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    LOOOONG time Hampsterdancer (and frog)
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    I LOVE frogs and Art! My favorite sports are volleyball and basketball, I love to paint on my spare time and hang out with friends. Fav song- Here Without You by ~3 Doors Down. Fav food- pickled beets. Fav Nascar driver- Ricky Rudd. Sisters-3, brothers-0
  1. I saw you too! xD was just for a second but I caught ya, hehe. Awww you still use the Icon I made for you I should make you another, newer, one. I'm sorry I keep dissapearing D= I hate how busy life has been lately and will be glad when I have more online time again to talk to you! Now I must move to my other computer since thats where all my pictures are stored. *hugs* I missed ya.
  2. I caught myself ALONE, no one else on at all!... har har, beat THAT!
  3. Hey thats not fair... you left quick! *shakesfish* :glare:
  4. weeeell I didn't get to screen shot it this time kids but EmilyE was here! =D wait thats me... and I'm still here <.< .... oh but I DID catch you just a minute ago Horatio, I saw you I saw you! and you weren't anonymous... and I missed the screen capture opportunity D= pooey.
  5. Oooh I missed you so much! I'm well... I've been better actually, I think I have namonia and *whispers* life stuff... (but i don't think this is the place to discuss such things) anyways, baby is doing great! She's trying to walk on her own now and looooves to talk (takes after her mommy) and she loves tv already (also takes after her daddy!) Hubby is dealing with some issues but we're working that out. Things could be better but we're working through it. OH, I got my first online art student I'll be teaching a course on drawing people, I'm so excited! O.O POison Ivy?!?!? ZOMG... it's been a loooong time since I've seen her! (I'll have more pics of the baby and I in my PICCYS topic)
  6. *wonders if EmilyE can get points for herself* i should cuz I'm just 'oh so slick' at catching myself! hey i got Archer too I think... *checks again*
  7. HAH.bmpI gotta go to bed D= /cry ....but I'll be back in the morning oh and... BOOYAH! got a capture
  8. LIEK!!!! ZOMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* It has been quite some time since you have populated the boards, no? tis has been a very long time, yes. I sorta dissapear form time to time which is odd cuz on the old boards I was EVERYWHERE... used to be a big regular on HD.
  9. *falls over, all four paws in the air, in shock* Quick! someone know hampster CPR?!?!?!!?!?!!!! *faints* ooooh what have I done D: they're not real ghosts... they're balloons, I promise... I made them myself for a Halloween party, there's only gooey eyeballs and witch fingers in them
  10. uhhh... the pics didn't work. but thats ok... I'll try again later, but not now cuz i don't feel so good
  11. MWAHAHAhahahaaaaa, I bet no one caught me on here! :ninja: except maybe Archer... cuz he was on too....
  12. UPDATE TIME! hehe.... okies I know I know... I dissapeared... again.... D: BUT, I'm back..... again. ^^; at least for a little while. I've got lotsa pics to show for my update, as u'll see Jenna's gotten MUCH bigger and I dyed my hair... again! my whole family and all my friends say it looks the best dark, so I guess dying it again was a good move. Jenna is 10 months old now and crawls and walks while holding on to the edges of things and she's standing on her own and trying to take little steps on her own, hehe. she's so cute when she falls on her butt. anyway... i'm still a stay at home mommy but I'm looking for a job that will be worth going to. I finally started drawing again! Whooo! now all I need to do is get my art desk back from my mom and start painting again, i miss painting. welp, here's the pics.... enjoy Webcam animation of Baby and I Just me with now black hair My kitty Gummibear, who my mom now has because our landlord won't let us keep her my couch potatoes *giggles* me and Gizmo and here's three icons I made that make a picture when you put all three together mk... tiss all for now *hugs* I'll WILL be back I am so sorry, but HampsterKing will not permit links. Could you please put the pics in the post on the next post, please, please, please?? Again, I am sorry I couldn't get the pics up. Horatio
  13. I like your new hair color! Very pretty. ^^ thanks I changed it again though
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