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Video game name generator.

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*~*The Grand Illusion*~*The Final Cut*~*


Elderly Love Interceptor

African Rodeo Epidemic

African Viking Havok

Undead Robot Yoga

Samurai Underwear for Kids

Full Metal College Preacher

Paranoid Squirrel Boy

Everybody Loves the Kabuki Kid

Robot Terrorist Rocket

Flying Trailer Park 64

Hillbilly Stunt Kids

Britney Spears' Prison Farmer

Black Amish Munchers

Special Squirrel Jr.

Kermit's Trampoline Revenge

Inappropriate Baking Epidemic

Final Fantasy NASCAR Experience

Exquisite Underwear Special Edition

Twisted Wheelchair Overlords

Amazon Viking Fantasy

Jewish Whale Dance Party

Celtic Stick Gang

Wacky Afro Racer

Horryfying Baking Detective

Michael Jackson's Monkey Rave

Ninja Amish Dance Party

We Love Chef Pimps

Jamaican Bomberman Invasion

Dracula's Kart from Planet X

Post-Apocalyptic Boxing Through Time

No One Can Stop the Bobsled Babies

Impossible Ice Cream Domination

Drug-Induced Juggalo Starring Mickey Mouse

"Latino Theme Park from Planet X"

Jewish Godzilla In The Hood

Obsessive-Compulsive Walrus

Canadian Banana Inferno

Soviet Demon Park

American Midget King

Boring Hoedown of Death

Real Cardboard 1942

Jack Thompson's Ping Pong in the Dark

Unstoppable Raccoon Crisis

Surprise Aerobics Zombies

Merciless Mafia Princess

Kamikaze Cardboard at the Olympics

Holy Turtle Pinball

Chocolate Bubblegum in Vegas

Hardcore Dating in Toyland

Ghetto Bedtime Connection

Fruity Catapult Ultra

Omega Furry - The Card Game

Lethal Plumber Odyssey

Violent Sailor Orchestra

Yoshi's Wrestling Trivia

Satan's Bimbo Attack

Almighty Amish of the Dead

Dumb Kangaroo Competition

Christian UFO Mission

Donkey Kong's Frisbee Slayer

Biblical Donkey Connection

Scottish Bubble Polo

Mystery Bass Uncensored

First-Person Writing 25th Anniversary Edition

Italian Software Epidemic

Asian Helicopter Strikes Again

The Simpsons' Bubble Trainer

Wacky Wheelchair Alpha

Rock 'n' Roll Shopping Fighter

We Love Chocobo Training


Just a sample.


*~*The Psychedelic Luau*~*The Astronomy Domine*~*

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