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  1. Are you kidding! As if I would ever have crispy bacon, it's terrible like that. I'll probably just be walking or biking around, since I'd just be living in a dorm. :V I know I'd like to go to a university in Ontario such as the University of Toronto or York University, but of course I'm not sure which. I heard good things about York in terms of their humanities subjects from some people, but then I heard bad things from others, so I'm kind of torn. At least I don't have to worry about applying just yet! As for a major, Linguistics is the top of my priorities, however the actual usefulness for that in careers is minimal (sigh). I would do it out of passion, but either Communication Studies or Anthropology would be much better. I'm definitely doing a language or two, at least!
  2. yes. you're right. i know exactly what you mean, kat. *taps* you don't have to thank me. i already know.
  3. Haha, awesome. I have no idea where I came up with the idea for something like that, but it sounds delicious.
  4. NOW TO TAKE ON CANADA. I think I mentioned at least once that my mother is Canadian. Her and I both used to think it meant I would be able to quite easily apply for a Canadian citizenship and be given one without too much trouble. We were wrong. Turns out it means that I am already a citizen by default without ever having lived in the country. Crazy! So I'm planning to go to university there, because it would feel like going to an international university for me, but I wouldn't have to pay international fees! *vroom vroom?*
  5. I wish for a cake made of Horatio Meat! ...Noting that Horatio Meat is not actually your flesh, but meat that has been treated with your Super-Secret Hammy Marinade. Nobody knows what it's made ofใ€œ!
  6. woohoo! hey, horatio, you almost have 66000 posts... 667 more than you have now, and i am giving you the Greatest Evil Award. because i can create awards on the fly if i want to. โ˜† M A G I C โ˜† i have also graduated now, and my niece was born. i couldn't imagine a happier period of life!
  7. i am the midas of beauty, kat. everything i touch turns to beautiful. it is a curse. all my food is beautiful.
  8. The image, of course, is 500x3000. However, for some reason, it uploads it as 267x1600. What on earth? It reports it as having the correct file size however when I save the version that the website displays to my computer, it's nowhere near 256 kb. Strange! Weird! Annoying! Not like it wasn't annoying enough when I accidentally messed up the colours by saving it as a gif... but then I realised the terrible artifacts from accidentally saving it as a jpg in-progress earlier and then the colours being ruined as a gif only made it more hilariously awful. On the upside it seems I wrote large enough that it's still legible. Mostly. I, uh, I'll transliterate if I have to. o_O <- WHY DOES YOUR UPLOADING CONSISTENTLY MESS UP
  9. To quote The Wiki of All Pedias, Utau (stylized and most often referred to as UTAU) is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to the Vocaloid software, with the difference that it is freeware instead of being released under third party licensing. So I guess that's the free vocaloid-equivalent you were thinking of, Horatio?
  10. Just pointing out the ridiculously scary fact that I just turned 18 as of five days ago. Legally speaking where I am, I'm fully an adult, completely, the whole shabam. No waiting until 21 in Australia. I mean, what the heck? I remember originally being here when I was twelve! I think. Was I twelve? I might have been thirteen. Not really much of a difference, actually. Point is, where on earth did all that time go? Productive places, I'm sure. Life's crazy and awesome! I thought, in a wistful moment, that I would pop in and say that I never forgot about you guys and probably won't forget about you guys until long after the website no longer exists. So yeah. You guys rock, and such. (That said, I'm ridiculously glad it still does exist.) Man, I give the whole board the Nostalgia Award.
  11. <5 don't worry, only 20% or less of the stories posted here actually get finished. and im no exception to this. seriously i think invision is the only story that's really lasting right now and boy is it lasting i kind of never want it to end, i have to be honest U:
  12. Okay I'm already tired of this bad idea was bad i mean the idea was good but it didn't really come to fruition at all it's not that it was bad, i'm fine with my writing, i just really don't know where to go with it to achieve what i set out to. and if i can't get where I want, i guess i'll just have to change my direction - change my story. I'll start something new sometime here BOY I'M SO CONSISTENT AREN'T I YOU MUST LOVE ME
  13. <3 A rose by any other name. U: Woodstock doesn't really act that different to mah Adam. Main difference is that Adam only -rarely- cross-dresses. xD And even within that 'rarely', usually it's only by request. But besides that they're very alike. ...so far >3 But still. o 3o OK, then. Phew... Phew. Heeheeheeheehee~ I have to admit, you're a friend, so you could pretty much put storyme in any situation you want. Woodstock could have -actually- been a girl and I wouldn't mind. o 3o
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