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    Playing on my comp, Raise hamster money, beg parents for hamster when im 16 :P and playing with my cat and cousin and kicking but on a popular game called ET.
  1. Actually more modifying for my own stuff, I got a job newspaper thingy and I'm going to apply for an 11/h job and Im going to give my brother the number for a 21.50/h job =D Hopefully everythings going to go as planned. Will keep updated
  2. Im going to become.... ..... ....... WAIT FOR IT ..... .. WAIT FOOORR IIIITTTT...... an inventor o: What better way to put my imagination to a good use?
  3. At this point in life. my realization on many things have deepened severly... but thanks :3
  4. Yeah, drinking in moderation, being responsible, designating a driver, and being mature enough not to start a bar fight are the main rules in my eyes... Even if you have to pool money together and order a pizza for delivery, hitch the ride like in that commercial That was one epic commercial
  5. Yeah, limits are what refrain us from becoming mere animals...no offence Horatio. I enjoy some Malibu ( no more than 25 mL ) in a nice large glass of cola with some ice. Its refreshing, has the nice scent/taste and is almost completely watered down by the cola/ice mix.
  6. Even if drinking, sex etc was portrayed as "okay" in an act of say, reverse psychology where you make it okay so its not as fun anymore wouldnt help because people would still do said things even though it would be allowed. Personally the only time I plan to ever get drunk is when I turn 21...my brother said hes going to bring me to a casino and get me smashed I doubt it would happen though.
  7. I could always sneak you in But yeah, new topic. Underage Drinking. Truly, is it really THAT bad? Like, we cant drive cars or do anything else, sure we cant start fights but anybody does. We have no access to anything stupid...well most of us anyways and I for one enjoy drinking. I myself am a rum/vodka man. I dont drink too too often but I wish I could have it more regularly, (That may sound wierd but do take into consideration I only have say a bottle every three/four months) and its something I enjoy when I do get it. Those are just my points of view and yes I know I'm killing my kidney, liver but its not heavy so I know I wont kill it too too fast =P. Anyway, post your thoughts and sorry if this has offended anybody I just think that people can have a politically correct discussion about a certain topic without rioting. Again, sorry Horatio, MK or anyone else if this offends you/and or the rules.
  8. Wild Hiro spreads oil everywhere, Wild Hiro cackles, Wild Hiro Flees! Wild Hiro slips on the oil! Quick, capture him! err uuhh....-Coff- POKE EE MON
  9. Just brushing my teeth regularly, it isnt whitening but it isnt getting any worse . I didnt go out for Halloween, When and if you get to Toronto drop me a message and maybe we could meet up at like a starbucks or something
  10. Hi c:. Not much to update with really...
  11. Oh mah gawd, you captured me PERFECTLY, thats EXACTLY what I would do... You win one internet. Continue!
  12. Why yes I have, Also.. My friends dad said no so we need to get our jobs/apartment <_>
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