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    Hi! I like Hamsters, but I prefer cats. I found this site in a book, called "The Best 500 Sites on the Web". I love all the dances, It is so cool.

    NB. This was written in around 2003
  1. This is truly tragic news. I know that myself and so many others have such pleasant, happy memories from the good old days of Hampsterdance forums. Hampsterking was always a warm, comforting presence right from the very start. I am truly sorry to hear about his passing and I cannot imagine what his family must be going through right now. My utmost commiserations to his family at this difficult time. And wow... to be back here, after all this time. The memories! I have nothing but fond memories of this forum. I made some good friends, had some great times, telling great jokes. It was such a safe community to be a part of. According to my profile I've been a member here for a little over 16 years, and I still remember some of the funniest forum jokes and people who made all of this worthwhile. I am just so sad to return here under such upsetting circumstances. Rest in peace, Hampsterking, and thank you for the memories.
  2. Bleh, when I come back I really should stay for longer, shouldn't I? I won't bore you with a long post, but here's the summary of what has happened to me recently: - I did my exams in May and passed all of them. I got a first - the top grade band you can get at a British university - in a couple of modules so I am very happy. I picked a variety of really interesting classes for the upcoming year which I am really excited about. In one module I get to read graphic novels and watch Chris Nolan films! I am NOT kidding. It's just fantastic. - I've spent most of the summer inadvertantly watching all the big blockbusters at least twice. This was both a positive and a negative, considering that Inception didn't actually confuse me and I didn't want to see it again. Oh, well, can't complain. - I've been wrapped up with seeing - and I use this term broadly - my new boyfriend. You read that right. I've been a member of my university film society for two years now and I was voted in for a second term being the vice-president of the society a few months ago. Since Christmas I've been going out to then pub after our bi-weekly screenings and chatting with the people who are also in the society and Helen often comes along. Since February I've been talking to a guy there called Michael who was doing a study abroad course. His normal school is the University of Iowa and he loves movies more than life as do I, so the next few months were a series of subtle flirtations and hat-stealing (from me... *ahem*). To cut a long story short, we decided to get together a mere 10 days before his return to the States. It seemed silly, especially to people around us, but we didn't care, especially when we realised with three days to go that there was no way that we could break up before he went home and that we were very much in love, however fast that would seem to others. When he went home I had no idea when we would see each other again, but by some miracle he was able to return to the UK a mere 2 weeks after leaving and he stayed for a month. It was absolute bliss. And yes, it is silly considering that we have 4000 miles between us but it's working. I am very happy.
  3. LifesEagle

    My place. :)

    Hey JF, I hope you've been okay. I'm sorry that you're having problems finding work and I really hope that turns around soon. It must be a real pain and such a disappointment but keep trying! I also LOVE your artwork, especially the one photograph of the cat and some of your landscape shots are spectacular. Keep on adding your pictures to your DA account and I'd love to take a look.
  4. Okay, hmm... I'll give you the abridged version of my life since around July. Excited? Good. SOUTH AFRICA: 6 weeks of pure joy versus pure nightmare. We stayed on a game reserve near the Mozambique/Swaziland borders and did varying things such as helping out on the ranch and going on game drives (to see the animals). I also rode an elephant, went up in a microlite to see Africa from the air (and got to fly it!), vistied Kruger National Park, relaxed on the beach in Mozambique for a few days and went to a music festival in Swaziland. I stroked a baby rhino, kissed a hippo and went to a witch-doctor. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was, however, like Big Brother without the cameras: 6 weeks with 5 other people in a room the size of a double bedroom was NOT nice. There were mainly girls on the trip so it all got a bit too crazy at times. Some girls were close to bullies and made me cry on some occations. There was no privacy and we had to work hard on some things (such as getting up really early to muck out the two tame elephants). But that was all eclipsed by the time when we took a car down to one of the watering holes where hippos peeped at us from the water and watched the sun set over the African bush whilst sipping coke and eating fresh oranges... it was close to heaven, I cannot lie. I will probably describe this trip even more at a later date and I will post pictures soon! Rest of summer: Didn't do that much, hung out with friends. Went to Paris for around 4 days with my mother, my aunt from Brazil who speaks no English and my friend from school. The weather was great and we had a great time. I've been to Paris several times before and I don't like it that much but it was still amazing as ever. University: I don't know it I mentioned it but I quit Biology and took up American and Canadian Studies with film instead. The new academic year was therefore a fresh start for me. I was also moving into a new flat with new people so I was quite aprehensive, especially because of my flatmates last year and how bad my course was. HOWEVER... it all turned out to be AMAZING. My new flatmates consist of 3 other girls, one Welsh girl called Carly, one hard-working physiotherapist called Alison and a "Devonshire Lass" called Helen. We all love films (as I'm quite the crazy film buff) and we talk about nothing but movies. Helen is also AMAZING and she's pretty much my best friend now. We tease each other, have tons of private jokes and support each other when times are bad. I couldn't ask for betterfriends. If I need them they are by my side in a second. I wil post photos of our Christmas, which was SO MUCH fun. Just before Christmas another 5th flatmate moved into the last room which had since been unoccupied: she's an international student from CHina. We imediately took a disliking to each other (not just me, my other friends as well). She's unhygienic, rude, doesn't ever say hello, takes up so much room which unnecessary junk in the kitchen (she keeps her suitcase in there!) and once, when Helen and I were being a little bit TOO loud in the communal area, she came in and told us to "be quiet" without a please or thank you or even a nice tone. I even discovered her unplugging my freezer (I have my own one due to space) so she could plug in her rice cooker!! Yeah, it wont matter if all my food defrosts... She's a real pain but we're just about learning to live with her. Just. As for my course: wow. I am so happy that I changed courses. The film aspect of the course means I can just watch movies and analyse them, something I do in my sleep. The American side of the course is fascinating and it's a mixture of literature, economics, history, politics, culture... everything. I do have to do a Canadian Studies module but that it VERY boring as I'm not too keen on Canada. I did the exam for it today, though, so that's out of the way! Recently: Over Easter I went on a spontaneous trip to New York with my mum. We decided to go on a Thursday and by the SUnday we were on a plane! I've been before but my mum hasn't so we did all the touristy stuff that people do in NY. I am a big TV fan so I freaked out a bit at Rockefeller Center (especially as I am a big "30 Rock" fan). I was also VERY lucky and got to see Jimmy Fallon's monologue rehearsal! However, by the end of the week we got news of the Icelandic Volcano erruption. For a while we thought that we wouldn't be able to make it home. Luckily we were able to get on a flight to Glasgow (in Scotland): out of 3 flights that took off that night from NY airports as a whole, only 2 made it across the Atlantic (3rd had to turn back for whatever reason). From Glasgow it's a 10 hour ride back on a coach to London. I was EXHAUSTED but so glad to be home, especially as so many people were stranded. The day after I arrived home I went back to University and worked for 2 weeks on essays. Since then I have been preparing for exams (and had one today). Sooo, what else? I have become addicted to several things, including olives, "Top Gun" and TV. I'm doing something called "TV 2010": I have to watch a TV show in its entirity in the space of a single month. For example, in January I had to watch every episode broadcast so far of "30 Rock", Febuary was "Parks and Recreation", March was "Cougar Town", April was "How I Met Your Mother" and May is "Doogie Howser M.D.". The idea here is to watch new shows and try new things and I'm enjoying every minute. However, this does mean that I have become addicted to not only these shows but some of their actors, namely Neil Patrick Harris and Will Arnett. The latter is my new obsession and anyone who has see my Facebook account will know that I NEVER shut up about him. Ever. Ever. Ever. Today was the best day ever. I got up early for an exam which was annoying but the exam itself went really well. I then went riding (on Flo yet again): I am now jumping and cantering really well! I can even tack up and remove tack which is amazing. I returned home, went for a walk, met Helen who was leavning her own exam and we went to Filmsoc in the evening where we watched a crazy film called "Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee", which was awful but quite funny. We went to the pub afterwards as a group and played Mikado and I got teased mercilessly for simply being an addict of the things that I love, but they do it out of love. I have eaten gorgeousfood today so I feel great. Last night I found out that the best show in the universe will be airing next season as its pilot was picked up last night, and as it stars Will Arnett (who I stalk on Twitter) I am over the mood. I couldn't be happier today. So. Life is good. I have so much to be happy about.
  5. Oops, forgot that I posted on here. I have no time for a long post now but I'll post later. I'm in such a good mood today, nothing can bring me down!
  6. Hi Jesse and Horatio, it's so nice to hear from you. I'll try and post a bit more, but I really don't have anything to say... any questions?
  7. I have plenty of studying to do as it is! All work and no play makes LE a dull boy. I'm getting a head start on my essays due in in several weeks' time and I still have some lectures remaining before I go back home for Easter break... so work is there, it's just not really getting done. I'm up at 3am watching videos on "Funny or Die" because I can't sleep. Good thing I get a lie-in tomorrow! So what have you all been up to?
  8. Reading The Yellow Wallpaper in preparation for my lecture tomorrow. Scary. Fwoar.
  9. Yeaaah I'm back, hopefully for more than a single day! Of course you haven't nauseated me: I've loved seeing your lovely pictures with Shane and the snow, it looks like you're life is so exciting right now. If anything, I'M the one-track record on Facebook!! And I'm good. I've had a busy couple of weeks but now I'm entering the "boring zone". Must keep busy before I go crazzeee.
  10. Just thought I'd drop in... How is everybody? Do tell.
  11. LifesEagle

    My place. :)

    I just want to say that this is extremely level-headed thinking on your part. Most people would let their emotions run away with them - I know that would happen to me in your situation - but you're being rational about it. "Que sera sera" can sometimes be a real pain.
  12. Hey, guys. Hope you all are well. I've had a troubling few days, mainly regarding my mum making life so uncomfortable for me that I essentially had to out myself before I was ready. And guess what? My mum doesn't "believe" me, thinks it's a phase, etc. etc. WEll, that's the short story, at least. Oh, yeah: and the person I'm in love with doesn't want me. On the plus side, the weather was beautiful today.
  13. Boo! I am currently in an internet cafe just south of Kruger National park. It's AMAZING here. It's winter but it's still really hot. So far I've bene on an elephant ride, held a vulture, stroked a baby rhino, kissed a hippo on the nose, collected elephant food, camped out in the rain, had my fortune told by a real-live witch doctor, seen an orphanage and had breakfast while watching giraffes do the same across the watering hole. It's just crazy. I'm having so much fun and the food is GREAT. The people here are lovely and even the chores yesterday (our group was cooking) was fun. Africa is as beautfiful as everyone thinks it is: that and more. My internet access is rather sparodic so I should be able to post something new soon. I miss talking to you all. TIA!
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