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  1. Thank you for keeping us in mind with anything happening in your life. We always want to know. Stable is very good on your mother's condition. Would you like to give us an idea of where you would like to direct your focus with the camera? There are also fun things that you can try at home. If we can tear you away from your latest game.
  2. Haku is such an interesting hamster with his own personality. There are days when he grabs one of his favourite treats and other days when he acts like he does not like the same treat. The one treat that he always loves, are pine nuts. We are using the pine nuts to do the colour experiment. I will keep you posted on this.
  3. Thank you for the update on your mother. Hopefully, your mother is not suffering with any eye trouble. I hope that the doctor has fixed the problem. Would you please keep us posted on your mother? We would like to make sure all is okay with her.
  4. LOL!!! They are not huge enough! These are absolutely wonderful. My favourite images are... all of them! You have done an incredible job at capturing all of these animals. The toads are terrific, the tongue on the goat is a perfect touch, the parrot hiding his head and the penguins, lemur, orangutang, and snakes are superb. I know that you will figure out the editing, but honestly, these are not in need of much in the way of post-processing. Thank you so very much for posting these.
  5. Taynio, I have been thinking about you. How are you? How is life treating you? I am so very happy that you had not changed your email address. Hopefully, you will stop back in and let us know what is happening in your life. Thank you for posting a message.
  6. Absolutely, ask all the questions that enter your mind. This is how you learn. We are excited to see your next set of images. You should have the ability to change your monitor brightness. I would ask this questions. Oh my! I am so very sorry to hear about your mother's eyesight. I do understand that many people life their life with a floater. From what I understand, you will get accustomed to the floater and kind of see "around" it and not really notice it. Hopefully, this will be what happens in your mother's situation. At the moment, I am in Mount Rainier and will post the hippo photographs as soon as I return home.
  7. I have been thinking about this. Yes, I agree, I would not want to give Haku any kind of food dye. But, I think I have found an idea. Get eight different colours of the same type of fabric. Cut little squares and insert the same nuts or seeds in them. Haku loves Pine Nuts, so I would use those. His first option would be to smell them and try to reach the contents. But, what if the green one never had any nuts, but the smell was there. You could do something such as the red one has five Pine Nuts, the blue one always has only one nut, or something along those lines. And when you presented them, you always mixed up the way the colours were presented. You could see if he always went to the red one first and avoided the green one. Any thoughts on an experiment such as this?
  8. - Kat -, that is a perfect question for your teacher. He can give you several situations to make you think about how to increase your shutter speed when it comes out too slow. For the fireworks, I wanted to have my shutter open for at least three seconds to five seconds, but I did not want the image to become too bright. So, I decided that I would under-expose the image. If I had used an Neutral Density filter, then I would have had drastically different results. Of course, I was just trying to see what would happen. It was a very good learning experience. A group is a much stronger force to be reckoned with. Good luck on this. I just know you will succeed. I am shaking my head at doctors and getting someone in to see them when there is a real problem. It is good that your mother will be in there tomorrow. We are saying lots of prayers for your mother. The zoo... I have three images of a hippopotamus that was watching me watch him or her. It was pretty interesting. I will search for those images.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. I decided not to follow the myriad of advice that was offered on the internet, and went back to what I learnt in my old film days with a manual camera. For me, it was all about shutter speed. LOL!!! It will be fun to see what I come out with. Welcome to the corporate world. I am sorry that there is favouritism, but this is something that will happen no matter what corporation you work for. I hope that you can get this resolved for you and your fellow employees. Please keep us posted. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. It is very important that she see her doctor as soon as the offices open up. You are so right, this is so important. We will keep your mother in our prayers until you let us know that she is okay. We love it when you stop in. Please post some of your photographs. I am happy that you and your teacher will be getting together for the zoo trip. We will be waiting for your zoo photographs.
  10. - Kat -, we are very happy to see you!!! You are are number one pyrotechnic friend!!! I am sorry to hear that it rained, but at least you did have some time to send off some fireworks. We went to the city display and some of their fireworks started fires. At least it is the fire department that is conducting the fireworks, so we know that they have the ability to take care of the fires. I will post a couple of images after the post. Yes, animals do not understand the fireworks. I am happy that you are so kind to your pets and do not leave for long at this time. The booms are pretty scary. Ouch, I totally understand the situation at your workplace. It is quite frustrating. Everyone wants to take their time off during the summer. This means that almost the entire summer, the workplace is short-staffed. That is so difficult. Soon if will be fall again, and the employees will be back at work. Your work anniversary will be here soon. Only four months to go. You are racking up the years! I am happy the wait for your online game was worth it. Enjoy yourself! At the end of the week, I head to London for the airshow and it will be time to take lots and lots of photographs of airplanes. There will be an incredible amount of aircraft from all over the world at this airshow and I am really excited to see what this year will bring. Each year is better and better, so I am quite excited to attend. Are you still taking photographs? We would love to see some. Please stop in and visit more often. It is always terrific to see you and hear about what is happening in your life.
  11. That is a terrific question. I have no idea. I wonder if there is any method to test this. Haku loves peppers, perhaps I should attempt a red, green and orange pepper test. The problem is if they have a slightly different smell, then I will not be able to tell if it is the colour, or the smell. This will be a fun test.
  12. You have managed to work yourself into a much better position away from the register. Excellent!!! I am thrilled to know that you were able to make yourself happy in your job. What topic are you streaming on Twitch? It would be great to watch you. Would you please let me know how to find you there? MacKenzie is at such a great age. It always excites me to see the wonder of seeing and learning something new. You can just see the wonder in their little eyes. This is so nice to see. Treasure these moments as she will soon be a teenager. LOL!!! I remember those teenage years. How my parents ever lived through my teenage years, I will never know. Nothing exciting is happening. I am swimming laps every day and this is not as much fun as running, but it is definitely much easier on your body then running. The only other little drawback is that you always have the possibility of drowning. This is not the case with running. LOL!!! I guess that I am just going to have to adapt to being a fish and like it.
  13. WOW!!! MacKenzie, I love this drawing! Fantastic! Thank you for posting the image. MacKenzie is our favourite little girl? How is life treating you, Topazia? How is work? How is life? Not much to going on here. I have been out collecting rocks and having so much fun whilst doing it.
  14. Oh my goodness. MacKenzie on a tricycle! She is going to love the ability to move around at high speed! We must see a picture, please. Sean is losing more weight? WOW! I wish that I had that ability. Thank you for the comment on the photographs. I appreciate your input.
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