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  1. LOL!!! Yes, it was festive. It was hard finding an only paper product. I wanted to make sure that there was no plastic of any kind in the bags. Haku, our new rescue, is living on plain brown. Today I found some green paper, so perhaps tomorrow, I will give him a little bit of green.
  2. Then just a few minutes later the sky looked like this. This was not edited in any way. This was the actual colour of the sky.
  3. This year, you need to bring your tripod and take fireworks photographs. We will be waiting! I am not a pyrotechnics person. So, you will have so many, many more fireworks to play with. Quiet is good. Would you please let us know how the game goes? Not much is happening here. Life is very calm and I am happy that there is no drama. We just had a thunderstorm at sunset. The rainbow was gorgeous, then the sky went dramatic orange.
  4. Only one was in the file. Here it is...
  5. Welcome back! I am so sorry to hear that work is extremely tough. With people taking off for a week, it makes things so difficult. I hope that you get some new hires or the return of some people soon. Yes, flowers are wonderful subjects. I am attempting to try and photograph flowers in a different view, or with different lighting, just to make people wonder, what is that. These flowers were really attracting my attention and I just had to try and take their pictures. Today I am heading out to photograph some cactus. There is this one cactus with an enormous amount of blooms. I am hoping that I can capture a good photograph of them. What else is happening with you? Are you getting ready for the Fourth of July pyrotechnics celebration?
  6. Congratulations to Sean. Losing weight is so very difficult. Getting in shape is a perfect way to prolong your life. Try to avoid running and swim or bicycle instead. You only have so much cartilage in your knees and hips. Swimming and bicycling have so much less of an impact on those two joints. Children can wear you out. They have endless energy and seem to have batteries installed. I love it that she is up early every single morning. LOL!!! That is my kind of girl. I am up by 04H00 every single morning. If I was to wake up after that, I would feel like I missed half of the day. I have no idea what it is like to sleep in. LOL!!! If you lived close, I would be your morning baby sitter so you could sleep. Not much is happening with me, I am busy taking courses. These are just for fun. I enjoy learning new things. When I am not studying, I am out taking photographs and attempting to learn how to take these images better.
  7. I know that it is tough, as money is tight, but you really need to have a little bit taken out of your paycheck towards your retirement. This is so very important. You will learn to live with a little bit less, but in the long run, you will have a very wonderful nest egg for your retirement years. Please promise me that you will sign up and take out something towards your future. Also, please promise me that you will never, ever touch it. As for other news, perhaps we should send you a five thousand piece Lego set for MacKenzie. LOL!!! Of course, we will need to send you a toy box for all those Lego pieces. I am so happy that you and Sean are having fun with MacKenzie. She seems to be such a happy and wonderful child. This is because of the terrific job you both as doing as parents. Music is something that you take with you for life. Once you have an appreciation for music, it never goes away. I could never live without music. Would you please keep us posted on our favourite little girl???
  8. You are so right. It is most definitely a yawn. The fox was pretty far away and I was using a long telephoto lens. Even though he was far away, he was still discreetly watching me. See the following image. You have to look closely to see his eyes.
  9. Topazia... wonderful work news. Better insurance options and bigger bonuses are a definite plus. I hope that you are taking something out of your already small paycheck, and putting it towards retirement. In the end, you will pay a little bit less in taxes. I have been looking for a one thousand colour crayon box. So far, I have not found one, but when I do, I am sending them to MacKenzie, along with a whole lot of drawing paper. LOL!!! Perhaps I should find a set of drums for her. LOL!!! Yes, growing, exploring and learning young people, can try the patience of their parents. You sound like you have an immense amount of patience. I applaud you for the great job you are doing as a mother. All of your hard work and patience will definitely pay off when she gets older. It comes when other parents tell you how wonderful your daughter is. Then you know what a fantastic job you did raising her.
  10. I just love your little girl. A term of endearment. MacKenzie seems to have her own mind and this is wonderful. It will be terrific to have more artwork by our favourite artist. How is your job? Are you getting away from the cash register enough for you? I hope so.
  11. LOL!!! Oh my goodness! Your "little monster"??? I love the image. You could have at least given her a few other colours to play with. I just love the artwork created by young children. The artwork is so much fun.
  12. HAPPY MAY DAY!!! This morning, we awoke to snow. Not much, but it was so cold outside. BRRRRRR! I am waiting for the sun to come out and melt the layer of snow. What a way to start the month of May.
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