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  1. With cold weather coming, I know you are happy. How long is the season where you have unbearable humidity? I am happy to hear that your brother will be taking care of your new family members. With you parents as back-up care givers, the geckos will be very happy. My hamster set-ups can get pretty wild. There is never any end to my creativity. Sometimes I think that the hamsters do not like their weekly hamster cage cleaning. I change around things and hide things, so make it more interesting. There was one hamster that knew the tubes were his, but when I would change around the path, he would act like he had never seen the tubes before. All the different personalities are such fun. I decided to take a few courses and this one online course has deadlines where your assignments are due at 18H00. That is an awful time. I really like when the assignments are due by 23H59. That makes life so much easier. Tonight, I have another paper due and I have been working on it all week. It seems that I had all the time in the world, until last night. Now I realise that I am pressed for time.
  2. WOW! I am happy to hear that the leopard geckos are young. Fantastic! How long do they live? I have a very large terrarium that Haku lives in. It is a reptile cage. For Haku, it is three feet long by two feet deep and is eighteen inches high. Then I have a tube that runs from the bottom of the glass terrarium, through the screen lid and into a series of other tubes. This way Haku can climb from his cage through a series of tubes into his other cage. He loves his palace. Thank you for your good wishes. It is time for us to move out of Florida and let someone else deal with hurricanes.
  3. Oh my goodness! You are going to be the proud parent of two leopard geckos? That sounds incredible! I am so excited for you. Who will take care of them when you are in New Zealand? Please send photographs of your new family members when they arrive. Yes, if you mother has some Skin So Soft, you need to put a container in your suitcase. The mosquitoes are monstrous in New Zealand. I am looking forward to seeing all of your photographs from your trip! On a weather related thought, we are very fortunate that the latest hurricane decided to head away from Florida. Hopefully, all the rest of the storms for this year will stay offshore.
  4. Avon Skin So Soft, the creme version, keeps mosquitos away, while making your skin feel wonderful.. I now carry a tube everywhere I go. Yes, crickets can be quite invasive at times. Sometimes I wonder what brings the hordes of crickets or locusts, but they sure do invade the place when they arrive. The little carcasses are all over the place. In high up places that you would never expect. On top of cabinets or other odd places. You will have completed four years and starting on the fifth year. Congratulations!!! Your feelings are the same all over the world. Employees will give their best, but it is management that leaves everyone wondering. The problem as I see it, is that a management position is a goal for some people and once they get there, they forget where they came from. Your New Zealand trip will be here before you know it, and you will be back at work, even faster. I am looking forward to hearing all about your exciting trip.
  5. Oh no!!! I know that you are not a fan of hot weather, so you must be very uncomfortable. That was the only problem when we lost electricity during and after a hurricane... no air conditioning. This meant that you had to keep your windows open. With the windows open the mosquitoes would eat you alive. Somehow, they managed to squeeze through the screens to get inside. You are waiting for fall to cool down, and I am waiting for the beginning of winter to have an end to the hurricane season. Great news about your New Zealand friends. Knowing that they are safe and sound is a relief. Your work anniversary is approaching. Can you believe another year has passed? It sounds so weird to sound like your parents, but time is flying by. Soon, it will be peak for you with the holiday rush of everyone sending all of their packages. It seems that as soon as you get past one peak, another one is approaching.
  6. Topazia, it always makes me wonder why the power companies do not begin a process of placing the power lines underground. Every year the power companies spend millions and so many people are without power, it would only make sense just to relocate the power lines. I had no idea that you were without power for so long and had flooding. That is incredible. We worry about the storm surge along the coast. - Kat -, I am sorry to hear about your colleague's family in the Bahamas. I hope that they are not in Marsh Harbour. The winds and storm surge did so much destruction. I am waiting for word from my Bahamian friends. They live in the Abaco's, Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay, and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Phew! I am happy to hear you are not one of those people who stand outside and watch the tornado touchdown. The earthquakes are pretty scary. I hope that your friends were far away from the epicentre.
  7. LOL!!! You also do not live on the coast where there is a mandatory evacuation order. We were fortunate that a high pressure front parked itself along the coast and pushed the low offshore. Those of us along the coast, were a bit worried because using the original models, where the front was further inland, the path would have meant that the worst part of the hurricane, the northwest corner outside the eye, would have been directly overhead our area. Has your area ever seen a really strong hurricane? My recollection was that the hurricanes downgraded once they came ashore.
  8. Thank you for your good vibes our way. I did not head to Florida before the storm, but I might be heading there today, depending on the word I receive from the guys watching my house. The house can be repaired, it is the trees that I worry about. The house can be rebuilt in months the trees take hundreds of years. Like you, I can never understand why people would go out on the water with no safety gear. Then they are lost or stranded somewhere in the middle of the Gulf Stream, which is very scary. I have done some search and rescue in the waters between Florida and the Bahamas. You have a hard time seeing an eighty foot boat. It is almost impossible to see a fifteen foot skiff, a kayak would be like spotting a little microdot. Thank you for telling me that you and your family have been cautious. Tornadoes seem very fast moving with not lots of time to watch. During a hurricane, there are always those people who want to be out in a storm, looking. They do not realise that they can be thrown around in the wind. On the other side of the planet, New Zealand just experienced two earthquakes. One earthquake, followed by one aftershock. I hope everyone there is okay.
  9. Well, here comes Hurricane Dorian, a category five. Yes, this is going to be a big one, headed directly for our house. If this storm keeps heading towards our house, if you thought last week was bad, this week will be worse. Ha, ha, ha... I am just giving you some warning. Thinking about the open ocean, I think you have a healthy respect. The ocean is a very powerful force of nature and it cannot be tamed. It must be respected. I watch people go out into the ocean three or more miles offshore, without any life saving equipment or other Coast Guard required supplies, and before they head out, they do not even check the weather. In fact, I know of two guys who go three miles offshore in kayaks. That is really not smart. I think you are good with your respect of the ocean. Would you promise me one thing? If a tornado is coming, would you please head into the storm shelter?
  10. I agree with you, - Kat -, MacKenzie is getting more beautiful every day. Hearing that you are considering keeping photography in your life, into the future, makes me smile. It is a great to hear that you will have a terrific hobby or perhaps business in your future. LOL!!! Hurricanes sounded terrifying??? Tornadoes are so much more terrifying! The hurricane is slow and you can get out of the way. A tornado forces the person to go into a spider filled storm shelter. I am more terrified of spiders. So, now we learn something about you, that you have a somewhat phobia of large bodies of water. LOL!!! Summer is when almost everyone wants to take their time away from work. The problem is that then, life becomes stressful and hectic. I hope you can make it through this with your sanity.
  11. Oh my goodness, MacKenzie is so beautiful. Three years old, Happy Birthday to our favourite little princess, with her new castle! I bet it is the most fantastic castle a little girl could ever have. Yes, I totally agree. A rested toddler is a happy mother. LOL!!! If MacKenzie can sleep in the tent and she loves it, then by all means this is the way to go. Did you know that MacKenzie has your eyes and smile? It is a definite sign exactly who this little princess belongs to! LOL!!! Just how you work, parent and keep your sanity, I have no idea. You have so much on your plate. Just hearing about your schedule makes me tired. Of course, taking care of such a wonderful toddler like MacKenzie can give you lots of joy and makes you not realise just how tired you are. For other news, - Kat - is such a talented photographer. I do believe that she will go places with her photography, if she wants. You can see how she has captured the essence of each and every animal. I kept thinking that this or that photograph was my favourite and then I would look at the next one. There were little nuances in each photograph that made it more special than the one before it. I hope - Kat - continues with her photography. Not much is happening out in the west, I hope life in Florida remains calm and no serious hurricanes hit the coast. That would be good for both of us. We are just installing our new pool screen. If a hurricane takes this one down, I am filling in the swimming pool with dirt and making it a permanent frog spa. The only good news is that we have a whole house generator and this will make life so very nice should we lose electricity from a hurricane. I really do not want to try it out, but life will be good if this is the case. The only drawback, we might be making coffee for the entire neighbourhood when they see we have electricity and they do not. Thank you for posting a wonderful image of our favourite little princess. Happy Birthday to MacKenzie.
  12. Perhaps another night photography session would be appropriate with your instructor. He can give you some ideas on how to create a specific focus for your night photography.
  13. Oh my goodness, I repeat the same things over and over again, trying to improve. There are lots of exercises that I will give you to do. It would be easy to think of one different exercise each week.
  14. Thank you for keeping us in mind with anything happening in your life. We always want to know. Stable is very good on your mother's condition. Would you like to give us an idea of where you would like to direct your focus with the camera? There are also fun things that you can try at home. If we can tear you away from your latest game.
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