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  1. Life is great! Work is fun! I'm hardly on register so I'm a happy girl! 😁 and MacKenzie is the sweetest little thing and so mischievous lol getting into everything! I'm having a lot of fun streaming on twitch and running the community we started there. I've met so many amazing people and made friends I'd never have encountered otherwise.
  2. Today I drew grass and she drew flowers in it!
  3. such beautiful pictures! MacKenzie is doing well, she's starting to figure out how pedals work on her trike! And Sean has continued to lose weight. getting close to 20lbs off!
  4. Not a whole lot new has happened in the last couple weeks, with her. She's still happy and healthy. I'm still tired everyday bc that child wakes up at 7 every. Single. Day. *cries* Sean is losing weight and working on getting back into shape. I'm super proud of him, he's lost almost 15 pounds in like three weeks.
  5. also, what a fantastic shot of that fox! is that a yawn?
  6. no I'm not putting money aside. I should, I know. we will be soon. omg MacKenzie would adore that (and so would I, to be honest, love me some crayons) haha please no drums. she has one. she likes it. it makes an excellent stairs. xylo and other instruments, I can't wait to give her music, I'm looking at where to find kid-level instruments since walmart doesn't really have them anymore. she already likes to sing, after all. I think I'm doing a good job. I'm trying. I think Sean is doing a better job. He's home with her, he does everything. She loves him to death. She's so good. I hope he realizes just how amazing a dad he is.
  7. She is absolutely a joy. I do get frustrated when she's misbehaving but she's just learning and trying to play so I try to guide her away instead of getting mad... it's hard sometimes but I'm getting better at it. She definitely has her own mind about a ton of stuff lol! Work is good, I have been off register more often than not which is best for me haha I worked enough full time weeks in a row that I'm really full time now, which means I get better insurance options and bigger bonuses every quarter!
  8. Lol her nickname on twitch and other sites is smallmonster. The endearing kind, like Elmo and Grover are monsters on sesame street. She chose the green!
  9. Check it outtttt my little monster is drawing landscapes! (I drew the animals)
  10. she's two and a half and very much an active, rambunctious, loving toddler! No new artwork. But she can draw faces and some letters and she's just the sweetest smartest little thing ❤️ I am a cashier, and I am lucky that my managers know I prefer to be on the floor bc they use me as a stocker almost every day so no Alli stuck on register all day long!! we didn't do anything for Easter. I worked shrugs and we couldn't go to my mom's anyway bc they replaced her roof this week. We don't really have Easter traditions anymore... my grandmother died last August, and holiday dinners were always at her house. 😕
  11. 😮 A new face! Welcome to the boards, Scarlett! I'm having a lovely month so far. I started a new job last month and I've been working FULL TIME so I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY!!!! (it's been a while...) and of course MacKenzie is a genius and beautiful and wonderful.
  12. Right so. I drew a blank stick figure and handed monster the pen. "Can you show me eyes?" She pokes the pad several times where the eyes are. Creepy, but accurate for toddler. "Can you show me a mouth?" She draws a mouth ish shape where the mouth goes. "What about hair?" She gives it a beautiful long mane of hair. Repeat for a shirt (a line on the torso part) pants (ish) and feet. We did this a few more times and she even gave a cat its feet, tail, and face. ***My Kid Can Draw***
  13. It was delicious! Had some fur in it tho, should probably wear a hair net next time
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