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  1. So, how was MacKenzie's birthday? Did you bake a cake? Any photographs you would like to share? I am taking two courses this semester. These are a little more difficult online, as the two professors are not accustomed to teaching online. One professor, does not answer his telephone, or answer emails. YIKES!!! How can you not answer any form of contact when a student is attempting to reach you. I could see not answering for a couple days, but four weeks? I have been attempting to reach this guy for four weeks. The other professor knows the information that she is teaching so well,
  2. Lexxy... what a wonderful surprise! How are you? What are you doing? How is life treating you? I hope you stop back in to see us.
  3. Four, I cannot believe she is almost four. Happy Birthday MacKenzie! This is such a tough time for all little kids who should be around others at this age. I am so happy that you have family that can step in and give her some attention. Her mother and father are terrific, but the attention from others is also wonderful. Congratulations on Sean's new job. I hope he this is a company that he feels is a good place for him, and a place where he can grow and move up. I remember when you started your latest job, are you happy there? I know you are working really hard at this job, so I ho
  4. Thank you, I appreciate that. At the moment, I am attempting to take photographs that are two images combined into one, in the camera. This is not something I am doing in photoshop, but an in camera attempt at art. So far, I do not have any photographs that I am happy with. Hopefully, soon. How are you, Sean and MacKenzie? She must be getting big!
  5. Ha, Ha, Ha. I agree. But, this is the best I can do under this COVID virus mess. Here is another trippy one for you. LOL!!!
  6. Here is one more photograph with a different look.
  7. I am playing with a different look in photographs. Here is one avenue that I have started to experiment with. I hope you like the idea.
  8. SpaceX did a phenomenal job of delivering two U. S. Astronauts to the International Space Station! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!
  9. Topazia, thank you for your comment. I appreciate hearing this. The terrific news is that you are still working. Is your husband working? Hopefully, he is. MacKenzie must look forward to accomplishing art with her mother every evening. I always remember doing art with my mother. It was always such a special time. Let me see what other photographs I can post. I have been playing with flowers and food these past weeks. Some photographs are good, some are not so good. It took me about seventy photographs for me to be happy about the result. The good news, it passes quite a b
  10. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY - KAT -!!! We all would like to wish you a very happy belated birthday. Hopefully, your celebration of your birth, was extra special and full of happiness and love. May you have many, many more to come.
  11. Yesterday was - Kat's - birthday. Every single day this month, I was thinking that I needed to remember to wish her a happy birthday, even up to the very night prior. Well, here I am a day late. I totally missed her special day. Happy Belated Birthday - Kat -.
  12. A sunrise for everyone. It is a panorama. I hope that you enjoy it.
  13. Here is a cactus flower. It blooms for one day only.
  14. The COVID-19 virus has certainly changed our lives. The big question is how is everyone coping? One fact to consider, Anne Frank was in a four hundred fifty square foot attic, not able to make a sound, for over two years. She never left the attic for over two years. We can make it through this.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You obviously are working hard and your managers noticed. I will be right back with more images.
  16. Yes, I agree. Great news. How are you continuing to do during this very different period of our lives? How is work? Are you still as busy? Not much to report here. Things are still the same. I am taking quite a number of indoor images. For example, I am playing with my food, LOL!!! Exactly what you teach MacKenzie not to do. Today I am going to play with oil and water. We will see how that turns out. Perhaps this will be one photographic adventure that will be best conducted outdoors. LOL!!!
  17. Topazia!!! Thank you for the update. Thank goodness you are healthy and working. I am pleased that you are happy with your job. Twenty thousand steps a day?!?!?!? You must sleep very well at night. Only one cold??? That is fantastic! Whatever you are doing, keep it up! It is so hard to see young children not be able to go outside and then they are too young to understand why not. How old is MacKenzie now? It seems like only yesterday that she was born. The stress of worrying about not catching this virus, can wear down your immune system. Please follow the guidelines o
  18. How is everyone doing during this stressful time? What are you doing to get through this stressful time? I have decided to take at least ten photographs, everyday. The subject does not matter. It is just the process that matters. I have taken some very strange images in the last week, rocks, roadside litter, bugs, anything that catches my eye. I will start posting images that I think you might enjoy. Would everyone please stay safe during this time of uncertainty? Practice at least two metres/six feet between other people, use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze, w
  19. WOW!!! Incredible. Ha, ha, ha! Some people never "find themselves". Unfortunately, money is a necessity to have a roof over your head, food on the table and do some of those things you like to do, such as buy clothes and have dinner out. I love Amsterdam. You will absolutely love living there. Then, I will come over and visit you. A year off. That is wonderful to have some time to think about what you would like to do. You will be working for a very, very long time, so enjoy your life whilst you are young. You are well qualified, so you will find a job fast. I am certain that you
  20. LOL!!! This sounds so hard to accomplish. I applaud you for your dedication to making this work.
  21. Topazia, this is outstanding reading. I am so excited for you to finish this story. It is really, really terrific reading!!! I love the way you write.
  22. Incredible!!! What a dramatic improvement! You really have excelled at art! Fantastic! I particularly like the way you have used light and shadows. Technology, has also come a long way in fifteen years.
  23. I need to post a photograph that I took, of the Iron Maiden Boeing 747. What a fantastic paint job. I felt so fortunate to be at the ramp at the same time as their airplane. They were doing a concert and parked right next to our ramp.
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