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    soccer, hamsters, johnny depp
  1. I'm sure she does. xD Do you have a name shorter than Vanilla Star Hamster I could call you by? katie, that is my rel name
  2. i wish i new wut u were talking about. jeff is not as sexy as u sed he was. (im gonna die now)
  3. yes a vanilla choco bar is a white choco bar also could u put me reading a manga book and a music note
  4. I'm sure she does. xD Do you have a name shorter than Vanilla Star Hamster I could call you by? u can call me katie that is my real name. yes she does she says u r rly cool, i wont 2 see it 4 myself. she also says u hav cool hair. i dont remember much of wut she says sorry
  5. i want 1 can u do a purple hamster w/ a pentacle on it sumwhere also, a vanilla choco bar thank u
  6. i have like a kajillion pokemon cards! they were so awesome! and i lovvvvvvved my SNES!!! then the N64 came out, and i was like OMG these graphics are awesome! and my pogs, those things were so weird haha my mom hates pokemon!
  7. hey i no u cheesemaster! mk talks about u!
  8. wut is mks problem w/ jeff + marth + luke?
  9. ewwwww paris hilton! i dont want her dead i jus dont want her alive n. e. miore
  10. i watch anime on youtube mk likes anime 2. she likes an anime called conan or somethin i dont no
  11. wowowowowwo 118 pages there were only 58 last time as u no i am goin out w/ john (beardo) mk prolly told u. we got in trouble 4 hugging yesterday. it was terrible. but john sed that he and will got in trouble for air 5-ing 2 so im not 2 worried. i shoudl give hugs 2 the teachers who tell us not 2 hug. elaina and mike yes they were making out w/ each other at the party sweenie todd is hottttt i want 2 go out w/ him 2. mk is weird she is crazy over jeff + marth. at johns party when me mike john elaina and will were on the roof we herd her scream we she got a jeff trophy. she wanted to make out with the screen but kenn (johns brother) didnt let her. she was sad lol ok bye bye.
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