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  1. I will definitely let you know know how things progress! Right now she's pretty stable in terms of her eyes (and everything else) but if anything changes I'll let you know. Thank you for your kind words! It's exciting to see improvement after each lesson. Now that I'm understanding more how to use the camera and what exactly CAN be done with it, I'm getting more ideas about what I WANT to do with it.
  2. That sounds like a pretty sound way to test it out! See if you can 'train' him to identify which little sack has the most nuts in it by color. you could even eventually do something like offer him only the green one and see if he reacts at all, to see if he has realized that the green one never has nuts in it.
  3. I also realized too late that I picked the wrong one of those snake pictures. For the smaller red one, imagine that the snake isn't blurry, and that's what the right one looks like.
  4. ...I did not realize it would post those so huge. My apologies :x Horatio, if this is too big, you can delete that post and I'll make a new one with smaller images or see if I can get them to post as clickable samples or something.
  5. Mom's follow-up appointment went well, they confirmed that everything is pretty much sealed off and shouldn't really get any worse. She hasn't mentioned it since then, though she's always been good at suffering in silence. I hope it's because it hasn't been hard for her to work around it though. My last photography lesson was at the zoo! Here are some of the pictures I think came out best. They are unedited so far, because I'm still kind of insecure about my editing abilities ^^; I think they can be polished up really nicely, though! I'm excited because I think a few of these are not only technically competent, but actually have some artistry to them as well. Which is what I'm most excited about in photography!
  6. It's definitely something I want to talk to my teacher about. I've also noticed that it's hard to gauge my exposure compensation because what it shows on the back screen may look fine but when I upload the pictures they're waaaay over exposed. I'm sure some of it is just getting more used to the camera and what the view looks like versus what the actual upload will look like, but I'm still going to ask for tips! Mom's appointment was today. She was partially right in that some of the goop that keeps her retina attached had come apart, but it looks like the rest of it has already started to seal up so nothing more should be coming apart. The bad news is that the big hardened glop that detached is pretty much permanently in her eye now and she'll always have a floater spot there. They could laser it into smaller chunks but they'd still be there, and it's possible it might break up naturally itself over time but again it would just be smaller spots instead of the larger one she has. She also gets light flashes if she moves her eyes too sharply because of it. I feel awful for her because I know that would drive me insane and she's already been struggling with it while we were waiting for an appointment. Now that she knows it's permanent she's just accepting it but I'm sure it's still bothering her. I excitedly await the hippo pictures!
  7. I understand that! It seems like the advice I see online never works for me, I just have to mess with settings myself. Shutter speed is one I still kind of struggle with, it seems like even if I set the others to what I think should work my shutter speed is always really slow. I will keep you updated on the work situation. I really think that with all of us coming to them about it, they can't ignore it and things will change. She has an appointment tomorrow morning, which was the earliest she could get in. It seems strange that nobody could get her in earlier when this seems serious, but at least she has an appointment now. I will definitely share zoo photos once I get them! I'm excited~
  8. I wonder if there would be a way to use the same kind of pepper but change the color with a food dye or something? Though I'm not sure if food dye is safe for hamsters...
  9. Those are gorgeous! I can't wait to see your airplane photos! I am still taking photos as well, though lately I've been suffering from a lack of time to go places to take any good new ones. My teacher and I have been trying to schedule a day to go to the zoo, but between inclimate weather and my weird work schedule, it's been hard to find a day we're both free. We're not giving up, though! Work has honestly been pretty stressful this last week. There's been some changes in staffing and scheduling that seem to be playing into some pretty blatant favoritism and are leaving four people (including me) with the short end of the stick in favor of catering to one person. I'm going to talk to our HR rep about it next week and see what can be done. If nothing else, I feel a bit better that all of my coworkers are in my corner and all of us who are being suspiciously jerked around are sticking together. Our other concern right now is my mom, who has been having issues with her eye and is fairly sure she's got a detaching retina. Of course, she found this out on Wednesday night, so between Thursday being a holiday and most doctors offices being closed Friday as well, she hasn't really been able to make an appointment anywhere. Hopefully, she can get in somewhere on Monday. As long as it's taken care of in a timely manner it shouldn't be too big of an issue, but it can get serious if we don't take care of it. I've been babysitting a leopard gecko this week for some family friends while they're out of town and it reminds me of how much I love having a gecko! She's very cute and it's fun to watch her prowl around her tank hunting for crickets. But I already have almost all the supplies for a beta fish, which I also really want, so that will be my next pet investment. More geckos and hammies in the future, though! My dream is to live somewhere that has enough room for me to house all sorts of fun little pets that I can comfortably afford to care for and spend time with. With a couple cats and a dog as well, of course. I do love checking in here and seeing how everyone is doing. I will make a point to do it more often!
  10. It's vacation season at work, and between that and general shift changes, it's been hectic x.x I'm tired but things outside of work are cool, at least! 4th of July was cut a little short this year. Firstly, we started pretty late because our dog Moose goes nuts when he hears fireworks so we can't bring him with us, but we also don't want to leave him and Pippin alone for too long, so we just go over for the evening now. Also, it kept raining off and on. Not just little showers, either, it was coming down pretty hard! We still managed to get stuff exploded, though! The game is out and it is a ton of fun! It's an online game so I play with a bunch of my friends, we're having a blast.
  11. Can hammies see colors? If they can, I'm sure they appreciate the variety!
  12. We are! The demo show at the place we get our stash is next weekend, so we'll be stocking up then. The game I've been waiting for comes out the weekend after that, so I'm excited for that! Otherwise, things are all quiet over here 😆
  13. Still got those house pictures? 😋
  14. I love the gorgeous photos! I'm finding that flowers and nature are my favorite things to photograph so far. Work is in a rough patch, we're very short-handed and people are off on vacation every week, but we'll hopefully get more hires soon! Until then, we're scraping by x.x I hope everyone is doing well!
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