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  1. Hey! I'm back after being off for the longest time. How many members are there? Or is this just a chat room?
  2. *decides to wait a few more days for them to reply and hopes they haven't forgotten her even tho she almost forgot them...*
  3. Hmmm....should I add my pics.It depends if anyone wants to see them.
  4. On with the story! Chapter 8: The Attack on Aqwerinque The band of animals reached the end of the Forbidden Forest sometime at dawn and spotted some caves, which they hid in.Nobody had any energy left in them, so they all fell asleep as soon as they found comfortable places to sleep. Around noon, Greystone awoke to find that ost of the animals were already awake and had started cooking over fires.She looked behind her and saw juni and the others sitting around a separate fire eating omletes and whispering.She got up to join them. "Good morning, Greystone.Want an omlete?" Booboo asked, rather groggily. "No."Greystone answered.Her stomach rumbled, but she didn't feel like eating.There was work to be done.The only suitable route to the mountains was the river, and the nearest boats were at Aqwerinque. Greystones mind was made up.They would attack Aqwerinque as soon as all of the animals had proper training.The rest of the day passed slowly.Most of the animals didn't ven get up from the ground, they were so tired. To Be Continued...
  5. I've finally found a title!Sry it's not that impressive.Well, I've put all of the chapters written so far in one post. ................................. Chapter 1: Juniper's Trip A small syrian hamster named Juniper, Juni for short, was walking through the forbidden Forest. She had a cloak wrapped around her for it was bitter cold. She was journeying to her friend's burrow, which was on the other side of the forest. She had been walking for three days and she still had a long way to go. After awhile she sat down and opened the sack on her back and took out a wedge of cheese and a loaf of bread. She was about to take a bite when she heard a noise behind her. She put her food down and peered through the thick pine and beech trees. " Hi! " called a familiar voice. " Toffee? What are you doing here!?! " said Juni. " You didn't think we were gonna let you just walk around the Forbidden Forest alone, did ja? " said Cinders, another hamster. Cinders, Booboo, Toffee, and Nibblets were Juni's friends. " We were following you and planned to keep ourselves hidden until we got to the burrow, but Nibblets stepped on a twig! " said Booboo. " Can we come with you, Juni? " asked Toffee. " Sure! But why didn't you guys tell me you wanted to come? " Juni replied. " We thought you didn't want us to come. " said Nibblets. Then they all sat down and shared Juni's victuals. ....................................... Chapter 2:Miss Ginblossom After lunch Juni, Booboo, Cinders, Toffee, and Nibblets went walking along the dirt path to Juni's friends' house. Juni's friends were two hamsters, Dilly and Sarina, who knows the whereabouts of Juni's parents. Juni and her parents were separated when Juni was very young and Juni has never seen them since. That is why they are journeying to see Dilly and Sarina. As they walked, rain began to fall softly on the ground. Soon it began to pour and they had to get off the path under the canopy of trees to keep dry. " How are we gonna walk in this?! " Booboo said through the downpour. " I guess we'll have to wait out the storm. Sigh... " said Juni. She shivered and pulled her cloak closer around her shoulders. " We don't have to wait. " said Nibblets " I know a short cut through the woods. " They all agreed on taking Nibblets' short cut. It was overgrown with weeds and long branches but they could make it through. After awhile they came to a clearing. Nibblets, who was leading, stopped suddenly." shhhhh...I hear something..." he whispered. For a moment all was quiet, then, without warning, a huge rook came flying down from the tree tops. " kraaaaaa!kraaaaackkkkk!" she screeched. Juni grabbed Cinders and dived under a bush while Nibblets, Toffee, and Booboo ran back to the woods." kraaaaaa! Wait! kraaaaaa! I have a message for you! kraaaackkk!" screeeched the bird. Booboo came out from the trees and addressed the large rook." Excuse us, we're just a bit jumpy. I'm Booboo, and these are my friends. We are travelers and mean no one any harm." The bird eyed him quizzically. " I'm sure you don't. I am Miss Ginblossom Pip Perry Pembo, or Miss Ginblossom for short, and I have a message for you from Dilly and Sarina. They have moved from their cottage in the woods to the mountains. You are to follow me to their mountain home." Juni and her friends digested this information carefully. It would be a long journey to the mountains, and who knew how long they would have to travel to find Juni's parents. Finally, Juni spoke. " I am ready to go as far as possible to find my parents, even if that means going to the mountains. But I do not want to endanger my friends," she said turning to Booboo and the others " so I want your honest opinions on whether you are up for this journey." " I would go with ya to the ends of the earth!" " Anything for a friend!" " Let's go!" " Mountains, here we come!" Juni swelled with pride at her friends' answers. ...................................................... Chapter 3:Crossing The River Juni and her friends were lead in a northern direction by Miss Ginblossom. The rain had finally let up but the wind was blowing with all it's might. " It's so cold! Can't we stop for just a minute to get warm? " Nibblets complained. " No! We can't stop until we reach the Corele (pronounced core-la) River. It shan't be far now." answered Miss Ginblossom. So they continued walking through the shrubs and bushes. Since the road traveled east, they had to walk through the woods, which were crowded with trees and leaves. They had been walking for hours, and their footpaws were numb with cold. " Can't we stop for- " Nibblets started to complain, but Miss Ginblossom interrupted him. "There is the river! As soon as we cross it we'll come to Corele Cave, where some very close friends of mine should let us stay for the night." The thought of a nice warm cave soothed everyone, so it was easier for them to cross the river and didn't wet a single paw. As they approached the cave, a rustling sound could be heard, and an otter popped her head out of the cave entance. A wolf appeared by her." Hi! I'm Greystone and this is Otter!" said the wolf. ............................................... Chapter 2:Greystone and Otter Miss Ginblossom rushed to greet Greystone and Otter but Juni and her companions stayed behind.They didn't know what to expect from the otter , But they had been told that wolves were dangerous. Miss Ginblossom looked back at them." You silly bunch of hamsters!kraaaaaaa!Come greet me friends.kraaaaaacckk!They'll be yours soon too." Booboo, being the bravest, steped forward and shook forepaws with Greystone." My name is Booboo, and these are my friends." he said gesturing towards Juni and the others." We are traveling to find Juni's long lost parents." Greystone smiled warmly." Well, you'll find nothing but friendliness here!You're welcome to stay for the night and sup with us."she said. "I think a fire will be in order." said Otter, and dissapeared into the woods for firewood.Greystone led the rest inside the cave.It was warm and welcoming with six rooms inside.The first room they came to was the kitchen and dining area equiped with a table and iron stove. The second room was Greystone's bedroom and the third was Otter's.Then they came to a long hallway with three doors .On the other side of the first door was a guest bedroom, which Miss Ginblossom, Juni, and Toffee decided to sleep in for the night. Inside the second door was a food storage room and behind the third door was another guest bedroom which Booboo, Cinders, and Nibblets decided to sleep in. After taking off they're wet cloaks and hats they went to the kitchen.It was warm from the iron stove and they could smell good scents coming from the pot sitting on it." Supper is just about ready!" said Greystone cheerfully. " Kraaaaaa!You should have waited for us to help with supper!kraaaaa!" said Miss Ginblossom, nodding her head. "Nonsense!' said Greystone "You're our guests." " Do you have guests often ,Greystone?' asked Toffee. "Oh, yes.That's why we have extra rooms, for our visitors."she answered.Then Otter came in and dumped the firewood into the stove.Then she smelled the contents of the pot."Oh!kipper soup tonight!' she exclaimed.There was an instant uproar.Miss Ginblossom kept saying "Do I look like a seabird to you?Do I?Do I?". Toffee and her friends exchanged horrified glances.Greystone had a quizzical look on her face and said " I was sure I'd made vegtable soup!".Otter broke into fits of laughter."I was only joking!it is vegtable soup." she said, tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard. When peace was restored once again everyone finished the meal in scilence.Occasionally, somone would glare at Otter and she would mumble something about how birds, hamsters, and wolves couldn't take a joke. After the meal everyone retired to their rooms for a well earned rest. Chapter 3:On the Road Once Again The next morning Juni woke up to fin her room, was empty.She quickly got dressed and ran over to the other guest bedroom and knocked on the door.There was no answer so she opened the door.This room was also empty. She decided that everyone must b in the kitchen so she ran downstairs."Hey sleepyhead!" said Toffee, eating a bowlful of porridge. "Why didn't you guys wake me up?" asked Juni, taking a plate of nut pancakes from Otter and sitting down. "We thought you needed your sleep." said Booboo."Eat up!We're leaving soon and you'll need your strength today." After breakfast, they all went outside.It was a beautiful winter morning after the storm yesterday. They all sat around a large oak tree and talked over wht they were going to do that day."I think i should go with you.After all, I came from the mountains and I know my way around." Greystone kept saying. "You might as well travel with us, Greystone.kraaaa!But only if Otter agrees." said Miss Ginblossom. "I don't mind it.We get visitors all the time, so I won't be lonely." Otter said. "Then it's settled!you'd better go and pack, Greystone.We'll be waiting." sai Nibblets.Greystone rushed into the house.After a few moments she came out with a sack full of rations .She was wearing a cloak and holding a walking stick. "I'm ready!" she said proudly.After saying goodbye to Otter, they started traveling north at once.The sun shined down on the untouched snow and everyone in Juni's party seemed to be in a good mood. At around noon, they stopped to eat.Greystone pulled apple cider and sandwiches from her sack and they all filled their stomachs. "Say!D'you hear that?" said Cinders.They all stopped and listened.There was a faint trickling in the distance. "Aye," said Greystone, "That's the river Smooth." "The River Smooth?Shouldn't it be The Smooth River?That's odd."said Toffee. "But it's an odd river.Most rivers here, like the Corele, have rocks all in them.but the River Smooth has just sand at the bottom.That makes it easy to take a boatride down it." said Greystone.After Greystone said that everyone exchanged glances. "I know what you're all thinkin', but where could we get a boat?" asked Greystone. Chapter 4:Catalina "kraaa!I happen to know a boatmaker in this area, but we'd have to take a detour east." said Miss Ginblossom. "Good!This'll make things go on a lot faster." Juni said. They changed their course east and went straight in the bushes and vegetation.All of a sudden the trees stopped and they came to another clearing much like the on where they met Miss Ginblossom. The only difference was there were campfires and tents all around them."Where are we?"Toffee said, voicing the words everyone was thinking. "Aquerinque(Ah-qwer-ineek)"said a smooth and icey voice behind them."What are you doing here?We do not allow trespassers!" "kraaaa!We do not know this was your land!"miss Ginblossom yelled. "Well, now you do.So LEAVE!"the voice said.Juni and her friends looked about them, but could not see anyone. "Would you mind showing your face first?" asked Juni. "ha!I have no reason too.Now leave before I send my guards upon you!" the voice said. "Stop!I know the bird!" said a kinder, sweeter voice. "kraaaa!Catlina!"miss Giblossom called. Chapter 5:Another Companion "Yes, it's me." said Catalina.A misty haze came about them and they couldn't see a thing.Then, as the mist began to clear, a tall figure could be seen. Toffee and Juni gasped.It was a guinea pig!"I-I thought there wern't anymore of them!" Booboo said. "There isn't.Me and my husband are the last.Our tribe was driven out of the mountains long ago.We joined the Aquerinque tribe to keep ourselves alive." Catalina proclaimed. The rude voice interuppted Catalina."Catalina!I will not have these dirtrags on my property!" "Please Marli, they mean no harm.They must have come for a boat.Is that right?" "Yes, yes we have.We want to travel down the River Smooth.To get to the mountains." Cinders said. "Well," Marli hissed"They can get their boat and leave." "come with me to my tent.We shall find you a proper boat." Catalina grinned.They went further into the camp.They saw no one, but heard voices and laughter.At the end of the camp lay a ragged and battered tent. "Here it is.My tent!" she said proudly, and threw back her head in a proud way. "it's hardly something to be proud of." Nibblets whispered. "Shuttup!shes giving us a free boat!you could at least be kinder."Juni hissed, sounding much like marli.Nibblets hung his head. It was dark and musty inside the tent.it was bigger than it looked from the outside, and a dozen boats carved out of oak wood leaned against the canvas of the tent wall. "I have boats of all kinds.Boats built for speed, boats built to hold extra cargo, and boats built for a nice trip down a river.Which would you like?"Catalina asked. "kraaaa!the one built for speed!"Miss Ginblossom said. "Perfect choice!This one is perfectly aligned, so it should take you down The River Smooth faster than any other boat.'Er name is Tiger Lilly.Beautiful boat!"said Catalina.it was only then did the group realize they hardly knew anything about sailing down a river.They would certainly crash. "Too bad we don't know how to drive it." Cinders sighed. "Oi got an idea!Hows about I go along with you to thwe mountains.I know the way and how to drive the boat!" Catalina said.The idea was an excellent one.The companions decided they would leave first thing tomorrow morining.Right down The River Smoth! Chapter 6:Prisoners of Aquerinque Toffee woke up to find she was in an empty tent.She rubbed sleep from her eyes.Her stomach rumbled, and she realized she hadn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. She stumbled out of the tent;she saw all of her friends talking to a fat chipmunk.Catalina gripped the boat she was holding tightly and she looked afraid.Miss Ginblossom looked furious. "Wha-what's going on?"Toffee inquired.Catalina turned around and mumbled something under her breath. "I'll tell you what is going on!This chipmunk is accusing us of stealing!"Miss Ginblossom answered for her.Toffee looked at Juni and the others.Juni had a puzzled look on her face;Booboo an angry one;Cinders and Nibblets a shocked one. "I only accused you because you did!"The fat chipmunk said "You stole my priceless pottery set!" "What," said Marli "is going on here!" "They stole my pottery set!"the chipmunk screeched before Miss Ginblossom could utter a single word.Marli looked thoughtful, then, with one sweep of her arm,a score of animals surounded Juni and her friends. They pressed a cloth against their noses and soon they began to feel drowsy.Nibblets tried to kick one of them but his leg couln't move. *** Cinders woke up with a horrible headache.His surroundings didn't make him feel any better.He was in an underground dungeon, he could tell by the bars. A circle of moonlight shoon on the ground.Cinders looked up.A hole was dug into the top if the ceiling, but ,to his dissapointment, it had bars on it as well.When his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized he was not alone. "W-why hello, young feller!"a voice wheezed. "Who are you?" Cinders said. "Don't cha know?I'm a prisoner, just like you!" Chapter 7:Greystone to the Rescue! When Cinders saqid this he was shocked.The old cellmate either didn't seem to notice or didn't care.He went on talking."I was accused of murder, which I did nothing of the sort!What were you accused of?" "Stealing."Cinders muttered. "Well, did you?" "Of course not!I'm not a theif!"Cinders turned away from the old animal.He knew the animal didn't mean anything by it, but he was in such a bad mood that he had to be mad at somebody. "Well, I'm not surprised."The old animal went on talking as though nothing happened."That Marli, shes crazy!She accuses people of doing things when they really didn't!She likes top have prisoners, thats all."The old cellmate walked into the moonlight, and Cinders saw he was a hamster, like himself. "You mean she thorws innocent people in the dungeon?" "Yup.Hardly feeds us too.I've been here for about 4 months.Of course, I could've been here longer than that.Ya lose track o' time in 'ere."he started into a fresh fir of coughing than layed down to sleep. *** While Cinders waas talking to the old hamster, Greystone was sneaking around the dungeons.She had escaped the gaurds and was trying to find a way to free the others.Oh, she thought, I suppose I should wait untill Morning and then talk to Catalina and Miss Ginblossom , but I feel so helpless standing around here all night. Finally, she crawled into the woods and fell asleep. *** The next morning Greystone found Catalinas cell and began to figure out a plan. "We'll have to find a way to steal the keys without them knowing."Greystone said, frustrated. "I know!There could be a distraction!"Catalina whispered. "But what could we use to distract them?" For a moment they didn't say anything.Then catalina suggested fireworks. "What?" Greystone a little too loudly. "theres some in my tent!Fetch them and use them as a distraction tonight!Then Come, get the keys, and-"They suddenly heard footsteps, so greystone had to go. Chapter 8:the Great Escape Greystone waited silently outside her friends dungeons.She had the fireworks in her paws.Guards lazed around and generally paid no attention to their surroundings. Greystone lit the fireworks with trembling paws,then steped aside and waited.... BOOM!The first set of fireworks exploded high in the sky.Greystone waited long enough for the guards to come running to see what was the matter, then sliped off to the dungeons. She went quickly to he guards chambers to search for the keys.She didn't have long to search;the keys lay on a table in open veiw. The stupid oafs, Greystone thought.Then jolteing back to the real world, ran down the hall towards Catalinas cell."Gretystone!I heard the fireworks so I got ready!"she said. "Don't worry, I'm here.Where are the others?"Greystone inquired. "I don't know.I heard the guards saying they were put into seperate cells.We'll have to search them all then." But Greystone had other plans... Chapter 9:Greystone's Army Greystone and Catalina rushed from cell to cell unlocking doors and bringing the prisoners out."You are now a soldeir in GAAA - Greystone's Army Against Aqwerinque."Greystone said promptly to each prisoner. No prisoner refused to join the army;they hated Marli and all she stood for.Soon Greystone and Catalina came to Cinders cell. "Cinders!Are you hurt, my old friend?"Greystone asked, worried. "I'm fine, don't worry.What are all those prisoners doing there?"Cinders inquired. "can't say now;No time.Let's free the others."Catalina said. Soon All the prisoners and Juni, Booboo, Cinders, Toffee, and Nibblets stood awaiting orders from Greystone and Catalina. "We must escape from here, but Aqwerinque has many seasoned warriors.And you, no offense, are nothing but scraggly esaped prisoners. "Each animal take a weapon to defend yourself, and then we'll charge through Aqwerinque to the woods.Thanks to Catalinas fireworks, most of the soldiers are busy trying to put the fire out in the woods. "On the count of three, we'll run straight into the woods, and continue running untill we are far away from Aqwerinque.I have heard tales of the mountains far away, that there is a great army there. "We must defeat them.There are frriends there that we must free.Now, let us charge!"Greystone said, putting the emphasis on charge. 200 ex-prisoners ran up through the dungeon doors and into Aqwerinque village.The vuillagers were so surprised they just sat there. Greystone lead her army proudly.She knew that they could defeat that dreaded army in the mountains, if she trained these animals. On and on they ran through the night.Greystone and Catalina ran through the crowd handing water bottles to dehydrated animals. Soon, light begain to show through the treetops of the forbidden forest;Dawn was coming! ********************************************** I'll write the next chapter soon!
  6. They are all cities, in the USA, all on the continent of America, on the Atlantic Plate, all on planet earth, all in the Solar System, all in the Milky Way and they are all in the Universe. EAch one of those things are correct, so I must have won! lol! :laughing
  7. Isn't this great!!! It sure is! we currently have 21 members! Hham, your back.... ) Is everything okay? How are you doing? I am doing allright, I guess.I posted something in Warm Wishes you can see.That'll tell you how I'm doing.thanx for asking tho.
  8. If that question wasdirected at me, then it sounds ok.I'm not officially back, but I might be. ??? :upside:
  9. *sigh* Horatio, I am not the president.Sry to crush your hopes, but life is most certainly not treating me well. As you know, I did write a post and ask where you were. As a matter of fact, I wrote a number of times. To me, even though we only know each other through a computer screen, you are a very nice person and a great friend. If this is the side of you that you wish to show us, that is okay. If you think that you are the only one going through a tough life, then this is the place to vent your emotions. Take a look at Jesse's topic, *sigh* in Hampton. He has poured out his heart and people have responded. When you go through the bad times and can let people share the bad times, then those bad times are not as bad. Maybe when life is treating you better, you will stop back and say hello. In the meantime I want you to know that you will be in my thoughts, heart and prayers everyday and I look forward to the day that you say that things are going better for you. If you ever need an ear, you always know where to find me. No matter what you may say.... we will be waiting. Lots of love in friendship, You pal always and forever... Horatio :love: :love: :love: No one here can help me.if you must know, my parents are getting divorced.
  10. *sigh* Horatio, I am not the president.Sry to crush your hopes, but life is most certainly not treating me well.
  11. Isn't this great!!! It sure is! we currently have 21 members!
  12. Dwarves are so cute!I have two syrians and two black bears.
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