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  1. Today was a beautiful day! My friend had a baby shower, I won a lot of candy. Since it was so nice out, my dad and I took our dogs to the park afterwards. Moose immediately found a big puddle to splash in, and Pippin's nose is all dirty from all the sniffing around he did. An excellent park adventure, by dog reckoning. I hope everyone else is getting some nice spring weather, too!
  2. Welcome aboard, Scarlett! It's been quite a while since we saw a new face around here, I hope you enjoy your stay Shazam was pretty fun! Again I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece, but it was a good ride and not a waste of time. If anyone is looking for a nice action movie that doesn't involve too much brain power, take a look when it makes it to Netflix. In other Moose-related news, his adoption anniversary was on Monday. He's been with us for two years! We love our big barrel-chested boy. My friend used to have some ferrets and they were a ton of fun. I've always wanted one but my parents always said no because of the smell XD Some day!
  3. There's been lots of rain here this week, which means lots of humidity. Don't like that D: And neither do the dogs. Moose, in particular, will NOT go out if the ground is wet. If you ask him it's because he's made of sugar (that's why he's so sweet) and the rain will melt him. I suspect he's just being a baby, though I saw Captain Marvel, it was pretty fun! Not my favorite Marvel Movie, but certainly not their worst. I'm going to see Shazam tomorrow, let's see how DC did. I don't like most of their movies lately, but Aquaman was pretty good, so maybe they're learning.
  4. I was spoiled by going to a Y for a long time that had a heated pool. It was always the perfect temperature. And it was inside so there were never any leaves or dead bugs in it. It's been a long time since I went to a pool but any time I went to an outdoor, unheated pool after, it always took some adjusting
  5. I was in one of those parts of America having crazy snow for the past couple weeks. I'm done with winter! Bring on spring! Of course, as soon as it gets above about 83 degrees I'll be crying for winter again.
  6. Heya! :3 I know when I was taking pictures the night before, there was juuuust enough cloud that all I really got were blurry white circles on a black background. I was hoping that with the eclipse, I could get my exposure right and actually be able to see stuff. But then nope, clouds. I will have to wait for that 2023 one and see if I either have better weather or if I'm able to get somewhere with good weather. You can actually buy clear or blank white phone cases that are made to be decorated. If baby girl really wanted to leave her mark on your phone, there are options! XD
  7. I'm trying to imagine a full-body hairnet and all that comes to mind that net a ham comes in. Which I guess is fitting for a hamster.
  8. And I'm hoping Paz meant that the baby scribbled over the butterfly, not on the phone
  9. What a cutie! I was all set to take pictures of the lunar eclipse on the 21st. I went out the night before to take some practice photos, had my tripod and my remote all ready...and then when the actual night came, the clouds were so thick I couldn't see a thing. And naturally I'd volunteered to work early the next day, so I didn't have time to drive an hour and a half to get out from under the clouds at nearly midnight and get home around 3AM. I've seen so many awesome eclipse pictures now. I wish I'd been able to grab some!
  10. - Kat -

    Jesse's topic

    It's been cool to see everyone gather back around for a while and catch up~ It sounds like you've been having a great time!
  11. Thank you so much! I got some more shots up-close of the fountain in front of Union Station, but then I looked at them and they're all crooked OTL I must not have noticed when I looked at them as I shot because my tripod being uneven made them look straight at the time. It was difficult because the area surrounding the fountain is covered in rocks so it's hard to get things lined up evenly. I will see what I can do with them in editing, and if nothing else I'll just have to go back to the fountain and get more pictures!
  12. I, and everyone else whose childhood was helped shaped by this site, owe HampsterKing more than I can say. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would be a different person if it weren't for the friendships I made here. So many fond memories are held here, and he facilitated that for us, through his maintenance of the site and his judgement in letting people like Horatio on the moderation team. Thanks for everything, HK. Rest in peace.
  13. I am an old woman now and forget to do things like come look at the internet. Here are edited photos, and I hope everyone has a happy new year!
  14. I really need to get started on my shopping...I don't even really have any ideas yet. I'll figure it out, though!
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