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    Fantasy, country music, top 40, surfing the net, dance, reading, and acting.
  1. Its been forever since I was here. But this site as been a wonderful place of memories. HamppsterKing was very nice and always was willing to help. Its horrible to hear this news. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. To others on this site, if you need a shoulder to cry on or listen. Im here.
  2. I'm not that bad!.... okay maybe I am! Urgh! Europe was awesome! Adding to the injuries list my aunt twisted her ankle really bad the last day and the first person the doctor saw was me and asked "Please don't tell me you hurt yourself again!" And I went "Nope, Its my aunt!" I also caused the tour guide to get hurt because of me....
  3. I lodt my dog of 16 years last month. She died of old age. I miss Suzie a lot but I know she's with her buddy bou who I lost when I was on 10th grade.
  4. Thanks! I really am thankful for all the prayers. I miss being on HamsterDance. Hopefully, I'll be on and get to Hotatio and the rest of the gang better. lol! I feel so out of the loop!
  5. Belated Bday! hey, does the Horatio has a facebook? I feel the need to get to know my fellow hammies better... Like you! lol anyhow, happy belated bday none the less! Oh I is srry if I broke rules by asking...
  6. Kat was at my house and had said that u txted her to hear randomly whaeve my brother has been saying... and i was blaming you because every time u n kc i don't see u!lol
  7. hey, arkcher! You're amazing, wanna know why cause you like me bro's quotes! u still have to meet me since you're always here to see Kat and i never knw course that is half my fault cause i'm never on! but i still blame u!
  8. listening to youtube lately and heard a song that inspired this. Lying I'm lying if I say that love songs are all I listen to and the reason why isn't because of you. Lying, I'd be lying. I'm lying when I look into your eyes and say that I slept all right and didn't wish you were there. Lying, that's what I'm doing. I'm lying when I say that I like to hold the new stuffed bear you just won tightly so I don't lose it instead of wishing it was you holding tightly on to me. Lying. I'm lying all the time. Just lying. Why? because it's the only way to be yours. It's not perfect and I might out a smiler one in later in my ongoing book bt for now it will do.
  9. so i'm making a poem book but it not done yet so yeah! so it's on its way people. here is a poem to apprise u! It Won't Matter It won't matter if I dye my hair or change my makeup. It won't matter if I say sorry and act different Because you still won't understand me. It won't matter why I stop talking to you or hang out anymore. It won't matter at all. Because no matter what I do, all you see is a mask. Something that's not me, It just won't matter. So, why does it matter to me?
  10. she's lying cause she can't even finish my bday gift so it will propbaly taske her a long time to post more thenm again she is in college that does explain it a bit. lol jk kat!
  11. Granted the call was oh! Opps! Happy Bday! lol
  12. This was very painful, since I'm not artistic at all!
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