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  1. she's two and a half and very much an active, rambunctious, loving toddler! No new artwork. But she can draw faces and some letters and she's just the sweetest smartest little thing ❤️ I am a cashier, and I am lucky that my managers know I prefer to be on the floor bc they use me as a stocker almost every day so no Alli stuck on register all day long!! we didn't do anything for Easter. I worked shrugs and we couldn't go to my mom's anyway bc they replaced her roof this week. We don't really have Easter traditions anymore... my grandmother died last August, and holiday dinners were always at her house. 😕
  2. 😮 A new face! Welcome to the boards, Scarlett! I'm having a lovely month so far. I started a new job last month and I've been working FULL TIME so I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY!!!! (it's been a while...) and of course MacKenzie is a genius and beautiful and wonderful.
  3. Right so. I drew a blank stick figure and handed monster the pen. "Can you show me eyes?" She pokes the pad several times where the eyes are. Creepy, but accurate for toddler. "Can you show me a mouth?" She draws a mouth ish shape where the mouth goes. "What about hair?" She gives it a beautiful long mane of hair. Repeat for a shirt (a line on the torso part) pants (ish) and feet. We did this a few more times and she even gave a cat its feet, tail, and face. ***My Kid Can Draw***
  4. It was delicious! Had some fur in it tho, should probably wear a hair net next time
  5. Lol I meant she scribbled over her chalkboard while I was out of the room! My phone is still in the same shape it was before lol I saw the eclipse but alas, my phone wouldn't capture it right *shrug* Hi Kat!
  6. It was on her chalkboard and while I was getting my phone she scribbled on it to the point of no return. She was happy tho so I didn't press it lol As for picture, here!
  7. I didn't realize the site was back or I'd have been back. Mackenzie was doc mcstuffins for Halloween. I worked and didn't get a picture. But she had fun with daddy and her friend. She's so big now! And! And! TODAY SHE DREW HER FIRST RECOGNIZABLE PICTURE! It was a dolphin. I'm trying to put her to bed right now. We had a good Christmas. Small, but she got some clothes and was happy. :-( what's gonna happen to this place?
  8. I've just learned about this a few minutes ago. I'm sad to hear this news. I hope his family finds peace. Many thanks to hk for his years of caring for this place.
  9. I like hurricane season lol *shrug* I don't want too much devastation and of course nobody to get hurt, but the storms are fascinating.
  10. hi Hoops!!! Florida is a great place! You'll love it here!!!
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