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  1. Checking in I just watched Mortified Nation and every episode of The Mortified Guide. This lead me to dig through my old journals and letters. Which reminded me to check through old blogs and message boards! Im really getting my dose of nostalgia. Horatio, I just wanted to say thanks for always having something positive to say. Growing up is tough and awkward, but you always had so much encouragement to share. I really appreciate that.
  2. Holy smokes! Congratulations!!!!! What a beautiful girl! I came here for a nostalgia blast, what a nice surprise. I'm going to add the boards to my bookmark bar so I can lurk around a bit more... Nice to see people still check in
  3. Coincidentally showing a friend embarrassing artwork from back in the gap and remember I had posted some to HD! Funny how we check in here from time to time.
  4. Oye, thought I'd check up on everyone here! I've been creeping a few pages back through posts and I love seeing and hearing about people's travels. I just wanted to let you guys know you were on my mind today ~
  5. I'll have to check in more and see what's up with everyone. No, it's not my art! It's my favorite band's poster though. I can definitely post some of what I'm doing. I'm an advertising major with a double minor in women's and gender studies and graphic design, so I'll have a lot of projects to show!
  6. I don't know who still actually checks out posts other than Horatio's topic, but mostly I like to post here and look back on it later. Hey guys. I'm 18 these days and a real life college student.
  7. Sorry I haven't been here and don't know the answer to this, but why are you everywhere?? Yes why do you get to travel to the neatest places?
  8. *flails arms* That's so exciting, congratulations!
  9. I... what? I... what? ...I forget sometimes that I'm not having a one on one conversation with Horatio and I need to quote things. See Horatio's post right before the "pillow fight day" one and that post will make more sense. XD Knowing how busy you are, I totally understand. This board, other than work, is about the only place I visit as well. The other social boards take up way too much time. Time which I do not have to allocate visiting there. Besides, here it seems more like close friends. Agreed. Doesn't matter how long it's been, I can always find a warm word here. It's comforting, isn't it? Even if everything else goes south, I feel like I'll always have a support system here.
  10. The whole board is like a timecapsule. It's ridiculous how much I grew up on here...
  11. OH GOD. I'm so glad I ranted about my life here. Kate and I ended up dating for nearly three years. I'm now recently singled. Goodness. It's too much fun looking back on this stuff!
  12. D'aww you guys are sweet n_n I'll certainly send you a blog link Horatio :3
  13. I now write less mediocre poetry :3 (though still mediocre) Tell me all your thoughts Each whispered word sends my mind reeling Every thoughtful pause has me beckoning for more Share with me your secrets A slowly spoken terror chills my spine A shy admission and I’m full hearted Enlighten me with your ideas Just one unique notion and I’ve got insight to your mind A single concept and you’ve got me thinking faster than you can make my heart beat Fewer joys have I had than that of simply of earning your beaten and bruised trust Pray I can keep it
  14. This board is an archive of my life from 5th grade on up. Anything incredibly exciting, depressing, or tidbits I found interesting I posted on here. I've practically grown up with everyone here and ended up drifting away I guess I tend to drift from people I know in person too, but I digress. Even if next to no-one reads this, I'd like you all to know I'm very appreciative of the advice, comments, and general friendliness I've gotten here. Including that ridiculous political scuffle I had with MW. Ah, looking back on the pre-pubescent self <3 I want to keep everyone updated. I want to be friends with you all again. But mostly I want to have the time to do so. Forgive me if I cannot. Okay, that's all I felt the need to say :3 I'm just in a thoughtful mood and remembered that I could of course post thoughts here! I've also got a blog I'd love you all to follow, but without link posting that seems nearly impossible!
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