on one horn), who seemed a bit more collected then Glowurm, explained the situation since Glow was too upset.

"Someone stole our pancake mix! And the Waffles! And Syrup! And Toast!"

"NOT THE TOAST!!!!" yelled Arkcher.

Glowurm, who was angry, shouted, "THEY STOLE MAH WAFFLES!!"

"Calm the frick down, we'll find it! Besides, there's really only one person on Invision who could have stolen so many things so well....and she doesn't live here..." said MK.

"Who are you talking about?" said Aloysius, frustrated. He hated crime and illegal things, and this made him mad...but he had little time to complain, because a woman in sunglasses, a beige Outback hat, trench coat, and pants grabbed all three of them.

"NO!!! NOT INTO THE PIT!!! IT BUUUUURRRRNS!" yelled Arkcher.

"Shut up!" said the strange woman. "You're not being arrested, we want to show you something."


Later on, the woman had dragged them back to the hotel where they were staying, and in the room was-the stolen things!

"W-What!!!" stammered Aloysius, angered. "Who put those here?! We didn't steal them!!!"

"We know you didn't," said the woman. She had an air of seriousness, and her voice matched. She pointed to a corner and shouted, "SHE did!!"

Looking in the direction they were pointing was...TheBreakfastMonkey!

"TheBreakfastMonkey!!!" said Aloysius, clearly upset. It was the first time MK had seen him like this. "Y-You stole these?! Why?!"

The Tiny Monkey was afraid of Aloysius and was sweating up an ocean. "I-I wanted some breakfast...I AM the BREAKFAST monkey, after all!!!"

Aloysius closed his eyes and thought for a moment, and then he sighed.

"I'll forgive you...for now. Just don't steal anymore, ok? And be sure to return those things to-"

"I'll be taking care of that," said the woman, who had picked up the lot and was now about to lug it back to Planet Horatio. She turned around and Looked at Aloysius. "My name is The Spy, just so you know. I do more detective work then I do spy work."

Aloysius smiled at her, and he grabbed some of the things she was holding. "I'll help you carry these back," he decided.

The Spy glared at him a bit. Her angry aura seemed to vanish for a few seconds-she had just met him, she didn't even know his name, and he was helping her? Just who WAS this strange gentleman who she had never seen before?

After The Spy and Aloysius left, Paper Mario Master smirked at Arkcher. "I think your dad's fallen for yet another woman!"

Arkcher scowled at her. "N-No! He's just being nice!"




Upon reaching Planet Horatio, Aloysius noticed that The Spy, who had also been carrying the stolen breakfast foods, was very tired. She didn't seem to like lifting heavy objects very much.

Aloysius, unable to simply leave a tired woman, asked her, "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you want me to buy you some breakfast? You seem awfully tired."

The Spy looked up over the lenses of her sunglasses. Who was this man, and who did he think he was? he barely knew her, and he was asking to buy her some food...well, it was free food, and she WAS tired, so she agreed.


After buying the two of them some tea and waffles (I could go for some right now...), Aloysius decided to strike up a conversation with her.

"So...they call you The Spy, but you don't really do much spy work?"

"I do some, but only for detective work...I guess I'm named that because I'm slightly anonymous."

"I have a similar situation. I'm known as the inventor Aloysius Ahrroww, but I consider myself more of an expert in medicine then I do an expert with mechanics, though I am splendid with machines as well."

The Spy looked at the floor for a moment, then looked at him again and smiled. "I'm pretty good at both spying on people and solving mysteries."

Aloysius giggled nervously, thinking of how Arkcher and MK might be waiting for him.

His smile faded as he thought more, and then he suddenly got up and started to leave.

"I'm sorry, but...my son is waiting for me. I'd love to stay and chat some more, so we could meet some other time, perhaps?"

The Spy frowned. "I guess," she said, with a tone of disappointment in her voice. "See you."




"What's taking that freak so long?!" said Paper Mario Master, who was about near flying off the handle. MK and Arkcher glanced at each other, then at the door as Aloysius suddenly walked in.

"Sorry to keep you two waiting!" he said. He didn't seem flustered at all, which was odd.

In a split second, PMM had grabbed Aloysius's shirt collar and was screaming at him about what took him so long, why he took so long, etc. etc. etc...

Aloysius grabbed PMM and set him on the ground.

MK quickly changed the subject. "Don't we need to take those three back to Horatio so they can be given sanities?" she asked.

"Er...well, no..." said Arkcher, "But I guess we should. I mean, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon."




After taking Cadillac, SockySock, and TheBreakfastMonkey (who was let off with a warning) back to Horatio, it seemed that...

"AHHH! i completely forgot about the sanities and...and.."


Horatio looked up and smiled. "I have an idea, though!" he said, and he reached into a box. He pulled out what appeared to be a jellyfish...it was a sanity. All sanities look like Jellyfish, until they go into their true forms, where they become animals, humans, or anything else.

"I found this last night," he explained. "Her name is Shebacrisp. It's one of the sanities Stewart left behind in case of emergencies-such as this one."

"Are there more?" asked Aloysius.

Horatio went and grabbed a small cardboard box. "Yes," he said, "Enough for the three of them. But I have an idea. Hand me SockySock."

TheBreakfastMonkey, a bit reluctantly, handed over SockySock to Horatio. Horatio took one of the sanities from the box and shoved it into SockySock.

"What are you doing?!" shouted TheBreakfastMonkey and Cadillac in unison.

"I'm turning SockySock into a sanity" explained Horatio. "Your sanity, specifically."

"What about me?" asked Cadillac, who seemed to finally able to speak.

"You will take Shebacrisp...Hold on."

"What are you going to do?"

Horatio said nothing for a few seconds, but then he held Shebacrisp out and let her float to Cadillac.

"I made it so Shebacrisp's true form was a racer!" he said excitedly. "I thought it would fit you."

Cadillac said nothing, but seemed happy.

Horatio grinned and said, "i think that's good! If you want, you three can stay here until you find a place to stay."

TheBreakfastMonkey jumped excitedly and hugged Horatio. "Thank youuuuuuu!" she said, and the other three decided to leave Horatio's house.




"Well, where should we go now?" asked Arkcher.

Before anyone else could answer, Paper Mario Master raised his hand and said, "Ooh, pick me! Let's go to the Port of Cheese!! I'm sure your dad will LOVE all the bizarre mutations-" he scowled, and continued sarcastically, "Pff, wait, not mutations, SOR-RY..." and he began to ramble to himself about who knows what.

Aloysius, who seemed on the verge of bursting out into laughter at PMM, nodded and agreed to the notion. "It sounds...like an interesting place," he said.

The group walked through Hamsterdam one last time before embarking, saying bye to everyone Aloysius had met, and then they caught the boat to Swissconsin, which was where the Port of Cheese was.


Later on, as the boat sailed on the vast ocean, Aloysius looked out and examined the sea and the constellations. The ocean, a vast blue mirror that he saw no end too, reflected the pictures that one saw in the twinkling white spots in the vast nothingness of space, something that had piqued Aloysius's interest since he was young. But...it was late, and he was so tired that he might doze off and fall off the edge of the boat, or perhaps he would faint at the incredible beauty he was looking at, or even faint at the thought that his mere desire to see Arkcher again had brought him here, to this paradise that had bizarre but kind civilians, beautiful landscapes...and, Aloysius thought, some of the prettiest women in the universe. But that was just his opinion (Plus he hadn't seen anything yet in that field).


Once the sun rose, the group found themselves already docked at the Port of Cheese. It hadn't changed since MK and Arkcher had last come there; Aloysius, however, was excited at the prospect of a new place to explore and new people to meet.

As the trio walked off, Aloysius looked at the cloudless blue sky, the matching blue ocean, and the various species of birds flying through the air, and he couldn't help but feel glad he was here and alive. He spun in a circle, his arms outstretched, and laughed happily.

"This place is wonderful!" he exclaimed. "Though it seems like the type of place where pirates..."

"What the hey are you talking about, fool?" said MK. "Pirates don't land in the Port of Cheese for one good reason. Guess."

Aloysius thought for a moment. "There's...none on Invision?"

Arkcher put his hand to his face while MK explained. "No, there are pirates on Invision, but there's a reason they don't come here. Hey, why don't we show you?!"

Aloysius nodded. "That'd be good, since I don't really follow what you're saying."

MK rolled her eyes and grabbed Aloysius's arm.


After running through the cobbled streets of awesomeness for about a minute, Aloysius found himself knocking on the door of a building that was just about a mile away from the dock. The door opened, but no one answered; the trio went in anyway.

After walking through the hallway, Aloysius began to notice the eerie quiet. "Why is it so quiet?!" he said loudly.

"SHHHHH!!" whispered a boy. "I'm...I'm hiding!!!"

Aloysius whispered back, "Who are you and who are you hiding from?"

"Come on in heeeeere!" said the voice, in a faux-demonic way.

Aloysius opened up the door, and found himself in a room with the curtains on two sets of windows shut. There was a fireplace, but it wasn't lit, and next to it was a TV with several game consoles of differing brands and ages hooked up to it. There were several couches and chairs as well, but what stood out was...katanas, and lots of them. Katanas, Shirikins, and other various Eastern weaponry adorned the walls and tables. But who was in the room?!

"Oh, hey, it's just you guys...looks like Arkcher cloned himself. Hi!"


Out from under a table came a medium-height teenage boy with long, curly, and extremely awesome hair. He was wearing glasses, as well as boring, generic blue jeans and....a blue sweater. Which was also awesome. The thing that stuck out, however, was that his skin was...almost cheese-like....wait, it's just freaking Cheesemaster. You already know about him from those first couple chapters. Why didn't I describe him before now?!

Aloysius sighed. "Oh....well, this certainly...was not what I expected."

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(t appears there's quite a few unposted chapters...)


Cheesemaster grinned at Aloysius, who seemed both surprised and happy. After all, Cheesemaster didn't seem very threatening, aside from the katana that was attached...I guess to a belt, or something. I have no idea how that sort of thing works.

Aloysius sat down in one of the armchairs and asked, "Who are you hiding from, anyway?"

"her!" he whispered. "You know. Actually, you probably don't..."

"A...girl? Are you hiding from a girl?"

"I guess. I'm pretty sure she's a girl."

MK glared at Cheesemaster and asked, "How old are you again?"

Arkcher laughed to himself while Cheesemaster smirked.

"I'm hiding from Cheese Woman."

Paper Mario Master scoffed. "Ha! That crazy girl who wears way too much clothing for this kind of weather? Then again, you're the one who wears a blue sweater, and you're f-"

Cheesemaster glared at him. It was actually kind of menacing. "Don't You DARE!"

Paper Mario Master murmured something to himself and went back to playing his DS. He sure is mean, isn't he?


All of a sudden, the group heard a knock at the door and a muffled "Cheeeesiiieeee!!!! Cheesie, sweetie, where are you?"

Cheesemaster, who, using his awesome ninja skillz hid himself, shushed the others. "Cover for me, please?" he said, desperately.

"Is she your girlfriend?!" asked Aloysius.

"NO! I'll kill you later for asking me that!!!"

"Dang it," mumbled Aloysius.

All of a sudden, the door to the room busted open. At the door was Cheese Woman-as always, in her Victorian dress with a jumbo ribbon in her short, plain hair.

"Cheesie?" she said. She looked around, and then her eyes fell on Aloysius. She pretended to examine him and then smiled and tackled him, sending the two of them straight to the floor. Aloysius didn't even have a few seconds to react.

Cheese Woman heaved in a spazzed manner and began to caress Aloysius's face. "Oh...you're simply..." she couldn't even contain herself. "SQUEEEE! You're so A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!"

Arkcher, who was about to slug her for glomping his father, grabbed her and pulled her off of him.

"W-what?!" she said, looking at Arkcher, whom she was also slightly infatuated with (but not to the point of cuddly murder). "What is it?"

Paper Mario Master bounced up and down and shouted, "You 'bout near killed his father with your evil, vicious cuddly stranglehold!!"

"Now that's a way to die," said MK.

"his father?!" said Cheese Woman. "Oh! Arkcher, your father is so...SEXY!!"

Aloysius was confused as well as shocked at the girl's behavior, but he remained silent.

Cheese Woman (who was clearly off in her own romantic fantasy world) clasped her hands and said dreamily, "It's just not every day a handsome stranger comes passing through here!" She sighed, and then frowned. "But, despite this, I haven't found my Cheesie-sweetie. Have any of you seen him?"

"N-No!" said Arkcher, quickly.

Cheese Woman giggled and put her arms around him. "Oh, Arkky...I know you're lying...Cheesie-kun doesn't want to admit he loves me, does he?"

Paper Mario Master glared at her and said, "Hmph, I'm sure Cheesemaster is just DYING to tell you how he feels about you...though I doubt you'd be very happy to hear it..."

"What was that, Paper-san?"

"Nothing," he heaved.

Cheese Woman giggled; Arkcher looked distressed. "Arkky, tell me, really, where is my Cheesie-pie? I know you've seen him!"

Arkcher wriggled his way out of her grasp. "I haven't seen him, seriously."

Cheese Woman sighed. "I guess you're telling the truth. You wouldn't lie to me, right?"

Arkcher rolled his eyes. "Sure, Cheese Woman..."

Cheese Woman gave Aloysius another tackle-hug before leaving.


Once the coast was clear, Cheesemaster lifted his disguise (NINJA SKILLZ!) and sighed heavily. "I don't know what I'm going to do with her..."

Aloysius put his hand on Cheesemaster's back and said, "Well, it's just water under the bridge...at least, for now it is."

Cheesemaster smiled at him. "I guess you're right, Aloysius. Say, who wants to play some Brawl? I'll pwn you guys!"

"You keep telling yourself that!" said MK.

"Wait!" said Arkcher. "We're missing someone!"

Cheesemaster and MK looked at him, thought for a minute, and then shouted, "Oh, yeah, her!"

"She's really awesome at the game, too!" said Cheesemaster.

"I won't be the only girl in the group anymore!" said MK.

"Why can't I play?!" said PMM.

"But wait!" said Arkcher. "She doesn't live here at the port, does she?"

Cheesemaster nodded. "Yeah, but she's visiting for a few days!"

"Who are you even talking about?" muttered Aloysius.

The others turned to him and said, "the Game Master, Hoops Ahshirt!"

"Oh," said Aloysius. "But who is that?"






Greetings, this is 4kids entertainment, and we are pleased to give you a very special announcement: we have bought the rights to dub Tales of Invision. We hope this pleases you as much as it pleases us, and we hope you enjoy the newly dubbed Tales of Invision.


And remember-4KIDS IS GOD.


-4kids entertainment




I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! 4kids has bought the rights to dub my novel. WHAT?! ONLY I SHOULD DUB MY NOVEL! HOW THE heck DID THIS HAPPEN!!!


...wait...I didn't say heck...Anyway, on with the show. Is that a rap intro I hear...?




"We're going to go find the Game Master, Hoops!" shouted Mushroom_queen.

"hey, wait a second! That isn't my name!! My name is Mushroom QUEEN! Aw, forget it. You guys all know my name, right?" she said.

"We sure d-hey, where the heck did my katana go?!" said Cheesemaster. He felt around his hips-he felt it there, but it was gone. "DANG EDITS! Wait, i could have swore I said a swear word...oh, never mind..."

"Can't we just go find your friend?" asked Aloysius.

"Whoa, Aloysius-man! What happened to your voice? You sound less British, and...more like an American trying to British."


"Whoa dude, don't take it seriously, I'm not insulting you. Just your voice actor...wait, why do we have those?"

"STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL AND LET'S GET MOVING!!" shouted Cheesemaster (who was voiced by Jason Griffith)


The group walked through the town, searching for Hoops, and they eventually found her in a video games shop. Like he had with most of the Invisionists, Aloysius was shocked at her appearance-everything screamed VIDEO GAMES!! She had a power glove on one hand and had all sorts of video game cosplay items. But for some reason...

"What are you pointing at?" asked Aloysius.

Hoops looked confused. She looked at her hand and suddenly spazzed out.

Paper Mario Master freaked out. "Hey, she's supposed to have a light gun! Now it's...an invisible gun! Or maybe it's just nothing. I dunno."

Hoops looked sad for a minute but then smiled.

Aloysius smiled back at the girl. "Are you Hoops?"

Hoops raised her arm and said, "I'M HOOPS AND I'M THE GAME MASTER!!!"


"Huh?!" said Hoops. "Oh my Gosh you're right I SOUND HORRIBLE!! I MISS MY OLD VOICE!!!"

"I never knew your old voice!" said Aloysius.

"We can't play Brawl with our voices like this!" said Arkcher, who's voice was far too deep, "It'll become so annoying after a while we won't be able to stand it! And why does Paper Mario Master sound like a 10-year old? Isn't he a grown man?!"

"YES, I AM!!!" said PMM. "I'm just concentrated awesome, that's all!"

"Our world is ruined!"




Meanwhile, back in the Port of Cheese, chaos was brewing because of all the strange things going on.

"Your voice sounds awful!"

"Where the heck did my [some weapon] go?!"

"What happened to my accent of awesomeness?!"

"I know what happened!" exclaimed Paper Mario Master.

The others perked up.

"I think we've been re-dubbed!"

"whoever re-dubbed us did a pretty silly job," muttered Cheesemaster.

"What can we do?!" asked Aloysius.

"Nothing, sadly," said PMM. "But, seeing how silly this dub is, all we can do is sit back and hope the ratings are awful so we can get back to the awesome dub."



(Just so you know, there was a part in that chapter that i ended up removing entirely...I feel kinda bad...)


After regaining the dubbing rights, peace returned to Invision. All was good, and the group played Brawl and later went to bed.




The group woke up in the morning, and MK explained that she needed to go see Dawn, her friend from the earlier chapters.

"Why do you need to go see her?" asked Aloysius.

"I just do, OK?" said MK. "That's all."

"Sounds odd, but let's go anyway. Does she live around here?"

"She does, but not in town," she explained. "Her family is really strange. They all live in this big, scary place outside of town."

Aloysius turned to Arkcher. "Her family is...strange? How?"

Arkcher shrugged and looked at the ceiling. "Honestly, I have no idea. I've never met anyone else in her family. Dawn herself is pretty eclectic, but kinda weird at the same time."

Aloysius looked worried. "Any idea why?"

Arkcher decided it was best not to worry his father. "No," he lied, "I'm not sure. Maybe she just seems strange to me."

Cheesemaster invited himself to come along with the group for their little adventure. Besides, he needed to nag on Paper Mario Master.

The group said Good-Bye to Hoops and set off for Dawn's house.


The area around the Port of Cheese was an inviting, but lonely place. Swissconsin bordered the ocean, so there was a beach, but despite the good weather no one seemed to be there. The rest of the area was filled with hills and rocks, and a gentle, warm breeze always blew in from the sea. Aloysius breathed it in and felt calm and collected for the first time in days. The ocean itself was beautiful, and Aloysius was enthralled by it-seeing as he didn't see a sight like this very often at home.

Eventually, they stumbled upon a large, scary-looking mansion. Dawn's family clearly had money to spare.

Aloysius gasped and asked, "Is this where your friend lives?!"

"Yeah," said MK. "Don't be so scared. You'll be fine."

"What makes you think I'm scared?" laughed Aloysius. MK looked at him-he really wasn't scared. He wasn't even shaking-he had a warm smile and his eyes were bright, and his hair fluttered in the breeze. "Honestly, this house seems out of place," he said, and began to walk up to the door.


MK butted in front of him and rung the doorbell. A few seconds later, a girl in a knee-length, Black dress, Black sailor's cap, and knee-high gray boots and brown hair was at the door. It was Dawn.

She smiled and waved to them and opened the door. It didn't creak, lulling Aloysius even deeper into a sense of security. The house was well-kept. Nothing wrong here.

"Hi, MK, Arkcher, Cheesie! And who are you?"

She looked at Aloysius, confused.

He snapped back to reality and laughed nervously. "I'm Aloysius Ahrroww, and..."

"Ohhh, so you're Arkcher's dad? Of course! You look just like him!" And she laughed. She looked very dark, but she was a happy girl.

"Come on in! I'm glad you came, MK!"

The two of them talked back and forth to each other while as the group stood in the foyer. It was enormous-a lot bigger then the one at Arkcher's Mansion. The room was gray and seemed sad and old. A staircase was in the middle of the room, splitting off into two parts. There were a few doors on the ground floor, as well, and a large chandelier on the ceiling. Despite being gray, the room was tidy-no cobwebs or dust in sight.

"Alright, you guys, I'll lead you to my dining room, 'kay? You can chat with the rest of my family while me and MK do business." she glanced at MK, who was looked uneasy. "By the way, Arkcher...could you give this to my little sister, Sterling?" she handed him a stuffed bunny. He held it in his hand and looked at it. It looked demented-it had a crazy smile and crazy eyes, but more alarming was the amount of stitches. They were everywhere on the toy-the neck, the chest, the back, the arms-they were everywhere. Sterling must play with the toy quite a bit for it to be so worn-out.

"Dawn!" asked Arkcher, "i don't think I've met your sister."

Dawn gasped and blushed. "Of course! How strange and forgetful of me. She's just knee-high, curly hair, and a gray dress with faded pink ribbons. Big eyes, faraway look in 'em? You'll know her when you see her."

Arkcher nodded. "I see."


The group was led to the dining room, where there was a table, just enough for 8 people-6 for the family members, and 2 for guests...or lack thereof. MK was really the only guest they ever had.

"Alright!" said Dawn as she sat everyone down. "My Step-Father should be down here soon for Tea Time! Me and MK are leaving now. Take care, and Arkcher, don't forget about Sterling!" and the two were gone.

Aloysius seemed a bit dumbfounded-Dawn was an excited, hyper girl who never seemed to stop doing things.

"Tea Time?" he asked. "That's good timing for me, then."

The conversation was stopped short by footsteps. The group turned and saw a man who looked as though he had stepped out of 19th-century England onto Planet Invision-He wore a black coat that went to just below his hips, and under the coat he wore a vest, which was a dull beige color, as well as a black cape, pants, shoes, and a top hat.

He looked surprised, then disgusted, and then he smirked. He said, with blunt sarcasm, "Oh, it's some of Dawn's friends. What a pleasure to have you here."

Aloysius, who for some reason was not put off by his appearance nor his tone, smiled at him. "Yes, these are Dawn's friends. Who are you?"

The strange man scowled and said, "You haven't heard of me? I'm the famous prosecutor, J.R.! Do you know what that stands for?"

"James Rolfe! James Rolfe!" whispered Paper Mario Master.

J.R. ignored him. "It stands for Jakob Rabitt. As I said, I'm the famous prosecutor. I've only had one loss on my entire record. He smirked at them again and adjusted his hat. "Who are you, my dear man?"

Aloysius smiled. "I'm Aloysius Ahrroww, the famous Inventor. Looks like we have something in common!"

Jakob scowled again. "Don't try that with me. I don't make friends that easily.'

"What a d*****," whispered Paper Mario master.

Aloysius gasped silently. There was only one other person who had ever spoken so coldly to him-and he had been married to that person for 20 years.

Aloysius seemed a bit sad. He only wanted to enjoy tea time with another person. He shook it off and smiled. He wouldn't let it get to him.

"Arkcher, don't you need to return that bunny to Sterling?" said Cheesemaster, finally saying something.

"Oh yeah!" he said, "I almost forgot. I'll go look for her."




Arkcher walked slowly up and down the enormous halls of the Rabitt manor, looking for a little girl named Sterling. he was dumbfounded at how huge this house really was-the hallways had high ceilings, and portraits of the Rabitt family lined the halls. From what he heard, only six lived here. But there were portraits from their entire family history.

Suddenly, he encountered one of a little girl with curls in her hair, a gray dress, and faded pink ribbons...Sterling? Unfortunately, there was no name underneath the painting-or any painting, for that matter. Arkcher looked at the picture. She was a cute girl, but she was scary...almost doll-like...and she had enormous, spooky eyes. He continued his search for her.




Back in the dining room, Aloysius and Cheesemaster, being the only ones left, sparked up a conversation.

"Do you know anything about this family?" asked Aloysius.

Cheesemaster answered him, "I know a few things. There's two men who are brothers, Jakob and James Rabbitt, and there's Julia, who is Jakob's wife, plus Dawn and Sterling, who are Julia's little sisters. There's also Richard Rabitt, who is Julia and Jakob's son. I've only met Dawn, though."

"Do you...have any idea why Jakob was dressed like that?"

Cheesemaster shrugged. "All six come from this planet, called Cullough, which is known as the Horror-story planet. Maybe there's a horror story taking place in the 19th century? I know there's lots of Horror Manga like that."

"So, does Jakob believe it's still the 19th century?"

"I don't know. I'd assume so-or maybe he knows, but doesn't want to believe it."

"He doesn't seem like a very kind man," mustered Aloysius, "He was so rude to me."

"You should see how he treats me and MK and Hoops," said Cheesemaster, laughing sarcastically. "If he got a good look at you, he would like you."

"Oh?" said Aloysius, surprised. "Is that so?"

"Yeah. He's got these weird morals and everything. He refuses to believe that MK is a woman because she's outspoken and doesn't wear a dress."

Aloysius couldn't help but laugh. "That's a bit sad, but rather funny, too!"

"What's so funny?" said a soft voice.

The two turned to see a man, but he wasn't Jakob-he had softer eyes, and a different outfit. He wore a dark-green coat that went to his knees, and underneath was a brown vest. He was also wearing beige shoes and a tucked-in ascot, and had wispy, blond hair, which was in a loose ponytail, which was on his shoulders.

"Hi Cheesemaster," he said. "Who's your friend here?"

"This is Aloysius Ahrroww, and he's Arkcher's dad. He's famous for inventing things. Aloysius, this is James Rabitt, Jakob's brother."

"They're polar opposites for Brothers," muttered Aloysius.

"I see. You met Jakob first. Put off by him, were you?"

Aloysius nodded.

"Don't worry about him!" said James, excited. "Here, I'll get you some tea. You like tea, don't you?"

Aloysius smiled and nodded. This man was treating him so kindly, when his brother had treated Aloysius so coldly earlier. It was a distinct change.

When James got back, he set down a tray that had three cups of tea for all of them.

"Well, like it was explained, I'm James Rabitt, the famous Attorney. I've only had one loss."




"Sterling! Sterling! Where are you? I have something to give you!"


Arkcher shouted as he walked up and down the gray, stone hallways of Rabitt manor. His voice echoed, and he sighed. He would never find her at this rate.

"I don't want to barge into any rooms," he thought to himself, "because that would be rude. I'll have to.."

"Is someone looking for me?" said a quiet voice.

"Eh?" Arkcher turned around. Behind him was...a small, doll-like girl with a gray dress, curls, and faded pink ribbons...just like in the picture...Sterling!

"Is someone looking for me?" she repeated.




Arkcher got down on his knees so he could look at the small girl. She was just as scary-looking as she was in the painting-her skin was pale, her eyes were emotionless-she was a pretty girl, as young as she was, but she was almost doll-like, and she was frightening.

"Um...I..I was." stuttered Arkcher. "I was looking for you. I need to give something to you."

Sterling said nothing.

Arkcher, who was only getting more frightened by the small girl, paused for a few minutes.

"Your sister, Dawn, wanted me to give this to you," he said, his voice shaking.

He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the mutilated rabbit, and held it in his hand out to Sterling. She looked at it, and reached for it, and upon touching it, she grabbed it-but didn't take it from his hand. Rather, her fist, clenched around the rabbit, stayed in his hand. Her grip on the toy continued to get tighter, when she suddenly began to cry.

Arkcher lost his balance and fell, so he was now sitting on the cold floors of the mansion. The rabbit sat abandoned at Sterling's feet, and she was bawling her eyes out.

"Sterling!!" said Arkcher, "Please, what is it? What's wrong?!"

She said nothing, she continued crying.

"Sterling, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong!!"

Sterling wiped a few tears away but kept crying.

"STERLING!!!" said Arkcher, angered. Sterling wiped her eyes and sniffed a little. She looked at him, and then at her rabbit, which she grabbed. She sniffed again and grabbed his arm.

Arkcher, who was surprised, got dragged away by the small child, and evntually found himself in a room-he assumed it was Sterling's room. The room was big, had a large, ruffly, gray bed, and many stuffed animals-all of which were rabbits, and all of them were cut up. Big rabbits, tiny rabbits, Fluffy rabbits, brown rabbits, Jack Rabbits, all kinds of Rabbits-Then again, it was her last name.

Sterling dragged Arkcher onto the carpet, and they both sat down. Sterling put the toy bunny she was carrying on the floor, and took something out of her pocket...Arkcher thought it was a piece of rope. She unfurled it and it was...

a miniature noose


Arkcher watched in horror as Sterling took the noose and tied it around the bunny's neck, and then put it on the floor. She crawled over to a ruffly black toy chest and pulled out "toys", and I use the word very loosely, because these were not conventional playthings.

Arkcher, who was stunned, watched as she pulled out some wind-ups and a ball. Normal toys, for now at least.

Sterling took a small set of Metal, wind-up animals-there were two rabbits, of course, but there was also a cat, a dog, and a panda.

Sterling then pulled out of the box a ball of knots that turned out to be several tangled marionettes. She sighed, and threw them in the box. She reached back in, and took out...a tiny guillotine.

Arkcher gasped again, causing Sterling to pause for a moment, but then she crawled back over and put the contraption down next to the bunny.

Sterling looked at Arkcher with her enormous, gray eyes, and asked-"Do you want to play with me?"

Arkcher said nothing-he was unable too, for he was so frozen in a state of absolute terror, that he knew nothing to say. He didn't need words to say-this child in front of him was a horror movie, a demonic child, and it was sitting right before him.

He screamed as loud as he could and took off from the room.




"...Well, Aloysius, as I said, I'm an Attorney. I've had only one loss!"

"One loss..."


Back in the dining room, Aloysius and Cheesemaster had struck a conversation over some tea with Jakob's brother, James Rabitt, the attorney.

"Your brother is a prosecutor and he said he had only one loss, too!" said Cheesemaster. "I'll bet you two met in Court once."

"How did you know?" said James, smiling.

Cheesemaster seemed flattered. "Oh, I just guess..."

Suddenly, the door opened, and a blood-curdling scream was let out, followed by heavy breaths, and the door slammed shut-it was Arkcher. He was pale, weak, and scared.

Aloysius got up and began to run toward him. "Arkcher!! Are you alright? You're...so pale...what happened?"

Arkcher was delirious.

"That....that girl...that little girl..."

"I see you met Sterling," said James nonchalantly.

Aloysius turned and looked at him. "Sterling? Dawn's sister?"

"Indeed," said James. "It's best to stay on her good side, though...Arkcher, what did you do to Sterling?"

Arkcher took a deep breath. "I...she...asked me to play with her. She...was going to chop off the head of...her little toy rabbit. I didn't want to play with her, though."

James turned his head quickly and said sharply, "What?! No, no, no!!! You must go back and apologize to her IMMEDIATELY!!!"

"W-what?! You're kidding, right?! No way I'm going back to her!!"

James looked straight into his eyes. "You must!"

Arkcher shook his head. "No!"

James scowled and said, "Why aren't you..."

Cheesemaster got up. "I'll go talk to her!"

James looked at him.

"You must bring this stubborn git along with you," he said, grabbing Arkcher's tie and flinging him towards Cheesemaster.

"N-No," said Cheesemaster, "I'll go by myself! I'll play with Sterling."

James closed his eyes. "Fine, as long as someone abides by her requests."

"Aren't you spoiling her by abiding to everything she says?"

"Not everything," said James, "Just this. She's very emotional."

Cheesemaster nodded and headed off after being told where Sterling's room was.




Cheesemaster walked up and down the long, wide, stone hallways. It was a bleak place, only improved by the paintings of the Rabbitt family members-and those were bleak, as well.

Dawn is the only one who seems to be very colorful and eccentric, he thought, James is nice but still bleak. Dawn seems to be the only one who realizes what century this is.

"Ah, here's her room," he said, and he knocked. Cheesmaster knew you should never walk uninvited into a girl's room.

The door opened slowly. "Have you come to play with me?" asked a voice. It was eerie, and he assumed it was Sterling's.

"Yes, I've come to play with you," said Cheesemaster. The door opened a slight bit and he glanced in, and then entered the room.

He noticed a small, gray-looking girl on the floor-Sterling, he assumed.

"Sterling?" he said quietly, shutting the door. "Are you okay?"

"No," she said, "That mean boy with the long hair was scared of me."

Arkcher, he thought. He ran off.

"I see," said Cheesemaster. "He's my friend. He was just a little shocked, I guess."

"Why was he scared?" said Sterling. "He's a big boy. Why is he scared of a little girl like me?"

Cheesemaster sat down in front of her. In between the two of them was her bunny, with the noose tied around it's neck, the wind-ups, and the guillotine.

"I don't know why my friend was scared, Sterling. But, I didn't come to talk about that, I came to play with you."

Sterling looked up. She looked him up and down, down and up, and up and down again.

"Who are you?"

Cheesemaster smiled at her. "My name is Cheesemaster. I'm Dawn's friend. I hope you'll be my friend, too."

Sterling smiled. "Oh...so you're Cheese Woman's Special One..."


"Oh, Cheesie, why are you yelling? Isn't it true?"

Cheesemaster looked upset. "Sterling, that isn't true, and it hurts my feelings! You can't be my friend if you hurt my feelings!"

Sterling pouted, "You can't hide your feelings forever!"

"Sterling, what did I say to you?"

Sterling looked ashamed. "I'm sorry Mr. Cheesemaster. Will you still be my friend?"

Cheesemaster looked at her, puzzled. He smiled. "Of course I'll still be your friend. It's not that big a deal."

"Good!" said Sterling happily.

"What are you doing with your toys?" asked Cheesemaster. He and Sterling were laying on their stomachs now, and she arranged them and pointed out things as she explained.

"Well, my stuffed bunny is going to get executed today," she said, putting the rabbit under the guillotine, "But his wife is mad." she took a wind-up rabbit and put it by the guillotine. "But she can't do anything, so poor Mr. Bunny gets executed anyway..." and with that, the blade came down, and the toy's head came off. "Oh, he broke again. I'll need to sew him."

Cheesemaster was clearly disturbed by this, but played along anyway. "Do..do...you like this game?"

"A little. It's fun watching Mr. Bunny's head come off, but I think it hurts Mr. Bunny. Plus I always have to fix him after."


She started to put the toys away when Cheesemaster grabbed the Rabbit and his head.

"You know, Sterling, I can sew. I can fix Mr. Bunny right now if you want me too."

She gasped. "Oh, Mr. Cheesemaster, you will? You really are my friend!"

He nodded. "I need a sewing kit, though."

"I have one!" said Sterling. She got up and walked over to her closet, and came out with a box. She opened it, and inside were threads, needles, and other things to fix the doll.


As the doll got sewed, Cheesemaster decided to talk with the disturbed child.

"You like bunnies, don't you?" he said.

"Yea. I guess you see all those bunnies."

"That was my first guess."

The two were silent. Sterling began to talk.

"Why was that boy's hair so long? Only girls have hair like that."

Cheesemaster laughed. "That's not nice, Sterling!" He grinned. "James has medium-ish hair. Don't you like him?"

"He's nice. He's nice to me and plays with me sometimes. I don't like Jakob though. He's mean to my big sister Julia."

"Julia...isn't she his wife?"

"Yes. Jakob is Sissy's husband, my step-dad, and he's Richard's daddy."

"Richard? Who is that?"

"He's my brother, I think. I wish he would play with me because he's just a little younger than me. But he won't. He won't play with girls!"

"That's not nice either."

"I know! I just want to be his friend! I think he's scared of me, though! I know he's scared of my sister Dawn."

"Speaking of Dawn...what is she doing? MK invited us over because she had business with Dawn, but I have no idea what they're doing."


(There's one or two more chapters I need to post. I'll post them later.)

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It's beginning to make me mad that on dA, my EarthBound stuff has more views then my original work (Invision, Legend of Giza, my songs, etc.)


But whatever, on with the story.]



"Sterling, do you have any idea what Dawn and Mushroom_king might be doing?" Cheesemaster asked.

Sterling though for a moment. "Perhaps you should go check, Mr. Cheesemaster...though I think...you might be a bit surprised."

Cheesemaster stopped sewing the rabbit and became angry. "Sterling, are you hiding something from me? Is it important? MK and Dawn are my friends, I need to know what's going on!"

"Dawn told me not to tell anyone!!!" shouted Sterling, "And you're not a good person, trying to get me to break that promise!"

Cheesemaster said nothing, when all of a sudden the lights began to flicker in the room, and the walls began to distort.


"You're not very nice, are you! You're mean, trying to get Dawn's secret!"

"S-Stop it-!"

Suddenly, a crack of lightning was heard from outside, and whatever was going on stopped. Sterling yelped, and latched onto Cheesemaster.


"We need to go check on my sister! Now!"


"Now, please! Her room is upstairs. I'll show you."

"Are you going to keep yourself latched onto me like this?"

"I'm scared!"

Cheesemaster pried her off his body and held her, but before leaving, he showed her the finished bunny.

"Here, I finished your rabbit. You should stop chopping his head off, though-maybe someone like AlienFreak could make you a toy where the head goes back on easily."

He handed the doll to Sterling, and then picked her up. The two of them left Sterling's room to go check on Dawn and MK.




"It sounds like a storm is brewing up..."

Back in the dining room, The Ahrrowws and the Rabbitts were having tea when the thunder sounded out of the blue, startling them. That, and Jakob had joined them.

Suddenly, Jakob stood up and scooted his chair in. "Something is not right here. I can feel it."

James stood up and looked at him. "What...do you mean? It's just a storm."

"I....we need to find everyone else. Something is not right here."

"We can start by looking for Julia and Richard. We have no idea where they are. Dawn and MK are in Dawn's room, and if I'm right...Cheesemaster and Sterling just left Sterling's room." said Jakob.

"Let's go, then," said Aloysius. "What are you sensing, anyhow? And how are you sensing it?"

Jakob looked at Aloysius and smirked. "They say that I...have the senses of a Hare. Or should I say...a rabbit..."




"Here! This is Dawn's room." said Sterling.

Cheesemaster knocked, but Sterling scolded him. "This isn't a time for politeness, you need to go in there!"

Cheesemaster agreed reluctantly and slammed open the door. Inside, there was Dawn, sitting on a bed, and MK next to her...it sounds normal, but he gasped once he saw that there was red around Dawn's mouth, and MK looked weak.

"DAWN!!!" screamed Cheesemaster, livid, as he set down Sterling. "H...How?! How could you be doing this?!"

Dawn wiped her mouth with her sleeve and began to cry. "I asked for her permission..."

"I...I knew you were a vampire, Dawn, but you told me, Arkcher and everyone that you were feeding off of wild animals...but you were feeding off of your own friend?! How could you?!"

"Stop yelling at my sister!" shouted Sterling, when the same spooky things began to happen: the lights flickered, the walls became distorted...

"Sterling, no! You can't do this!"

"You're so mean, yelling at Dawn like that! She can't help it!"

"You don't seem to understand!" screamed Cheesemaster, who was still extremely angry. "She can't do this to her friend!"

Dawn wiped her eyes with her sleeves, and stopped crying. She got off the bed and put her head on Cheesemaster's shoulders. "I think I overdid it this time..."

Cheesemaster gasped. Sterling's anger continued to manipulate the area around them. "What do you mean?"

"I think...I think I took too much from her...I hope she's ok..."

Cheesemaster pushed her away and grabbed her shoulders. "What do you mean?! If you took too much from her, then we'll need to take her somewhere!! Don't you guys have a doctor or somebody here at your mansion?!"

The commotion around the room stopped, and the door flung open-Aloysius, Arkcher, Jakob, and James had found them. They all breathed sighs of relief, but after being told what had happened, they were all delirious with fear and anger again.

"We'll need to take her to Alice. That's our nurse. She'll fix her up!" explained James, and Aloysius picked up MK. Arkcher looked at her, frightened. "I...hope she's fine..."




The rain continued to pound on the roof of the mansion as the group ran as quickly as possible to this 'Alice' who lived with them, and they still had no idea where Julia and Richard were.

"Alice's room is on the 3rd floor," said Jakob, who was the fastest. "I'm sure she's in there getting ready for bed..."

Upon reaching the third floor, everyone but Jakob was out of breath. He scowled at them and sneered, "This is what I expect from you lower people, you're so..."

Cheesemaster lunged towards him. "NO ONE TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT!!!"

"I just did, and I think you deserved to know it!"

"Oooh, now you..." Cheesemaster raised his fist in angst, but was stopped by James.

"Stop, we have more important things to worry about. Jakob, you need to cut that out. You're not better then anyone else."

Jakob frowned. "You don't talk to me like that!!"

"I just did, and I think you deserved to know it. Now, Come along, here's Alice's room."

James opened the door and looked inside. His face slowly faded from a look of hope to one of horror, and the color drained from his face. The other looked and had the same reaction: for there was no Alice in the room, at least not a whole one; rather, there were just a few chopped-up bits of Alice, strewn in piles of blood on the floor of an otherwise very nice room.

"Alice..." sobbed Dawn.

"MK..." Arkcher murmured hopelessly.

Jakob cleared his throat and muttered, "There...There has been...there has been a murder. In my house." He gritted his teeth, and sat down at the desk in the room. he put his hand to his face and repeated it to himself again, was silent for a moment, and then slammed his fist down on the table.


The others were silent. Everyone was upset and shocked.


Arkcher's knees suddenly gave out. He fell to the floor and began sobbing.

"M..K...MK...please...MK!!! Please, please, be okay...Please live! MK!!!"

Aloysius kneeled down and, placing his head on his son's shoulders, put his arms around him and whispered, "It will all be alright. Everything will be alright..."

Suddenly, the sobfest was interrupted by Paper Mario Master-he seemed to be fine, but a little weak. "Hey...guys? Uh...lemme get this straight...MK was short on blood, it's all Dawn's fault, it's storming like #### out there, there's a murderer in the house, and we have no idea where Julia and Richard are...right? I...I feel kinda weak, guys. Oh, man, the paaaain..."

"Wait," said Cheesemaster, "Why are you so worn out? Dawn was drinking MK's blood, not yours."

"Yea, well...I kinda...ugh...I noticed how...how weak MK was...oh, no....and I gave...somma my blood to...ACK!...I gave somma my blood to her. I had no medical tools, so I ended up using...this knife I stole from the kitchen." He showed everyone an enormous wound on his palm.

"She...she's just sleeping now. She'll be ok...you...you idiots need to concentrate on not getting killed, kkay..you know, by whoever chopped up...Alice...oh, man, this is more serious then the internet!"

Aloysius and Arkcher (who had stopped crying) went over to PMM. "You need to rest, dude." said Arkcher.

"Alright," he said-and he did.

Jakob got up. "We need to focus. The murderer will be targeting Julia or Richard next. I cannot let that happen."

"Then let's go!" said Cheesemaster. "But we need to do something about MK...I'd think that Dawn and Sterling could take her and look after her, but we can't have them all alone, plus we need a female in this plotline so no one accuses us of sexism."

"Well, Sterling could help us fight with her powers of flickery lights and whacked out physics, but Dawn is a vampire, so she could use her vampirey-ness on the murderer. But then again, she just fed off of MK, so I don't think she needs to...plus, Sterling is a little young." said Arkcher.

"Don't worry," said Dawn, "Me and Sterling will take care of MK. We're tough girls, aren't we Sterling?"

Sterling said nothing.

"Alright then," said Aloysius. "We'll go track down the person who chopped up this poor woman, and make sure none of us meet that same fate.

By the way...Dawn, Sterling, James, you all seem quite calm about this. James, you were quite shocked at the scene, and Jakob, you broke down, but you still seem relatively calm. Why?"

James looked at Aloysius with mysterious eyes and a shady smile. "Let's say we're used to it," he said.

Aloysius was frightened by this, but said nothing.




A short while later...


"The question is-who could have been the murderer here? The only person on Invision capable of killing someone is that low-class Assassin from the forest in the West, but this is nothing like her. She prefers poisoning and strangling to chopping, and she has her signature...that blue star. And that wasn't there. Plus I don't think anyone wants to kill Alice."

An assassin...here on Invision...thought Aloysius. I hope Arkcher is OK...




Arkcher, who had decided to go and stay with MK, had left the group, leaving Cheesemaster with Aloysius, James, and Jakob. The four of them decided to stick together and look for Julia and Richard, all while avoiding the crazy killer who could be anywhere...

The rain outside continued to pound on the roof like bullets, while the lightning continued to get louder, striking at random, and the eerie silence of the mansion was even more terrifying.

Jakob suddenly broke the silence. "Cheese-Boy, if we get caught by that murderer, I think you're going to be the first to go."

Cheesemaster scowled. "And why is that?"

"What do you mean?! Don't act stupider then you are. You're made of cheese. He'd eat you before even thinking of killing us three."

"How dare you!" shrieked Cheesemaster, lunging at Jakob, and both of them tumbled to the ground. "No one EVER talks to me like that!! EVER!!!

Jakob pushed Cheesemaster off of him and slapped him. "No one ever tries to threaten me like that...ever!" he said mockingly. "You're simply too crazy, eh? Lunging at me like that...you're like a wild animal. You tried to kill me. You're almost as bad as Dawn..."

James glared at him. "Don't you ever talk about Dawn like that."

Jakob glared back at him. "Who's to stop me? The girl needs to know her place."

"Jakob," interrupted Aloysius, "Why are you treating your own family like this? You're trying to act refined, but your behavior proves otherwise."

Jakob glared at him, and second later, Aloysius was on the ground, caused from Jakob giving him a sudden beating with his walking stick.

Cheesemaster went up to Jakob and grabbed his collar, and said with gritted teeth, "If Arkcher was here you'd be down and knocked out in a second!!"

"Please," said Jakob sarcastically, "That boy, if you can call him that, is a weakling. He spends all his possible time fiddling with machinery. It's no wonder he got stuck with that girl, if you can call her that."

Cheesemaster suddenly clutched Jakob's throat and began to choke him. James ran over and pried him off, and grabbed Jakob's collar with one hand.

"Do you see what I mean?! He just tried to choke me. He's out of control."

James began to scold him. "Jakob, I've told you this for years upon years and I'll remind you again: you're a weak man who teases others to make up for your weaknesses. You're vain and rude, and you're horrible to everyone around you." He thrust his brother to the ground and glared at him. "If you're so much better then him, then why don't you try doing the things he does? Personally, I think that he's more of a man then you for being a good person to everyone, including people he dislikes. If you're going to act like this, you can go off by yourself!"

Aloysius and Cheesemaster were speechless. Jakob was furious for being scolded by his own brother.

"Well then, maybe I shall! I'll go on my own."

"Then have fun being targeted by an ax murderer."

Jakob froze in his steps, but refused to look back. He was already ashamed of himself, and felt like he had revealed his weaknesses to the world. He didn't need to feel like that...




Cheesemaster, Aloysius, and James had walked through the mansion for what seemed like years, until they began to hear a woman's voice coming from one of the rooms.

"That's Julia's voice," said James.

The group walked into the room, and in there was an attractive woman-whom Aloysius and Cheesemaster presumed to be Julia. She had a bored, faraway look in her eyes, shoulder-length, stringy hair, and a tight-fitting dress with a large ribbon near the bottom of it. She was pretty, but she seemed as though she was bored of everything. In extreme contrast to her was a young boy, who was assumed to be Richard, prancing and laughing. He had short, wispy blond hair like James, black shorts, a short-sleeve white dress shirt, black suspenders, and black tennis shoes. He seemed like a happy child.

"Julia, Richard...something bad has happened."

Richard looked at James and his smile faded to a look of worry.

James sat down. He explained what had happened, the murderer, everything. Julia seemed uncaring, but Richard began to cry.

"I...I'm scared! Mommy...I'm scared..."

He hugged Julia's legs. She still seemed uncaring.

"Mommy...! Why aren't you answering me...!"

James glared at her. "Speak to him, Julia, he's your son."

Her eyes suddenly went very wide. She looked around the room. "Oh, I apologize...was I off in my own world again? I'm sorry..." she picked up Richard and began to comfort him. It was as if she was a totally different person.

How curious... thought Aloysius.

Suddenly, with a crack of thunder, the lights went out.

"Oh...no. Someone, we'll need some candles. Richard...could you get them..."

"I-I'm scared, mommy..."

"Don't worry, we're right here. Nothing is going to get you."

"A-alright." Richard stepped down from Julia's lap into the pitch darkness and walked over to where he knew the candles were...but bumped into someone.

Richard let out a deathly scream-he knew that no one was standing by the candle box.

It's that murder guy! thought Richard, terrified. He was near-collapsing when the lights turned on...and no one was there.




Richard was breathing heavily and fell to the floor. His wispy blond hair fell into his eyes as he simply sat there, relieved but scared.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" asked Julia. "What happened?"

Richard said nothing; rather, he looked at his arm. On his upper right arm was a long, thin gash.

"AHHHHH!!!" he screamed, and fell backwards, causing the wound to be shown to the others. Everyone gasped.

"Richard!! What happened?!" shouted James, as he dove over to the boy and grabbed him.

"I..I was going to grab some candles. I felt someone in front of me and I was sure no one was over here though. I don't know if it was a ghost or the killer guy, but now I'm hurt!" and he began to cry.

James gritted his teeth. "This is the worst possible time this could happen..."

Aloysius took a step forward and said, "I...let me see. I might be able to do something."

"What do you mean? You're an inventor, not a doctor."

"I always found medicine far more fascinating then machines;" said Aloysius. He crouched down and examined Richard's wound.

"I see," he said. "It's clearly been caused by a long, sharp object. But from what I can tell, it was not on purpose."

"I didn't feel anything when it was dark though," sobbed Richard.

Aloysius paused and thought long and hard. "I don't know what to conclude. I can tell that this was an accidental knife wound, but you felt no pain until now? Are you 100% sure?"

Richard nodded.

Aloysius paused, and then continued to examine the wound.

"Is it very serious?" asked Julia.

"No," said Aloysius. "This hardly penetrates his skin. See, only a minimal amount of blood has flowed out, and it's already stopped. He'll be fine, but we still need to put a bandage on it. Could one of you brave souls go and retrieve a bandage from that poor nurse's room?"

No one said a word; Aloysius stood up. "Fine, then I will go."


"I'll be fine."

"Ar-Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. Don't worry. I'll only be a second."




Jakob Rabbitt sat motionless in one of the sitting rooms of his mansion. He was scared, alone, and ashamed of himself.

There had been a murderer in his mansion, and then the power had gone out; what was to happen next? Would he be the next victim? Why would anyone kill Alice, anyway? He didn't know.

He turned he head sharply as he heard soft footsteps out in the hall. His body froze into a state of fear, but he had to go check.

He began to get out of his seat when he heard heavier footsteps. These were louder, and clearly came from the room he was in. He stood up, and his entire body began to shake. The footsteps stopped, and the footsteps in the hallway continued.

He walked towards the door when a flash of long, blood-red hair caught his sight from the corner of his eye. He refused to look.

He slowly walked out of the room, his heart pounding. He heard a single step from behind him, but continued to walk, his heartbeat getting heavier and louder.

With every couple steps he took, he would hear one single step behind him. No more, just one.

He was about to leave the room when he swung around as quickly as he could, his walkingstick in hand, ready to strike. He saw someone, for a split-second, with red hair...a ghost? There were man of those in the house. But he already knew all the ghosts in his house; none of them were particularly violent, and he didn't really think that a new one would up and live in his mansion.

Jakob took a step back and ran out of the room. He backed away from the door and bumped into someone. He gasped, turned around, and was about to strike with his cane, but it was only Aloysius, who was surprised.

Jakob put his cane down and muttered a muffled "Hmph," and looked at the floor. "Watch where you're walking."

Aloysius smiled at him. "I believe I ought to be the one saying that to you. In fact, I could mention the fact that you were about to have a heart attack as you came out of that door. But I'm not that rude of a man, so I won't. I hope you don't mind."

Jakob glared at him. What he said was true: Jakob was scared out of his mind. But he was nowhere near about to admit it.

"What are you even doing?" asked Jakob.

"If you don't mind, I'm getting bandages for Richard. He somehow got a large, but nonfatal cut on his arm during the blackout, and since no one else would, I took the liberty of going to the late Nurse's room to get some bandages."

Jakob pushed Aloysius out of the way. "Hmph! What are you trying to make yourself out to be? You take care of your son, and I'll take care of mine!"

"Just who do you think you are?" asked Aloysius, who was upset.

Jakob turned around and glared at him once again. "Who do you think YOU are?!"

"I was only trying to help him, you know! Why must you be so rude to me?!"

Jakob walked up to him and smacked him.

Aloysius, shocked, rubbed his face and said, "Why are you getting so worked up over such a trivial matter?!"

"I said!" roared Jakob, "You'll take care of your son, and I'll take care of mine. " and with that, he smacked Aloysius again.

"If you care so much about your son, then why didn't you stay with us to go see him?!" said Aloysius, who was beginning to lose his cool. "I doubt you care this much about him! I hear you're abusive towards your wife!"

Jakob grabbed his shirt collar. "WHO TOLD YOU THAT?"

Aloysius wrestled his way out of Jakob's grip. "I won't tell you, because I think you would kill her!" and he was dead serious saying that, as well.

"TELL ME!!!"

"No," said Aloysius quietly. "And I fear greatly for my own life, as well, right now. I can see it in your eyes. You want to kill me, don't you? You seem kind of murderous."

"Are you implying that I killed Alice?!"



Aloysius took a step back. "I'm not lying!"

Jakob smacked him again, with enough forced to send him to the floor.

Aloysius sat up and said, "Though I may not be implying that you killed her, I am implying that you are violent enough to have killed her. Look what you are doing to me right now. You're beating me because I want to help your son. You're a violent and rage-filled man, and I'm not afraid of telling it straight to your face."

"You've got a lot of nerve!" growled Jakob. "Telling me off like that!"

"I am simply stating a simple truth. Now, weren't you going to go help your son?"

Jakob gritted his teeth. He was losing this fight.

Aloysius, however, had no smirk or expression of pride on his face; he had nothing more than a straight face and forgiving eyes. Aloysius folded his arms and stared off into space, and frowned.

A moment of silence fell between the two, with Aloysius staring off into space, and Jakob, scowling, had anger and rage building up inside of him.

Suddenly, Jakob roared and struck Aloysius with his cane as hard as he possibly could, knocking him unconscious.

"That will teach you," said Jakob. He smirked and walked off.


[by the way, I appreciate you guys telling me how much you like the story, for real. Thanks.]

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Back up in Julia's room, Cheesemaster looked at a clock.

"Where is Aloysius?! He'd be back by now!"

"I...hope that murderer didn't get him," said James, worried.

Julia, who was holding Richard, had that far-away look in her eyes again. She had said nothing for the past hour.

Cheesemaster opened the door. "I'm going to check on him," he said, "And tell him to hurry up."




Cheesemaster walked up and down the dull, gray corridors of the mansion, until he found Aloysius, still unconscious. He gasped and picked up his body, feeling for a pulse, and breathed a sigh of relief when he found one.

"A...Aloysius...wake up! What happened?!"

Aloysius slowly opened his eyes. He looked around, and then rubbed his head.

"I...I ran into Jakob, and we had a battle of words. He ended up striking me and I believe I must of blacked out..."

Cheesemaster was furious. "WHAT?!"

"Please don't yell like that."

Cheesemaster gritted his teeth. "How dare he hit you like that! I'll find him and give him a piece of my mind!!"

"Now, my boy, being violent will not solve anything."

Cheesemaster said nothing. He put Aloysius back on the ground and helped him stand up.

"I don't care," he said finally. "No one should do that to you. But why did he do it?"

"He was angry that I was trying to help his son, and he got even angrier when I told him I had heard he abused his wife. He slapped me twice, and then he struck me, and that's the last thing I remember before you woke me up."

"I'm going to find him, and I will show him what I think of him!"

Aloysius stuttered. "Y-You musn't do that. You shouldn't answer to him by being violent towards him."

"If he's a real man he wouldn't have hit you like that, he wouldn't have hit you at all! He would have sorted this out in a civilized manner, but he didn't, and I won't stand for that."

"You're incredibly stubborn, you know that?"

"I've made up my mind."

Aloysius sighed. "I guess I won't change it."




Jakob had been giggling like a madman ever since he had left Aloysius.

But truly, he was ashamed of himself for doing it. By hitting him he had proved himself just as out of control and violent as the people he himself insulted. But no matter. He had to find Dawn and Sterling.

One of those two girls are the ones who told him how I treat Julia, he thought.

"HEY!!!" yelled a voice. Jakob turned around-it was Cheesemaster, and Aloysius behind him. Jakob gritted his teeth.

"What do you want, Cheese Boy?"

"How dare you treat Aloysius in such a manner as you did! Since Arkcher isn't here to do it, I'll have to give you a piece of my mind!"

Jakob smirked and clutched his walking stick. "Alright then, Cheese-Boy. Whatever you say."

Cheesemaster whipped out his katana. "I'm warning you, I'm good!"

Jakob took his walking stick, and pushed way part of it, revealing a short sword that didn't look all too tough. "Bring it on, then."

Aloysius stumbled forward and stopped them. "Now then, is this any way to solve your problems?"

"To me, it is," said Jakob.

"Not to me, but I have to do this!" said Cheesemaster, and with that, he swung the katana at Jakob, causing him to jump back.

"Hmph! That's what I would expect from you! What a cheap shot!"

"You should have prepared yourself then!"

Jakob swung his sword at Cheesemaster, who dodged it quickly, and he countered by flinging his own weapon at Jakob.

"Let's get serious, now," said Jakob, and the two swords clashed with each other with a loud clang. The two of them were neck-to-neck now, and weren't ready to show any mercy to each other just yet.

Cheesemaster pushed Jakob to the ground with pure force, and the sword toppled out of Jakob's hands.

Cheesemaster stood over him, proud of himself. He had won.

Jakob looked up at him, and he was once again furious. No one looked down on him, ever!

Suddenly, Cheesemaster crouched down and grabbed Jakob's arms, helping him up, and went over, grabbed his sword, and handed it to him.

"You may have lost, but I still have resp..."

Jakob roared again and swung his blade in a fit of madness and anger, nearly slicing Cheesemaster's head off.

"I think you need anger management classes," said a female's voice from behind him. He fell to the ground, and on his back was...MK!

Behind her was Arkcher, who didn't really know what was going on.


He pushed her off and brushed his clothes, and he turned and looked at her.

"What is going on here?!" shouted Arkcher.

Cheesemaster explained the situation, and concluded it with "Jakob hit Aloysius with his cane and knocked him unconscious..."

"WHAT??" screamed Arkcher, and a split-second later he had Jakob on the floor, and he was furiously trying to slap him, choke him, and punch him.

"WHAT??" he repeated, "WHY?"

Jakob said nothing.

"ANSWER ME!!" roared Arkcher, who was livid.

"I told you Arkcher would near-kill you if he found out," mumbled Cheesemaster.

Jakob pushed Arkcher off of him.

Aloysius stepped forward. "Did this whole thing really start out of me wanting to help your son?!"

Jakob pointed at him. "You...Your son just tried to kill me."

Aloysius lost his cool then and there. "And you tried to do the same to me!!"

He folded his arms and closed his eyes, and flipped his hair. "Ah, I lost my cool there for a moment. I apologize."

There was an awkward silence after that.

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The group was silent, with Aloysius in deep thought and Jakob, who was being restrained by Dawn and MK, was filled with Rage.

Suddenly, the group stopped what they were doing when an unusually loud crack of thunder was heard. The rain fell even harder now.

Jakob adjusted his hat and breathed a heavy sigh, but said nothing.

Aloysius spoke up, breaking the long silence. "We can't just stand around fighting if we're going to face tomorrow with our lives."

"Julia and Richard are, once again, all alone. Both of them are completely helpless. And there's a killer in the house. What are we going to do?!" said James, who sounded as though he was losing it.

"I don't think there's anything we can do," said Cheesemaster. "The doors in this generic room are locked."

"Are you kidding me?!" shouted MK.

"The doors in this mansion are never, ever locked. This is that killer's doing. He's going after Julia and Richard!!" cried Jakob, who, like his brother, was losing control.

"Calm down!!" shouted Cheesemaster. "Can't we just bash down the doors?!"

"Of course not!!" shouted Jakob, while at the same time, James shouted "Of course!"

"I'd go with what James said. He's not mean." said Paper mario Master.

Cheesemaster ignored him and thought for a moment. "Somehow, I feel that everyone is going to be fine."

"WHAT?!" screamed Jakob. "Are you insane?! We're all going to die with that kind of attitude!!"

Cheesemaster smirked. "You're going to get yourself killed with your attitude. You've come close to death multiple times today."

Jakob said nothing, but he was clearly angry. He had been outsmarted, once again.

Cheesemaster flipped his hair. "I say we're going to be alright. The killer has no intention to kill any of us."

Jakob was about to say something, but then he stopped. "So you think your intuition is correct?"

Cheesemaster nodded.

"Smart-aleck...My family has better intuition then you'll ever have!!"

James hit Jakob in the back of the head. "Shut up."

Jakob swiftly turned around. "Not even my brother can talk to me like that!!!"

James smirked. Jakob was speechless.

"If we are indeed to make it through this predicament..." said James, looking at the rest of the group, "Then our guests will be forced to stay the night with us. And seeing as the doors are locked, we'll have to sleep in here."

Jakob glared at him. "While there's no doubt that those imbeciles will have no problem sleeping on a couch or floor, I myself will NOT do anything of the sort."

James slapped him. "Deal with it."

Jakob rubbed his face. "FINE!" he shouted.

A crack of thunder sounded at that moment, and another blackout ensued.

Unknown footsteps were heard, and Jakob whispered, "Those are the steps I heard in the sitting room earlier!!" and he shouted, "Who are you?!"

The steps stopped. A smooth, but vicious voice came from the darkness. "Who I am isn't important right now. The real question is...Have you learned your lesson, Jakob Rabbitt?"

"How do you know my name?!"

"Let's say you know me under a different name..."


"You all do. You all know me...under a different name..."

"Who are you?!" repeated Jakob.

"I said, that isn't important. I asked: have you learned your lesson, Jakob Rabbitt?"

"If I said yes, will you leave us with our lives?!"

"I promise I will not kill any of you. It is impossible for me to try. I hope this was a life lesson for you."

"GET OUT!!!"

And with that, the strange voice left, and the lights came back on.

"Holy snap!" said Paper mario Master. "That was weird!"

Jakob stared off into space. "I...it must have been me that made that person come here and scare us all. I didn't even ask if he killed Alice...it's no matter now. I guess you can all leave now. I need to sort my thoughts."

"Looks like the doors are unlocked," said Aloysius, trying one of them. "Come on. Let's go."

"I'm sorry for causing so much trouble!" said Dawn, crying.

Aloysius patted her head. "It isn't your fault, my dear girl. I hope to see you again."




Three days after the Rabbitt Manor incident, Arkcher, Aloysius, MK, Arkcher, and Cheesemaster were back in Hamsterdam at Planet Horatio, telling Kat, Glowurm, and Horatio about their adventure.

"I'll bet you were shocked! SHOCKED!" shouted Kat.

"Heck yes we were!" said PMM.

"It sounded dangerous...and awesome!" said Kat. "Next time, bring me!"

"Ok, then!" said Arkcher.

Kat has joined your party!

She has a claymore! She can also jig!

In battle, she can use her claymore, or use Jell-O to imprison enemies!!


"NO!!" said Glowurm. "Now I have to do everything here! Why do we have only two employees, anyway?"


"Where are we going to go next?" asked Kat when the group left Planet Horatio.

"Well," said MK, "We could go to the desert, the Mushroom Islands, Taynio and Mt. Lexx, The forest, or Outside the Wall. We could also go to Leguan and Adstar. But this is Aloysius's world tour. He decides where we have to go."

"A desert sounds very interesting," said Aloysius, "But I'd like to visit the painter in the jungle as well."




The group eventually decided to go visit the desert to the North, The Ahshirt Desert. That was where Hoops lived, and she had the honor of the local species naming the desert after her.


As soon as the group landed, they all nearly fainted at the heat, even though it was expected.

"My God, it's dreadful out here," muttered Aloysius, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt. "We'll need to find some water and shade!"

Cheesemaster removed his sweater, revealing a white dress shirt underneath. "I have some. I came prepared! HA!!!"

Arkcher unbuttoned his blazer and swung it over his shoulder. "Let's go find some of our friends."


After a rather long and grueling walk, the group stumbled upon a large city in the middle of the desert. This city, which apparently doesn't have a name, was inhabited almost solely by Scarlies, Catgirls who specialize in Fire and Sand magic. Hoops was a Scarlie, too, so the residents named their previously unnamed desert after her.

Anyway, Arkcher pointed to a building at the edge of town, farther away from the others, and was much bigger than the other houses.

"That's Hoop's house. She'll take care of us."

"Oh, Hi!" said a voice. It was a Scarlie who lived in the town; she was dressed in a beige blouse, red best, and black skirt. (Most Scarlies are female)

"What are you guys doing here?" she said.

Aloysius stepped forward. "We're here on a vacation. We were going to see Hoops."

"Are you?!" said the Scarlie. "Oh, well, I guess you already know where to go? Then I'll let you be on your way!"

"You're so nice, Miss. Thank you!"

"And you're cute!" she said.

Aloysius blushed and looked surprised. He still wasn't used to these women being all over him.

"My name is Nova! I'll see you later, sweetie!!"

"O-Oh, um...OK!" stammered Aloysius, and he nervously made his way to Hoop's house.

The others giggled behind their hands and followed him.




"Hi, guys! Did you follow me all the way here?" asked Hoops. "That's awesome! I've been looking for tough foes to Game against!"

Cheesemaster laughed nervously and said, "Oh, uh, we didn't come here to play video games with you, you see, we're here to see..."

As the conversation went on, Aloysius looked out the window, completely lost in his thoughts. It appeared he was staring off into space, but in reality, he was staring at someone. Outside the window, just a few feet away from Hoop's house, was a young woman with lengthy, yellow hair, and a dress that was unfitting for the weather, and the outfit was decorated with a giant sun on the front with a floor-length skirt underneath that had a flame/out space pattern. In her golden hair was a tiara. She had caught Aloysius's eye and he was unable to take his eyes off of her.

The conversation in the background continued: "Well, you didn't need to ASK if you could stay here with me. I'm your friend! Of course you can!"

"Oh, good. Well, could we get some drinks? We're thirsty..."

Aloysius payed no mind to them, his entire brain focused on this strange woman outside.

"And...hey, Aloysius, what are you looking at?"

Aloysius snapped to reality and looked at Arkcher, who was standing over him.

"What are you looking at?" he repeated.

"O-Oh...nothing...there's a woman outside who caught my eye."

Arkcher looked out for himself. "Oh, That's Solrai! She's a Sun elf, like you. That could be why."

"She's very pretty..." whispered Aloysius.


"Nothing. I didn't say anything..."

"A'right! The rest of us are rested! Do you want to go explore the town or something?"

"That sounds wonderful...." Said Aloysius dreamily. He sighed heavily.




After leaving Hoop's house, The group once again had to decide what to do next.

Kat raised her arm and put her hand in a fist. "I want to...I don't know what I want to do!"

"Well, we could go explore some temples or something out in the desert. That might be cool." said MK.

"That sounds kinda cool..." said Arkcher, who seemed tired already from the heat.

Aloysius continued to be lost in his own mind, and Cheesemaster was silent, occasionally glancing at Aloysius, suspicious. Finally, Cheesemaster stretched his arms and said, "Old ruins sounds like fun! Let's go!"

Aloysius folded his arms and looked at the sky, and sighed. He was choking up at the thought of the strange woman he had seen. He shook his head and shoved her off to the side. It was time to have fun with his son and his friends.




After getting help from the town's tourist department and reaching one of the desert's many ancient Scarlie temples, the group started to explore.

"The ruins are cooler then the desert outside," said Arkcher. "It's a good break!"

Despite his enthusiasm, the group was silent for several hours into their adventure. The temple was eerily quiet, aside from the occasional rodent or insect scampering around. The entire place was eerily peaceful and silent.

The entire group gasped loudly and the silence was interrupted when they heard a woman's scream from down a hallway.

"What was that?!" gasped Cheesemaster.

"Someone is in trouble!" said Kat, taking out her claymore. The group looked around the room they were in to see where the scream had come from. The room wasn't all that big, and there were three doorways, as well as some staircases.

A slightly quieter scream erupted from one of the doorways, and Aloysius rushed in without any thought.

"DAD!! Be careful!!" shouted Arkcher, and he rushed in as well, with MK, Kat, and Cheesemaster following.

The next room of the temple was a rather boring room. The group found themselves on a raised platform, with a stone floor below. Large, crumbling statues of Scarlies adorned the walls along with paintings.

"It came from here! I'm sure of it!" said Aloysius. He looked up and saw that the ceiling was either non-existent or extremely high.

He jumped down to the lower area and continued to look up, when suddenly, another piercing scream came from above, and a few minutes later, Aloysius found a woman in his arms...the same woman he had been watching earlier!

She was breathing heavily and looked scared. Aloysius looked at her, and stroked her hair out of her eyes. "Are...are you...alright?"

She sighed heavily and looked at him with tired eyes. "I...I'm fine. I may have a bruise or two here or there, though."

"If I hadn't caught you, you'd have more then a few bruises. But what are you doing here?"

"I live here!" she said, tired. "I was in my room when a tile gave out and I fell!"

She looked over at the others on the upper platform. "Oh, it's you all...what brings you here?"

Arkcher jumped down to the lower platform. "We were exploring. Are you okay?"

"I...oh, no! I may have broke something..."

A sad look fell on Aloysius's face. "Oh...I'm so sorry!"

"It's not your fault. You don't need to be sorry."

"What did you break?!" asked Aloysius. He sounded concerned.

"I think I may have broke part of my leg. Could someone get a doctor from the town?"

"We'll go!" said Kat. "Aloysius, you stay here!"

Aloysius swallowed and nodded. "I will. I'll take care of her."

He sat her down on the floor and sat next to her. He looked at her dreamily, and said, "So...my name is Aloysius. Aloysius Ahrroww. You're Solrai, aren't you?"

"yes...I'm assuming the kids told you?"


There was a long silence between them, with Aloysius staring at her, and she stared off into space. Suddenly, as if things couldn't get worse, a large crack was heard, and the temple began to shake. Aloysius wrapped his arms around Solrai and grabbed her, and stood up. Several rocks fell in front of him, and he moved away just as a large rock fell down, and medium-and small-sized rocks kept falling. A large boulder fell in front of the room's entrance, trapping Solrai and Aloysius, and the two of them became extremely frightened.

"We're trapped, Aloysius!" she said, and she began to cry. "We're trapped here!!"

She put her head on his shoulder and began to sob, and he wrapped his arms around her. "It's OK. We'll be fine."

Solrai gasped suddenly and lifted her head up and looked at him. "What am I doing?! I barely know you and I am already using your shoulder to cry on..."

"It's fine. It is. I don't mind." he said quickly. "Hmm?" he said, quietly.

"W-what's wrong?"


I feel so strange... thought Aloysius, My heart is beating so fast, and I feel so good inside...

"Aloysius, you seem very troubled." said Solrai, looking at him.

"I'm fine. I really am. But since the others will be delayed, we need to put a cast on you."

Solrai gasped and put her hand to her chest. "You want to put a cast on my leg??"

Aloysius looked at her...she WAS wearing a dress. "I didn't say I would. I said we need to. It wouldn't be proper for me to do it myself."

"Well, what do you have to wrap it up with?"

Aloysius thought for a moment, and looked around. Then he spotted something.

"It looks like there's fabric on these statues," he said. "It's probably not very sanitary, however..."

"I'll use it, anyhow," said Solrai.

Aloysius sighed a heavy sigh. "But wouldn't it be disrespectful to remove them from the statues?"

"Don't worry about it," said Solrai.

Aloysius seemed unsure, but he had the uncontrollable urge to protect her, so he obliged. He removed the fabrics from the statues and handed them to Solrai.

"Um..." she said, and she looked at the ground. "I have no idea how to wrap a cast! Do you?"

Aloysius smiled and giggled nervously. "I do, in fact. I have several degrees in medicine and doctoring."

He showed an example using her arm, and then told her to do it herself.

She blushed and said, "Oh, Aloysius...I don't think I could remember..."

"Are you asking me to do it for you?!"

Solrai looked at the ground and said nothing.

"I..take that...as a yes?!"

Solrai swung her head around. "Y-Yes," she said.

Aloysius gasped and blushed. "S-Solrai, I told you, it wouldn't be proper for me to do that! But I shall do it anyway...I...I have this sense of duty that I must protect you."

"Aloysius, if you don't want to do it, then I won't force you too."

Aloysius put his hand on her shoulder. "Do whatever you want. I don't care as long as you're OK, my dear girl."

A surprised look fell on Aloysius as soon as he realized what he had just said.

Solrai said nothing, she simply nodded.


A short while later, after wrapping her leg in the stolen fabric, the two wondered what time it was, for they both felt extremely tired.

Aloysius stretched his arms and said, "It's probably best that we both go to sleep."

Solrai giggled nervously. "I'm stuck for the night in a dark temple with a man I barely know, and I have a broken leg! I couldn't be in a worse situation."

"You could be," said Aloysius. "You could be stuck in a dark temple, with a broken leg, with a man who would actually be inclined to hurt you." He sighed heavily and said, "I would never hurt you, Solrai. Good night."




Cheesemaster, MK, Kat, Arkcher, and the village doctor were at the entrance to the room where Aloysius and Solrai were trapped, and were distraught upon finding that they couldn't open the door.

"Argh!!" muttered Kat, who despite her efforts was unable to cut the door open with her claymore. "This is bad!!"

Arkcher leaned against the wall with a desperate look on his face. "Dad...I hope you're OK..."

The doctor, a female scarlie by the name of Pepper, suddenly interrupted. "As far as I know, there's only one other entrance into that room. It'll take a walk around this entire temple to get there, though. There's all kinds of puzzles you gotta solve to open the secret door."

"Then let's get moving!" said MK. "I'm pretty good at most puzzles."

"This way, then." said Pepper. She lead the group down some stairs into a basement area.

She opened up a door and the room they walked into had several staircases with symbols on the sides, and several switches.

"I assume that switches match certain staircases, and we press the switches and those stairs move?"

"That's right," said Pepper.

"Sounds simple enough," said MK.

"For now it is. Later on things get more confusing."

"What do you mean, Pepper?"

"You'll see."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Pepper said nothing.

"Speak, throwaway generic character!!" said Paper Mario Master. "What's the point of these stairs anyway?! How is it gonna help us get to Aloysius and Solrai??"

Pepper sighed. "You are really impatient!" she huffed. "Well, if you want, we could use some magic or something on the door and see if it knocks down."

"That sounds like a plan!" said MK.

The group backtracked to the door and examined it.

"The door is made of stone, and stone is weak against Wood..." muttered Arkcher, studying it.

"MK, don't you know some Wood magic or something?"

"Just one, but it's Wood/Earth dual-type. I'm much more skilled with Sound. Well, stand back."

MK concentrated for a moment. She shut her eyes and raised her arm in the air, the air around her started to brim with power, and her hair fluttered around.

She spun around, stood for a moment, opened her eyes, and struck the ground as she yelled.

"CALL....OF...THE EARTHBOUND!" as her hand reached the ground, a wave shot out in the form of a quake with a few plants and bones, and swiftly moved towards the door. Plants as well as strange monsters enveloped the door, causing little cracks in it. The door was smashed to pieces, but the aforementioned rock was still in the way.

"OH MY GOD A GIANT ROCK!!" said Kat.

"So that rock was blocking the path! We can't even see over it!!"

"This is horrible!" said Pepper.

Mk shook her head. "Ooh. That's a powerful spell. I don't think I can use it again to crack that boulder."

"Don't worry about it," said Cheesemaster. "I'm sure your mind isn't used to using magic that isn't in your element."

"Thanks, Cheesie. You're really nice."

They grinned at each other and then looked at the stone.

"I use Fire and Sand like most other Scarlies," said Pepper. "Solrai is capable of Magic, but she only knows Support Magic, so she can't break this rock, and I don't think Aloysius uses Magic, does he?"

"Not that I know." said Arkcher.

"What about you two?" she asked, looking at Kat and Cheesemaster.

Cheesemaster shook his head. "No, I can't use any magic. I wish I could, though. It looks like fun to use."

"Nope," said Kat.

"And before you ask me, Nope, I spent all my brainpower on inventions." said Arkcher.

"Ooh, ooh! Pick me!" said Paper Mario Master eagerly. "I know Technology magic!"

"Do you want to try?" asked Pepper.

"Sure," said PMM. "My magic comes from Video games!"

PMM closed his eyes and outctretched his arms. It was the first time anyone had seen him in a dramatic pose. His bowl haircut fluttered around for a moment as he leaned his head back, concentrating. Then he snapped forward, put one leg in front of another (you'd think he was trying to do a dance or something <_<), clasped his hands, and outstretched them, then opened one into a palm.

"Dot Stream!! I call upon you!" and with that, a series of black dots came out of nowhere, whooshed past him, and hit the boulder, causing sparks.

The damage was minimal, so Pepper stepped in and shouted, "CRITICAL SANDSTORM!!"

The rest of the group ducked as a sandstorm brewed in the tiny room.

The boulder had chipped a bit, enough to look into the room, and it might be possible to move it.

Pepper was about to mention how they could move the rock now, but they heard some whispers coming from the other room.

"Aloysius, did you hear someone yelling from the other room? Do you think it's them?"

"Perhaps...oh, it seems some of the boulder has chipped away. Maybe we can see in there?"

"It's Aloysius and Solrai!" said MK.

"DAD!!" yelled Arkcher. He leaned down and looked over the boulder.

"Dad!! Are you and Solrai alright??"

Aloysius leaned down and looked at Arkcher. "We're fine in here. Do you think you can push this rock out of the way yet?"

"Perhaps. Let's try it."

Arkcher stepped back and Aloysius started pushing the rock forward. It moved a little bit, but not much.

He stopped for a breather, and then started pushing the stone again. It moved a little bit out of the way, and the process repeated until the entire group was reunited.

Aloysius was tired and sweaty.

"Aloysius...are you OK?" said Solrai, who was still in the other room with her broken leg.

"Solrai!!" said Pepper. She rushed in and started to treat Solrai's leg right away.

"Dad, I'm glad to see you're fine!!"

"You too, son."

The two hugged, and Kat screamed, "GROUP HUUUUG!!!" and she joined in. Cheesemaster and MK followed. PMM refused to join.

Aloysius then backed away. "I must go see Solrai."


"I...don't know. I need to see her, I need to be there to see that she's alright."


"Are you upset?"

"No, no. You're just acting strange. That's all."

"Oh." said Aloysius, upset.

"Go, I don't mind. You go see Solrai."

"Thank you, son. I'm glad you understand."

Arkcher grinned as Aloysius ran off and went to see Solrai.

"Looks like our adventure didn't go as planned," said Kat disappointed. "I wanted to hear if the legendary Loituma was here."

The group was silent.


"You guys never heard of the Legendary Loituma?"

"What's a Loituma?"

"Probably Illegal."

"Well, in any case..." said Arkcher, "I...need to talk to my dad."

"Why?" said Cheesemaster. "Are you mad because he's spending so much time with Solrai all of a sudden?"

"Of course not!"

"You liar," said Kat. "You're kind of jealous."

"No, No. It's not that."

PMM piped up. "Am I the only smart one here?"

MK picked him up and put him on her shoulder. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, am I the only one who realizes that Aloysius is in lo-"

"I'm back!" said Aloysius, who was carrying Solrai. "It turns out her injury wasn't all that severe. I'm relieved at that news...I was so worried..."

"Oh, that's wonderful! We were worried, too. If that's true, then why are you carrying her?"




"Well, dad, are you gonna come back to the town with us?"

"Not yet. I'm going to escort Solrai back up to her room," said Aloysius. He let her down and helped her stand up.

"You're totally not implying anything. Bye, dad! Hurry up, okay?"

"I will." said Aloysius, and as soon as the others left, he looked at Solrai.

"Could you show me the way to your room?"

Solrai nodded and began walking slowly, with Aloysius walking right next to her.

After walking up about 3 flights of stairs, Solrai clasped her hands and looked at Aloysius. "Why did you decided to come with me up to my room?"

Aloysius smiled. "I wanted to make sure you were alright, and make sure none of the floor would fall away beneath you again."

"I see," she said quietly. She looked at the ground and continued to walk, slightly faster this time.

After a while, the pair found themselves very high up in the temple, and Solrai opened up a tall, skinny door. "This is my room," she said. Aloysius walked inside; there was a circular rug with a sun pattern on it, a large bed, a vanity, and a dresser, all in perfect contrast with the walls of the temple. There was one small window over on the Eastern side of the room, with some tiny curtains on it.

Solrai walked over and opened the window, allowing a cool breeze in. She was silent for a moment, before swiftly turning around, and she quickly said, "You-You can stay a little longer if you like."

Aloysius smiled softly and nodded. "If you want me to."

He walked over and sat in a small chair that was next to her bed, while Solrai sat in front of her vanity, looking at herself in the mirror. They were silent for a moment, before Solrai looked at him and said, "I must repay you for being so kind to me."

Aloysius giggled and said, "There's no need for that. My time with you is payment enough."

Solrai gasped a slight bit and asked, "Well, what is that supposed to mean?"

Aloysius looked out the window. "You're a very attractive woman."

With that, she walked over and smacked him. "Is that the only reason you were willing to help me?!"

"Of course not!"

Solrai backed away from him and yelled, "I knew I couldn't ever trust a man ever again!!"

Aloysius, upset, grabbed her shoulders.

"Stay away from me!!"

"Solrai, listen to me!"


Aloysius gazed into her eyes. "You musn't get so worked up about this. I didn't know who you were when caught you. I would have caught you even if you weren't so attractive."

Solrai sniffled and began to cry. "I'm so sorry for lashing out at you! You should be the one getting mad at me..."

"I'll never do that!"

"...Because I'm being so awfully rude to you, and you were so kind to me, and you're willing to spend some time with me, and..."

Her crying fit was interrupted by a stronger, but still soft wind coming through the window. As it blew onto her face, she shut her eyes, and opened them, and then looked up to see Aloysius, still grabbing her shoulders, looking down into her eyes. They were both very silent as Aloysius backed away from her and slowly put his hands behind his back.

He looked away from her and tried to say something, but he couldn't seem to find any words to say to her.

He suddenly smiled and looked at her. "I'm sorry."

Solrai wiped her eyes and sniffled a little bit. "No, I'm sorry. I flew off the handle at you. I should be thanking you. Not only did you save my life, but you complimented me, something I rarely get."

"I couldn't imagine why. You're very beautiful."

"I don't believe that. There are much prettier women on Invision: The models at Hamster Chic, Commander Nightshade, Cheese Woman, Julia Rabbitt, they are all so much prettier then me." She looked at the floor. "You are the first man who has ever complimented me like that."

Aloysius smiled and laughed to himself. "You seem very shy and self-loathing. Why?"

Solrai clasped her hands and walked over to him. "I...don't know."

Aloysius took a single step closer to her. "I could help you. We could spend some more time together. I could be like your counselor."

Solrai looked up into his eyes. They were a lovely sky-blue color just like her own.

Solrai sighed and looked away from him. "You're doing so much for me. There's no way I could repay you."

"You don't need to repay me for anything."

"Yes, but I feel the need to."

"You musn't worry about it. As long as I can spend time with you and see you happy, I'll be alright."

"T-Thank you. You care so much about me, don't you?"

"Indeed, I do."

The two shared a silent moment, and then Aloysius said, "I'm sure my son is waiting for me. I'll see you later, I hope."


Aloysius turned around and looked at her. She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Thank you, for all you've done for me."

Aloysius simply stood there, feeling her breathe, completely lost in a fantasy, until he snapped back to reality.

"You're welcome, Solrai. I will see you again, I promise."

And with that, he left.

After he did, Solrai looked at the floor and put her hand over her heart. "My heart is thumping so hard...Why is that?"

Aloysius's face turned a deep red. He grinned and looked at the ground. "I...I felt like it. I after all, I helped her out while we were trapped, plus....Uh.."

"You don't have a real reason, do you?" asked PMM.

Aloysius said nothing.

"Can't we just get going?" asked Solrai. Aloysius looked at her and smiled.

PMM whispered to himself, "I was right, as always!"




"Dad! What took you so long?" shouted Arkcher as his dad came into Hoop's house.

"Oh, nothing. I ended up staying a little longer with Solrai."

Aloysius blushed and scratched his head. "I-I think she's very beautiful. I enjoyed her company, and I plan to see her again tomorrow."

"Huh?!" said Arkcher, surprised. "Why?"

"She has such awful self-esteem, that I thought visiting her often would help her think higher of herself."

"Of course!" said Cheesemaster. "You're always thinking of other people! I admire that!"

"You do a good job of it yourself, my boy."

"This...these...texts...are...words...stories..." said Kat.

"Are you sure, Aloysius?" said MK. "I mean, we have a lot of Invision to see as of yet."

"I know. But I...I..."

He paused for a moment.

"I feel the urge to help her. I feel it's my duty to help her out with this."

"That's very sweet of you..." said Kat. It was the first time Aloysius had seen her say something serious the entire time he had known her.

"Indeed," said MK, "That's very sweet of you."

"It's nothing. I'm simply doing her a favor." said Aloysius. He smiled at them, but inside he was very nervous and confused; Solrai made him feel very happy and excited, something that he had not felt in years, and the sense he got, the sense of duty, was something very new to him. He planned to figure out why he was feeling this way once he saw Solrai again.




"Solrai! Solrai, it's me, Aloysius. I came to see you again!"

Aloysius was knocking on the door of Solrai's room a the top of the Scarlie temple the very next day. He was finally greeted by her; she was smiling, but her eyes were full of sadness. "I've been waiting for you. Thank you for coming."

"I kept my promise," said Aloysius, grinning.

Aloysius walked into the room and noticed that she had set out a small table in the center of the room, which had a sun pattern like the carpet did. There were two chairs on opposite sides of the table, and on top of the table were a few books and a sun-themed tea set."

"Are we having tea today?" said Aloysius, delighted. "You did think of everything."

Solrai looked at the ground and smiled. "I wasn't sure if you would like it. But you seem to be very glad. I'm happy I made it for today."

Aloysius giggled softly and sat down in one of the chairs. Solrai sat down in a chair across from him and looked down. She seemed very shy.

"Is something wrong?" asked Aloysius, leaning forward slightly.

Solrai snapped her head up. "I...I'm very nervous."

"There's no need to be."

"I...I've never been treated this well by any man before...truly, so many have told me I'm pretty, but it was merely a way of getting my trust, and they never meant it...you see, I've been used so many times before, I ended up never trusting a man again...I hardly trusted Stewart when he came to take me here. It's why I live here in the Desert; it's mostly women here. I feel much more comfortable around them..."

There was a long silence, and then Solrai looked at him, her eyes full of sorrow. "I'm so sorry, telling you all that. It's very embarrassing, I-

Aloysius shushed her, leaned over, and put his hand on her shoulder. "It's perfectly fine. You musn't be so hard on yourself."

"But I...I must be boring you with my boring stories...I have nothing interesting to tell you."

"You aren't! You aren't."

Solrai's hair completely obstructed her face as she looked at the ground in shame. She started to cry a little bit. "I'm so sorry!"

"Please, Solrai, don't apologize to me. It makes me feel more upset then I need to be."

He got up and walked over to her, and he wrapped his arms around her. "Solrai...please don't worry about how I feel. All that matters to me, is how you feel."

Solrai looked at him. "You're so sweet, Aloysius...you care so much about me...no one has ever cared so much for me like you do."

"No one? No one at all?" he said. "Funny, I find you to be a very interesting woman. I'd feel that people would flock for you."

"D-Do you-?"

"Your sole con is that you're shy and self-loathing. I...i believe more people would like you if you made a few personality adjustments."

Solrai sniffled. "I'm sorry, Aloysius...I'm just so shy, and..."

She paused, and then said,

"Aloysius..you're so close to me."

"I...I am?"

"We're sharing a seat now."

Aloysius looked and saw she was right; he had pushed her slightly over and was now next to her in the same seat."

Aloysius was shocked and slightly embarrassed at this, but Solrai went on.

"You have your arms around me and you're rocking me back and forth!"

Aloysius yelped and jumped out of the seat. He was breathing heavily, and he sighed.


He snapped his head up and looked at her. "Y-yes?"

"You seem...to be attracted to me."

"What are you talking about?!"

"It's just...Nothing."

Aloysius clasped his hands and looked at the ground.

"I must admit, seeing you for the first time, I couldn't take my eyes off of you."


"I...I felt so good in a way I hadn't felt in years."


"Truly, though, I don't think it meant much."

"Aloysius, could it be that you...possibly..."


"...That you possible...Have a crush on me?"

Aloysius was taken aback by her question. He had no idea how to respond to it; his internal mind and heart was yelling both YES and NO at him, and he had no idea what to say to it.

Just as he was about to answer "Yes", a face appeared-it was the face of Lara, Lara Ahrroww...His wife. A woman whom, no matter how horribly she had treated him and Arkcher, he cared deeply for. Solrai, however...


"Are you trying to tell me Yes?"


"I wouldn't mind either way."

"I-I-I-I've only known you for hardly even three days, Solrai! You're already asking me this?"

"Aloysius...please, just answer me."

His mind continued to switch between yes and no. Whenever he flashed to YES, Lara's image seared into his mind, but when his brain flashed to NO, He knew it wasn't the truth.


"What is it?"

He sighed and looked at the ground. "Yes. The answer is yes."


(Again, there was a part I ended up removing entirely at that part due to the suggestive nature of it. It makes me think that I may not be able to put in Serafina is So Cute at all as a character; at least, not in the version I post here on HD.)




Aloysius's heart was about jump out of his chest, awaiting Solrai's response to his answer. She had been silent for at a few minutes, looking at the ground, when she suddenly looked up at him.

"What was that? I don't think I heard you."

Aloysius breathed a sigh of relief. "Nothing. Nothing important, at least," he lied, and he smiled nervously at her.

"Alright. Just...please forget I ever asked you that question. I'm sure it wasn't at all needed in our conversation."

Aloysius nodded. "I agree. It's not important."

He was now mixed between being happy and being sad; he was happy she had not heard him, but also upset about it-but, he thought, there would be another chance to tell her, once he was more comfortable about it, and once he was sure of everything. Right now he was too mixed to make up his mind.

Solrai gasped and said quickly, "Oh, Aloysius, look! You should be going to see your son now. I'm sure he's waiting for you."

Aloysius breathed another sigh of relief that he was finally getting out of this awkward situation. "Ah, I see. Well, I hate to leave you, but I must. I'll see you again tomorrow?"

Solrai nodded and clasped her hands. "Yes. I hope so, at least."

"Well...I'll be seeing you, then!" He said, and he smiled happily at her, and shut the door.

Solrai looked at the floor and sighed dreamily. She looked out the window and said, "I lied, Aloysius. I did indeed hear you answer my question." She sighed again and whispered something to herself.





"You said you'd only be gone for half an hour..."

"Does counseling really take that long?!"

Aloysius sighed heavily. "I'm sorry I took so long."

"Did something happen?"

Aloysius said nothing for a moment. He wasn't sure if he should tell the kids about what had happened between him and Solrai-he decided against it.

"We didn't pay very good attention to the time, that's all. I'll be meeting her againt tomorrow, as well."

Paper mario Master suddenly spoke up. "What the Heck, man? You're taking up all our screen time! Or...page time. Anyway..."

Aloysius leaned down to talk to PMM. "What is it?"

PMM said nothing. He had his suspicions, but he needed to confirm them first.

"It's nothin'." said PMM. Aloysius was surprised by his sudden non-sarcasm. Aloysius realized that he was not telling everything he knew. But he ignored it for now. That was a bad mistake.




The next day, Aloysius was, once again, at Solrai's house. What did you expect?

Solrai waved at him and greeted him. "It's wonderful to see you again!"

"It's wonderful to see you again, as well, Solrai."

Aloysius saw she had the table set up again. There wasn't anything on it, though.

"Well, Solrai, what do you want to do today? Anything you want to talk to me about today?"

"What do you mean?"

"I volunteered to counsel you. You can talk to me about anything that might be troubling you."

"I see. I remember now. Well, let's sit down."

Solrai sat down in a seat across from Aloysius, like they had the day before.

"What do you want to talk about today, Solrai?"

"Well, is there anything you would like explained?"

"You told me a day or two ago that you could never trust a man ever again. Did something happen to you?"

Solrai thought for a moment before answering him. "It's nothing specific, really. I think I said something about it yesterday, or the day before. I've simply been used so many times before that I ended up spending all my time with women."

"But you seem to be a loner. I doubt anyone comes here very often."

"That's true. It's usually just people exploring...and even they don't come very often."

"Then I guess it's refreshing for me to be coming here every day."

"Indeed, it is." She paused for a moment.

"You know, normally I wouldn't let anyone come visit me every day. For some reason...I trust you."

Aloysius smiled softly. "That's good."

Solrai sighed and said, a bit sadly, "I've simply lost my ability to trust people nowadays. You're the first person I've been able to fully trust in some time. I...I've simply never been treated this well by anyone ever before."

Aloysius smiled. "That's odd-I've been treating everyone I meet like this for my entire life."

"Oh, that's very sweet of you...always being nice to people. You're a good man, Aloysius; you truly are." She was quiet as she placed her hand on top of Aloysius's and smiled at him.

"T-Thank you," he stuttered. He began to sweat and looked around swiftly.

"It's...I-It's kind of hot in here..."



The two of them looked into each other's eyes and were silent for a very long time.

"I knew it!" whispered Paper Mario Master. He was just outside the window, spying on both of them. If you're wondering how he got all the way up there, I'm as confused as you.

Aloysius choked for a moment and stammered, "Did you hear something?"

He was sweating even harder now. It was clear he was nervous.

Solrai took her hands off of Aloysius's (causing him to stop sweating) and looked around.

"I don't think I did..."

"J-Just me, then."

PMM murmured to himself, "I've never seen Aloysius act this way before...

"Well, Aloysius, It's been half an hour. You ought to be leaving."

"Y-yes. I...I should."

"Why are you so nervous?" she asked.

Aloysius began to sweat again and tugged at his collar. "I..."

"This isn't because of how I touched your hands, is it?"

"N-No. Certainly not."

"You're acting very suspicious. Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

"As will I..." said Aloysius. Just as he was about to leave, he looked at her once more and said,

"Thank...Thanks for trusting me."

As the door closed, PMM somehow found himself back on the ground. "Suspicions confirmed!" and he ran back to Hoop's house.




"Hi, dad. Nice to see you back here on time today."

"Hi, Arkcher. How was your day so far?"

"Pretty good. The weather wasn't that hot so we took a walk around town."

PMM had already arrived there at the house and was looking at Aloysius suspiciously.

Hoops then spoke up. "After that, we came home and cooled off with some video games!"

Aloysius looked around and noticed Serafina was not there. What a shame. He's an interesting character.

"Dad, is there a reason why you're sweating so hard? It's really not that hot out today."

Cheesemaster looked at him, and examined him. "You're shaky, too. And you're blushing. What happened between you and Solrai?"


"I get it now!" said PMM. "You're in love with Solrai!!"

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Aloysius gasped and said nothing for a moment, when suddenly, he snapped back and said, "What kind of preposterous accusation are you making?!"

"I was spying on you today!"

"Th-That's not..."

"You were like...sitting at this table with her, and holding hands, and you were all nervous and stuff."

"W-Why were you spying on me?!"

"I was bored, curious, and boredly curious. So I decided to take a peek."


Kat butted in and said, "Aloysius, how long is this dumb counseling-type thing gonna go on for?! This place is getting boring. The lack of Jell-O is saddening me more and more."


"You need to tell Solrai that you can't do this forever, and that you need to leave soon." said MK.

"I can't do that! She needs me more then ever now. The way I acted today probably upset her." he sighed and looked off into space. "She must hate me now."

Everyone was silent, and then gathered to comfort him. "We'll help you out. We'll come with you tomorrow!"

"O-OK," said Aloysius, anxious.


As promised, the group followed Aloysius to Solrai's room in the temple the next day.

Aloysius knocked on the door and called out her name. She didn't answer. He called her name once again and knocked.

"Sooooolraaaaai. Open the door sometime before I'm too old to play video games!" said PMM.

"Maybe she went out somewhere?" suggested Kat.

"No," said Aloysius, "She's not a very social person. She prefers to stay inside. What she does all day, I have no idea."

PMM heaved and pushed down the door. Solrai was standing there, staring at the floor, her expression a mix of sadness, fear, and anger.

"Solrai...?" said Aloysius quietly. He smiled and clasped his hands. She breathed in a soft way, but just heavy enough you could hear it. She walked over to Aloysius and said nothing.

Cheesemaster thought for a moment, and whispered to his companions, "We should give them their alone time."

"BUT-" said PMM, but he was interrupted.

Aloysius heard the door click behind him. There was a very long silence between them, with Solrai looking at the floor, and Aloysius looking at her.

The anger and fear in her expression melted away, the sadness taking over her mood. Her soft, blond hair, the exact same shade of yellow as Aloysius's own, fell over her melancholic eyes-eyes that were the same sky-blue shade as Aloysius's.

He walked over, put one hand on her shoulder, and used the other to brush the hair out of her eyes. She gasped lightly, and looked up at him. She stared at him for a few moments and then plunged her head onto his chest, clutching his shirt, and he put his arms around her.

The two stood there, simply feeling each other breathe, for many minutes. Solrai loosened her grip on his shirt and instead clutched his arms. She made a small whimpering sound, but still said nothing.

Aloysius thought for a long time as he felt her breathe, and then said her name, softly.


She didn't move her head, but her eyes looked up at him. She responded in an almost-whisper voice. "Yes?"

Aloysius thought again.

She asked him again, slightly louder, but still very quiet: "What is it?"


"Yes?" she repeated.

"Aloysius, we don't have all day!" said an angry voice from the other side of the door. Aloysius ignored it.

"What is it, Aloysius?" she asked him once again. She showed no signs of getting impatient.

"I love you."

She gasped, and pulled his body closer to her own.

She said nothing as Aloysius let go of her body and pulled himself away from her.

"But I..."

Solrai's eyes went from upset to sorrowful. "Yes?"

"I....need to get going. I have a lot of this planet to see." his eyes began to water and he sniffled, but he refused to cry.

"I...promise that I'll come back here when I'm done seeing everything."

"I'll be so lonely without you, Aloysius."

"Eh?" he asked. It sounded more like "Ah?"

She looked into his eyes and caressed his face.

"I love you, too."

Aloysius gasped, but smiled at her. He nodded.

"Aloysius!!" said a not-so-angry-but-still-impatient voice from the door.

"I must go," he said quickly.


She grabbed his arm as he was about to leave.

He turned and looked at her.

She caressed his face again and closed her eyes, but then withdrew her arm.

"I...wish you good luck on your adventures."

"Thank you."

"Promise you will come back for me."

"I promise."


He opened the door, and left to face a bunch of impatient teenagers and one short person.

Solrai sat down in her chair, and looked out the window. She then looked at the wall.

She gasped and her mind suddenly showed the picture of a short, chubby brunette woman...Arkcher's mother, who she had seen at Arkcher's wedding a few years earlier.

If she was Arkcher's mother, and Aloysius was Arkcher's father...

Solrai felt very sick all of a sudden.




And now for something completely different!


"What the heck were you doing in there?" asked the group in unison.


"Oh, you won't tell us. I see how it is." said MK.

Cheesemaster was the only one who wasn't totally pissed. "Well, uh, let's go. Where do you think you want to go next, Aloysius?"

"I heard there's a floating town here. I'd like to visit that."

"That'd be Taynio. It's named after one of our Invisionists!"

"But isn't also the Hamster word for 'Change'?" said Nerd Arkcher.

"Yea. Coincidentally, a few Invisionist names were also Hamster words. Maybe that had to do with Stewart choosing them."

"I still have no idea who this Stewart person is."

"Well, dad..."


"We don't know much about him, either."

Aloysius was surprised.

"All we really know is that he arrived in our rooms uninvited and kidnapped us and took us here, to this place, which compared to Earth doesn't suck." said PMM.

Kat continued. "After taking us here, he stayed for a little while and then left. He hasn't been heard from since."

"Are you doing anything to find him?"

"HamsterWeb, the nerdy one of the three leader hamster-types, is currently doing all he can to find him," explained Kat.

"I see." said Aloysius. "I'm not sure why, but I feel that finding him is an utmost responsibility."

The group was silent as they boarded the plane heading to Taynio.



[HAY DOG LOVER. You debut next chapter. Do you remember all your lines?]

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Aloysius stared out the window, completely silent for the majority of the trip to Taynio; he was lost in his thoughts, which typically involved Solrai.

He didn't understand why he was so attracted to her; they had very little in common, aside from looks and species. She was a shy, antisocial woman who got angry very easily. Aloysius, on the other hand, was outgoing and rarely got upset. The thought of Lara popped into his head, and he tried to shake her image away-it was impossible. The ring on his finger he had worn for years felt like a handcuff, keeping him from a possible relationship with Solrai. Most wouldn't be hasty about throwing away the ring, given the way Lara treated Aloysius; she was abusive and nasty to him, and had been even worse to Arkcher. She disliked him enough that she sent him to boarding school so she wouldn't deal with him anymore. Despite that, Aloysius felt that he still loved her a little bit, just a little bit, and he felt that the feeling would never leave him.


All of a sudden, his mind was shook awake by the sight of a large, rainbow-colored, almost flower-shaped cloud. It was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a long time; he gasped in wonder at it, and his mind became perplexed with it. What kind of people or creatures live here? Why is it floating? among other questions.


"It's prettyful, isn't it?!" said Kat, who was sitting next to him. He was sandwiched in between her and MK; Kat had stolen several pillows from the other passengers and had encased herself into her passenger seat. MK, on the other hand, was quietly listening to the in-flight radio, occasionally complaining about how it was getting boring and repetitive. By the way, if you're wondering how Aloysius saw out the window from the middle seat, I'm just as confused as you are.

A voice rang over the speakers: "We're almost there! Be sure to place your trays into the...I'm sure you all know. We'll be landing soon."




The group walked out of the plane and into the Taynio Airport, a place teeming with Invisionists. The others probably knew them; Aloysius knew none of them. He felt very awkward as he got many curious glances; this was a planet where you knew everyone. And no one knew Aloysius. It wasn't common for a tourist to find Invision, as it is in such a tucked-away cranny of the Galaxy that few ever find it. A shame, really.


"What's this?!" said Aloysius. The others looked around. "There's a dog here. I don't believe they're allowed in airports are they?"

The others said nothing.

Aloysius got on his knees and started scratching the dog's head. She was a Labrador Retriever with a purple collar; Aloysius examined the name tag.

"Dog Lover...yeah..." he flipped it over to the other side. He looked behind him at Arkcher. "Is there a reason why Elton John's face is carved onto the back of this tag?"

"Because I LOOOOOVE him!!" said the dog. Aloysius gasped and the teenagers giggled at him.

"Oops, did I scare you?" she asked, concerned.

"Uh, no! Just surprised. I should be used to the talking things by now..."

"I'm Dog Lover! Welcome to Taynio!"

"I-I see!"

"Hi, Dog Lover," said the others, one after another.

"Hi, everyone!" she said back. "Come on, let's go out onto the actual place! This airport isn't very interesting at all."




Once out into the actual city...place..of Tanyio, Aloysius was delighted to see how the ground was rainbow, but normal, green grass grew here and there as well. A normal thing paired with an odd thing-quite good.

He looked ahead and saw what must be the city of Taynio; it looked like a town one would find in a different time period, as there were no large buildings. It appeared there were no social classes in this town, as every house was a medium size house.

"This seems like a peaceful town, where everyone is equal to each other."

"That is indeed what it is!" said Cheesemaster. "Even though Taynio is considered the king of the island, he lives in the same small house like everyone else does. There's only one building bigger then all the other ones-that's the Church that he built."

Aloysius looked and saw there was indeed a building that was only slightly bigger then all the other ones.

"It's not much bigger then the other houses," said Aloysius.

"Taynio doesn't really believe in a big, fancy church here. He just wanted a smaller one."

"You don't sound all that excited."

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm excited."

"No, you're not."

"Am too."

"Fine, then. I believe you for now."





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[using my mom's new MACINTOSH LAPTOP COMPUTER!!!! Man this thing pwns Windows anyday.]


The group woke up from a daze and found themselves on the edge of a large forest, which had an enormous, gray mountain behind it.

"Whoa, what happened?" muttered PMM. "I feel like my head was just hit with a Writer's Block!"

"Whatever it was, we're now stranded," said Aloysius, Behind them was the ocean. Some islands stood faintly in the distance, but they had no way of traversing the water.

Cheesemaster pointed to the forest. "Maybe we could ask for some help. I know a nice lady named Kep who lives in the woods. She's sure to help us out."

"And then I'll be able to go meet that wonderful artist who lives in the jungle!" said Aloysius.

The group walked bravely into the woods, looking for Kep.




"She ought to be around here somewhere," said Cheesemaster, looking around.

"We'd better hurry up. It's getting dark." said Mushroom_king, who was walking next to Arkcher. "The forest is really scary at night."

"You have nothing to worry about," said Aloysius. "Your friends will protect you, won't they?"

He looked at the others.

"My DS battery died!" said PMM.

"Exiting the forest is super simple, all you do is follow these path turns..." sang Cheesemaster.

"My hair is a mess..." whined Arkcher.

"Aunt Ruthie, Aunt Ruthie! There's a floppy disk taped to my forehead!" said Kat.


"Um, maybe not..." murmured Aloysius sighing miserably. His son sure had some strange friends.

He didn't really mind, though; back at the boarding school he had attended, Arkcher had only two real friends, and they were both outcast by the rest of their peers. He recalled what rare conversations he had with his son, about how the other boys were put off by his intelligence. It seemed Arkcher still had strange, outcast friends.

"Hey, Aloysius! Wake up!!" said PMM, slapping Aloysius out of thought.

Aloysius re-focused his attention and gasped when he saw an incredibly beautiful woman standing right in front of him. She was tall and thin, with long, brown hair that had twigs woven into it. She wore a brown dress that had leaves and geometric shapes on it, as well as a slit showing one of her legs. Her outfit had a plunging neckline, and adorning her chest was a tattoo. Aloysius recognized the symbol as being the symbol for the Wood Element.

She had a soft expression and kind eyes. Truly, she was incredible.

"A-are you Kep?!" he stuttered, completely dumbfounded. He was extremely glad Solrai was not with him, for she would be beating him senseless by now.

She nodded and said, "Yes, I am. You seem awful tense." Her voice was music to his ears-soft, not too deep, not too high, and calming.

"Oh, I-It's nothing. I was just thinking about..."

"The children here already explained everything to me."


Kep went on, ignoring him. "You're Arkcher's father, the great inventor. It's an honor to meet you."

Aloysius nodded and stood up straight. "It's an honor to meet you, too."

"You need a way to traverse across the ocean, do you? You want to go to the Mushroom Islands and meet Cheetaspot, and then return to Mount Jazzeh. Is that correct?"

"That is correct."

Kep sighed. "I want to help you, but I'm not able to. I can, however, lead you through the woods to Outside the Wall. I'm sure one of the people there can help you."

PMM gasped, and Gamechamp, Liquid Ninja, and Setsuna (Arkcher, Cheesemaster, and Kat's sanities, respectively) all popped out, and the four shouted "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!"

"There's really no other way for you to find any way to get to the mainland."

"W-what's wrong? Is something wrong?!"

PMM clutched his shirt collar and screamed, "Outside The Wall is home to the Phoenixonian Army! They're evil geniuses! They plan to rule the world! And worst of all, they steal Sanities! Like me!"

"Here on Invision, stealing one's sanity is likened to stealing one's soul." explained Kep.

"Oh my!"

Cheesemaster spoke up. "Kep! Kep! I have an idea!"

"Hm? What is it?"

"I think we could somehow take some sanities and exchange them with the Phoenxian army for transportation AND for Sanity Insurance!"

"But how are we going to do that? Besides, You'd only need to trade for transportation. I have some sanity protection gear you can have."

"Why didn't you say so, BabeHoney?!" said PMM.

"I have it because people frequently come here wishing to visit the Phoenixonian army. Well, it's usually Hamsterkig coming by here, because the leader of the Phoenixonian army works for the king.

"Why would an evil genius work for the King?"

"I wish I knew," said Kep.

Images of the Phoenixonian army started to generate in Aloysius's mind. Were they Bird-People? Could they manipulate fire? Or perhaps, can they manipulate the power of birds? Why were they the Phoenixonian army?


"Well, we ought to rest before heading out to the Mountain," said Cheesemaster. "It really isn't that hard of a climb, but we should still rest because it's dangerous."


And they did.




The next morning, Kep had prepared the group a Vegetarian breakfast of...salad. Well, it's plenty abundant in the woods.


The sun streaked through gaps in the trees as the group groggily woke and ate their breakfast (which they didn't exactly enjoy). Kep helped the sanities with their Sanity Protection Gear and led them through the enormous forest, until they found themselves on a gray hill. It was the beginning of Outside the Wall.

"I'll see you all soon. Take care." said Kep.

Aloysius stared at her as she left, and when she decided she was far enough away, he stuttered, "She's very lovely, isn't she?"


The climb up Outside the Wall, as Cheesemaster had said, was not difficult; it wasn't a steep mountain. However, there was an air of eerieness that unnerved each of them, even PMM. Then again, he was nervous about being kidnapped.

After walking for several hours, the group happened upon several houses. There was one extremely large one, Three medium-sized ones, and many small ones.

"The big one is the base of operations. The three medium ones are the homes for the three leaders. The small ones are for the army's soldiers." explained MK. She knew a lot about Invision's topography, it seemed.

"I'll handle this, OK?" said Kat, being serious for once. "I'm pretty good friends with Grim."

"Who is Grim?"

"The Grim Hamster Lord. The second-in-command of the army."

"I see."

Kat knocked on the door. "It's me, Kat!"

The door creaked open. A narrow eye appeared. A deep, sinister, and slightly sarcastic voice (that had a slightly thick British accent) said, "Don?"

"Yea, it's me. Kat."

"Ok, Boss. Who's with you?"

"The one with the suit, the one married to the one with the suit, the father of the one with the suit, and the one made of Cheese."

"Oh, I see now. Come on in!"

The door opened wider now, and Kat walked in. Aloysius looked nervously at the others, and followed her. The last three went in last.

They all followed Kat down a large hallway. There were no paintings, which struck Aloysius as odd. One would think that a Army headquarters would have paintings of past generals and other important figures.

There was no time to ponder this matter, however, as the group now found themselves in a large, cozy study area. There were many bookshelves filled with thick, leather bound books, some of which were in languages. An unusually large number of them were in Russian. There was an enormous fireplace with several large weapons on top. Front and center on the fireplace mantel was a large gun labeled "Sanity Stealer 5.9" that seemed very treasured and important. There was a red rug and may armchairs, and for some odd reason, there were gigantic perches, as if for a large bird. There were two of those. In the middle of the perches and armchairs was a glass-top coffee table that was enormous and covered with several books on politics, as well as newspapers.

"Go ahead and sit down," said Kat. "The hosts will be here any minute."

The other teens did so without hesitating, and Aloysius sat down, shakily. H wasn't sure what to expect. Did the Phoenixonian leaders have pet Phoenixes, and that was why they had giant perches? A normal human would tell himself, "No, of course not. Phoenixes do not exist." but Aloysius was an elf, and therefore was in no place to be saying that a creature did not exist.

A rush of wind was heard down the hall and Aloysius turned. Just settling on the perches were two large birds, one red and one a light blue. Sitting in the sole leather Chair was a penguin.

"What is going on here?!" shouted Aloysius. One did not normally see a Penguin sitting in an armchair, except in Children's books, but here was one sitting in front of him right now.

The penguin spoke. It was clearly a woman, and she had a very thick British accent. "Who might you be?"

"I-I'm Aloysius Ahrroww. I'm an inventor. Who are you?!"

She lifted her wings up and shut her eyes. She looked rather graceful. "I am Sheena, leader of the Phoenixonian army!"

"Yes. And who are they?" He pointed to the bird.

The blue one spoke. Aloysius recognized his voice as the one Kat spoke with. "The Grim Hamster Lord. I'm Sheena's left-wing man."

The red one spoke. Unlike Sheena and Grim, he had a Russian accent. Aloysius decided that that was the reason there were so many Russian books in the house. "I am Redwing The Phoenix. Apprentice of The Grim Hamster Lord."

"And you three lead the Phoenixonian army?"

"Yes. Back on Earth, we aspired to rule the world. We still want to rule the world, and plan to do it via stealing sanities!"

Grim experimented this by raising his wings and throwing an energy beam at MK. No effect.

"You put on those Sanity Protection Devices again, have you?"

"YOU'LL NEVER HAVE ME!!!!" screamed PMM.




The Grim Hamster Lord heaved and put his wings down. "I guess I have no chance of taking your sanities."

"Why are you here, anyhow?" asked Redwing.

"Well," explained Kat, "Aloysius wants to go to The Mushroom Isles to go see Cheetaspot, and then he, Arkcher, and MK need to go home. As do me and Cheesie. So we were wondering if you could lend us a plane?"

Grim and Redwing looked at Sheena. She thought for a moment.

"We will let you borrow one of our planes for the low, low price of one Sanity."

The group looked at each other. It had not crossed their minds that she would want a Sanity as payment.

"Don't tell me you don't have any, now. You have four with you right now."

"We can't give those to you! We need 'em!" said Cheesemaster.

"Hold on," interrupted PMM. "I have something better."

Sheena glared at the sanity. "And what is that?"

"Back in Hamsterdam, at the Town Hall, there's a vast storage unit of spare sanities!"

Redwing's eyes went wide open. Grim was suspicious.

"How do we know you aren't trying to fool us?"

"I saw the room with my own eyes!"

Grim raised an eyebrow. "Eh? How?"

"A rocket fell down a few days ago and three space travelers came out. Horatio had to get them sanities, and he got them from the spare sanity room!"

Arkcher and MK were trying hard not to laugh. The Spare Sanity room did not exist; there was only a box of spare sanities at Town Hall.

"Alright, them." said Sheena. "It's a deal. Now, how do we get into this room?"

"I'll explain it to you."

As he made an elaborate story about a fictional Spare Sanity Room, Grim and Redwing showed the rest of the group the way to the Airplanes.

"Here is the plane you will borrow. I will be back within the next 24 hours to retrieve it."

"Oh my God!!" exclaimed Aloysius when he saw the plane. It was a mint-condition 1940's airplane. "This...this is INCREDIBLE!!!"

"You like it, I see."

Aloysius nodded. "I really get to ride in this?!"


Aloysius gasped. "How is it in such good condition?!"

"The Phoenixonians are a very sophisticated army. We take good care of all equipment and vehicles. We're just cool like that."

Aloysius had a look of joy on his face, but said nothing.

"Go on, climb in. I'll go retrieve your friend."

"Don't try anything sneaky, Grim!!" scolded MK. "Don't try and kidnap him! He'll annoy you to no end!"

"You tell me as if I didn't already know!!"




"So, uh...who the heck is gonna pilot this dang thing?"

The group looked around after piling into the plane. None of them had any real flight knowledge.

"I played Pilotwings!" exclaimed PMM. "And Microsoft Flight Simulator!"

"Oh please, those won't help!"

"Are you sure? Let me try, let me try!"

The group reluctantly agreed to let him pilot the plane.

"Don't wreck it, now," said Aloysius. "This thing is beautiful. And that Phoenix will throw a fit if you wreck it. I'm sure he's extremely proud of the army."

"Oh, he and Sheena, they both are. They both take real good care of everything, as Grim already said." explained Cheesemaster.

"You really do know a lot about this planet's residents, don't you?" said Aloysius.

"That I do. I spent a lot of time researching when I first came here."

The group was suddenly lurched off to the side.

"Watch it!!" shouted Arkcher. "I'm way too awesome to die!!"

"Sorry! I almost hit something!" said PMM sarcastically. He as enjoying himself.

"There might be some slight turbulence up ahead!" he laughed, and he purposely swung the craft left and right.

He looked out the window. "There's the Mushroom Isles!"

"But there's nowhere to land except Hamsterdam."

"Then let's do it!!"

PMM lurched downward and prepared to land.




After landing, the group tumbled out of the plane, dazed.

"Ugh..." muttered Kat. "I think I need to upchuck."

Aloysius grabbed his head and laughed. "Ah, the plane is still in fine condition."

"Look, we're gonna need someone like Horatio to take us back home. He's an excellent pilot."


After a great deal of walking, the group stumbled upon the edge of the Mushroom jungle. Taynio floated above them, and the city was far off in the distance.

"Well, let's go!" said MK. "I used to live here so I know where Cheetaspot is."


MK and PMM lead the group into the thick, humid jungle. Arkcher took off his blazer and rolled up his sleeves, while Cheesemaster removed his sweater, and Kat took off her Trench Coat.

As they walked, Arkcher playfully shoved MK and said, "Do you remember how we first met out here?"

MK giggled as she remembered it. It was five years ago, when they had first come to Invision. MK had only lived there for about 3 months.


"I'm going to fall!" MK said, frightened. She had climbed a large tree in the Mushroom Jungle and, like they do in most stories, a branch beneath her had broken. She had caught hold of the tree's wide trunk, but she was now slipping.

She lost her grip and tumbled down, landing on something warm. She opened her eyes to see...a person! A person was beneath her. She gasped and quickly sat up. The strange person lifted his head, shook his hair, and looked up at her. MK gasped again, and realizing she had fallen on someone who was not of the same gender, she quickly got up. The stranger followed suite.

He was wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black tie, gray slacks, and he had a black blazer in his hand. He took a compact mirror out of his breast pocket and examined himself.

"Oh, NO!" he shouted.

"What's wrong?!" said MK.

"My hair! It's RUINED!!"

MK raised an eyebrow. "Your...hair?" She looked and noticed he had beautiful, blond hair that was longer then any girl's hair she had ever seen. She thought he must be an elf, and her suspicions were confirmed when she saw his ears. But no matter. He was clearly upset.


"I-I'm sorry! I-I know!"


"There's a big waterfall by my house. You can wash your hair there."

"I can?"


He smiled at her. "That's awesome."

The two then exchanged names and went off towards aforementioned waterfall."


"I still don't understand why I had to wash my hair in the waterfall."

"For fanservice, of course." said Cheesemaster.

Arkcher scowled at him and was about to say something, but was interrupted by MK announcing, "We're here! Cheetaspot's studio."







[did I portray Kat's personality realistically?]

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"Well, it's about time! I would have visited this a long time ago if I knew about all the other crazy adventures I was going to have here!" said Aloysius as he ran towards the door.

He knocked on the door, and was surprised when he heard several shouts from inside.

"...no, please, don't do that! It's very fragile..."

"But I have to have this for my news story!..."

"No, please, stop it!..."


"It appears we've come at a bad time," murmured Aloysius.

Suddenly, the door flew open. A young man with a black sweater and a video camera in hand tumbled to the ground. A large Cheetah stood in the doorway.

"I told you, please be more careful around my art!" and with that the door shut.

Aloysius got on his knees over the person on the ground. "Say, are you alright? What happened?"

The stranger opened his eyes and groaned. He looked at Aloysius for a moment, and within moments he was on his feet with his camera rolling.

"Oh, Boy, it's someone I've never met before! That doesn't happen very often here! Tell us your name!"

Aloysius was shocked, but he managed to get his name out.

"You mean, the famous inventor?!"

He took his camera down from his face and stared in awe at Aloysius. He then glomped him.

"Aaaaaahhhh! This is soooooo much better then filming Cheetaspot's techniques! It's a universal Celebrity! I've only gotten to film celebrities who are know on a few planets, but you, my friend, are known EVERYWHERE!!!!"

"I'm flattered," said Aloysius, "But who are you?!"

"I didn't tell you my name?! That's awful! I usually say it first. I'm usually not this excited."

He posed with his video camera. "My name is..."

After his time on Invision, Aloysius expected something unusual for the name.


Aloysius fell on the ground. He did NOT expect that.

"But everyone just calls me "Wannabe Film Maker". I like that name better. It's very unusual!"

That's more like it, thought Aloysius.

"So, uh, WannabeFilmMaker...you like videotaping people?"

"I sure do. I'm enrolled in an online art school. I wanted to videotape some of Cheetaspot's techniques because I really like her stuff!"

"I came out here to see it. But I appear to have come at a bad time."

"Oh, meeting her is hard. She's always busy. Plus she's probably angry or something at me."

He turned and saw the rest of the group, who were angry at their lack of page time.

"Oh, hi guys. Sorry, I didn't notice you. But anyhow!" He picked his camera back up and posed with it over his eye. "I want to interview you, Aloysius Apollo Ahrroww!"

Aloysius nervously tugged at his collar. "Well, uh, you see, I'm-I'm very lenient on interviews. I'm always afraid I'll say something I'll regret. Um, is that thing rolling?!"

"It sure is!"

"Eh?!" he said, surprised.

"Alright, cut it out!" said PMM, wearing a pair of shades. "That's enough!" He lurched into the camera and stopped the filming.

"Awwww." said Wannabe Film Maker, disappointed.

"Well, um...it looks like I won't be meeting Cheetaspot yet. But I have met you, and you're an interesting young man."

WBFM blushed. "Am I now?! I never thought of myself as interesting. I have, however, filmed and interviewed several VERY interesting people here on Invision. They get posted on The Network!"

"What's that?"

"A cooler version of television." said MK.

"Invisionists make stuff, it gets posted there. But it's not like normal TV. You can choose what you watch, so it's more like the internet." explained Kat. "Plus, the most awesome shows from all over the Universe air on it. Even the ones that got cancelled years ago!"

"...And my stuff that I tape shows up there sometimes!" said WannabeFilmeMaker.

Aloysius sighed. "Well...I guess I can just head home."

"Leaving already?" said WBFM. "Oh....I guess I'll see you later, then. I hope you're ready next time!"




After dropping Kat and Cheesemaster off at their respective homes, the other four headed back to Mount Jazzeh.

"I didn't meet everyone on Invision, did I?"

"Certainly not," said PMM. "Just a couple of 'em."

"Well, hopefully, someday, I will know them all."


And with that, their plane landed back on Mount Jazzeh, and the foursome headed for home.





[Wannabefilmmaker's debut. I probably got his personality wrong.



Anyway, this is the end of the first story. I'll be starting Character Stories next. First up is Kat's story, and then Cheesemaster's Story.]

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"What the balls is THIS mess?" thought MK as she gazed at the Pagoda that stood where Kat's house once did.

Where Kat's headquarters (her house) had once stood was now an Asian Cuisine place called Fried Dragon Palace.

"Well, I might as well go in and see what happened."

She walked through the sliding doors and into the establishment. Standing at the counter was...Kat!

"Kat! What happ-"

"Shhhh. Come on in heeeeere."

Kat grabbed MK's wrist and dragged her to the KatCave, a hidden underground chamber where Kat usually pretended to be a superhero with her sanity, Setsuna.

She also held her secret meetings there.

"What's going on? Why is this an Asian food place now?"

"I'll explain later. During the meeting."

"Alright, I believe you." said MK.




Kat and MK finally arrived at the meeting area. As they walked through the doors, A Fedora appeared over Kat's head. Sitting at the table was Hoops, Top_Banana, The Grim Hamster Lord, Toto, Arkcher, Glowurm, and Mega Wolf. They all had Fedoras on. Kat sat down and so did MK.

"Boss!" said Grim. "We gotta start gettin' protection money for Da Kat Mafia!"

Kat adjusted her Fedora, put her hands together in a formal fashion, and cleared her throat.

"Welcome, everyone, to the 4Tst meeting of da Kat Mafia!" "Now, I sent you all a 30-Gig attachment about why this place is a Chinese Food Place now."

"Thirty Gigs?!" said MK and Arkcher in unison. "No wonder our computer exploded into a firey ball visible from Space!!"

"As the attachment said, The Spy found us out and she's on to us now! So I disguised us and now we have to serve Chinese food as well as do Mafia stuff."

The group groaned.

"Will we get payed?!" asked Toto impatiently.


All of a sudden, the door opened. The group gasped, but then sighed in relief when they saw it was just the Australian Fox, Vixen. She wore a plaid skirt and black blouse, and had a large ribbon in her brown hair.

"Oh, it's just you. What do you want?"

"Uh, well, I just wanted to join your Mafia. I heard that I get free candy."

"Oh, yes! Yea, you do get Free Candy. Let's just show you this kick-awesome intro video we made."

"Uh, Kat..." said Toto.

"Oh, yeah. We sold da intro video for protection money. And for Fedoras."

After initiating Vixen into the mafia, Kat looked at her and said, "Where's the Five Dollars?"

"Five Dollars? For what?"

"The candy."

"I thought it was free!"

"No, it's not. Didn't you read the useless legal crap that no one reads?"


Suddenly, the conversation ended when a Fedora materialized over Vixen's head.

"Uh, anyway. On to business. MK, did your Fedora ever show up?"

"Sure did, Boss."

"I thought it might. I had a little talk with the elves that work in the fedora department. Isn't that right, Arkcher?"

Arkcher nodded and whimpered.

"Anyway! Back to business. Our Last Pancake Lunch was so successful, we raised enough money to pay for our next Pancake Lunch!

"BREAKFAAAAAAST!" said Arkcher.

"And now, Grim, please tell us Da Mafia News."

Grim cleared his throat.

"Da Mafia News;

Da Triads have been encroachin' on our territroy. Da boss has organised a hit 'n run on da triad leader. I and anudder member will drive a Range Rover on top of a multi-storey car park and shoot da leader with a poison dart supplied by our contact in Venezuala. Dey will be expecting da South American conclave drug squad dropping off a batch of class A, but we will drive up and shoot da leader, before legging it. In addition we will be getting a bonus if we take him out and start a gang war between da Conclave thugs and da Triads. Apparently its good buissness for da armaments trade he does. Any volunteers?"

"Assemble the Australian Mammals, Vixen!" said Kat.

Vixen pulled out a big crate. "I got a big crate of Mammals right here! I brought it in case you might need it!"

"Remember, we need to be secretive! The Spy is on to us, as I explained!"

There was several mumblings among members about this matter, until Kat spoke up.

"Now, in order to raise more funds so we ca extend the Pancake lunch into a Pancake and Waffles lunch, I'm making a contest: Whoever can design me the siffyest Fedora, WINS!!"

"Uh...How will that raise funds?"

"I dunno. Buying from art stores. Stealing. Stuff like that."

"Speaking of which, Boss..." said Glow, "I think we should get Da Teen Silver Eye Fox into our Mafia. She's a real good thief and assassin. So she'd be awesome in it, too!"

"Alright! Who wants to go seek out Da Teen Silver Eye Fox ad get her to join da Kat Mafia?"

"Me!" said a voice. The group turned to see a White Hamster with large, green eyes, a White Trench Coat adorned with hearts, and white antennae. It was Hamster Lover.

"Hamster Lover! I thought you were only available for a limited time! Plus, I still have to get you your award!"

All of a sudden, a beam of Heavenly Light appeared and an Award descended down upon Hamster Lover.

"Oooh, Special Effects."

Arkcher interrupted the effects. "Hey, Boss! Since I'm in Da Mafia, can I go to the Women's Lingerie Department and tell the world I'm in Da Mafia?"

"You could do that, but as I've said at least 3 times already, The Spy is onto us!"

"Alright. I'll say it in an Arnold Swartzenegger voice when I do it.

"You should do it in a Darth Vader voice," suggested Glowurm.

Suddenly, a feral Kangaroo broke out of Vixen's Box of Mammals.

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The group sat calmly as the Kangaroo escaped.

"I dubbed him 'The Get-Away Kangaroo'," said Kat. "Anyway, I have another plan.

You know those Chips Ahoy commercials that are on TV with the singing cookies? They're really annoying and I don't want to eat the cookies so much as maul them. I've got connections to somebody that has a car with a sun roof and a Gatling gun. We're gonna need somebody to place a tracking device on the cookies' vehicle, somebody to drive the car while I man the gun, somebody to watch the target's course on a laptop in a hidden location and give is a signal when the cookies are somewhere secluded and I can take them down, and somebody to keep watch for the person on the laptop in case the fuzz figures us out.


Any volunteers?"


"I have a Magic Bus we could use," suggested Kat.

"I call dibs on Da Gunner's Seat," said Cheesemaster, who suddenly appeared. "I like Shootin' da Cookies."

"No, I'll be tha one bustin' the Caps. I'll set you up in Sniper Position should we need reinforcements. And MK, I already got da Transportation. A bus isn't Ninja enough. We wouldn't be able to sneak up on them."

"I'd like to volunteer, but I glow, which might be a problem..." said Glowurm.

Kat decided to spin around in her spinny chair of doom. "And also, yeah, we've got some collections to take care of. Namely the Geiko cavemen and all those stories on my computer that I haven't done anything with in years that are paying us to keep me from deleting them. Grim and Cheesey, get on that. I've got some business to take care of with this here counter corner that keeps stabbing me and hitting me in the elbow..."

"So we have to get rid of both Cookies and Cavemen?"

"Why not just get da Cookies and Cavemen to join Da Mafia?"

"They're way to annoying/whiny to join the Mafia."

Arkcher raised his hand. "I have an extremely good idea, boss!"

The rest were silent. "Yeeess, Arkcher?"

He took out a piece of paper and started drawing on it. "Here is an idea for getting rid of enemies. We draw some stick figures with AK-47's and fax them to our enemies. Da Stick Figures will know what to do."

"But, uh, we don't have a Fax Machine."

The plan was interrupted by Grim. "Uh, Boss, there's some people wanting Chinese food out there. Better go serve them."

"Oh Noes! Dispatch the robots!"

Grim did so and the plan continued.

"Now! Arkcher, you get to Faxin'! The rest of us will get around to gettin' rid of dose Cookies!"





That night, Kat, Cheesemaster, Arkcher, and MK readied their AK-47's and drove an incredibly small car over to the Cookie's hideout. Which was on Invision for some reason.

"Alright," whispered Kat, "I've got my swordchucks and my Nunchuck gun, and my claymore. MK has her magic powers, and Cheesie has his sniper. Ready?"

Kat aimed her Nunchuck gun at the window of the Cookie's hideout. Suddenly, the windows of the extremely small car (ESC) broke, and the cookies were inside the car! A war ensued! Kat was shocked! SHOCKED!!!!!!

"Take this!" said a Cookie as he stuffed Cheesemaster's sniper full of Gummy Bears.

"Hah! you activated its special ability! GUMMY CANNON!!!!! When loaded with gummy bears, it turns into an unstoppable force, casting ominous feelings of total domination over its targets as it totally

annihilates the adversary!"

"Oh No!"

"TAKE THIS!" shouted MK as she unleashed a duel Sound-Technology spell with her sanity. "SOUND VOYAGE!!"

"I WILL DESTROY THEM ALL WITH MY SPATULA!!" said Arkcher. "And mah special Archery skills! I call it..Arkchery!"

"That's real creative," muttered Cheesemaster.



And in the end the cookies got pwned. That was one mission that the Kat Mafia succeeded in. But they still had to get rid of the Cavemen and clear their record with The Spy!

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The day after defeating the cookies, The Kat Mafia was celebrating their victory with Jigs and food from Planet Horatio, but the party was interrupted by....The Spy!!

The whole group gasped. "We've been found out!" screamed Kat.

"You set me up!" shouted MK. "You set me up! Paper Mario Master, tell 'em they set you up."

"You're all under arrest for killing my box of cookies. Come with me." said The Spy.




The group was being questioned at the Hamsterdam Polic Headquarters. Horatio was trying to appeal to The Spy, trying to get her to realize that the Kat Mafia did nothing wrong. It wasn't working as well as he wanted it to.

"Please, The Spy, just let them go. They're just having fun."

But The Spy was indifferent. Her stance was not changing.

Cheesemaster smirked at the others. "I have an idea."

He whipped off his Blue Sweater, put on a newsboy cap, got on the ground, and started talking in a barely understandable English accent.

"Please, won't you let us go, Tha Spy?"

He looked at her with big, sad eyes. She peered from underneath her sunglasses and sighed. "Well, you've convinced me. I'll let you kids go under one condition."

Kat gasped. "Not community service!"

The thought of such a thing made The Grim Hamster Lord cringe and shiver. He wouldn't be able to stand it.

"No, no. I realize that degenerates such as yourselves can't stand such a thing. Rather, I will have to have you buy me boxes of Cookies for the next year.

The group groaned, but hey. It was better than Community Service.

"It was also better than this horrible ending!" muttered PMM.





Cheesemaster's story


Cheesemaster hopped on his priceless Bicycle and made his way towards Planet Horatio, where he was meeting his friends that day, to show them something. He couldn't wait.

Yea, right, priceless. The thing was completely worthless, but that was what made it awesome. The metal parts of it were painted yellow with a cheese pattern. It was a big prank his friends had played. Or, more realistically, PMM had. The bike had a rack for holding, say, a box of flowers, a basket and horn in front, a flag on the back, and no bike is complete without the worthless baseball card in the spokes.

"Here we are," said Cheesemaster. He wondered what the rest of the group would think. Would they like it? What new and uncreative insult would PMM throw at him this time?

He heaved, adjusted his glasses, chained his bike to the bike rack, and walked in. Not like anyone would steal his bike.

The other Invisionists who were there glanced up at him, but didn't seem to care much. He walked over to a booth, where Aloysius, Arkcher, MK, and PMM were seated and Kat was standing up, taking orders. They turned and looked at him.

"So, uh...What do you guys think of my new outfit?"

They glanced him up, down, and up again. The familiar Blue Sweater they had all grown to know and make fun of was still there, but it was being overshadowed but a Brown Blazer, a Brown newsboy cap, brown knee-length shorts, brown knee-length socks, and black dress shoes.

The other four blinked.

"Um...Ok...?" said Arkcher.

"It's the lovechild of Angus Young and Robert Plant!" sighed MK. (is that appropriate?)

"This is perfect timing on my part. I was just about to go and get a newspaper to go with my breakfast." said Aloysius cheerfully.

"'Allo, sihr! I'd loike sam moh Chocolate please!" mocked PMM.


"Why the balls are you wearing that, anyhow?"

"Well, you see, It appears I lost a bet with a certain Cheese Woman, and um...now I'm actually selling Newspapers on the corner back at the Port of Cheese. She told me I had to wear this."

"I'm sorry." said PMM.

"Aren't you going to join us?"

"As much as I'd love to, I really do have to get back home. I have stuff to be doing."

"Gee, that's rough." said Kat finally. "I had plans to steal your hat or something."

"That's great. Look, I have to get going. Come visit me sometime, 'kay?"




Back in the Port of Cheese, Cheese Woman was all over Cheesemaster.

"Ohhhhh, you are just tooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute in that outfit! I'm soooo glad I picked it out for you! Everyone will love you!!"

Cheesemaster muffled something, but you couldn't make out what he said as he was busy being smothered by Cheese Woman's unnecessarily ruffly dress.

She finally heaved and let go of him. "But You're busy so I'll let you go. But before I leave..."

She tossed him .100 H$ (50 cents American money.), and grabbed a paper from him. She looked at him sympathetically and hugged him. "Have a good day, Cheesie."

He looked at the money and put it in his pocket. She'd never acted so...calm before. But no matter. He had things to do.

Before he knew it, hordes of people walked by. Some of them would buy a paper from him, some didn't, but all of a sudden...

"Cheesie! Is that you? Nice outfit!"

He turned to see Dawn, laughing and waving. Next to her was Sterling, her rabbit in hand. She was smiling for a change. Behind them was Jakob Rabbitt, who didn't look happy at all, and James, who was smiling at him.

Dawn bounced on her toes and begged James for some money to buy a paper.

James reached in his pocket and was about to hand over some money to her, but Jakob slapped his hand. He scowled and said something, but Cheesemaster couldn't hear what it was. James snapped back at him, shoved him, and handed Dawn the money.

Dawn and Sterling ran over to him.

"Hi, Cheesie!"

"Hi, Dawn. Hi, Sterling! How are you today?"

"I'm good, Mr. Cheesemaster. How are you? I see you're selling Papers now. Jakob doesn't seem to like it..."

"I saw," he said, handing a paper to Dawn.

"Hey, Cheesie?"


"You wanna hang out sometime?"

"Maybe. I'm really busy, but I think I can."

"Ok! I'll see you later!"

"Could you come over to play sometime?" asked Sterling.

Cheesemaster grinned at her. "I hope so."

"Bye, Cheesie!"

When she got back over to the adults, Jakob scowled at her. "I don't see why you choose to hang out with someone like that."

"There's nothing wrong with him!" said Dawn, upset.

"You mean, aside from his being made of Mold?"

"Don't call him that!"

"Why not? It's true. Cheese is nothing but a mold."

"Shut up!"

"Hmph," he muttered. James scolded him, as always, and they moved on.

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The next day, after having sold all but one newspaper, Cheesemaster decided to visit the Rabbitt manor to play with Sterling.

He walked up the well-kept steps of the mansion and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Jakob Rabbitt's cold stare. "What is it?"

"It's the Paper Boy. You got .500 H$?"

"No. Please leave."

"I'm sure .500H$ is as common as oxygen for you."

"What are you trying to say?!"

"I'm saying you have a lot of money on hand. I mean, there's a lawyer as well as a prosecutor in the household. That must bring in a lot of money."

Jakob scowled at him again. "I told you to leave. Please don't make me use force."

"I came to play with Sterling."

Jakob growled, but reluctantly let him inside anyway.




The Rabbitt manor had not changed one bit since Cheesemaster had last been there; it was still quiet and grey. He noticed something, however; in the room, there was a piano that had previously not been there before, and the tables were now covered in flowers. It was an improvement, but the house was still very sad to him.

Cheesemaster walked into the dining room. The fireplace was lit, as the cold months were starting; he noticed a large Coat-Of-Arms over the fireplace. There was a long, diagonal tube that had a thorny vine spiraling around it. Above the line was a Rabbit, a Peach, and a stylized J; Below it was a dragon.

"That's our Family crest!" said a voice from behind him; it was Dawn. Cheesemaster gasped and she laughed. "Sterling is waiting for you in her room."

"About that..." said Jakob, "I'm not sure you're such a good influence on her."

"What are you talking about?!" said Cheesemaster and Dawn simultaniously. "He's been a great influence on her! She hasn't been this happy since the day she was born!"

"I don't want Sterling to be around the likes of you!!" he said, glaring at Cheesemaster.

"What's wrong with me?!"

"Oh for God's sake!!" yelled Jakob. "You're made of MOLD!!!"


"Not only are you a mold, but you're a Newsie!!! You stand on the corner and shout the headlines and beg people for money!! It's awful, it really is!"

The lights suddenly flickered. "Stop making fun of him," said a voice. It was Sterling.


"Mr. Cheesemaster...are you going to come play with me today?"

"I-Of course I am, Sterling. I came just to play with you."

"Sterling!!" said Jakob, "Are you sure you want to be around someone like that?!"

"There's nothing wrong with him, Jakob."


"Come on, Mr. Cheesemaster."




When they got up to Sterling's room, Cheesemaster noticed a Plushie of himself on the shelf-a doll that was sold at the Red Market. It really was a cute doll, with it's stitchy mouth and button eyes and lack of a nose. He noticed something wrong, though; the dolls sold at The Red Market still had his Blue Sweater. This doll had the brown blazer and his cap.

"Julia made me a coat and hat for my Cheesemaster Dolly!"

"That's cute! Do you play with it?"

Cheesemaster was a bit scared. He hoped that Sterling didn't play with the toy in the same way she played with her favorite stuffed rabbit, and by play I mean cut off its head.

"Oh, no. I don't play with my Cheesemaster dolly. Jakob doesn't let me. I begged him for months to buy it for me, and Dawn had to use her allowance to buy it for me."

"That was nice of her."

"Yep! I feel a lot better these days. I owe it to you." Her smile faded away. "No one ever plays with me very much. I usually play by myself, or with Dawn. No one comes to visit us. People were always scared by me. But you weren't! You played with me and you were nice to me! It made me so happy."

Cheesemaster simply smiled. He couldn't really find any words.

"Well, let's get started. You can put your coat and hat up."

"No, I'll keep them on. I'm cold."

"Alright. That's fine."

The two sat down and Sterling reached into her toybox. She still had her disturbing toys, but she had also acquired some more, ahem, sane toys. She'd acquired some more plushies, and of course more rabbits.

"Let's Play, Mister Cheesemaster!" She laughed and the Physics began to warp. Cheesemaster gasped and became extremely frightened.

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<b>I went on a reading rampage for an hour and a half. I then played StarTropics. I then watched One Piece.</b>


The physics in the room began to shift horribly. Sterling's laughter soon faded to moans. She grabbed her chest and fell to the ground. "Mr. Cheesemaster..." she looked up at him. "They're-They're talking to me again."

"Who are?!"

Sterling groaned and rolled over on the floor. The room, in a flash, was back to normal.



"What about Julia?!"

"Julia...they...told me...please...go check on her..."


She rolled over again. "I'm ok. Just go check on my sister. Her...room is just...at the end of the corridor."




Cheesemaster ran as quickly as he possibly could down the halls of the Rabbitt Manor, past the paintings of past Rabbitts, past the bleak, grey walls, until he reached the end of the corridor. He stopped to catch his breath, and then he flung open the enormous doors.

He looked inside and saw Julia on the ground, with Jakob kneeling over her. Julia was twitching. She looked...she looked almost possessed.

"Julia! JULIA!!! SPEAK TO ME!!!"

Cheesemaster was shocked, as he had never seen Jakob display any emotion aside from anger, hate, shame, and jealousy. He had never been able to picture the man as being concerned for anyone else.

"Jul...what are you doing here, Newsie?!"

Cheesemaster lightly gasped, and explained, "Sterling told me to come here."

"Well, go back to her!! I can deal with this on my own!!"

Cheesemaster gasped again, but said nothing.

"I told you to get out!!"

"She's possessed," came a flat, unknown voice. It belonged to Dawn.

She stepped into the room. Her eyes were obscured by her bangs, and she was frowning.

"Excuse me?!" said Jakob. "Did you say Julia is possessed?!"

Dawn nodded.

Jakob got up. He slammed his cane on the floor, and glared at Dawn. "And would you care to explain how you know this, girl?"

Dawn spoke slowly. "I can't explain it. I just know it."

She rose her head. "Jakob...have you never noticed it before now?"

Jakob gasped. "Noticed...noticed what?"

"The way the spirits residing in this house have been possessing Julia as long as I can remember."

"What kind of nonsense are you spouting, woman?!"

"The way she flips between being outgoing to being cold and faraway."

"I thought she suffered from, say, Multiple Personalities." mumbled Cheesemaster.

He eyes grew wide and she pointed accusingly at him. "That...is the result of being a mere decoy for spirits!"

"Isn't this part supposed to be my story?" mumbled Cheesemaster, turning around. "I'm outta here!"




Three days had passed since the incident over at The Rabbitt Manor. Cheesemaster hadn't spoken with Dawn nor Sterling since then, and life had gone back to normal.


It had been a long day, and Cheesemaster was using the money he had gathered throughout the day to buy a new stack of newspapers for the next day. He glanced at the headlines.

Famous musician and Judge Toto goes out for a cup of coffee! shouted the headline. Boring. It'd been like that for a while now. He sighed.

"I'll feel like an idiot shouting that tomorrow," he groaned, and then he sighed.

Suddenly, a light went on. An idea had struck him.

"I've got it! I've got a much better headline then this...and it's not even made-up, either, like I usually do!"

And, without second thought of the consequences, Cheesemaster put his money away and sprinted towards the newspaper printing peoples.




"Extra, extra! Read all about it! Miss Julia Rabbitt haunted and possessed by spirits of The Rabbitt Manor! And in unrelated news, Toto went out for a cup of coffee!"

People crowded around Cheesemaster, trying to get their own copy of this new and interesting headline. There hadn't been such a sensational story ever since the news of TheBreakfastMonkey's arrival had been printed. Cheesemaster was proud of himself.

Way to go, Cheesemaster-sama!</i> He thought to himself. <i>You really are a genius! Way to be in the right place at the right time to get a great new story!

The newspapers had sold out within the span of an hour.

Cheesemaster walked happily to go buy more papers, humming to himself, when he bumped into Dawn. Her eyes were red-rimmed as though she'd been crying.


She sniffled. Cheesemaster glanced and saw she was reading the paper; specifically, the article on her older sister. She wiped her eyes and murmured, "Cheesie..."

"Oh, n...OH, NO!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!"





[oh noes!]



[i love how Cheesemaster refers to himself as "Great Cheesemaster" when he's thinking.]


[What I don't like is how I portrayed him here. He seems really arrogant when he's not. D=]

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[Yay, violence!]


Dawn lifted her head from the paper and looked at Cheesemaster. Tears streamed down her pale face. He had never seen her this upset.

"Cheesie...how could you?!"


"I don't like it when people talk about my family behind my back!! Even if it was Jakob!!"


"How'd you feel if I did that to you!"

"Dawn, you know that isn't-"

She continued sobbing. "You should have asked me before putting this in the paper! I wouldn't have cared about this getting printed if you had asked first!!"

"How do you know it was my choice to print it?!"

"You helped them get information! You should have asked me first before allowing them to print this!!"

"Dawn, I'm sorry!"

She wiped her eyes with her sleeves. "That isn't good enough!!"

She ran off, but once she was a few feet away, she stopped, rolled up her paper, and threw it at Cheesemaster.

"NEWSIE!!!!" she screamed, and she ran off.


Cheesemaster grumbled for a moment before bursting into tears as well. He ran off in the opposite direction, only to be stopped by none other then Cheese Woman.

"Cheesie, it's so nice to-what's wrong?!"

"I...the newspaper printed something about Dawn's family without her permission and she's upset. I...I feel...I feel like so horrible."

He started crying again and Cheese Woman hugged him.

"There, there. It'll be alright." she said, comforting him.

"Dawn and her family must hate me even more than they already do...Oh, what does little Sterling think of me? She must think of me as a complete jerk. And I don't even want to know what Jakob thinks of me. Now he has a real reason to hate me."

"Cheesie...it'll all be alright. Just don't worry so much about it."

He wiped his eyes. "I guess you're right. The most I can do is go and apologize to her family. But I'm scared."

"I'll go with you."

"Would you really do that, Cheese Woman?"

She nodded. Her eyes were full of compassion, and her smile was sincere. "Yes. Let's go."




Cheesemaster was sweating up a storm when he knocked on the door of the Rabbitt Manor.

"Oh, geez...I'm too nervous." Cheese Woman handed him a handkerchief and he wiped it over his face. He then took off his glasses and wiped down the bridge, as they kept slipping.

"I don't know if I can do this."

"You have to, Cheesie." she said sincerely.

The door opened. He expected Jakob yelling at him, but it was James. He looked surprised, and then said,

"Oh. It's you."

Cheesemaster groaned. Hopefully James didn't hate him now, too.

"I-I came to apologize."

"To who? Julia and Dawn?"

"No, to everyone. For what was in the paper."

"It's not your fault."

He looked up. "Eh?"

"You have no control over what's printed in the paper."

Cheesemaster breathed a sigh of relief. "You really think so?"

"Yes. But..."

"But what?"

"I think it'd be suicide to come in here. Jakob is furious."

Cheesemaster gulped. Just as he had thought.

"James, who is at the door?" came the Prosecutor's voice.

"Oh No!!" stammered Cheesemaster. His eyes grew wide with fear as Jakob's face appeared in the doorway.

"What are you doing here?!" he shouted. He lunged for Cheesemaster's collar, but Cheese Woman wrapped her arms around him and pulled him away.

"Stop!!" she cried, "Don't hurt him!!"

"Jakob, it's not the boy's fault that the newspaper printed that about Julia," James said, restraining his brother from attacking Cheesemaster.

"What are you even doing on my property, Boy?! I have reason to file a restraining order on you!!"

"For what reason?!" shouted Cheesemaster, lunging out to attack him only to be grabbed by Cheese Woman. "Cheesie, this won't be solved by you two going at each other!!"

He ignored her. "Can't you realize this ISN'T MY FAULT?!"






Cheesemaster roared and broke from Cheese Woman's grasp and tumbled onto Jakob, freeing him from Jame's grasp. Both their hats fell on the ground and the fight was on.

James and Cheese Woman could only look on in horror, trying to get the two of them to stop.

"You called me a Newsie and a block of mold, AND you called me Fat!!! I'M NOT FAT!!!"

Jakob threw a punch that Cheesemaster dodged. "You deserve it for having allowed such a story about my wife to go through!!!"


Jakob continued throwing punches as the two exchanged vulgarities, until Jakob suddenly threw a punch that managed to hit Cheesemaster in...the eye. The force of the punch managed to break the lens of his glasses.

His face suddenly went from one of boiling rage to one of blank confusion. The shards of glass tumbled out onto Jakob's chest. Cheesemaster loosened his grip on Jakob's coat. His mouth and eyes twitched.

"Oh, no..." whispered Cheese Woman and James in unison.

The look of rage finally returned to Cheesemaster's face. He clutched Jakob's throat and held it an inch from his own face.


A look of incredible fear was in Jakob's face. His eyes had grown wide. He had stupidly forgotten how angry the boy got when you broke his glasses, and once you had done so, you would have to be submitted to-


"Please, Cheesie!! Please, don't!!"

He ignored her and withdrew his katana, and was about to strike Jakob, but she managed to lunge out and grab him before he did so.

"Cheesie!!" she stammered. "Please, calm down!!!"

Jakob picked up his hat, brushed dust off his clothes, and muttered a muffled "Hmph."

James breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad no one was injured."

Jakob grunted a few times, and scowled at Cheesemaster. "This is, what, the 3rd time he's tried to kill me?!"

"You tried to kill him, too!!" cried James.

"Hmph. It was in self-defense."

"So was I!!" said Cheesemaster. "It wasn't even my fault that they printed that story in the paper, yet you are blaming me!! You have problems, my good sir!"


[lol @ Cheesemaster saying "Good sir".]


[also lol at Cheesemaster owning Jakob for like the 3rd time. XD]

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Dawn's story


It has been 666 years since that day...

666, the number of The Beast.

On that very day, both Alliances will rise up and seek their new leader...

666 years ago, The Dead Alliance was formed and sought Heaven, H---, and The Universe as well...

66 years ago, The Grey Evidence was formed and discovered, and The Freebird Alliance, the very opposite of The Dead Alliance, was formed...both alliances fought and sought destruction of The Other...

But on this day, when the very Dawn rises, Both Alliances will come together under their new leader...


With Wings spread, the New Commander's heart will be judged by it's deeds and one of the two alliances shall be given to them, and they will be charged with the task of fulfilling that Alliance's desires and destroying the other...


No matter how it turned out, The Bloody Ripper will rise up, and it's awesome powers given to the Commander...and the Commander will be given the privilege of doing whatever they wish with those powers...


Only Fate itself knows how this Day will come to pass and how The new Commander shall use their incredible powers...


How shall this all turn out to be?

It is all written in...

The Monster Book!


Dare To Dawn...

Dare to Dawn.




Dawn awoke from her nightmare. She had been having the same nightmare for the past month. At first she shrugged it off, but if video games had taught her anything, it was that recurring nightmares always meant something and demanded seriousness.

The Dark, Threatening voice in the dream was always accompanied by images that seemed incredibly familiar: Monsters and Dragons. Much to her family's delight, Dawn was a talented artist. Much to their dismay, she seemed only intent on drawing monsters, faeries, and dragons. These same monsters were in the nightmares.

Dawn half-smiled as she flipped through her sketchbook. Were these monsters she invented actually real? And if the nightmare was real, would she be controlling all these monsters?

She giggled at the though. It made her excited. But she was still scared.

"I'd love to be able to control and play with my cute little dragons!"

The door suddenly cracked open. It was none other than Jakob Rabbitt.

"Dawn, are you babbling about your silly Monsters again?"

"Go away, Jakob!!"

"Hmph," he said, and stuck his nose in the air. "I'd prefer you drew, say, real things."

"Shut up! Dragons are real!"

He laughed at her. "You really think so?!"

Dawn gritted her teeth.

"Vampires? Yes. Werewolves? Sure! Elves? Yep."

"But there's a dragon on Invision right now! Have you never met Kyo?"

She was referring to Kyo & Kun. Kyo was a large Dragon, and Kun was a plushie that was Kyo's best friend. The two were originally one person, but were split apart by magic powers.

Jakob's mouth twitched. He'd been outsmarted. again.




Dawn had left her house and was walking into town. She was happy, but still slightly frightened by her strange dream.

'This Day'? When was that? Her birthday was coming up in a few days-she was scared that 'This day' referred to her Birthday. If it did, then it was only fitting. Her birthday was on Halloween, after all.

Her Train of Thought as stopped suddenly when she heard the voice of her friend, Cheesemaster. He was standing on the street corner selling papers, as always.

"Hi, Dawn!"

"Oh, Hi, Cheesemaster."

"You seem kind of down, Dawn. Is something wrong?"

"Can we talk about it somewhere else?"

"Oh," he said, sadly. "Uh, sure."




Dawn led Cheesemaster to the cemetery in town. They were mostly silent, until Dawn tried to strike up conversation. "Aren't the Fall colors pretty?"

Cheesemaster looked around. "Yeah, I guess."

The noise from the Port of Cheese slowly got quieter as the pair got nearer to the cemetery.

"Is there a reason why it has to be all the way out at this scary place?"

"I just think it would be fitting."

"well, we're here. What did you want to tell me?"

Dawn was silent for many moments. Her dress and hair blew in the wind, and then she looked up at Cheesemaster.

"It's this dream I keep having," she explained to him. She told him the contents of her dream.

Cheesemaster thought for a moment. "Huh...that's really weird. What exactly do you see in the dreams?"

She blinked. "Huh?"

"What do you see?"

She thought for a moment. "Sometimes I see the monsters I draw. That's what I've been seeing for the whole month. But last night I only saw a Coffin with Blood seeping out of it. The entire thing is shaking, like someone is in there. The lid opens up, but I don't see who comes out of it. And somehow I feel it's mine."

Cheesemaster said nothing. He didn't know what to say to that.

There was a long silence. Orange, yellow, and red leaves fluttered in the wind, circling around the two. The silence seemed deafening, and it seemed it would swallow both of them. It was broad light out, but it was scarier then anything the two had experienced in their lives.

Cheesemaster finally spoke up. "Dawn, why did you bring me here?"

Her head snapped up, and she finally gave him a worried smile. "Oh. I just feel better talking here."

Cheesemaster said nothing. He glanced over her, thinking for a reason why she'd be more comfortable here, and then he noticed her lack of a shadow."

Dawn rubbed her hand over a tombstone. "I guess I feel more comfortable around dead people. After all..." she looked at him with sad, empty eyes. "I'm technically dead, too."

Cheesemaster smiled at her. "O-Of course. I-I guess I know how you feel."

"Whatever do you mean?"

He opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped when Dawn slinked over to him. "I'm thirsty," she said, in a voice that sent chills up his spine.

She walked over, and leaned over him. She clutched his throat with one hand and moved his head to one side.

"Ow," he muttered. He wasn't scared; you'll find out why.

He watched her fangs come out. Nothing else had changed but she instantly seemed much more frightening. She bit into his neck...nothing?

"Um..." she mumbled, taking her mouth off of him. She examined him, and bit into a different section of his neck. Nothing.

"Uh, Dawn?"

"Hold on." She repeated the process. Again-nothing.

"Cheesie, You've-"

"I've got no blood." He pushed her off him. "I was about to say that."

"Oh...So that's why you said you know how I feel."

"Yeah. technically, I'm not really alive...You know what they say. I really am a-"

'MOLD!!!" shouted a voice. The two turned around suddenly and saw a steaming Jakob Rabbitt. "What was that, Dawn?! Were you just...?"

The two of them jumped over the fence and walked over to Jakob. "Jakob, please don't act so upset, I-"

He turned and looked at Cheesemaster. "What were you doing all the way out here with Dawn?!"


"You're all the way out here, where there is not a soul around, with Dawn."

Cheesemaster scowled at him. "What are you implying?!"

Jakob folded his arms and looked at him menacingly. "You know what I'm implying."

"You're out of your mind!"

He turned to look at Dawn.

"Do you think I was giving him a hickey or something?"

"Maybe. After all, Common Sense implies that he's got no blood. Besides, you don't feed of people, I thought."

Dawn scowled. "Well, that didn't cross my mind."

"And you..." he clutched Cheesemaster by his collar. "If I ever see you around Dawn again, Newsie..."

"HEY!!!" came another voice. This one was Cheese Woman. "LET GO OF MY CHEESIE!!!"

Jakob threw him on the ground and turned to look at her. "Well if it isn't the block of mold's equally moldy girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend.." muttered Cheesemaster, as he got back on his feet.

Cheese Woman ran up to Jakob. Even though he was a foot taller than her, she tried to put up a fight.

Jakob crossed his arms and looked down at her, standing still, as she jumped around yelling at him. Finally, he sighed and closed his eyes, and extended one of his arms, and pushed her down on her head. "Calm down, Moldy Girl."


"Speaking of..." he turned and saw he and Dawn had run off.

"Aren't you his girlfriend?" he smirked. "You'd better be seeing to it that he's not cheating on you with Dawn."

She gasped and ran off.

"Hmph," muttered Jakob. "That Dawn is an odd girl."

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"Dawn! Dawn!!! Wait!!"

Cheesemaster was chasing Dawn throughout the town. She had clutched her hat and had it over her face, and eventually stopped under the shade of a roof.

Cheesemaster caught up to her, caught his breath, and asked her what was wrong.

She rubbed her face slowly. "The sun is bad for me," she said weakly. "I need a umbrella or something..."

He was silent for many moments as Dawn shut her eyes. She opened them in surprise when she saw that he was using his coat as a makeshift parasol for her.

"Come on. Let's go back to your house. You'll need to rest."

"T-Thank you..." she stammered. She got flushed in the face as Cheesemaster walked her through the town and a couple people looked on.

They were on the front porch of the Rabbitt Manor and about to go in when Cheesemaster was thrust away from Dawn and turned around and found himself an inch from Cheese Woman's face. "Whaaaaat was thaaaaaaat?!" she said, loudly.

"What was what?" He said, confused. His glasses were slipping due to the constant shaking, as was his cap.

"What was <i>that</i> back in the town? You were being all....close...with Dawn...you were protecting her from the sun, weren't you?"

"Well yeah."

She looked angry for a moment. "That...that..." she put her hands by her face and swooned. "That is soooooooo sweeeeeet!!!"

Cheesemaster sighed dramatically.

Dawn's eyes glittered and she grinned, and she and Cheese Woman started talking and giggling in such a way that I'd rather not bore the reader with the details of their conversation. However, Cheesemaster was having difficulty believing Dawn to be a vampire, due to her nature and bubbly personality, and he would have forgotten it if she had not nearly died in the sunlight moments ago.

"Well, I'll see you two later." said Dawn. She still had a tired look in her eyes. "I need to rest, get some shade..." and with that she headed on into her mansion.

When the door clicked shut, Cheese Woman turned and looked at Cheesemaster, and then hugged him. Not in the obsessive way she usually hugged him. She didn't glomp him, or strangle him, or smother him like she usually did....she just hugged him. It was strange and almost unnerving. She wasn't usually so....calm.

"You're such a gentleman."

He blushed and rubbed his head, and the pair started to walk into the town. "I don't see why this is such a big deal. I was just being nice to her. I'd turn my jacket into an umbrella for any of my friends."

"Oh, Cheesie..." she stopped all of a sudden and buried her head in his chest. She looked up at him. "That's one of the biggest reasons why I like you so much."

Cheesemaster looked at her with an expression that was a mixture of awkwardness, shock, and embarrassment. She gasped, and she stood straight up again, but her arms were still around him. "I'm sorry. That was really awkward."

Cheesemaster looked around, and saw that there were actually several people about in the town, and a few were staring at them.

"Uhhhhhhh....let's just...go home....now." stuttered Cheesemaster.

He lurched himself from out of her grip, and ran home as fast as he possibly could.




James and Sterling Rabbitt were sitting at Dawn's bedside, monitoring her condition.

"Dawn, I hope you haven't gotten a cold. Your birthday is tomorrow. It'd be horrible if you were sick for it."

Dawn's eyes grew very wide. "T-Tomorrow?!" The contents of her dreams came flooding back to her, and she gasped, followed by a heavy cough. "T-Tomorrow?!" she said again.

"What's wrong, Dawn? Are you worried about being older?" asked Sterling.

"No, No! I...I...I had this dream...and in the dream, it says something about "That Day" and they say my name a lot, and...Dead Alliance..."

James looked at Sterling. Sterling looked at James. They didn't know what to make of it, but Dawn got up all of a sudden.

"No, No, Dawn, lay back down. You need rest."

"No, I need to go into the library room!"


"The dream talks about a book, too. I need to find it..."

"Tell me the name and I'll find it for you."

She fell back on the bed. "It's called The Monster Book."

James gasped for a moment.

He turned his head swiftly. "I...have heard that name before...Dawn, you realize that such a book is likely to be unholy literature?"

She nodded.

"Alright, then.." he sighed. "I don't know if such a book would be in our library. Sterling, stay with your sister. I'll also get some cold medicine."

I don't have a cold, though Dawn.




James walked into the Manor's giant Library. It was an enormous room in more ways then one; the ceiling was incredibly high, and the room was spacious. The room was lit by nothing more than two small, rectangular windows near the ceiling on two sides of the room. Two shafts of light shined from these two windows, and the dust of the library danced in the glow.

"Where to look?" James thought aloud. He scanned the M's, as the books were sorted by title rather then Author.

He hadn't searched long when he saw a beige tome in there with "The Monster Book" written clearly on the spine. He took it out.

The book was about to burst at the seams. The cover said "The Monster Book" in sharp and frightening calligraphy, and Scratch marks were all over it, particularly one huge on on the front. He didn't know if it was a drawing or an actual claw mark.

The book had an evil aura to it that sent shivers up and down James's spine. His mind began making up fascinating stories as to the book's origins. Perhaps the book was once in plentiful numbers but all of them were burned but this copy. He glanced at the book and realized that either the book was never published, or all published copies were destroyed. This was clearly the original copy of the book that possibly belonged to the book's author before he was hanged or burned at the stake for writing such a book.

The book filled him with an overwhelming sense of curiosity. He wanted to read it, but feared for his own salvation if he did read it. What were the contents of the book? Was it a field guide? A horrifying novel? A book of Unholy magic? He didn't know. The cover of the book offered no possible clue to it's contents, for the author's name was been singed and clawed away.

He put the book under his arm and carefully walked out of the room.



[hooray for awkward moments!]

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James walked out of the library, only to be stopped by his brother. Jakob folded his arms and looked down on James. "What's that?" He pointed his head to The Monster Book.

James grabbed it, realizing what was coming. "I-it's-it's a book I was going to read." He avoided the fact that it was for Dawn. That would be a bad idea; a very bad idea. And if Jakob learned that the book was in his Library, he'd throw a tantrum, and possibly burn it. James was a man who believed in morality, but he also believed in Free speech, and to have this book burned, especially if it was, as he thought, the last copy in existence, it would be a horrible shame if it was destroyed.

"I see. Just a book for yourself to read?"

James nodded, and began to walk off.

The two were heading their separate pathways when Jakob turned around and said "Why are you headed for Dawn's room?"

James sweat a tiny bit. "She's sick. Don't you know?"

Jakob let off a loud "Hmph!" and turned around, his cape flowing behind him.




"Here, Dawn. Here's the book."

Dawn took the book from his hands and examined the cover.

He sat on her bed. "I felt a strange aura coming from it, so I want you to be careful. I...I didn't look at it myself."

"Thanks, James." she coughed, and opened it up to the first page.

"Eh? The author's last name is Rabbitt like ours."

"Oh? No wonder it was in our possession, then."

"In my dream, they talked about some dates years and years ago. Maybe the previous owners of the Dead Alliance wrote this book."

James agreed quietly. "I'll leave you alone. Come along, Sterling. Dawn, be sure to get lots of rest."

"I will. I want to read for a while."

The door quietly clicked shut and Dawn dove into the book.

The Monster Book was not a Monster Field Guide, a Horrifying Novel, or a book of Unholy Magic; it was all these things and more. Not only were there Unholy spells, but there were Animal Spells, and Dark Spells, which made Dawn grin, as she used Dark Magic.

The Horrifying Novel aspect was not a fictional novel, but rather, a Horrifying Diary. And Dawn was right; the Book was written by the previous owner of the Dead Alliance, and as she learned later on, by the previous owner of The Freebird Alliance.

Dawn had never read something like this before. There were accounts of Unholy Rituals and Cults, Bloody Monsters tearing into humans, Vampires, Werewolves, and other deadly creatures that Dawn loved.

But the real shock was The Field Guide. The pictures were exactly the same as her drawings, as were the names and descriptions! She slammed the book shut and place it in the drawer in her nightstand. This was incredibly frightening, and far too strange to be a mere coincidence. It was clear to her; The previous leaders of The Two Alliances were her relatives. She was a direct descendent of both.




"Julia, do you notice things getting stranger around here?"

Jakob and Julia were having tea in the Dining Room.

Julia said nothing; she simply nodded.

"The spirits of the household have been acting up a lot more often than usual. They're usually very calm, but lately they've been mischievous. The others have acted quite odd, as well. Sterling's pets have been appearing more often. Dawn's dehydrated no matter how much she drinks, James has been acting secretive, Richard's holed himself in his room, and you..."

The spirit possessing Julia had been appearing more often, too. Julia had gotten better at controlling it, but lately it was uncontrollable, and there wasn't exactly anyone to cure her.

"There's something odd in the October breeze, dear. Something very bad. I fear for the worst."

"I do too, Jakob. I...I do too."




[Just so you know, the whole idea of The Dead Alliance is actually the creation of my friend Ice Climber, whom Julia, Dawn, and Sterling are based off of. The Monster Book was the name of the sketchbook that she used to draw dragons and pass notes in (it eventually became an A.D. Journal), and stuff. Though the part where she learns the monsters in the book are the ones she drew, I got that from a dream I had once.]

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So Dawn finished The Monster Book and went peacefully to sleep. And that night, the night before her Birthday, the night before all truth would come, her dream was very, very different.

She saw a...woman, who looked much like herself. But she was taller, and looked older, with a more developed body, thick lips and dark eye makeup. Her dress was pitch black, with white ruffles, and a long, black coat. In her hand was a menacing staff; a black orb with two skeleton hands protruding from it, and coming from the bottom of the orb was a long blade with a swirling black vein of energy. And from her back were two enormous demon wings.


She stood on a giant cliff, with the familiar monsters below the cliff moaning and roaring.

But opposite her was a grass-covered cliff, where stood another Dawn. This Dawn, too, was older, but Her dress was Golden, with a Golden cape and enormous Angel's wings on her back. In her hand was another staff; It was two sticks of wood intertwined together, and one stick ended in a swirl, whilst the other ended and created three long spikes. In between was an orb of energy. Below the cliff there were Natural-Looking animals: bears, eagles, lions, and others. The two Dawns stepped forward and raised their staffs, and then...

"Dawn. Dawn..."

Dawn awoke from her dream. It was still dark out. She tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't. She check the time. It was 11:50; only 10 minutes until Midnight. She got up and got dressed, and walked around to see if she could get sleepy. It was failing. She suddenly got a strong sense of thirst.

She didn't want to risk waking any of the others up; if they woke up and found her drinking their blood, she'd be grounded for months! But ever since drinking Mushroom_king's blood, she'd craved the blood of humans over deer blood.

She ignored it. But the urge got stronger and stronger. She'd never had such a craving for blood before. It was similar to when you or me needs a drink of water, but you ignore it because you have something to do. But soon it became uncontrollable. You or I have never had such a craving for water, unless you did not drink water for a couple days, and if you didn't drink for a couple days you'd probably die.

She went outside to see if she could find some deer. But soon she found herself in a dark, unfamiliar area. The deafening silence was slowly but surely getting replaced by the moans of beasts.

But for some reason, Dawn wasn't scared; she'd dreamed the dream of this day for so long she soon expected it.

"Welcome...Dawn." said a creeping voice. And before her stood a gigantic, bony monster, with broken chains clanking on the ground, attacked to it's thin wrists. It had enormous claws soaked in Blood, it's eyes had been clawed out long ago, and it had enormous, razor-sharp teeth, also soaked in blood. Beside it was a monster that Dawn recognized as a Chimera-a lion with a Dragon's tail and a Goat's head coming out of it's back. But it was bigger than the Chimeras she had read about, and it had an eagle perched on it, and giant golden wings.

The Chimera spoke, too; but it's voice was grand, deep, and heroic. "Welcome, Dawn."

Dawn bowed to them both.

The Chimera spoke again. "This is The Bloody Reaper. I am The Golden Chimera."

"I am here for my test of Heart, I believe?"

"That is true. You seem to have gotten our messages."

Dawn nodded.

"Well, we will put you through the Test of Heart. But I must warn you beforehand..."

"I'm fine."

"Alright, then. But don't say I didn't warn you, Dawn Rabbitt."




Dawn found herself in what she believed to be the first challenge of The Test of Heart.

Dawn had guessed that the Tests would involve her sacrificing things for her friends. She was exactly right.

She found herself, Vanilla Star Hamster, MK, and PMM on a sinking boat. There was only one life raft for them, and such a raft only fit 3 people. It was a small raft; no room to fit the 3 girls and PMM. Who was she going to sacrifice to escape?

"Dawn, Help!!" yelled Vanilla. MK screamed and PMM was freaking out. "I can't die! I have yet to see Final Fantasy 9,001, Super Smash Sisters, Super Mario Time Travel..."

Dawn didn't know what to do. She looked frantically at the one life raft available. One person would have to die to save the other three. But who? BUT WHO?!

Dawn sighed. She knew what to do.

"You three get on. I..."


A tear slid down her cheek. "I'm sorry. I simply can't come with you."

"But Dawn..."

"I love all three of you."

The other three stared at her and began to cry as they boarded the raft, and floated away as Dawn sank and drowned in the ship.


Dawn fell into another coma and began to dream. This sacrifice had her in the "Good" area right now. Only 3 challenges left.

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The next challenge saw Dawn on an island with MK, Arkcher, and PMM. Before her was a large portal.

"What's that?" asked Dawn, looking at it ominously.

"Don't you remember?" said Arkcher. "We came all this way so you could turn into a regular girl, and no longer be a vampire."

But I like being a vampire... the real Dawn thought. The one in the dream, however, smiled and said, "Oh Yeah! I forgot."

"But wait, where's Sterling?"

Dawn looked around and finally found Sterling. She was right in front of The Portal, and was about to go in it."

"Sterling!" shrieked MK, "You can't go in there! That's for Dawn!"

"But I want to be normal, too," she whispered. She was melancholic. "I don't want to have all these spirits following me around. I want to be a normal little girl."


"Go on, Sterling. You deserve it more than I do. People have already accepted me for who I am, but there's not many who have done the same for you."

"But...Dawn, you suffer so much more," said MK. "You have the cravings. You can't go out in the sun. You can't go swimming. You can't got eat Chinese or Italian food with us."

"It's alright, guys. Go on Sterling."

Sterling walked slowly into the portal.




Dawn woke up in limbo once again. Another point towards Goodness. 2 down and 2 to go. She didn't understand the situations though...they'd never happen to her in real life!


But onto the semi-final challenge....





Dawn found herself with Jakob Rabbitt in the Forum Forest. It was the dead of night. Why they were there, she didn't know; all she knew was that they were in grave danger, running from God knows what. And they would have gotten away with it, too; not because of meddling kids, but because of the thing that frequently brings Heroes to an end: A dead end. Jakob and Dawn fund themselves at Outside The Wall, but it was a wall and not a hill. Which I guess would make it Outside The Hill or something.

Dawn turned around and saw various monsters, but not the kinds of The Dead Alliances; truly vicious monsters.

The monsters hissed and growled at her and Jakob. She knew she would have to sacrifice herself or Jakob. Much like the first challenge. Seems like most "challenges" involve sacrificing loved ones. But in this case, the choice of Jakob was not a good one; perhaps they meant to use James or something, because Dawn remembered all the horrible things Jakob had done to her, and her friends. She pushed him towards the monsters and saw them tear him limb-to-limb. In seconds, all that was left of him were tatters of his fancy clothes and his hat. And with that Dawn fell to the ground and cried.




Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), that, in case you didn't guess, was a point towards The Dead Alliance. The next challenge was the final one.




Dawn found herself in an outfit she had not worn in years; a Black dress with many ruffles on it, tall black ruffled lace-up boots, and in her hand was a tall Glaive.

Around her was Chaos. It had been ages since Dawn had last used Magic in a battle, but here, in this dream, she was being forced to use it again. Before her was an enemy who contained great power. A woman with such gleaming light around her she seemed like she was holding the Sun itself in her grip. She must have been a Light Mage. Dawn, a Darkness Mage, was in a jam; should she attack, she'd kill an innocent person. But if she did nothing, she'd die. What to do?

Preferring not to die, she raised her glaive and said something, two words she thought she'd never hear herself say:

"FINAL...." and she brought her glaive to the ground, causing a large black orb to form and gather around he glaive's tip. It had become enormous until she swung the glaive to the side and hit the orb towards the woman.


Dawn woke up and remembered nothing that happened afterwards. She was still in The woods the Rabbitt Manor, with the Golden Chimera and The Bloody Ripper still before her.

Dawn got up and rubbed her eyes. No time had passed, had it? She had no idea. "Dawn..."

She looked at The Golden Chimera, and wondered if The Bloody Ripper could speak.

"Dawn...something is odd about your results."

"What? What happened?"

"Two challenges proved positive towards The Freebird Alliance, but two proved Positive for the Dead Alliance. It is equal results."

Dawn stood up and brushed the dust and leaves off her dress. "So? What happens?"

The Golden Chimera whispered with The Bloody Ripper for several moments.

"We have no choice but to give you control of both."

"Do I...Do I really have that kind of power to take control of two Alliances that have that much power?"

"You performed The Final Twilight with the Force Glaive, did you not?"

"That was just a dream-a hallucination."

"How do you know that dreams and hallucinations do not really happen?"

"Oh! That reminds me!" exclaimed Dawn. "Did any of the challenges really happen, or will they happen, or are they just fake?"

"Who knows? I hope you never have to go through the 1st and 3rd ones, though."

The Chimera and The Ripper walked closer to Dawn. The Chimera handed her a Small Wand with Golden Wings, and The Ripper handed her A tiny Wand with a Scythe on top."

"You'll have to transform to take control of The Alliances. Do you want to try now?"

Dawn could barely control her excitement.

"Take the wand I gave you, and say, "Free Bird Alliance, Transforming Power."

Dawn took the pen, held it up in the air, and said the phrase in the most epic way she could. After the obligatory 1-minute-and-a-half Transforming sequence, which would be difficult to put into book words, She was wearing The Gold-and-Yellow outfit that one of the Dawns was wearing in her dream last night. In her hand was the staff, as well.

The Bloody Ripper finally spoke. It had the voice you would expect it to have; deep, growling, and sinister. "Now try mine. Say "Dead Alliance, Transforming Power."

Dawn grabbed the wand. Another transforming sequence followed, and of course hse had the darker outfit from the dream, and the sinister staff.

She Put the wands in her pocket and went back to normal.

"You can find information on how to use your powers in The Monster Book. There ought to be a section called The D.A. Book, and one called The F.A. Book. You needn't take out someone's eyes. Until we meet again, Master."


Dawn glanced at her pens, and suddenly felt tired. She struggled to walk home.




The next morning, Dawn wondered if the night's events really happened, but she didn't care-it was her Birthday! All her friends had come from around Invision to come to her party. She couldn't wait to show them her pets.





[next is Hamsterking's Story. It is a Birthday Theme story.]

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Hamsterking lied silently in his bed. He was as excited as a young child, for today was his birthday.


Such excitement was typical of the other Invisionists on their birthdays, for most of them were in their teens; some were younger, some were older, but few were over the age of 35. Hamsterking, however, was acting abnormal for his age; for Hamsterking had, long ago, used magic to make himself live longer and healthier.


How old is he, you ask?


As of this day, he was 101 years old.




Meanwhile, the day before, elsewhere on Invision, our main characters were at Planet Horatio having Lunch. It was only 5:45 and It was dark because of Daylight Savings Time, and added to the mood...for Schimmislick, a young man who worked as a singer (and something else, as you will find). The group was discussing what to do for Hamsterking's birthday, with Horatio helping them.


"Perhaps we should re-decorate his castle," suggested Kat. "We can make it Plaid and build it from my couch cushions!"

Cheesemaster coughed and said, "Um, well. Even though Hamsterking is a pretty tiny hamster, I think he'd prefer a Bigger castle."

"What do you mean?"

"Kat, your couch cushions don't make a very big castle."

"It's a big enough castle for me."


"I use pillows, too."

"Well, it still wouldn't be fit for Hamsterking. Remember...he's the coolest politician ever." said Arkcher.

Horatio sighed and said, "I remember when we first came here. Me, Hamsterking, Hamsterweb, and Stewart."

"Stewart..." sighed Cheesemaster ominously. He said nothing afterwards.

"Stewart never spoke much. He mainly just stayed in his room on our ship and talked to himself, or wrote stuff down, or looked at old photographs. We were never allowed in there. I always wondered about the man."

The others were about to continue the conversation, but the lights dimmed and Glowurm's signature Australian accent yet still classy-sounding voice.

"Attention all guests of Planet Horatio...please give your best attentiveness to our very own Schimmislick, the first one in tonight's line of performers. Actually, there's only 3!"

And while Glowurm continued to ramble on about nothing, a very...well, slick-looking young man stepped onto the stage. He was clad in white leather, and managed to not look like an idiot, and had white hair with a blue stripe down the part. He had a choker with a tiny Buddha on it, and had plain blue shoes that said POW!! on them. That was his catch phrase you see.

He grabbed the Mic off the stand and began to sing and dance to God knows what.




After the show, Schimmi went backstage as the next act prepared to show up. Our heroes (plus Aloysius and Horatio) went back to see if he could help them with Hamsterking's birthday.

Aloysius saw Schimmi on a blue couch backstage. In fact, most of the things in the room were Blue; the walls and floor were white, but the rug was sky-blue, the desk was wooden with blue knobs, and, what struck Aloysius as odd, there were blue paintings of Buddha in the room. Hardy what you expect from a leather-clad singer. There was also a Linux poster; also odd. The group sat on the other couches. Schimmi was typing away at a slick, silver laptop that also had the POW!! emblem. He glanced up at his visitors, grinned, and shut the laptop. He placed it on a glass-top coffeetable that had a large book on Buddhism, which was on top of a book on Computers.

"Hi, guys. You must be the Aloysius I keep hearing about." His voice was unusually suave-sounding.

"Uh, yes. We came because tomorrow is the birthday of Hamsterking. I will be meeting his highness tomorrow. It will be a fantastic honor!"

Schimmi smiled. "I'm sure it will be. Well, you want me to help with the celebration? What do you think I can do?"

PMM and Horatio made a suggestion: "You could sing the traditional birthday song for him." Horatio continued speaking. "You have such a nice voice, I'm sure Hamsterking will be delighted."

"I guess I could do that. In fact, everyone ought to make best use of their talents to make Hamsterking's birthday the best one ever."

"But that's what we did laaaast year, for his birthday, 'cause he was a century old last year." moaned PMM. "Let's do something fun and new this year. How about a surprise party?"

"I have an idea," Arkcher finally spoke up. "Me and Cheesemaster made this one up. Hamsterking is always busy, so why don't we do his work for a day?"

PMM thought for a moment and grinned sadistically.

"Too bad for you, Paper Mario master. You don't get to be king for a day."

"Guess I'll stick to Final Fantasy..."

"That sounds like a fantastic idea!" said Horatio. "I know for a fact that Hamsterking is a busy man....hamster."

"Well, that's that. Hey, the next act is about to start, and I'm in the middle of something important."

"What are you doing?" wondered Aloysius.

"Well...the whole singer thing...you could say it's a cover-up. I'm really a hacker."


"Didn't I tell you, dad? He's Schimmislick, the slickest Hacker in all of Hamsterdam! POW!!!"

Schimmislick looked at him, confused. "Huh, real creative."

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The group plus Schimmislick went out to the dining area (and stage area) just as the next act was beginning. A wrinkled old man wearing a suit was standing on the stage, and next to him was a girl puppet that had pale blond braids, a pink dress with a tear in the corner, large eyes, and a giant windmill on her head.

"Everyone, please welcome my good friend, Cutie Puppet!"

The audience clapped, but was cut short when the puppet screamed, "Get your hand out of my dress, pervert!"

She had a thick Dutch accent; that possibly explained why she had a windmill on her head.

The man gasped and whispered, "Oh, I'm sorry."

Cutie Puppet sighed and folded her arms. "Who are all these people?!"

"This are our friends, Cutie Puppet. Say hello."

"No way."

Aloysius was watching the show when he smelled smoke. He rapidly looked to his left and saw a teenage boy with a messy mop of hair, a hoodie, jeans, and a cigarette in his hand.



The boy looked at Aloysius. He had an I-Don't-care look on his face, and eyes shaped like the letter T. (Like this emote T_T) He took a drag on his cigarette and glared at Aloysius.

"I-I don't think you're-"

"You're not allowed to smoke here."

"Yes. That's correct."

He took another drag and blew the smoke near Aloysius. "I really don't care."

"Oh, I-"

"My name's Roger. What's a fancy-dressed stranger like you doing here?"

The Ventriloquist and Cutie Puppet continued to argue: "Come on, Cutie Puppet, why won't you say Hi to the nice audience?" "Because they're really not such a nice audience. If they were, they'd pay you a lot more so you can get some ventriloquist lessons!"

"I didn't raise you to be that kind of puppet, young lady."

"What do you mean, 'Young lady'? I'm not going to grow up. I'm gonna stay like this forever. You, old man, are not."

Aloysius was uncomfortable around this strange boy. He clearly didn't seem to like authority.

Roger leaned in and looked at him real close. "I've never seen you around before. Who are you?"

"I'm Aloysius Ahrroww."

"Never heard of him."

"O-Oh," he stuttered. This was a first.

"I'm an inventor."

"Do we really need more of them here?"

"I don't have any plans to Live here," said Aloysius, "I'm merely visiting my son, Ar-"



"I knew right when I saw you. He's your spitting image." He sighed and took another drag on his cigarette.

There was a long silence as the two watched the Ventriloquist's psychotic breakdown.

"Thanks for saying Hello to the audience, Cutie."

"I only did it so you would shut up."

"Oh, that's not very nice. You're really not a very nice puppet."

"This guy's been a lot less boring ever since his puppet became possessed."


"It used to be a normal puppet, and it was boring. Every act was the same. Then one day, some angry spirit possessed it. Every act is different now, so it's worth it to come. I guess it's made The Man happier, too. I've been so busy coming here to see the Insane Puppet and I've been spending less time supporting the Spray-Paint industry."



Roger expected a speech on how vandalism was wrong. That's what he got from most adults.

"That's fine."

Roger was shocked. His cigarette fell out of his mouth and fell on the floor, and his quickly picked it up and threw it away.


"Some graffiti is really cool-looking, I think."

Roger stared at him in shock, sighed a happy sigh, and then lit another cigarette.

"That's a first. I declare you awesome. Don't screw it up."




Hamsterking was in his castle the same day Roger met Aloysius wondering what the Invisionists had in mind for his birthday tomorrow.

His main two Subjects were two hamsters by the names of Hamsterweb and Horatio. While Hamsterking was 100 years old (101 tomorrow), Hamsterweb was over 40 years old and Horatio was just 10. They were special hamsters known usually as "Giant Hamsters" as they were the size of Human children and typically had human lifespans. Hamsterking never told anyone how he was so old yet so healthy. Maybe he was immortal. Maybe he was born that way. Maybe it's Maybelline. Whatever it was, it was really powerful. Hamsterking didn't exactly show any signs of dying.


Hamsterweb was a freakish Half-Hamster and Half-Spider experiment; back on the Communistic Hamster Planet (dear God, did I really just say that?), he was paraded around as a freak, and no one ever saw his insanely good computer skills. Horatio, on the other hand, was a pilot and music fan. He also liked sunflower seeds. He was the only one who really ever interacted with the Invisionists; Hamsterweb was always busy, and Hamsterking was usually busy and only had interacted with his subjects when he was announcing something, or during a holiday, or his birthday. So he was going to see the Invisionists tomorrow, and they would come to his castle and celebrate.

"You two know I usually have the Invisionists come to my castle to celebrate, but I'm thinking of something different. I think I'll go visit them in Hamsterdam this time. I never really go out and explore my planet very much. I always just stay here, sometimes going out into the grassy area, or look out at the ocean."

Horatio smiled. "I think that's a grand idea!"

Hamsterweb merely nodded.

"Then it's settled. I'll make it a surprise."





[lol, Horatio said "Grand Idea: lol]

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Meanwhile, back at Planet Horatio, Graf Von and Cutie Puppet's act was just ending and the two were bowing as the crowed clapped. The 3rd act of the night was about to start.

"I think you'll like this one," said Roger, to Aloysius.

"Isn't this the final act?"

Roger took a drag on his cigarette. "Oh, Poppycock..."

"Eh?" wondered Aloysius, but Roger said nothing.

Suddenly, a woman's voice came over the intercom: "Gather 'Round and Look Closely!"

The lights dimmed, and a spotlight moved around the room. It stopped on the stage and suddenly disappeared. "There's nothing in my hand! There's nothing in my sleeve!"

And with that, the spotlight reappeared and the most bizarre woman Aloysius had ever seen in his entire life appeared.

She was tall and slightly chubby, wearing a t-shirt made of two different fabrics. Her left arm had a long sleeve, and her right arm had no sleeve, with several tattoos and jewelry. Over the t-shirt was half of a vest, with a safety pin barely attaching it to her body, and a tank top with no strap. Barely holding up a frayed pink tutu was a single, checkered suspender. Around her neck was a golden bow-tie and an untied necktie covered with top hats and rabbits. She had too many earrings to count, and had several necklaces as well as the dressier neck pieces. She wore pants; her right leg was floor-length with the bottoms tucked into snow boots, while her other leg had purple shorts with harlequin tights, a checkered Garter, and a single ballet slipper with a little yellow pompom. On her head was a top hat, worn with age, and on her face, was a mask that only covered half of her face. Her hair was buried in hair clips, bows, barrettes, and hairpins. She took a wand out of a pocket in her tutu and bowed.


"I will need an assistant!" she shouted to the crowed. The spotlight came off her and centered on Aloysius. He blushed nervously. "W-Who, Me?!"

"You! My good sir! I have never seen your face before! Come here!"

Aloysius shakily got up and walked onstage.

"Sir, what is your name?"

"Aloysius Apollo Ahrroww."

"You're Arkcher's father, eh? You look just like him. You can call me Who Are You? Who Am I?."

"Where'd you get a name like that?"

"I didn't say it was my name. I said you could call me that."

"O-Oh! My apologies."

"No worries. You'll be my assistant for tonight's show!"

Aloysius seemed calm. This SHOULD be perfectly fi-

"First off, let's do a classic: The Man in The Box!"


But before he could do anything, He found himself inside the wooden box, with the woman holding a saw above his body.

She whispered to him: "Don't worry. This is only stage magic, not real magic."

"Alright, Alright!" whispered Aloysius. He sighed and calmed down. She brought the saw down onto the box Aloysius was in and sawed the box.

She looked over at Arkcher and winked when she was done sawing the box. "I'm afraid your father isn't half the man he used to be, Arkcher..."

Arkcher pretended to be shocked, and the spotlight went back to the magician girl.

She spread the two boxes apart, and opened them...and out came Aloysius, full and uncut.

The crowed applauded and the two bowed. "Thank you for your help, Aloysius." and with that, she sent him back to his seat. When he got back, he started talking to Roger.

"When I was up there, she said something like, 'This is stage magic, not Real Magic.' What did she mean?"

Roger took a long drag, looked at he ceiling, and explained. "Who Are You? Who Am I? is an Illusion Magician. That means she not only does stage magic, but she can do real magic, too. And trust me. She's deadly!"

"Oh my. And...um...this is a bit rude, but the way she dresses...?"

"Oh, I have no idea...she's never bought clothing in her life. All her clothing, she got from the trash bin, and she typically has to sew 'em together. And that hat, it's apparently been in her family forever."


Meanwhile, the magician was up on the stage, and when Aloysius looked up, all he saw was a load of cards exploding outward from her. He jumped back and Roger giggled. It was the first time Aloysius saw him smile.

The crowed clapped, and The bizarre woman took off her top hat, tapped the rim with her wand, and out came a rabbit. "This is my dearest friend, Clarytis!" And she tapped the hat more and out came a storm of doves. They all flew out to the crowed and vanished in a puff of smoke; except one, which stayed on her shoulder. "And this is my sanity...Ardnek! Those were his brothers! Well, everyone, I deeply apologize, but I must be on my way..." and, like any good magician, she, her rabbit, and her dove vanished.

Aloysius stood up and clapped, only to feel a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Who Are You? Who Am I? just behind him. She took his shoulder with one hand grabbed one of his suspenders with the other.

"It's simply not every day that my spotlight picks me out such a handsome piece of man such as yourself."

Aloysius slowly stepped away from her and blushed. "I-I-I....uh..."

"Oh, shhhh," she whispered, and took the hand on his shoulder and grabbed his other suspender, and slowly leaned in and kissed his cheek.

She pulled her face away and he looked at her face for the first time, real good. The majority of her face was obscured by a mask, making it difficult for him to really get a good look at her.

"Come on, Aloysius. I'm sure Roger That will be playing his piano soon. Do you want to dance with me?"

Aloysius instantly thought of Solrai, which made him think of Lara. But he didn't care. If he got on this woman's good side, maybe he would see her face and learn her name.

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Roger took his cigarette and put it in the ashtray. "As she said, I play the piano. I play most nights, usually weekends." And with that, he walked up and sat at a piano that Aloysius just noticed had been up there the whole time. Roger sat in the chair, played a few keys, and started to play out a soft melody.

"Let's dance," said the Magician. "By the way, You can simply call me "Who Are You"."

"Alright, Who Are You. I still think that's such an odd title. But then again...most people here seem that way."

Who Are You nodded. Aloysius looked into one of her eyes and saw it was coated in thick, glittery eye makeup. She smiled.

"Excuse me," said a low voice. The pair turned around to see a young woman wearing a tye-dye dress and a tye-dye headband in her messy, blond hair. Coming out of her back were two small wings. Aloysius didn't want to admit it, but he couldn't help but notice the woman's small chest and manly figure.

"Woodstock!" exclaimed Who Are You. "How are you, my good-" she swallowed nervously, "My Good Woman?"

Woodstock slinked over and put her hands on Aloysius's shoulders. "Oh, wow. I haven't seen such a handsome face in years."

"That's just what I thought!" said Who Are You excitedly. "I'm surprised that he hasn't got every woman in here clamoring over him."

Aloysius blushed and scratched his head. The women of Invision apparently thought he was cute.

"C-Could I dance with him, Who Are You?!"

She let go of his shoulders reluctantly. "Oh, I guess so. Besides, I need to go backstage and practice my stage magic. I'm not so good at it. I'm better at real magic!"

"Or so I hear," said Woodstock. She squeezed Aloysius tightly, nearly breaking his spine, and then put her hands around his neck, and the two moved together to the beat of Roger's Piano.

"You know...That young man, he's very good at playing."

"Who? Oh, Roger. Yes, he's very good."

"I play an instrument, too."

"Oh, really?! Me, too! I play Acoustic Guitar. And you?"



"Is something wrong?"

Woodstock looked up at Aloysius; her eyes were sparkling, and she took one hand and smoothed her messy hair.

"Are you very good at it? I mean, your instrument."

"Oh, I guess so. But I can handle criticism."

Aloysius was about to ask about her wings when they heard Glowurm's voice from next to them.


"Oh, Glowwy!" Woodstock let go of Aloysius and the worm and the girl embraced each other.

"Aloysius, this is my boyfriend. I'm dating Glowurm!"

As Aloysius had no plans to date Woodstock, he grinned. "I'm so happy for you."

"I'm half-bird, so it's only half-bestiality."

Aloysius giggled.

"Anyway, could I get the two of you something to drink? Come on, let's go to the bar."




"There's your Prozac Milkshake, ma'am," mumbled Kat. She handed the frothy pink drink to an emo girl sitting at the bar. We'll get to her some other time.

"Thanks," said the girl, and she drank it just as Aloysius, Woodstock, and Glowurm walked up there.

"Well, what do you want, Aloysius? It's Friday, so go ahead and have some Alcohol if you want."

Aloysius was already looking at the choice of Drinks. "Electric Fetus...?"

"...I think, just something gentle. Uh, maybe, Yellow Submarine..."

"I think I'll have this," he said, pointing to a Black Drink. "The Coal Square Award."

"Um, are you positively sure?"

"I love Blackberry."

"A-Alright." said Kat, and she mixed up the drink for him.

"Here you go," she said, handing the shot to him. He downed it in a second. "Oh My goodness! It's so sweet! This is sooooo goooooooooood! Gimme another!"

"Aloysius, that's not such a good thing to do. Do you want a bad hangover?"



"Oh, fine."

"That drink is a really strong one, though. Be careful, drive safely...oh, I forgot to Card you. Eh, you look old enough."

"Kat Dacatis, That's irresponsible." Muttered Cheesemaster, who was apparently up there too. Not drinking, though, as he's more responsible then that.

"Eh, don't get so worked up, Cheesy."

Aloysius sat there, with two women clamoring over him, with Glowurm giving jealous looks to him.

"Hey, Cheesemaster!" said Aloysius.


"Lemme ask you five questions. If you get one wrong, you gotta buy me a drink."

"Sounds good enough to me."

"Alrighty then, first question. What is your name?"


"Correct. What kind of vehicle do you drive?"

"A bike."

"Right. Who is the king of Invision?"


"Alright. Are you ready for the next question?"

"I think so."

"What number question is this?"


"Wrong. It's five. Buy me another Coal Square."

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Cheesemaster groaned and said a muffled "Dang it," as he reached into his coat pocket and got out some of the change he had saved up from selling papers, and bought Aloysius another Coal Square.

Aloysius, once again, downed the shot. His entire body shook with the sweet blend of Blackberry and Coconut, and he let out a happy sigh.

All of a sudden, he pushed the two women away from him and stammered, "I want....I want to talk to Solrai."

Cheesemaster spun around and said, "What?!"

The two women gasped and said, "Oh My God, did he already have a girlfriend?!"

"I-It's alright," he stuttered. "I-I'm sure-I'm sure Solrai....wouldn't mind if I explained it to her..."

"She doesn't have to know, Aloysius."

"No, No! I already feel horrible that I've been hanging around two women, one of which has a boyfriend already, and I haven't told my own girlfriend that I was...and that i haven't told my Girlfriend that I'm cheating on my wife...and I haven't told my wife either..."

"WHAAAAAAAT???" screamed Who Are You and Woodstock. "You already had a wife, who you were cheating on with Solrai, who you are cheating on with Who Are You, who you are cheating on with me, and thus means I'm cheating on Glowurm, even though he already knows?!"

"Maybe...something like that...."

Kat simply sat at the bar, grinning stupidly, and said, "That Coal Square is some strong liquor." She put down the glasses she was washing, and said, "Cheesie, I'd recommend you don't let him do anything. He might do something he would regret saying, and he won't remember. That happens to me sometimes!"

"Alright, Kat. ARKCHER!!! GET OVER HERE!!"




Arkcher and Mushroom were dancing over in the corner, when they heard Cheesemaster calling them.

"Oh, no...what happened this time?" wondered MK as the two ran over.

Arkcher examined Cheesemaster holding his father up.

"What the....?! What happened?!"

"Your father wanted a drink, so me, Woodstock, and Glow wanted to get him something mild, but he ordered a Coal Square instead. Then he made me buy him another."


"Uh, your dad's drunk."

Arkcher sighed and murmured something, and then spoke up. "Uh...can he not walk or something?"

"No, I'm trying to get him to not call Solrai."


"If you haven't noticed, he's been dancing with Who Are You and Woodstock all night, and now, he wants to tell Solrai that he's been using her to cheat on his wife, and now he's cheating on Solrai with Who are you, who he cheating on with Woodstock, who is using Aloysius to cheat on Glowurm. What a mouthful."


"And he wants to tell your mom, too."

"WHAT?! No. I mean, No. I mean, No."

"Yep, my thoughts, too."

"Cheese...LET GO OF ME!!!!"


Aloysius was struggling to get out of Cheesemaster's grip, but was failing; the strong alcohol in his system made him weaker, and Cheesemaster knew how to get a good hold on someone.

"Dad, you can't tell mom that you're here OR that you're cheating on her! She'll explode!!"

"What do you...what do you mean, my boy?"

"You know how she is...I mean..."

Cheesemaster and MK were surprised when they saw Arkcher's hair fall in front of his eyes and he fell silent.

"Arkcher...?" said MK, leaning down to touch his shoulder. He suddenly held his head up, and said, "Dad, you understand, don't you?"

Aloysius only glared at him, confused. He tried to say something, but he fell to the ground, and seemed to have lost consciousness. Cheesemaster sighed and fell on his knees.

"What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything."

Arkcher sighed. "I hope dad doesn't do this tomorrow at Hamsterking's party, because Solrai will be there."




The next day, Aloysius woke up only to find himself in bed back at Arkcher's Mansion.

"Oh, dear...what...what happened?"

"You got drunk at Planet Horatio last night," said Arkcher.

"Really? I don't recall."

"I thought so. Just...dad, don't drink anything heavy at Hamsterking's birthday party tonight. Solrai will be there-"

"SOLRAI WILL BE THERE?!" shouted Aloysius, jumping out of bed. "I...I...I need...I need to look my best!!"

Arkcher sat him back down on the bed. "Don't worry, dad. You have all day to get ready."

"It doesn't matter! If I rest now, I simply won't be ready later and I'll waste time! Do I have to dress up?"

Arkcher giggled. "No, you can go in what you're wearing now."

"No, No! I have to look nice for her! You'd want to look nice for Mushroom_king, wouldn't you?"

Arkcher blushed and said, "Well...I already AM kind of dressed nice-and, uh, MK likes me for who I am. Not for how I look."

"Well, that's fine! But I haven't known Solrai for as long a time as you have known Mushroom!"

And therein lies the problem, thought Arkcher.

"I...I think..."


"I want to bring my violin! I want to play it for her."

"Oh? Uh...dad, if you don't know how you got here, how do you have it?"

Aloysius sank down on the bed. "Oh...I don't have it..."

"No worries! We have a room full of instruments!"

"But it won't be the same..."

"No, No! Don't talk that way! It'll be the same! I want you to be as happy as you can be!"

Aloysius sighed and got up. "Alright, please show me the instrument room!"

"It's actually called The Conservatory."

"I know, I was wondering if you called it that or not."




After quite a walk through the Mansion, the two stumbled upon the Conservatory."

"You have quite a few rooms. You never did give me a proper tour of your house."

"Uh, yea. We haven't had a whole lot of time."

"Understandable. Oh, wow! Look at all these! There's guitars of every sort! A piano! Oh, how nice! I always wanted to learn to play a piano. Ooh, Drums! A harp! And here....a violin!!!"

Aloysius grabbed a chair and sat next to the rack of string instruments. He grabbed himself an instrument, a bow, and some rosin. He rosined the bow and began to play a few notes, and after a few minutes Arkcher realized he was tuning.

Before he knew it, Aloysius was done making sure the instrument was in tune, Arkcher had a wave of nostalgia come rushing back to him and his father started playing an unnamed tune on the violin.

Arkcher sighed heavily and happily as his father kept playing. Arkcher suddenly yawned and Aloysious stopped and laughed.

"I played that for you when you were a baby so you would sleep."

"It still works."

The two of them laughed together, but Aloysious because serious and said, "But am I good enough to impress her?"

"I think so. Besides, if she really likes you, she'll appreciate it."

"Alright. By the way...who does this belong to?"

"If you must know...It's mine. I tried learning to play. I wanted to learn that song for Sean and Julian. But I couldn't find it."

"That's because I wrote it especially for you."

"Y-You Did?!"

"Indeed, I did. I tried every song I could find, and none worked on you, even though they worked on your siblings. So I wrote a song, specially, just for you."

"Oh...wow....I-I feel...really happy to know that."

Aloysius giggled and the two hugged.


"Yes, Arkcher?"

"I'm...I'm glad you're here."

"I'm glad I'm here."




A few hours after that moment, Aloysius was frantic to get ready for Hamsterking's par-tay.

He started off my taking one of the longest showers in history (according to Paper Mario master), washing his hair, shaving, washing his face, getting dressed (but he added a classy bow tie to his ensemble), brushing his teeth so hard it's a wonder you couldn't use them as a mirror, tuning his violin, Practicing what he would say to Solrai, asking questions (should I bring a present? Will we sing the classic birthday song or a different one? Will I be able to be alone with Solrai? That last one made Arkcher feel kind of awkward.), wondering what he would eat and drink, selecting what songs he would play for Solrai, and then putting on a coat because it might be cold. He felt ready, but he was still nervous; he hadn't seen Solrai in several months.

"Dad, are you ready?" asked Arkcher. "Dad, I said you didn't have to dress up."

"I didn't. I thought I might be cold."

"Fine, Fine."




The group, having originally intended to fly out to the castle like they usually did, saved themselves a lot of time when they learned that Hamsterking was in Hamsterdam. They ate at Planet Horatio, but the place had been dressed up in banners and balloons that enthusiastic Horatio had set up. And he was more excited then ever when the guests all arrived.

Legions of Invisionists said "Happy Birthday, Hamsterking!!" as they walked in and hung their coats up. Except Aloysius. He was the last to walk in, and simply fell to his knees in front of Hamsterking. "Oh, what an honor to meet you FINALLY!!!"

"And you are Aloysius Ahrroww, correct?"

"That is me, your highness!"

"You don't have to act like I'm all high and mighty, you know."

"Dad, we talked about this..."

"I'm sorry, Son...It's just...OH MY GOODNESS! SOLRAI!!!" and with that he ran off to look for her.

"That was my father."

"I thought so."

"He's, uh, not so excitable usually."

"Why is he looking for Solrai?"

"Um...they're dating."

Hamsterking was shocked. "What?!"

"Yeah...I thought it was odd, too."

"But Arkcher, your mother!"

"My mother hates me and my father."




Aloysius weaved through the crowd, looking for Solrai in the crowd, looking frantically. He hoped and prayed that she had come.

As he was looking around, her ended up bumping into someone. And, like most situations like this, Aloysius was shocked to see that he had run into Solrai. He apologized profusely, but stopped when Solrai put an arm around him and shushed him with the other. "Come on. I have something to show you."




Solrai took Aloysius's hand and led him out of Planet Horatio and led him out to a small private area. There, he saw a small table with a candle and two chairs. She sat him down in one chair and sat herself down in the other. She looked at him with wide, glittering eyes. "I missed you so much."

"Me too. I was thinking just the other night how much I wanted to see you."


"Yes...I...I thought about you every day. I desperately wanted to even just talk to you again. But you don't have a phone...do you?"

"No...but I'd get one only to talk to you."

"Would you really?!"

Solrai nodded. "Do you want something to eat or drink?"

Aloysius leaned in from across the table. "Would I want to crush those butterflies in my stomach?"

Solrai gasped and blushed a bright shade of pink.

Aloysius sat back in his seat. "I'm dreadfully sorry. I...shouldn't say things like tha-"

"No, no!" whispered Solrai. "It's perfectly fine!! I feel the same way. But you should eat something. I've begun to notice how skinny you are."

"I'm fine."

"Don't say that. You should eat something. I can't stand to look at you when you look like you're wasting away."

"I'm telling you, Solrai, I'm perfectly healthy. But I'll eat something to make you happy. But, uh, who's gonna take our orders out here?"

"Don't you worry. I'll go in and-"

"No, No. You stay here, and I'll buy it."

"No, Aloysious. Save your money. I'll buy it, like a good-"

"A good gentleman always buys for his lady."

Solrai sighed. "Alright. I'll wait here."

Aloysius was about to walk away, when he turned around and said, "Do you want to come with me?"

Solrai got up. "I-I guess so."

"I'll still be paying, though."




"What the...?! Where did Dad go?! We've search every nook and cranny of this place and haven't found him or Solrai. I wanted to introduce him to everyon-"

"There he is. He's at the bar."

"WHAT??? We checked there like five times!!"

"He's with Solrai, too."

The group walked up to the bar and interrupted Aloysius and Solrai.

"Dad, where have you been?! We've looked all over for you!!!"

"I..uhm...I've been in here. Have you looked hard enough?

"Dad, tell me the truth."

"I've been outside with Solrai."

"Bow Chikka Wow Wow!" whispered PMM.

"Fine. I wanted to introduce you to the other Invisionists."

"Son...I need to spend some time with Solrai first. Besides, you should spend time with MK."


"Where is she, anyhow?"

"She's with Vanilla Star Hamster and Dawn."

"Dad, I spend time with MK every day. Not so much Cheesemaster."

Aloysius heaved. "Alright. Well, me and Solrai are going to leave now, alright?"


"I promise to meet everyone later!"

"Please keep your promise!"

"I Will."

And with that, the two left.

Cheesemaster glanced over at the now-angry Arkcher. "Uh...Arkcher, your dad has NEVER acted like that as long as I've known him."




Back outside, Solrai had gotten a salad (Called "White Unicorn") and Aloysious had gotten a strange Glowing Spaghetti. And for drinks, they both got Yellow Submarines. (Aloysius decided not to risk doing anything stupid again, so he got a milder drink.)

"Uhm...Why does this glow, anyhow?"

"It's a special kind. I think. I don't come here very often..."

"Are you still a loner, Solrai?"

"Well...I...Yes. I tried to go talk to other people...but I didn't have much to talk about. And the only person I wanted to see...was you."

Aloysious stopped eating for a moment and looked into Solrai's eyes. They were the same lovely blue he saw just months ago, the same blue as his own. And there he decided to tell her what had happened.



"Last night, I was here, and I..."

"Did you dance with another woman?"

"Yes," he said, ashamed.

"It's completely alright. But who was it?"

"I think....Woodstock, I believe."

Solrai said nothing for a moment, and then said, "You told me it was a woman."

"Excuse me?"

"You told me you danced with another woman."

"I di-"

"Woodstock is not a woman."

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Aloysius sprayed his drink in sheer shock. "Excuse me?! Did you just say she is not a woman?!"

"Woodstock is a man, Aloysius."




"Woodstock is a cross-dresser. He's getting better if he was able to fool someone as smart a you.""Well, I-I noticed-I noticed that HE had a very small chest, and that HE nearly crushed me when HE hugged me."

"But Aloysius, it's best you don't tell Woodstock you know. He'd be so upset."

"A-alright," he stuttered, still in shock. "This isn't the best thing to be talking about after finally seeing you after such a long time."

"I agree. In fact...it looks like we're both done eating. Come here."

She stood up and walked over to Aloysius, and he got up, too. The two of them embraced, and didn't let go of each other for many, many moments, simply feeling each other breathe.

Suddenly, Aloysius remembered: "I brought something."

He reached down into his case as Solrai asked excitedly, "Ooh, what is it?!"

Aloysious pulled out his violin and rosined the bow.

Solrai gasped as Aloysius started to play a soft, romantic tune.

Solrai said nothing, simply listening to him serenade her, preferring to stay quiet until he was done. She shut her eyes, sighed happily, and absorbed the music he was playing. Finally, he was done and he sat back down.

"What do you think?"

"You are so talented....what song was that? Who is the composer?"

Aloysious giggled softly, clutched her hands, and whispered, "I wrote it just for you."

Solrai tried to make a sound, but her excitement was too much. She got up and plunged into his arms.

"Aloysius...I...I...Oh, if I only had some talent I could use to make you something, too..."

"No need, my dear. Being with you is enough for me."

"But...Aloysius...why would you write a song especially for me?"

He leaned in until his face was very close to hers. "I looked and looked for a song to play for you, but none seemed to be good enough. So I wrote a song, especially for you, because...because....because I love you."

Solrai started to cry. "Aloysius...I-"

Suddenly, Aloysius shushed her. He could hear music from the party playing. "Do you hear that, Solrai?"


He back away from her a small bit. "May I have this dance?"

Solrai laughed and nodded, and the two started to sway in time to the slow beat; and the two realized that they had never felt happier in their entire lives then they did now, together again. Solrai had never felt such joy in her entire life, and Aloysius hadn't felt so warm ever since the day he met Lara; even the happiness he felt when each of his children were born could not compare to how he felt with this woman he was deeply in love with. He felt like he could just burst with the emotion inside him.

The song ended just as his train of thought ended, and he held Solrai in his arms. His heart grew warm and his stomach tied into a knot, as the two of them sat back down. Solrai dragged her chair over next to Aloysius's seat, and she put her head on his shoulder as they held each other's hands.




Although he was still worried about Aloysius, Arkcher decided not to think about him and simply enjoy himself. He danced with MK, and assumed his father was outside having alone time with Solrai.

Finally, the pair sat down, tired from moving around so much.

Both of them reached for their drinks and ended up touching each other's hands. MK drew hers away, and cleared her throat. "Uh...what do you think your father is doing?"

"Probably making out with Solrai or something...I wonder when Hamsterking will show up?"

"I don't know. Where did Cheesemaster go?"

"Probably trying to escape from Cheese Woman."




Well, for the most of the par-tay, he had been running from Cheese Woman, but she eventually caught up with him and forced him to dance with her. And he found it wasn't so bad-as long as she realized they were just dancing as friends.

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After dancing to a couple of songs, Cheesemaster had to sit and take a breather.

"Cheesie, do you know where Dawn is? She was looking for you."

"Oh, I...well, Jakob said-said he's hurt me if he saw me around her again."

"Oh, I'm sure he didn't mean-"

"Cheese Woman, don't you GET it?!"

She looked at him, surprised.

"Jakob HATES me!"


"How should I know..."

"This doesn't have to do with...?"

He sighed and looked at the ceiling. "With my past? But only you and Arkcher-only you two know about that."

"Do you think he's jumping to conclusions based on your occupation?"

"Possibly...hey, I made assumptions based on his. But I was correct on that one."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"I found he was a prosecutor and thought, he's probably a big jerk. And he was!"

"Oh, Cheesie. Hush."

"You know it's true! Remember when he nearly murdered me?! Yea, it's happened about 10 times!"


He sighed again. "I'm sorry for lashing out at you. You don't deserve it. Come on. Let's dance some more."

"Alright!!" she said, giggling.


Suddenly, someone tapped on Cheesemaster's shoulder. He turned around and gasped of shock to see it was Dawn.

"Dawn!! What...are you doing?!"

"Me and Sterling wanted to see you!"

"But, Dawn..."

"What is it?"

"Jakob said he'd kill me if he saw me around you ever again."

"Oh, he probably didn't mean it."

"Dawn, he's tried to kill me before."

"Are you trying to tell me you don't like me?!"

"No, No! Nothing of that sort! Look, I'll hang out with you if it makes you feel better."

"Yay! And Sterling, too!"




But Cheesemaster was indeed correct about Jakob's threat. For Jakob was strolling about, looking for Dawn, and saw her with Cheesemaster and became furious; for in the past month or so, he had not been over at The Rabbitt Manor and he had presumed that he had heeded the warning. Apparently not. He knew how to deal with this...but he was afraid of the boy beating him this time. He would not let that happen.


It wasn't like Jakob wanted him dead. He simply wanted the boy to leave his family alone, or to leave town, or something-anything so he would never have to see him standing on the street corner, ever again, shouting the headlines in his horrid voice. To Jakob, the sound of him standing on the corner, shouting the headlines, was the most awful sound in the world. He had resorted to holing himself up in his mansion just to avoid it! Yet the rest of his family seemed to like him...except Julia and Richard, who didn't know him very well. Which Jakob saw as a good thing. So he kept a close watch on Dawn from a safe distance just to find a good moment to strike.


The moment came sooner then he expected. Just a few moments after he started watching them, he saw the two walk away. He followed them with his eyes and saw them leave out a door! This made Jakob suspicious-his mind flashed back to whe he found the two alone in the graveyard. Something was up.


He waited until they walked out the door and walked over. He opened it just a tiny bit and saw them walking over behind a tree. He gasped and walked out and decided to surprise them.

He walked over behind the tree, and without warning jumped out in front of them.

"What are you doing out here, Dawn?! And with THAT no less?" he said as he pointed at Cheesemaster with his walking stick.

"JAKOB!!!" screamed Dawn, pushing him. "You followed us!!!"

"What are you doing out here?" he repeated.

"Me and Cheesemaster went to look for Arkcher's dad!"

"Really. That's a nice cover-up."


"Are you implying something?!" said Cheesemaster accusingly.

"You know very well that I am! And you know what I am implying as well!"

"Do you think me and Dawn came out here to make out or something?!"

"Well, that's one way to put it."

"You're insane!"

"Says the sane boy who sells papers on the street corner."


Jakob looked down on him menacingly. "Don't you talk back to me, cheese-boy."

"Is something wrong over here?" said a voice. Aloysius and Solrai peeked through the trees and were examining them.

"ALOYSIUS!!! Arkcher's been looking for you!!"

"Has he..."



While Dawn was explaining to Aloysius the situation, Jakob grabbed Cheesemaster by his collar.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from Dawn or else I'd kill you?"

"You did! I tried telling Dawn that! She didn't think you were serious!"

"Oh, I was dead serious."

"Why do you want me dead?!"

"I don't want you dead, so to speak. I want you to stay out of my family's life."

"I'll never do that!!!"

"And why not?"

"One snobby rich man is not going to make me change my mind!"

"Snobby Rich...?" Jakob let go of his collar and went for his throat.

"Dawn, your friend..." said Aloysius, creeping out from behind the tree. Solrai tried to stop him. "You'll get hurt!"

"JAKOB!!!" screamed Dawn.

Aloysius grabbed Jakob and heaved him up, as Cheesemaster gasped for air.

"You don't want to kill me, you say...you don't want to kill me, you say..."

"Let go of me, you lousy inventor! Let go of me!"

Cheesemaster got up, still gasping for breath. Dawn went over and made sure he was alright.

"Jakob, how could you do this?"

"Dawn, I said I didn't want him around you anymore! And you didn't take me seriously?!"

"Of course not! Every other time you've tried to hurt him he made it out just fine!

"I SAID LET GO OF ME!!!!" Jakob took his walking stick and flung it at Aloysius, but Solrai ran over and pushed Aloysius to the ground, dodging the blow.

Solrai got up and started blindly trying to pick a fight with Jakob, a man who was much taller and much more muscular than she was. He looked down on her, menacingly, like he did with Cheesemaster.

"Solrai, please, don't! You'll get hurt!" stammered Aloysius, getting up and trying to stop her.

"Don't you ever strike at him like that!"

"You ought to know your place, woman, before I have to do it for you."

Aloysius looked at him, confused. "Are you saying that you'd-"

Suddenly, Solrai screamed and fell to the ground, after having been struck by Jakob's walking-stick. Aloysius gasped and glared up at Jakob. Cheesemaster and Dawn simply stood aback, not wanting to get involved.

"Did you just strike Solrai with your cane?!"

"Indeed, I did."

Aloysius was trying to keep his cool, and failing. "You DO NOT...EVER...Strike a woman!!! ESPECIALLY for a paltry reason as this!"

"Don't make me send you down with her."

"And I was having such a good time tonight, too...you know, we're going to miss seeing the King himself because of you!"

"Go back on in, then! No need to fight with me!"

"This woman, she's...she's my..." he gulped and said, nervously, "She is my girlfriend! And you just struck her for no reason!"

"Huh! You should have used FORCE to get her to stop, then I would never hit her."

"I'm not like you, Jakob! I don't use force! ESPECIALLY not on a woman!!"

"Hmph," muttered Jakob. "You're weak."

Aloysius picked up Solrai and tried to see if she was conscious. She was just waking up and slowly opened her eyes. Jakob was scowling at him, and then, with a loud huff, walked back inside, slamming the door shut.

"Oh, Solrai...I'm so, so, so sorry our night turned out like this..."

"It's alright, Aloysius. It was enough to spend time with you. Now come on. We'll miss the main event of the party if we stay out here."

Aloysius turned around and saw that Dawn and Cheesemaster had already gone back inside. Aloysius helped her get back on her feet, and taking her hand, went back inside.




Luckily, they had come just in time as a giant cake Horatio had baked was being set out for everyone in the room, and Hamsterking himself was about to come and greet everyone, and they would be singing the Birthday Song soon.

"Oh, this is exciting!" said Aloysius, who was slowly becoming over-excited. He was not only with the love of his life, but he was about to meet a real king! Well, technically, he had "met" him when he walked in, but he would be celebrating a King's Birthday!






Aloysius whispered to Solrai, "He has such a nice voice for a hamster." She nodded in agreement as she put her head on his shoulder.

After everyone clapped, Hamsterking came out and cut the cake and gave a piece to everyone, including Aloysius and Solrai, who went to sit down by themselves.

"What kind of cake is this?" asked Aloysius, as he was about to eat some.

"If you must know...I haven't been one to come to parties the time I've been here."

Aloysius cut open the cake and saw it was partially chocolate and vanilla. "Oh, good!"

Suddenly, he heard a voice that belonged to Arkcher. "Dad!! It's about time I found you!"

"Oh! Arkcher, MK, Kat, Cheesemaster, and PMM too!"

The four teenagers and one midget adult came running towards him and Solrai with cakes in hand. Kat was trying to eat her cake with chopsticks.

PMM got near Aloysius and said in the most sultry voice he could, "Did you and Solrai have fuuuuuuun outside!"

Aloysius and Solrai both turned red and Aloysius stammered, "Uh, well, yes! I did enjoy my time alone."

Solrai said nothing. It was clear to Aloysius she was shy around these other people.

"Come on, you five, get some chairs and sit here."

"Aloysius..." whispered Solrai, "I don't like being around lots of people."

"It's alright. We'll have plenty of time later on!"

Solrai gasped and whispered, "Whatever do you mean?"

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Aloysius said nothing, but rather, he winked at her and giggled. Solrai gasped, but was stopped when Glowurm came over with a menu. "Hey, guys! It's Cannibalism night! Aren't you excited?!"

Aloysius started choking on the piece of cake he was eating, and barely struggled to say, "E-excuse me?!"

"I said, it's Cannibalism night! Here's a menu."

Aloysius opened it up and glanced at it with fright.

"Well, what do you guys want?"

"I'll have what i always get," said Arkcher.

"I'll have the Jake Steak!" said PMM.

"I'll have the Brownie Brownie," said MK.

"The Chinese Chicken Special, please!" said Kat.

"And I'll have a Grilled Cheese," said Cheesemaster.

"Alright. That'll be out in just a few moments."

Glowurm walked away and Aloysius was still suffering from severe shock. "You...you're not going to...?"

"Shush, you'll see." said Arkcher.

The food arrived a few moments later, as said, and as the plates were layed in front of the person who had ordered it, each one got a disgusted look on their face.

After Glowurm left, each person looked at their food, until Cheesemaster broke the silence and said, "I'm not eating this."

"I will," said MK, exchanging her Brownie Brownie for his Grilled Cheese. Cheesemaster then traded his Brownie for the Jake Steak, and PMM traded his brownie for the Chinese Chicken. And all was well; Aloysius breathed a sigh of relief, and then said,

"Kids, me and Solrai...well, we're going to go ahead and leave. Is that fine with you?"

Arkcher swallowed and said, "Uh...sure, but where are you going to go?"

Aloysius looked over at Solrai. "Where do you want to go, Solrai? The town is completely empty by now."

Arkcher took another bite and said, "Go on home. The household servants will be there."

"Oh, son, you want me to take Solrai-"

"Dad, it's fine! It really is. She can stay in the guesthouse and have breakfast in the morning, and she can then take the next flight home. Is that fine?"

Aloysius was unsure, but he got up, took Solrai's hand, and said, "Well, that's perfectly fine. How are we going to get a flight home, though?"

"Horatio's nice enough of a guy to fly you home. Just say you need a designated flyer, 'kay?"

"Alright! I'll see you at home, Arkcher. Oh, and one more thing."

Aloysius walked over to Arkcher and hugged him. "I love you more then any woman in the world."

"I love you, too, Dad."

After Aloysius left, Arkcher turned and saw that Cheesemaster was staring off into space; he seemed sad.

"Is something wrong?"

"Oh...it's nothing."




"Oh My God, is this your son's Mansion?! I heard it was huge, but..."

"Yes...yes. It is quite nice."

She sighed as she wrapped her arms around him. "Where is the guesthouse, Aloysius?"

"The Guesthouse?! Oh, no. Don't talk nonsense. I'll not allow you to sleep by yourself, all alone, in a little house out in the cold! It's quite frightening out there, I'm sure!"

"Aloysius...I can handle it."

"I still won't let you stay all alone out there."

Solrai sighed and took Aloysius's hand as the two simply stood in the Foyer of the mansion.

"So...where will I sleep, then? Where do you sleep, anyhow?"

Aloysius suddenly broke into a sweat. "I-I sleep in the Guest Room," he stammered.

She pulled her face closer to his and whispered, "Is The bed big enough for both of us?"

"Solrai?!" he yelped, breaking from her grip.

"If I'm not sleeping in the guesthouse, then where?"

"You sleep in the bed in the Guest Room. I'll sleep on the floor. That's what a good gentleman does!"

Solrai giggled and sighed. "Are you sure?"

"I'm perfectly sure!"




The two made their way up to the Guest Room of The Mansion, which was an extension of The Sitting Room. The Guest Room was a small room with a vanity, a nightstand, a bed, and a framed painting of Aloysius painted just for him on the wall. The wallpaper reminded Aloysius of a parlor, with it's stripes and pink color.

Aloysius decided he would change into his sleeping clothes in the Guest Room while Solrai changed in the Sitting Room. Solrai insisted it was fine if they changed in the same room, but Aloysius insisted that such a thing was not right to do, as they were not married. So Aloysius changed into an outfit that looked like his everyday pants and shirt, but it was oversized and he slept in it. Solrai wore an orange slip under her normal dress, and Aloysius gasped when he saw her and she climbed into the bed. Aloysius took one of the blankets and curled up onto the floor.

"Good Night, Solrai. I...I love you."

"I love you, too, Aloysius. If you change your mind, just come up here!"

"I doubt I will," he muttered.




To make a long story short, they both ended up doing naughty things.




"I wonder what, and why, my dad decided to go home early with Solrai?"

"I'm not gonna lie, Arkcher. This will probably make you mad, but I'm pretty sure he came here to do naughty things."

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"Hello, Pizza Palace Down The Street? Can I get the guy who took my order last time?" Kat chortled on the phone as Cheesemaster was gasping over how huge Arkcher's Mansion was as Arkcher, MK, and PMM prepared for bed.

"Yea. I'd like some pepperoniiiiiiiii, some M-Rooms, and C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N-space-B-A-C-O-N....hey, do I get to keep the box?"


"Phew," she said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Alright, Ma'am. Will that be all?"

She snickered and said, "We'll see about that."

"Alright. Your pizza will be there within 30 minutes."

"Remember, we never had this conversation," Kat whispered, and she hung up.

"Thanks for inviting us over, Arkcher, but where are we gonna sleep?" asked Cheesemaster.

"DUH." said Kat. "We're NOT sleeping. I ordered enough pizza and MK and PMM are sure to have enough soda and energy drinks to keep us up all night."

"Sounds like a plan!"

"I'm wondering what Dad is doing. Maybe inviting Solrai was a bad idea....PMM, I don't know whether to think you're right or not."

"I'm always right," he muttered.

"Man, I wish I'd purchased a Zeppelin instead of a pizza. Or....GASP!! A Pizza Zeppelin!"

"Or maybe a Led Zeppelin..." said MK.

"Well, Arkcher, where can we have our awesomely epic Sleepover?" asked PMM.

Arkcher thought for a moment and said, "Well, there's our bedroom, there's the ballroom, which I'm not sure why I have one of those, or the Parlor, or the anteroom, which I'm also not sure why I have, or the Billiards Room."

"I say Arkcher and MK's bedroom." said Kat.

"Me too," said Cheesemaster. And the rest agreed.




So I guess the whole group just forgot about Aloysius and Solrai; perhaps they assumed that it would be best to not go see what they were doing, as you know how that normally goes.

But when MK and Kat went to the Kitchen to get some Munchies and Energy drinks out of the fridge, they were all out!


"Looks like we'll have to go to the department store, which is conveniently located in this convenient Eskimo village near the mansion."

"You go tell those other 3 people that I went to get them," said Kat.




Kat went to the Department store in the Eskimo Town and learned that the energy drinks were on the very top floor. She took her cooler, which had "Human Head" written on the side for unknown reasons, and climbed into the elevator. In the elevator were 2 other people she didn't know.

They didn't look like Eskimos to her, but she said nothing. Instead, she put her other hand in her pocket and ignored the eskimos looking at her cooler. She discovered in her pocket a sandwich from Hamsterking's party. She started eating it and as she chewed it, she asked the eskimo next to her, "Wanna see wha in muh mouf?"

When they said nothing, she glared at them and muttered, "You're one of THEM!!!" and moved as far away from them as possible.

Later on on the trip, she opened her cooler a tiny crack and whispered inside, "Are you okay in there?"


And, after doing a million other things, she finally got to her stop and picked up her energy drinks, and somehow made her way back to The Mansion.




And they all lived awesomely ever after.








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[since when was Lexxyman reading this? awesome...]


[Hey, does anyone remember, but didn't CampSoup say a year or two ago that he celebrated Chanukah?]


"Campsoup1988?" said a confused Aloysius Ahrroww. "Well, where did you manage to get a name like that?"

"Well, I was born in 1988 at Camp Soup. That's a camp where you learn to make soup. So i guess I'm soup!"

"Disturbing...well, Merry Christmas, anyhow."

Campsoup's ear twitched. His cat ear; He was a cat-boy with beige fur and brown stripes, and his eyes grew wide. He nervously adjusted his orange-yellow scarf, and fingered through his bright green hair.

Aloysius wasn't sure what to say. Had he offended him?

"Oh, I see! Do you not celebrate Christmas?!"

Campsoup grabbed his head and laughed. "Well, if you didn't already notice, well, no."

"Oh, I see. Are you Jewish, then?"

"Yes! Yes. That's the one!"

"Oh well, then; Happy Chanukah."

PMM groaned and threw his head back as he groaned for an incredibly long time. The holidays were just two weeks away. All he wanted was video games, as always.


As for Campsoup...


Campsoup1988 was a character who arrived out of nowhere when you were hanging out somewhere. And when you were there, you would see him a lot one day, and he wouldn't be there tomorrow. That was because CampSoup1988 was a traveller-he came from a planet called Lyvecher, a planet where people were named after the year and place they were born, and had no permanent homes but rather would travel and take up temporary residence in the place they were traveling too. As a result, Lyvechians were very well-travelled people, but were seen as odd on most other planets, since most planets the residents had permanent homes, such as the one you and I live on. That's pretty much the gist of it. He liked to play the acoustic guitar and use a laptop. In fact, as the group introduced the traveller to Aloysius-they decided that since CampSoup was currently residing at Mt. Jazzeh it was the perfect opportunity for Aloysius to meet him-Campsoup had one of those Laptop slings on his chest as he typed away at his laptop. His guitar was strapped to his bag and slung around his waist was a bag stuffed with stuff. He wasn't wearing a coat but he didn't seem cold; Aloysius assumed it was his fur, but it wasn't the thickest fur ever. Maybe he just enjoyed the cold.

Very similar to me, thought Aloysius. Aloysius was an Apollonian elf, an elf of the Sun, and Apollonian elves are always warm. Some people complemented Aloysius on his warmth when they hugged him, but since the only people who really hugged him were Solrai (also an Apollonian elf) and Arkcher (half-Apollonian, plus he was used to it), no one really noticed.

Arkcher himself, as I said, was only half Apollonian. He unfortunately had not inherited the quality of not requiring a coat; doesn't matter, though. The school he had gone to back home in Montreal, the uniforms they issued that Arkcher still wore were very warm since Canada is quite a cold place.

Mushroom_king and PMM were both well-adjusted to nearly any kind of weather, but that didn't stop them both from wearing heavier coats that were matching shades of green.

As for Kat and Cheesemaster, our other two main characters, we'll get to them later as they were not present when Aloysius met CampSoup. Kat was back at hamsterdam probably getting drunk and Cheesemaster was back at the Port of Cheese probably selling papers.


So that's our main characters, and their new Winter outfits. But they didn't have time to worry about outfits. Everyone on Invision was worrying about the Holidays and what to get their friends. Especially Horatio-or, as he was known around this time, Horatio Claus. He was busy getting pictures with C.C. Edna, Shopper, Serafina, and the other younger children of Invision at the shopping malls and buying presents for everyone and spreading good cheer. He made sure that everyone was happy, including residents such as XMyOwnMindX and Topazia, who were normally...well, not so cheerful. When it came to holiday spirit, Horatio was Number One. The Invisionists agreed that Horatio made their Invision lives a hundred times better, and that Christmas (and Chanukah) were even more fun with him around.


"It was wonderful to meet you, Campsoup! It's fine if I call you that, right?"

"Of course. Everyone calls me that."

"How long will you be staying here at Mt. Jazzeh? You know, you can stay at my son's mansion if you want to."

CampSoup gulped and looked at Arkcher to see if he had any doubt in his eyes. He seemed uncaring. You never could tell how Arkcher felt unless he talked. So CampSoup simply said,

"Oh, don't worry. I'm fine! i really am!"

PMM laughed, but MK spoke. "You'll be saying that when we pick your frozen dead body out of the snow."

"Hey, I'm fine. I've travelled all my life. I know what I'm doing."

"Travelled all your life? Whatever do you mean?"

CampSoup cleared his throat. "You don't know about Lyvecher?"


CampSoup sighed and rubbed his brow.

Arkcher was blushing and messing with his tie nervously. MK and PMM were laughing.

"Daad. Your earthiness is showing."

"My what?"

MK was trying hard to not bust out laughing. "No wonder the kids back at home in Dreamtopia think Earth People are dumb. Do they not teach you about other planets?"

"Well of course not," said PMM. "They don't know about those other planets."

"Oh, silly! They know about their own Solar System. They don't quite see the importance in those planets, though."

"Because they don't use Magic quite as much as we did at home!"

Aloysius was sweating even harder now as CampSoup desperately explained to him about Lyvecher.

"...Yes, their technology....remember the field trip we had? Their technology was incredibly far behind ours."

"I never saw Cars that huge before."

"Remember all the smoke coming out of the cars?"

"And all the stares we got because they thought we were dressed funny."

"It wasn't so bad when we went to Europe, but it went downhill when we went to those developing countries."

"I've never heard of such a thing as a "developing country" happening on any other planet."

"Except Earth."


"....And that is why I am a traveller," said CampSoup in a single breath and MK and PMM continued laughing amongst themselves as Arkcher got onto them.

"Stop insulting my planet, you...um...Planet-ists! Is that what you would call them? Whatever....your planet is NOT high and mighty just because of your technology and clean environment!!"

Aloysius scratched his head and tapped Arkcher on the shoulder. He stopped arguing with MK long enough to listen to his father. "Yea, Dad?"

"Do you have any books on the other planets and such of the universe? I was curious when I came here, but now I absolutely must learn more!!"

"It's alright, dad! I have an encyclopedia in the Study. It's an "electronic book", a technology introduced to me when I came here. It's updated whenever there's new information. But it's an expensive technology. They only use it for encyclopedias and dictionaries." He turned and grimaced at MK. "See? Not all this alien stuff is so high-tech. You still got ways to go."


[i happen to really like this chapter.]

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As the four were about to go back inside, Aloysius went up to Campsoup and put his hand on his shoulder. "Campsoup, please, I can't stand to leave you out in the cold to fend for yourself. You never know what could happen in the mountains. Like Mushroom_king said, It'd be terrible to find your dead body or what's left of it out in the cold."

CampSoup was about to reject the offer when the strangest shock went up and down his spine. A voice said, Go on, accept his offer. and nothing more.

CampSoup was in a state of shock as he got this internal message, and then shook his head, smiled, and nodded at Aloysius. "Alright. I think I'll stay, if just for tonight. But where will I sleep?"

"Well, we'll decide that for ourselves when we get inside!"




CampSoup decided he would stay for the night and got the choice of sleeping in either the Sitting Room on the couch, or in the Telephone Room, also on the couch.

"If you stay in the Telephone Room," explained Arkcher, "You'll have to deal with the possibility of random phone calls in the middle of the night. Not only that, but one of the Mordred siblings, Lucius, lives in the telephone room. He's kinda grouchy, a no-nonsense kind of guy, Listens to Jazz, and wears a lot of bottle-green clothing. He works by answering the phones for us."

"I'd like to have some company, even if he is kind of grumpy. I love having someone to talk to."

"But you could talk to me," whined Aloysius.

"Oh, I know! But you know, it's not every day I get to talk to a Mordred!"

"But my father is a universal celebrity, or at least according to Wannabe Film Maker her is."

"Uh..." CampSoup grabbed his head and blushed. "Well-I get plenty of chances to talk with you, Aloysius. And they are all great honors!"

CampSoup expected Aloysius to get angry with him, but he simply smiled and said, "I understand."

The two of them laughed, but Arkcher was less than thrilled. "And, CampSoup, how do you plan to repay me for being sooooo very kind and allowing you to lodge ay my house?"

CampSoup stopped laughing, turned toward him, and gasped, "Payment?"

Aloysius also gasped, and then got serious. "Arkcher Apollo Ahrroww, You don't pay a friend to spend the night! You two are friends, right?"

Arkcher stuttered, "Well-I-We-"

"NO WORRIES!!!" said a joy-filled CampSoup. "I cook a MEAN bowl of your choice of soup! THAT will be my payment!!"

Arkcher and Aloysius both were surprised and taken aback by his sudden joy, but they accepted his offer anyhow.

"And, if your computer breaks down, I'll be sure to fix it! Valid next time it breaks, be it a decade from now! But if I die then the offer's void."

Aloysius giggled and said, "Alright, then. Well, my son ought to show you your way to the Telephone room-IF he is nice enough to-and later on we'll be eating dinner and then go to bed. Could you fix us some of your soup for that?"

"I definitely can!! I could even make it for Breakfast if you want."

"Oh, Uh, that's oh-so-kind of you but we won't need that! But thanks anyway!"

"Are you sure? Tell me if you change your mind."

"Alright, I will."




"Oh My Goodness! This really IS the greatest bowl of soup I have ever had!"

Aloysius had just been given his bowl of soup that CampSoup had made for him and everyone else. It was nice and warm with chicken flavor, and for everyone except MK, carrots were in the mix as well. And it was delicious. Aloysius wanted to slurp the whole thing down, but of course such a thing is not good ettiquette. So Aloysius was forced to painfully sit and eat his soup in a proper manner, but he made it a little better by savoring every spoonful.


After everyone finished their share and CampSoup fixed up a whole round of seconds, they decided it was a good time to go to bed. And it seemed like the night would be normal. And for the most part, it was.




"My Goodness," muttered Cheesemaster as he pulled the lapels of his new coat nearer together in an attempt to get warmer. "We've never had this kind of weather here at The Port of Cheese," he muttered into his new scarf and he grabbed today's batch of newspapers, with his hands that had new gloves on them.

He was right-The Port of Cheese, being an oceanside town, normally just got cooler weather in Winter. It never snowed, until this year. Cheese Woman had bought Cheesemaster a black trench coat, a brown scarf, and brown gloves to help keep him warm. Despite the bitter cold, he still managed to get out every day and stand on the corner of the square and sell papers. He nearly dropped them in shock at the headline.




He opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't make anything out. My Best friend! Arkcher!! MUSHROOM!!! he thought desperately. Arkcher, Mushroom_king, CampSoup, Aloysius, Paper Mario Master, GameChamp, Rudolph (CampSoup's sanity), Sean, Julian, and all the Mordreds were trapped inside the Mansion with no contact to the outside world! This was just plain awful, and Cheesemaster nearly fainted at the thought that he would have to tell people this awful, awful news. But he picked up the stack, payed for them, and walked out to his street corner. His footprints he had made from standing there yesterday had vanished under a brand-new blanket of snow. He walked over, shivering, and marveled at the fact he could see his breath. He normally only saw this sort of weather when he was visiting Hamsterdam for the Holidays, or when he visited Arkcher and MK any time of the year. He normally sat his papers on the sidewalk, but because of the snow he had to hold them, which after a while became very tiring, especially on days where few people were buying them. He hated those sorts of days-the papers became useless the next day, so he couldn't resell them. And, seeing as this was his only occupation, it meant less money for him. And selling papers didn't rake in a whole lot of cash, either.


Like every other day, the first person to come up to him was Cheese Woman, who had also taken measures to be warmer. She, too, had gloves (but hers were black) and a pink scarf. You couldn't tell by looking, but her enormous, ruffly dress was made of warmer material than usual. She gave him a tight hug, but the smile melted away from her face when she read the headline.

"Oh My God! This is awful. I hope they weren't hurt..."

"Hope they weren't hurt, I hope that some help arrives before they starve to death."

"Don't talk like that! That boy has to feed not only himself but his wife, his father, his two adopted sons, and God knows how many servants. How many Mordreds live there, anyhow?"

Cheesemaster sighed but didn't answer. "I wish there was something I could do...Arkcher's my best friend, after all. I'd say I could pray for him, but you know very well-"

"CHEESEMASTER!!!" yelled a voice that he recognized as Dawn's. He looked, and unusually, none of the adults were with her today. Only Sterling. Dawn was wearing a longer dress, but you couldn't tell because she also had a longer coat. Sterling, too, had a longer dress and a coat that was far too big on her.


Dawn reached into her coat pocket, pulled out .500H$, and bought a paper for herself and Sterling. She gasped at the bad news on the cover, and again panicked about them starving or freezing, but then brought up another point:

"And Christmas is next week!! If they're still trapped by then..."

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As The Rabbitts and The Masters were worrying about their friends living up on the Mountain, the aforementioned friends were also worrying about what they would do.


"None of the phones work, said CampSoup as he thundered down the stairs. "Me and Lucius already tried calling for help."

Arkcher was typing frantically at the computer. "I can't get an internet connection. We're trapped here."

"Oh, No..." whispered MK. She was sitting in the corner with PMM and Aloysiys trying to comfort her.

"D-Don't worry," stammered CampSoup. "I-I'll help us get through this. The first thing we need to do is see exactly how much snow is out there. If we work together we might be able to do something."

MK spoke up. "I think we have a snow shovel in the storage room."

"Alright. Let's go get it, and see what we can do."




MK and CampSoup walked from the Parlor where they had been situated at first to the BallRoom, and then to the storage room (The storage room was attached to the ballroom if you didn't assume so already). It was mostly crates and extra chairs, along with a mirror, a mop and bucket, and the room was dimly lit by a single lightbulb. But no snow shovel in sight.

"I-I think it might be in the cellar," said a frightened MK. She prayed that they hadn't thrown it out.


They had a long walk all the way down to the Basement floor. The cellar was dark, cramped, and musty, with many shelves full of old junk, and tons of dust everywhere. This was where one of the Mordreds, Tortune, slept. But that didn't matter. Sitting on a shelf was a giant snow shovel, made of plastic. CampSoup grabbed it off the shelf, and blew the dust off it. "Let's see what we can do. Get a heavy coat."




CampSoup went to the Foyer of the Mansion, the shovel in one hand, and carefully opened the door. Instantly a flood of snow fell in. Arkcher would not be pleased, but he decided to ignore it for now as he would take care of it later.

The thought arose as to where he would put the snow he shoveled. He thought putting it behind him, but of course that would trap him. He was frightened that perhaps he would shovel too much and the snow would cave in and suffocate him. But then he remember everything he had been taught about what to do in these situations and decided to get to work. He shoveled away some snow just enough to create a small area, and decided to work his way up. But he would need a sort of platform if he wanted to do that. He would either have to go back inside, or maybe even build a tunnel. Such a thought tickled his imagination. A snow tunnel-that really would be great, he thought.


He eventually decided to go back inside, to get a platform.

Arkcher, as he thought, was furious about the snow in the Foyer, but Aloysius was busy evaluating the state of the problem.

"The entire roof is covered in snow, which means the snow is at least that high. CampSoup, you're going to be digging a long-"

"Of course! I'll start digging from the Roof!"

"So this mess you made is going to go to waste?!"

"Son, it'll melt..."

"And leave a big stain!"

CampSoup didn't hear the rest of the conversation as he was running as fast as he could up to the Roof.


CampSoup's mind turned back to the morning. He'd still be stuck in the Telephone Room if there hadn't been a small patch on the balcony (which you had to walk through to get downstairs) that had only a minmal amount of snow do to a patch where it was shaded by a bit of the roof. So he could dig through that snow with his hands and feet and get downstairs. Not a problem.


Another thought then came into his mind: Where are those giant novelty lighters when you need them?




Eventually, CampSoup trudged up to the roof. It really was covered in snow, and of course more snow fell into the mansion when he opened the door to the roof. But he was determined to get help. He knew of a woman who lived on Mt. Jazzeh who could definitely help them; her, and Mega Wolf, who you may remember from very early on in the story. The two of them would be of a big help in making sure they would arrive in Hamsterdam for Christmas and Chanukah next week.


CampSoup tried to remember the date. Today was December 18th. Chanukah started on the 22nd, and of course Christmas was the 25th. They would have to be there at least by the 21st...that was only three days away! He'd have to shovel quickly. He shoveled piles of snow bigger then what he could handle at first, until he decided it was smarter to start small and work his way up.


Hours passed as he tried digging his way through the snow. It was incredibly tiring, and despite trying to not give up hope, he ended up doing so after digging for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality it had been about five hours. He was about to go back home, but he realized something.


"I'm lost," he whispered. "I'm LOST!!" he screamed. He sat down in the snow and was about to cry until he heard someone's footsteps. He looked and in a path he had not dig through was a tall woman with a short, purple bob haircut that ended in curls. Her face was stoic, and her entire body was framed by a long, violet coat with pure white fur trim. Her shirt and pants were also violet, and around her neck was a purple gem. Next to her eyes were tiny symbols that looked like a lowercase h, but it wasn't-it was the symbol for the planet Saturn. It was Mastermind, the woman he had been looking for.

"Mastermind!! I've been looking for you," said CampSoup s he got on his knees and kneeled.

"I know. I sensed your hopelessness and came to see what was wrong; but really, there is no need to kneel like that." Her voice, like her face, was stoic and unemotional.

"I'm sorry."

"What was it you needed?"

"As you know, next week are the Holidays and I, along with the family in the Mansion, have to go to celebrate."

"As do I."

"But as you can see, we're trapped by the snow. Is there any way possible that you could help us?"

Mastermind thought for a moment. The woman was a very powerful psychic, and CampSoup thought perhaps she could telepathically send an SOS to their friends in another city.

"I might be able to do something. Here. I'll help you back to the Mansion."




The group plus Mastermind sat down at the table in The Dining Room to see what Masterind could do for them. But not without first introducing her to Aloysius.

"Dad, this is Mastermind," said Arkcher.

"With a name like that I'd assume that she's incredibly intelligent?"

"Not in the way I am, but yes. She's an extremely powerful psychic."

"Oh, I see."

"And remember earlier when MK said that Earth people don't know the importance of the planets in their Solar System?"


"Well...how to put this, how to put this..."

CampSoup spoke up: "Each planet in your solar system has a spirit living inside it. And Mastermind is the spirit of the Planet Saturn. It's soul, if you will."

A few months ago Aloysius would have been shocked, but he'd gotten used to these odd things by now. He simply nodded.

"But why is only one living here? Why not bring all of them?"

"That," said Mastermind, "Is a very complicated and lengthy story. And it is not something to be worried about right now. Right now we are concerned with what we will do about the problem that has struck you."

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[ Please keep writing... you have a way of leaving us hanging! :o ]

[>:D Mwahahahahah]


"The problem that quite literally struck us," mumbled PMM. Mastermind ignored him.

"Did you have any ideas as to what you think I could do for you?"

"I-I-Uh, I was thinking that perhaps you could send a telepathic message to someone in Hamsterdam or the Port of Cheese or anywhere."

Mastermind shut her eyes and thought for a moment. "Anyone can receive a telepathic message, but another psychic would get the message much clearer, and due to the dire nature of this situation, we will need to send my message to another psychic."

"Another psychic? Are there more psychics living here?"

"Yes," said MK. "There's a young orphaned boy named C.C. Edna, a young girl named Shopper, a princess called NeoDudette, and that's it I think."

"I think NeoDudette is the best choice," said Mastermind. "A young child such as Edna and Shopper are not only inexperienced psychics, but they might panic if they receive such a message I intend to make."

"Alright, then. Are you going to send the message?"

"As experienced of a psychic I am," said Mastermind, "I cannot send a telepathic message loudly and clearly like this. I need a good place where my mind can be clear."

"How about the astronomy room?" suggested Arkcher. "That's the room that we use to look at the sky on clear nights. And attached to it is a little place we call the Astrology Corridor; it's brimming with magic power. I don't know about Psychic power, but-"

"PSI and Magic are two very different things. But I digress, as I also know a small bit about magic; but of course I am not as good with Magic as I am with PSI. I shall try out your astrology hall."

"Corridor, Mastermind, Corridor..." mumbled PMM.




Mastermind walked into the Astrology Corridor. The walls were a light blue with gold trim, and the marble floors were the same blue with enormous gold stars and regular intervals. On the ceilings there was a painting of each Zodiac sign, and a star was in front of each. Each star had five tall candlesticks rising from each point. Even a non-magic user could feel the enormous energy flowing in the area. Mastermind looked up at them to find the sign which Saturn was affiliated with, which was Aquarius. She finally situated herself on the star in front of it, and the five candlesticks somehow lit by themselves with purple flames. Mastermind reached into her pocket and pulled out a medium-sized purple orb with the Saturn symbol on it. She set it on the floor an got down on her knees. She clasped her hands together, and held her fingers out (BAD ANALOGY TIME!!!! The same way you do when you're doing shadow puppets and you make a bird.), and the orb began to glow and set itself in between her fingers. She shut her eyes, and it seemed she was praying. In reality she was sending the meditating, preparing for sending the message. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and drew her hands away from each other as the orb floated and glowed by itself. She then began the message as she stared at it:

NeoDudette, this is Mastermind. I am sure you have heard of the horrid disaster that has happened on the mountain. I urgently request that you send help to free them from the snow prison that they have been engulfed in. The situation is dire. Please help!!

And she then took the orb, got up, and breathed a heavy sigh. The candlesticks burned out, and she walked back over to the others.




Meanwhile, on the manmade islands of Adstar...


A tall, curvy young woman was standing in her home, which was the largest of the homes on Adstar. She wore a form-fitting, striped lavender dress and had long black hair and big eyes. In her black hair was a silver headband. This was NeoDudette, a princess from the planet Neolina, a planet of people who freely travel through space and time at will. From what she had heard, when she came to Invision it had caused quite a stir back home and everyone assumed that she had gotten lost in an undiscovered dimension. She wondered if they still thought that, but she had no time to think, as her mind suddenly picked up a telepathic message from a voice she had not heard in some time: Mastermind, a woman she did not know very well but she knew she had the same powers of space and time that she did, and that she was the spirit of the planet Saturn from the Milky Way galaxy. NeoDudette had heard of that Galaxy in a book, and she had read that in Magic it was the planet of, what else, the elements Space and Time. She'd personally never been there, as from what she had learned the only habitable planet thus far was a place called Earth. From what she had learned they were over a thousand years behind other planets in technology, but she was shocked to learn that they had not even discovered any other planets besides their own that had life. NeoDudette found this incredibly shocking, and she had heard people whisper that they could only send a person to their own moon, and that the humans there thought they were higher and mightier then the wild creatures of their world.


What was probably the second-worst thing she had heard about this place called Earth, was that not only did the humans there think they were better then the wild animals, but there were some humans who thought they were better then other humans just because other humans were a different color or gender or came from a different part of the world or because of their religion and sexuality. She refused to believe this when she first heard it.

And what of the worst thing she had heard? The worst thing she ever heard was that there were Humans who thought that the Earth was a thing given to them to destroy. This appalled her! Planets were not things. Every planet in the whole Universe had a soul inside of it, and when you destroyed that planet you destroyed that soul too. If you killed a planet, you were a murderer. A soul of a planet...that was what Mastermind was. And what shattered NeoDudette's thought was when she asked Mastermind if all the awful rumors about Earth were true. Mastermind said that the spirit of Earth ("Her name is Gaia. She's a very nice woman." was the way she had put it) had gotten deathly ill over the past several decades as the people of Earth continued to destroy her. Some of the Humans learned to take care of the Earth but those people were either frowned upon, or had no idea what they were doing.


But enough of that-it's not even relevant to this story. NeoDudette was lost in thought when Mastermind was communicating with her. Hearing her voice for the first time in so long had sent her on the spiel of thought as written above, but she still manage to get all the information. She quickly thought over the situation, and decided that using technology was the way to go. She used her computer (it really was quite a sight, seeing such a traditional-looking princess typing away), and made sure the message got to Hamsterking and Horatio.

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"Dear Hamsterking,


As you may very well know there has been a disaster at Mount Jazzeh. I urgently request that you send help as soon as possible if you are not already doing so now.





Horatio and Hamsterking didn't get the message; they didn't get it because they were already taking action. Horatio had climbed in his airplane and they were using giant snowmobiles and hundreds of hamsters using snow shovels to dig the family out of their house.


"I wonder what that is?" wondered Aloysius. The family had settled down in the Dining Room for some soup and hot chocolate-there is nothing better on cold days. "I hope that's someone helping to dig us out," moaned PMM. "It's only been a day but it seems like eternity."

"I feel the same," mumbled CampSoup. "I really hope we make it in time for the Holiday par-tay."

"Don't worry, we will. Just remain optimistic." said Aloysius cheerfully. He then ate his soup, neatly as usual.


If you haven't already comprehended the vast amount of snow that had engulfed the Mansion, I will explain it to you. The Mansion that Arkcher owned is huge. Aside from the Mansion itself there is the Guesthouse, the Courtyard, and a Tennis Court. This entire estate (no one is quite sure where Arkcher got the money to build the house, though some believe that the Kat Mafia helped out.) spans...quite a few square feet. It is big.


Horatio had gotten roughly 7 snow-mobiles to help get snow out of the way. Over 50 normal-sized hamsters were shoveling away (not much progress there...) and over 23 "Giant" species of Hamsters were using snow shovels to shovel through the snow. And it still took them several hours to dig them out. Horatio was no scientific genius but he could tell there was probably over a half a mile of snow covering the house. He knew it would take a very long time, but not so long they would miss the Christmas par-tay. So he worried about nothing.




Cheesemaster, on the other hand, was worried about something; namely, Kat.


He and Cheese Woman had gone to Hamsterdam to start their last-minute Christmas shopping at the Hamster Mall, and of course Kat was causing a ruckus. Right now she was in the Mall's coin fountain with a snorkel, an inner tube, water wings, and flippers.

"Kat, what are you doing?!"

"I'm scuba diving!"

"Well, you better get out of there. They're already mad that you freed every pet in the pet store, stole the DDR machine at the Arcade, tuned every TV in Electronics to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and when you dressed up like the Easter Bunny, walked up to Santa, and told him that this town wasn't big enough for both of you. We came here to get Presents, Kat, not to mess around! Besides, don't cats hate water?"

"Cats hate water. Kats love water."

Cheesemaster sighed. "Would you watch my bags?"

"Did you buy my presents already?"


"Awwww. But I got yours! I got you a-"

"You're not supposed to TELL me!!!"

"Oh, yeah...I almost forgot."

Cheesemaster groaned again, but didn't say anything; he simply walked off.




[This is the THIRD time I re-wrote this.]

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As stated, Horatio managed to get Arkcher's family and CampSoup out of their snowy prison. After a brief celebration, they all went on the next plane to Hamsterdam. Tomorrow was the 23rd, the eve of Christmas Eve. CampSoup was already upset because they had had to celebrate the first day of Chanukah at the Mansion, but the Ahrrowws managed to make it special for him. That was all that mattered.


"Don't forget the presents!" Arkcher yelled to his father. "And no peeking!"

"Alright, I won't!" he said joyfully.




When the group had landed in Hamsterdam, they called Kat and Cheesemaster right away. The two of them were incredibly overjoyed that their friends were finally safe and freed.

"Did you bring Sean and Julian along?" asked Cheesemaster.

"We sure did," said MK. The two boys had been stuck at the Mansion with no exciting adventures for several months, and MK always brought them to the Holiday celebration. They were eager to see Horatio Claus, as well as be able to play with some other children their age-in fact, they got this chance just now when they saw a boy and girl (plus Serafina) who were drastically different in appearance. The girl was happy and waving, but the boy was somber and depressed, and shivering. The girl's name was Shopper. The boy's name was C.C. Edna.


Sean and Julian let go of Arkcher and MK's hands and ran over to see their friends. The four talked for a little bit before the twins grabbed the arms of the other two and dragged them over to Aloysius.


Aloysius kneeled down, just a few inches above the snow-covered ground, so he could look eye-to eye with the children.

Sean put his hand on his shoulder and said, "Edna! Shopper! This is my daddy's daddy. His name is Aloysius."

Shopper giggled. She wore a pink shirt, a fluffy pink coat, and a pink skirt. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had big, sparkling eyes. She gave Aloysius a hug, but then gasped. "Mister, you're all warm!"

Aloysius laughed. "I know! I don't have to wear a coat!"

"I'm jealous."

Aloysius sighed and looked over at the somber boy next to her. He was wearing a wrinkled, oversized blue striped shirt, tattered brown pants, a worn cap, and some worn-out suspenders hanging by his sides. This was C.C. Edna. He had the most awful look of sorrow in his eyes and face, that even all the Christmas spirit around him couldn't bring Aloysius up after looking at him. Just one glance into those eyes made him feel that same sadness and grief.


He slowly lifted his head up and looked At Aloysius. From under his cap he could see brown, curly hair. He said nothing.

"What's wrong?"

Aloysius tried to put a hand on his shoulder, but he pulled away and looked at the ground again.

He heard Arkcher's voice from behind him. "Dad! It looks like a lot of people are here for the party a few days early. Come on!"

"Not now," he muttered as loud as he could without potentially frightening the child. He was shivering and looking at the ground.

"Edna, please tell me what's wrong."

Edna grabbed his shoulders and shivered some more. If Aloysius had a coat he would have let the boy wear it.

Aloysius got so caught up in trying to interact with him that he didn't notice Serafina. "He doesn't talk."

Aloysius snapped his head and looked at Serafina. His shorts had been replaced by a pair of long pants. He noticed he had even more bruises from getting beat up by pretty women.


"Yea, I've tried a hundred times before."

Aloysius turned to look but saw Edna had run off. What was going on?

"What do you know about him?"

"Not much...ask someone else!"

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Aloysius was walking away to see what Arkcher wanted when he stopped, turned around, and looked at Serafina. "You want to come with me?"

Serafina giggled and jumped into the air. "I'd love to!"

Serafina ran toward him and the two held hands the whole way.


"Hi, Dad! There's a lot of people you gotta meet!" said Arkcher. He looked down at Serafina. "Oh, Hi, Serafina." he muttered. As I had stated earlier on, he didn't like Serafina because of his perverted personality. But he decided that if he just kept Serafina away from any hot women, he'd be OK. Unless Serafina regarded Kat and MK as being sexy, which in that case he was screwed. But he didn't think Serafina would have the hots for MK. She was very plain looking, with her plain face and chin-length hair. Kat was alright, but she was a cat.


Aloyisius picked Serafina up and held him. "Who was it you wanted me to meet?"

"Well, before we meet anyone, you wanna eat some pre-Christmas dinner dinner?"

"I'd love to," he said. "I assume it's at Planet Horatio?"

"How'd you know. But there's also a new Breakfast place in town that TheBreakfastMonkey started, and of course there's Fried Dragon palace, but Fried Dragon palace isn't an appetizing name."

"I considered naming it 'Al Gore's Chinese Restaurant,'" said Kat.


Just for the holidays, Planet Horatio had put outdoor seating. It had just snowed, but only about an inch, maybe an inch and a half. It as good Christmas weather. Oh, and there were some of those outdoor heaters, so you weren't as cold.

The group sat down at a Table, except Kat, who put a Santa hat on one of the horns of her Viking helmet and said she'd be serving them.

The group had decided to order, and was about to pay when they heard an unfamiliar female's voice.

"Aloysius Apollo Ahrroww, aged 47, an Appolian elf, married to Lara Lie Ahrroww, aged 53, father of Derringer Richard Ahrrow, aged 21, Sharona Nacki Ahrroww aged 19, Mint Corina Ahrroww aged 17, and Arkcher Apollo Ahrroww aged 16."

Aloysius turned around to see a tall, thin girl with Silver Fox's ears and tail, short blue hair, a tight silver shirt with a blur star, suspenders, baggy pants, goggles, and black gloves. Near her feet was a Golden Fox.

Aloysius looked at her and asked, "How did you know all that?"

She laughed quietly, reached into her pocket, and pulled out a brown leather object. "Stole your wallet" and with that, she started bounding away, with the Golden Fox at her heels.

"G-Give that back, Thief!!" said Aloysius, getting up and preparing to run after her.

"DAD," said Arkcher sternly.

"That girl just stole my wallet! You expect me to just sit here?"

"She'll return it. It's happened to me before."

Aloysius turned around and huffed. "Who does she think she is?"

"That'd be The Teen Silver Eye Fox, a silver-furred blue-haired acrobatic thieving expert. And that fox with her was The Golden-Eye Fox, her partner."

"How did she manage to take my wallet?! It's been in my pants pocket this whole time."

"Beats me, but she'll probably get bored and you'll somehow get it ba....how the #### did your wallet get in my breast pocket?"



[Whoever finds the James Bond, Tokyo Mew Mew, and The Knack references gets a cookie. But you must find all three. And an extra one if you can find the reference in Derringer's name.]

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Arkcher, MK, Aloysius, and PMM were staying in a hotel in Hamsterdam. It was about 7 in the morning when PMM shook MK awake, who shook Arkcher awake, who shook Aloysius awake.

"Dad!! Wake up! It's Christmas!!!"

"It is?! Well Merry Christmas then! What are we doing first?"

"We have to go to Planet Horatio. Everyone is opening presents during breakfast there!"

"Alright, then. You did bring the gifts, didn't you?"

"Of course! I would never forget."




When they got to Planet Horatio, the entire place was bursting with cheer. Schimmislick was on stage singing Holiday music, Who Are You was making Trees and Snow appear with her magic, and decorations were everywhere. And CampSoup was lighting a Menorah, and then teaching the younger children how to play a dreidel. And Kat and Glowurm were incredibly busy giving Eggnog and pancakes to everyone. Jesusfreak, Topazia, and Taynio were reading from a Bible. Everyone else was talking with their friends.

"Come on, there's Dawn and Vanilla," said MK. "Let's sit there."

Arkcher looked around. "Where's Cheesemaster?"

"Over there," giggled PMM. Cheese Woman was wearing a special Christmas dress, with green, white, and red ruffles. She was standing underneath the doorway were there was mistletoe, and was trying to coax Cheesemaster to go over there. But he knew what she was up to, and went over to his friends instead.


"Hi, guys. Merry Christmas!" said Cheesemaster.

The group (except Aloysius) looked at him funny, and then laughed.

"What's so funny?"


Aloysius looked at them with a look of confusion, but went along with it anyhow, and they sat down.

"Hi, Dawn. Vanilla."

"Hi, MK!" said the two girls. Dawn reached into her coat pocket and pulled out some Christmas Crackers. "Come on. I grab this end, you grab that end, we pull it and things come out!"

"Sounds dirty, but OK."

MK grabbed one end of the Cracker and pulled as hard as she could. A paper crown came out, along with a slip of paper, and a plastic bag. Arkcher was about to grab the crown, but another hand already got it-Kat's hand. She put the crown on her head, even though she had ten other paper crowns already, and a santa hat.

"You guys want Breakfast?" said Kat, and then she hiccuped. The eggnog was starting to get to her.

"Uh, yes! And some eggnog, please. But no alcohol please..."

"You got it!!" stammered Kat and she staggered off.

"Doesn't she ever get a hangover?"

"I think her body is used to it by now."


A few minutes later, a round of eggnog and Pancakes (with Christmas sprinkles) were around the table. After eating, they heard Horatio's voice over the intercom.

"Alright, everyone! Time for presents!!"

Everyone cheered, though the group noticed Arkcher clapped a little yes.

"What's wrong?"

"Why's everyone so excited about presents? I think we should be celebrating the..."

Arkcher went on about family and friends and other good things, while PMM looked up at MK and rolled his eyes.

Arkcher spoke knowing no one would really agree with him. The others all had different beliefs than he did. But that isn't relevant.


CampSoup nervously appeared on Stage. "I can't believe it! I've been chosen to hand the gifts out!"

He grabbed the first gift. It was small. "Mushroom_king and Paper mario Master!"

PMM climbed onto MK's shoulders and held his arms up, and CampSoup threw the gift and he barely caught it. He rapidly tore the paper off, and in it was a video game. The name hasn't been disclosed and has been forgotten under all of PMM's games. And out fell a gift card to a music store-for MK.

"Those are from meee!" said Vanilla gleefully.

"Thanks, Vanilla!"

"And next is...to Arkcher!"

Arkcher turned around and a cylinder-shaped package fell by his feet. He opened it and it was a can of peas. He looked at it for a long time and then shouted,

"THIS IS JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!!" He thumped his fist as if to say "Yes".

CampSoup continued to throw gifts out into the crowd. The entire time, Aloysius was getting sadder wondering if Solrai was there.

"And finally, the last gift....to Aloysius!" Aloysius perked up his head as a gift landed on the table in front of him.

From Solrai?

He opened it up and it was a coupon for a free haircut at the hair salon. Aloysius just stared blankly at it.

"From me," huffed PMM.

"Thanks, but I won't be using this anytime soon."

"That's all, I think...wait, there's one more! It's also for Aloysius."

He perked his head up again. A small box went flying across the room and he caught it just in time. He looked at it for a moment and opened it. Inside the box was a slip of paper. He took it out and unfolded it.

"Behind you."

He gasped and looked in the booth behind him. There was Solrai, sitting by herself.

"Solrai!!!" he got up and sat down next to her.

"But wait, how come there's no presents from Kat?" asked Cheesemaster, who had about a hundred presents from Cheese Woman.

Suddenly, the doors swung open and Kat had a bunch of presents. "I did my last-minute shopping!!!"

Everyone groaned. This happened EVERY year.

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Glowurm's story


Just one week after Christmas, JUST ONE WEEK, and everyone was in a frenzy again.

What? For New Year's, of course. You know what that meant? It meant that Glowurm would be stuck making drinks like it's no tomorrow.


But it wouldn't be that bad. Only a few Invisionists ever went to New Year's; a lot didn't attend the party because of the amount of alcohol, and none of the children were even allowed in. This would be the first year that MK, Hoops, and their friends (Dawn and Vanilla, as you know, but also three of Hoop's friends). Another Invisionist who would be attending this year was a Tiger named Wildcat.


Glowurm stood behind the counter at Planet Horatio, washing the glasses, moping. When it wasn't a Holiday, this place had barely any business. Mostly just people like Kat or Roger who came here all the time.


Glow wondered about Kat's cover-up for her Mafia. Fried Dragon Palace. Was everyone eating there? Was it even any good? Kat had been using robots (Robot Ninjas to be exact) to staff the place so her Mafia members could do their other jobs. But were they getting any business? Glowurm wondered if Fried Dragon Palace was doing even worse than Planet Horatio.


But why was Glowurm caring so much about the place, you ask? Ever since Mushroom_king had moved to Mt. Jazzeh, she'd allowed Glowurm to be the manager. She still owned it, but Glowurm managed it. He'd tried a lot of things to get people to come there. They'd all failed. But the regular crowd, coming in every day, still managed to bring in money.

Glowurm sighed. He'd finished cleaning the glasses. He rummaged around in some drawers until he found some paper and a pen. He decided to write some poetry. First he'd write a Haiku. But what about?

He looked around the place. His eye caught an Invisionist by the name of Hamster Fireball. He was a "Giant Hamster" who had orange fur. He was also a pyro; he constantly had flames around his body. They didn't hurt him though. Everyone just made sure to NOT invite him when they were shooting off fireworks.

"Fire," said Glowurm. "I'll write about fire."


"i saw fire once

it engulfs and burns all things

death comes too slowly"


Glowurm looked at the paper he had written on. He sighed a heavy sigh, crumbled up his poem, and threw it away. Too dark, he thought. Too dark.

He leaned his head back and looked at the clock. He should be at the Doctor's Office now, talking to his Therapist, Dr. Choc. (Short for Dr. Flippinchocsnappywaffin), but he had decided not to go. He hated going there. And he'd grown to dislike Dr. Choc, too.

Suddenly, a voice broke his train of thought. "You look kind of down, Glow." It was Kat.

"Oh, Hi, Kat."

"I came here to take over for you like I usually do. Don't you have to see your therapist?"

Glowurm sweated nervously. "Yea, but I don't want to go anymore."

"I could cover for you."

Glowurm imagined Kat dressed as him going to see the therapist.

"No, don't do that. Here, want a Jig?"

"Would I ever!"

"Suit yourself!" said Glowurm. He turned around and mixed up the flavors of Jell-O and Root Beer into a red drink. He topped it off with 10 paper umbrellas.

"Thanks, Glow," she purred as she took the martini glass and downed the whole thing. Except the umbrellas. They don't taste that great.

She sighed happily and then purred. "Can I have some Hot Chocolate, too?"

"What do you want in it?"

"a Peppermint stick and no more than 3 1/2 marshmallows."

"Comin' up..."

He got out a warm glass of milk and poured some cocoa in it, mixed it, and put in the peppermint and marshmallows.

"There you go, Kat."

"Are you excited about New Year's?"

"I'd like to take the day off. Do some plundering and pirate music like I did back in The Day."

"All the piratey things?"


"Well, I can take over for you if you want."

"Will you really do that? But you had plans."

"Yea, I know. But I'll help you out."



[hope Glow doesn't mind me using his haiku.]

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wurm smiled at Kat.

"I will miss you at the New Year's party, though..." said Kat, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Glowurm got a big grin on his face, but his eyes were a mixture of sentiment and sadness. "Don't worry, Kat...I'll...I'll be there..." and he rubbed her head. The two of them looked deep into each other's eyes, until Glowurm put his elbows on the counter and muttered, "I don't know what or who to do right now..."

Kat blushed and laughed. "Woodstock, maybe!"

"Speaking of...I wonder where he is? He stills lives in Taynio, and...Uh...Well, New Year's will be our Five-Month Anniversary."

"Oh really?! That's awesome. Maybe you should take him with you when you go pirating."

Glowurm laughed. "Eh, maybe."

"Speaking of, who all is coming to the New Year party, anyway? From what I know, only the people who sent a letter back to the establishment were the ones coming. The deadline was yesterday."

"Hold on, I got the list somewhere."

Glowurm started rummaging around in some more things behind the counter.

"Ahhh...Here it is."

Glowurm pulled the list out.

"Hmmm....You, Me, Schimmislick, Arkcher, MK, Cheesemaster, Cheese Woman, Vanilla Star Hamster, Dawn Rabbitt, Hoops Ahshirt, Moosey, Funky Monkey, MullayPop, Hamsterking, Horatio, GAURD101, Roger That, Leguan, The Teen Silver Eye Fox, Graf Von & Cutie Puppet, Kep, Kaei, Aloysius Ahrroww, Serafina Is So Cute!, Wannabe Film Maker, Wildcat OH ARE YOU BORED YET?!"

Glowurm looked from behind his paper and saw a sleeping Kat. Drool poured out of her mouth.

He heaved and threw the paper back into the drawer.




After his shift was over, Glowurm managed to wake up Kat and she got onto her shift. Glowurm really wasn't sure what to do right now; he was at home, with nothing to do.

He sighed, and decided to write. He grabbed a pen and just let the words flow from him:


"Slipping downward, spiralling out of control

I've lost track of my senses. I feel almost nothing

I hear no sounds and I see only black

From the depths of my mind I cry out for help

I shake and I scream, but there's no response

I'm alone in this world, sliding down to die"


He glared down at his writing. It was dark, just like the haiku he'd written. He continued to write.


"I begin to move faster towards the end goal

I know my journey's fleeting, I feel it in my heart

There's nothing left for me, my emotions flow out

I'm sliding, rushing, spinning, and never stopping

The depth of my agony seems to stretch on forever

I wish it would finish, and yet there's still more"


He leaned back in his chair, shut his eyes, and sighed again. Maybe he should go see his therapist.

He got back up and finished the poem:


"But then there's a light slicing into my brain

And as I slip faster, I hear some kids shouting

I can feel water splashing against my skin

I can smell chlorine like in a large pool

I start to scream, I don't know what this means

And then I burst free.


Water slides are so much fun."


He smiled. That was the perfect ending. But it wasn't really a poem. It had structure, but...it just wasn't a poem to him. But he liked it, Dark as it was. But he stashed it in his Treasure Box, a chest that resembled buried treasure. He put the page in the chest and locked it. His therapist would never find it.

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Arkcher leaned over to MK while on the plane. "Hey, Mushroom..."

MK looked at him and smiled. "Yes, Arkky?"

He laughed. "Oh, I forgot. I just wanted to hear you call me that name again."

She giggled and put her head on his shoulder. The two of them, along with Aloysius and PMM, were on their way to Hamsterdam for the New Year's par-tay.

In the past few days, the two had developed the habit of making little nicknames for each other. MK had been calling him Arkky, and he'd been calling her Mushroom. It wasn't in a particularly romantic way, though; MK was mainly just "making a name that slid off the tongue easier", was the way she put it. And Arkcher felt awkward calling her MK. PMM didn't believe them when they said this; much like he had with Aloysius and Solrai, he believed the two to be really in love and not just close friends who happened to be in a forced marriage. He'd been right about Aloysius, so he fancied himself being right about this, as well. He glared at them both and huffed.


Before they knew it, they had arrived in Hamsterdam. The first thing they did was seek out the hotel they had reserved.

They went up into the room. It was very nice; it had three big beds and a couch that folded out.

"Cool! Free Internet!" said Arkcher.

"Very nice, a built-in kitchen!" said Aloysius.

"Awesome, a TV with plugs for games!" said PMM.

MK glared at The Author. "What about me?"


The group decided to head over to Planet Horatio and see who else had arrived. But first, they went to Fried Dragon Palace because Arkcher wanted Rice instead of Planet Horatio's food.

When they went there, they saw big solar panels on the roof and a picture of Al Gore in the window. The name was no longer Fried Dragon Palace, but instead there was a paper banner that read "Al Gore's Chinese Restaurant". It was very sloppy.

Arkcher huffed. "I'm not eating a place with that guy, or any politician for that matter, on it."

"No! Come baaaaaaaack!" cried Kat. "We have nothing to do with him except his picture in the window and we sometimes play his speeches on the speakers!"

They continued walking.





The group eventually found themselves at Planet Horatio. The regular crowd was there, along with Cheesemaster, Cheese Woman, Dawn Rabbitt, and Hoops. Next to Hoops was a Moose on a Unicycle, a Monkey, and a Human girl with a lollipop.

"Dad, here are some friends I want to introduce to you," he said, pointing at Hoops and her friends.

Aloysius gave a glance at the Moose on the Unicycle, but then ignored it. He thought to himself that he should be used to this by now.

"Dad, you already know Hoops. The girl is Mullaypop."

"Hi," she said. She had a voice dripping with sugary sweetness.

"That's Funky Monkey, and Moosey. You should tell who's who by their names."

The Moose and Monkey both said hello.

"Guys, this is my father, Aloysius Ahrrroww."

"The British inventor!" said Moosey.

"Why....yes, that's precisely it," said Aloysius.

"All four of us are from Florida."

"What's a Moose doing in Florida?" wondered Aloysius.

"A zoo, where else? But it did indeed stink...Funky Monkey was there too, until Mullay broke us out because she went there all the time and we became friends with her. And Hoops, too."

"Me and Hoops went to school together," said Mullaypop. "Hoops had to do a lot to disguise herself."

"I'll bet..." mumbled Aloysius.

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