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  1. Slowly but surely pushing my way towards adulthood. Paying more bills, drinking more coffee, working harder to get important things done. I have my 21st birthday in a week. Probably won't be too exciting, considering it'll be a Monday.
  2. It's March 23rd! Hope all went well. Though, not so sure when we'll hear back, especially if it did.
  3. Alrighty, sorry for the long absence again! Been really focused, doing schoolwork and practicing. A lot. And hanging out with my boyfriend. Funny story, I accidentally changed my relationship status on facebook to engaged for a minute, which was the most terrifying minute of my life and at least 5 people saw it and legitimately thought I was engaged.
  4. Two more weeks of winter class! So, 2/3 through. haha. Currently trying to get a research project on manatees done and a book review.
  5. I'm always bouncing in and out of here. The forums weren't working one morning, not gonna lie, it freaked me out a little. This place is a security blanket of sorts.
  6. This picture of me and Thomas is actually a couple of years old. He doesn't really like taking pictures. haha
  7. Life update! A lot of being busy, just with a lot of stuff. Winter classes just started, before that, during that little break, I was working/playing trumpet/spending time with my significant other/spending time with my family a lot. Life is treating me pretty well, I'm on a pretty positive thinking track at the moment. Let's see... I had one roommate move out, another one just moved in. She's not officially signed on the lease, so it was really awkward when the manager was on a smoke break and could clearly see her moving her stuff into my apartment. Here's to hoping the manager says nothing and I can just keep paying my rent like usual, because I really just didn't want to fuss with paperwork when it's someone I trust. Jail friend! Well, actually, haven't really talked to him much. About a week before his birthday, all the way back towards the end of February, he deleted me from his "friends." I knew he was trying to start something, relating to me not having visited him more than once, nor had I been talking to him much. Honestly, I was just tired of him being pushy, so I let it go. I texted him happy birthday when the time came, he replied some form of thank you, and that was the end of that. Then he didn't talk to me again until my birthday, and his since only a couple more times texted me about his music projects. He just recently texted me a belated merry Christmas/happy New Year, and I just replied a brief "Same to you!" When he was a regular part of my life, even before all of this, he was just an exhausting person. Yes, we were close, but he required so much attention, no doubt how he ended up with his problems in the first place. What I've heard is he was writing some music, ended up working night auditing at a hotel like he used to, stopped doing that, and I believe he's currently working in a barber shop. I guess overall, the year 2012 treated me really well, and so I ended up not letting the negative stay in my life. The guy I wasn't sure about, the guy that said he wanted to change and be there for me after a year and a half of not knowing what was going on with him? It's been almost a full year since the sappy declaration of love and changes, and things are better than ever. It strikes me as odd that I'm looking at this relationship in ways I haven't with others, a little more long term and never really thinking of it as, "Well, things are going to change soon, because I'm young and I'll probably get bored of him eventually because that's what always happens." He likes making me happy, and I like making him happy, and we both like pushing each other towards our goals, so I think this is going somewhere good.
  8. Wow, I totally missed this topic. Ye olde book of face, I'm friends with Cheesy on there. But none of the rest of you. But perhaps I am to try the new myspace soon.
  9. Tired. But working on the last bits of this semester. Just this final push for this week and next week.
  10. I have 3 schools in mind, all to stay relatively close to home and all great music schools. Also, fairly easy transfer. Actually, filling out forms due to be done by the end of next month. Pretty exciting.
  11. Haha, this school practically never stops. I mean, it does for a period of a few weeks after Summer and Winter classes, but otherwise, not so much. But, with California budget cuts we might not have those off season classes anymore. School has been going well, going insane doing too much as usual. Soon enough I'll have to fill out papers to transfer to a 4-year.
  12. I did pass my American Politics class. Now to wait for the end of the month for regular classes to start!
  13. No need for apologies, it was a lot of great information and not a lot of ramble.
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