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  1. Hope everyone is doing well! I think about you all quite often.
  2. So sad to hear of this news. I'm so thankful for HK, for bringing us all together to create such fond memories. Rest in Peace, HampsterKing.
  3. Howdy! Just dropping in to say hello! I'm currently en-route to Kona to compete in another triathlon. I think the last time I was here was when I was training for my first one last year - so I guess that's what made me drop in. Hope everyone's doing well! Doesn't look like we have too many active members anymore. Still glad to see that Topazia and Horatio and clinging on. Sorry to hear about your MIL, Topazia. Until next time! Which hopefully will be before I do another tri.
  4. Oh! Guess I've missed a lot! CONGRATS Topazia! She's beautiful.
  5. I almost had a mini heart attack just now. I typed in the URL to come here and it gave me a sever not found error! Didn't realize it was in all caps/that all caps would make a difference. I almost contacted the three people I know from here IRL to freak out. Glad to see that isn't the case though. Hope everyone is well! Quick update on my life: -Living in NYC now, working that oh-so-wonderful 9-5 corporate life. (Which actually is more like 9-10ish and I haaaaaaaate it.) -Training for my first triathlon. I'm doing it with my company and we're raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and it's in Hawaii - so although it's so so so tough and I think about quitting daily, it's for a great cause, in a great place, and with some great people. -I just took an amazing trip to Japan about two months ago. I LOVED it! So much different than China. I popped back over to Shanghai for the last three days of the trip and was so disappointed.
  6. Utah is amazing, indeed! I can't wait until I have the opportunity to return. So many incredible things to see that I never would have imagined a year ago.
  7. I must've missed something -- where are you moving to Horatio? My computer is on 4% and my charger is out in the car, so I'm hoping to make this post short, sweet, and to the point and get it in before it dies. Quick update on me - long story short - I ended up not liking Los Angeles that much when it came down to the day to day grind, so I drove myself back across the country to New York right before Christmas. I'm home living with my mother for a little until I get everything settled and find a place down in the city. I'm so so so happy with my decision to come back. LA just simply can't compare to NY.
  8. I was bad and took some of these photos while driving. Shame on me. Don't take after me, children. But I did wait until I was pulled over to edit them for instagram, if that's any consolation. The photos aren't the best quality, since they've been edited/filtered/etc. for Instagram. I would've attached the originals, but most were crooked/blurry/had reflections from my windshield. Pennsylvania. My last bit of beautiful fall foliage before entering the barren Midwest. Ohio. No offense to anyone that's from there, but I couldn't wait to get out of there. St. Louis. A little tornado warning to spice up my miserable drive thru Missouri/Kansas. Colorado. I've never been and I fell in love with it. It's so, so beautiful, in so many different ways. More Colorado. Western edge of Colorado. Beginning of Utah. Some more Utah.
  9. Horatio!!!! I wish I had been more active on the board recently. In addition to being in Manhattan Beach last night, I was in Cedar City, UT on Friday October 3rd. Maybe I saw you there too! I drove from New York to LA between Tuesday and Saturday.
  10. I was in Manhattan Beach last night for dinner! I just moved out to LA a little over a month ago. Maybe we saw each other and didn't even realize it. Manhattan Beach isn't that small, so probably not. But ya never know! Unless of course you weren't in Manhattan Beach last night. Then I guess we do know.
  11. Just dropping in for a quick hello. I haven't completely forgot about y'all. Hope everyone is doing well!
  12. Not too much on my front. I just finished my last full semester of college. Starting January 6th, I'm doing a six month internship at Elizabeth Arden in Stamford, CT as a demand planning intern. I'm having pretty mixed emotions about it. It's an incredible opportunity and I really know that I'm going to learn a lot from it, but I feel like I'm going to miss out so much on what would be my last semester in Boston. Since Northeastern requires you to complete two six month internships, the whole program takes five years. I came in with quite a few AP credits, so I effectively took 48 credits my freshman year and 41 my sophomore year since I did that China program in the summer, so I'm going to complete everything in 4 years and two/three months. I had somewhat of a conflict with my advisors when I switched from the French to Chinese program, as one told me I could and then later the head of the department told me I couldn't, so my schedule got kind of messed up over the past year, and as a result, I haven't been on the same schedule as my friends in almost a full year. Now that I'm moving to Connecticut and will be graduating in the summer, I'm kind of bummed that I won't be with my friends, yet again. As happy as I am with my choice to have gone to Northeastern and all of the incredible opportunities it has given me, it's just kind of saddening that I was only in classes with the majority of my friends for only three or four semesters out of what would have been eight had I gone to a more traditional school. That being said, this internship is one of the most coveted and competitive partnerships that the business program has to offer, so I'm incredibly happy that I get the chance to work with them. In the past, they've also tended to hire the majority of the interns they've had, which would absolutely be incredible if I got a job offer from them. Moreover, during my interview process, the head of the supply chain department asked quite a bit about my interest in Chinese and if I would have any interest in living there after graduation. He mentioned an office in Shanghai and seemed to really be interested in whether or not I'd want to work in China, so, without getting my hopes up, the possibility of a job offer in China would just be a dream come true. At this point though, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my winter vacation and work my butt off as much as I can and just see what the future brings. How have you been Horatio? Any exciting/new travels recently?
  13. YES! I would love to have a reunion and see what every has been up to for these past few years. When would you think is the best time to hold this reunion would be? I am open to suggestions. We could also send out mass emails on a regualr basis. I'm not sure. If it wasn't so last minute, I would say that before school started up again would be a good time. Then again, I know that there are a lot of schools starting very soon or that have already started. I guess it also doesn't require a whole lot of effort to "attend" said reunion, as people can just pop in or out when they have a few free minutes. I don't know. I'm done blubbering now, I don't know. It's up to you Horatio, whatever you think would work best. My little brain has very little room these days... I will think seriously about it. Is your email address up to date in the profile? Mine's all set! Thank you for doing this, Horatio! Fingers are crossed that people haven't changed their email address since they were last active.
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