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  1. she's turning 4... in a week... make it stop! we're doing great, sean got a job a couple months ago and I'm still working where I've been for a year. And she's adjusted alright to no outside interaction, although I hate that she lost access to children right as her little personality is bubbling through. Luckily my mom and siblings are able to watch her sometimes so she still gets some play time with other humans than mom and dad.
  2. so many beautiful pictures, as always. My life hasn't changed a whole lot since this whole thing. I still go to work, I still come home and play with MacKenzie before bed, and I still try to do art at night. Were I in a different field of work, it'd probably be a very different story haha!
  3. Life is continuing much as normal lately, just with no park outings for the little one. I got a promotion, and we're very busy, which is good. My department keeps people out of the store. That's such a cool looking picture!
  4. I'm here, I'm safe, and I'm healthy. I'm "essential" as a supermarket employee, so no forced extended vacation for me. I'm already a homebody so not going out except work isn't much of a struggle, esp since my main source of socializing has been Discord and Twitch for three years now. MacKenzie is having difficulty adjusting bc she doesn't really understand why she can't go play with other little kids at the park. She doesn't understand being sick; she's only had one cold in her life, so long ago she wouldn't remember it. I'm worried about getting sick, because there are people out on lea
  5. Thanks! This is nearly to the end of what I've typed up, I should probably continue it before I post more haha!
  6. “Hello?” came a familiar voice. “Sam, it’s Jack.” “Jack! I was worried about you!” Sam exclaimed. “So was I,” Jack smiled. “Thank you for finding me when you did,” he added softly. “I’m glad I did. Are they treating you okay in there?” Sam asked. “Yes. It seems I found a shrink that cares.” Jack smiled again. “Shrink?” Sam echoed. “Minnesota has a civil commitment law; didn’t you know that?” Jack asked. “Oh, that’s right… how’s that going for you?” Sam asked with a smirk. “You know,” Jack responded honestly, “This experience has been more useful tha
  7. We've just been trying for the last year but we've not been consistent, that's all haha well she's definitely going to earn an ice cream but she hasn't pooped on it so no new dress, and peeing is iffy on it so she may not earn a doll this week lol
  8. A few hours later, Jack looked out the window of his room, watching the birds chasing each other through the air. This room was different from the one he’d woken up in; it was gentler on the eyes. The bed was a little nicer, and the walls were a calming green color. The teacher sat back in the chair he’d been resting in with a sigh. Dr. Andrews and a woman in a black suit and skirt, carrying a clipboard, walked in. Jack watched the way she moved. Her confident gait and posture reminded him of his sister Shi. “Hello, Doctor,” Jack greeted calmly. “Who’s your friend?” Dr. Andrews smiled and
  9. Remember I used to write about superheros? This is one of them, one I haven't written about or drawn in 15 years. I was motivated to redraw her the other day. Here, have a major glow-up in my art style, featuring Primrose!
  10. Hi! What a lovely sunrise! MacKenzie is a growing happy little girl. We're doubling down on potty training right now. We have a sticker chart with weekly goal rewards we know she likes to try to get her more enthusiastic about being a big girl.
  11. happy new year! mine is... well, it's a continuation of time. nothing major new, other than the calendar got heavier lol
  12. My grandmother took the time to teach me how to draw faces at various angles when I was around 8 or 10. I have fond memories of her showing me the math tricks and oval guides, and seeing my people drawing skills change almost overnight. Beyond that, I've taught myself for the most part. As for my art career, I'm hoping it'll pick up more soon. I've been doing online graphics for almost two years, but it's hard to make enough and find clients.
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