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  1. Yay, thanks!! I can go to jail now....and be tried as an adult! (:
  2. I have nothing to discuss here. except that my relationship with tbfob was a failure. tehe.
  3. i'm backkkk. again. because i'm awesome. since youuuu beenn gone!
  4. horatio: oh how i've missed you! you are as bright and cheery as ever. (: i love it! kat: glowsticking is amazing! as are you. but yes, the bf does like x-men. and dn'd...bah he's kinda a nerd. but it's cute. glowurm: haha, i do have some candy. but i don't wear it because i don't want to look like someone who uses X. that's badddd stuff.
  5. JesusFreak! hola! how are you, lovely?
  6. arkcheeerrr! ...if it makes you feel any better i have like...$45 in my checking account.
  7. one day kat and i were like, "whoa. we're bored. and seeing as we're the same person and all, we should probably go do something, like, together." and so we did. we flew to britian, were we kidnapped george and fred weasley, and locked them in a closet. a closet in a trailer. a trailer in the middle of the desert. then we put on their clothes, went to the HP set, pretended to be fred and george, and we raved like it was 1999! there were glowsticks everywhere. the end.
  8. hokay, soh... i wanna show of this picture. but i don't know where to put it, so it's just gonna go here lol.
  9. ooh, also i now have my nose pierced! and KAT KAT KAT!!! i kinda know how to do some tricks with glow sticks! the womanizer that i was in love with went to a lot of raves and such, so he's wayy good at glowsticking. he showed me some stuff, so i know a little bit. i stink way bad, but i'm getting better!
  10. hello all! long time no talk. boo i'm way lame. sorry sorry. but what's up? i feel like i should update everyone (who actually gets on here still) about my life. so i think i might just do that! so so so much has changed. for the good. sooo... where to start? i have really no idea when the last time i got on here was, so i'm just going to refresh everyone on what's been going on my life for the past year and a half. the summer of 2007, my brother attempted to commit suicide. at least he claimed that was his plan. when all reality he just freaked out my parents and drove to minnesota or somewhere. he was gone for about a day, and he had to spend about a week in a psychiatry ward after that. that same summer many of my role models...people i looked to for extreme guidance...moved away. the two that had the most impact were my youth pastor and his wife. i was so very close to them. i was extremely upset from that point of my life to about the fall of 2008. i was just at a sort of standstill in my life...a crossroad, if you will. it was a difficult time for me, but i ventured through it. i am so so so good now, it's almost unbelievable. life could be better, i know, but i'm content at where i'm at and where i'm going. life is lovely, and i'm so very thankful for every day i get to be alive. let's see...what else happened...in december i got out of what was basically a five-month relationship. it was sad, but i made a good choice in ending it. my happiness isn't worth giving up just to be with an extremely cute boy (or "arm candy" as my mother likes to put it). i fell for a womanizer (boy don't try to fruh-uh-uhnt!), and that was a bit of a destructive relationship. that ended somewhat badly, but we're still kinda friends...and he's now an anti-social lol. in the past year i've gained so many friends, including my bestest friend who i love so very much. which brings me to my boyfriend... haha. remember the womanizer? well, when we were "talking" (code term for "kinda-but-not-really dating" ... not sure if that term is used in other parts of the U of S), he took me to one of his friends houses. his friend had no idea that we were coming, so when we showed up, he was watching x-men all by his lonesome little self. so, we watched that with him. i didn't talk to his friend again until i managed to find his profile on facebook...we ended up talking, and we hung out a few times. we're similar in so very many ways, but yet we're different. it's a cool relationship, very chill. he asked me out on the day before valentine's day, and i joked about how i couldn't listen to the song "valentine's day" by linkin park anymore. (we both love linkin park.) we're not sure if it can become anything serious though, as he might be moving to Utah or California sometime soon. (It might be this summer...it might be this fall...it might be in a month.) it's hard to think about, but i'm okay with it. i'm okay with where we're at...i like how happy and easy going i am. my parents just don't know about it yet, as i'm not allowed to date anyone older than me that is out of high school. he's only been out of school for a year, though. my parents willll be finding out soon enough. what else? i've been playing bass for about two years now, and i might be joining the bf's band, since they need a bass player for an upcoming show they have. hmm. i've also been working at a local grocery store (Hy-Vee, haha.) for a year in June. I'm a customer service girl, which i like a lot...i just don't enjoy cleaning the urinals. boo. yep. that is all. (: it's my bed time, and i need some zzzz's. i have to play for my church's worship band tomorrow morning, and then i need to go shopping for some soccer gear. (soccer starts on monday...i'm so going to die! we run like 5-9 miles at practice. sooo dumb.)
  11. oh yes, my mom doesn't know about this boy, either. because i'm not allowed to date him because he's 19 and out of high school. ): so shhh! haha...please don't tell my madre. (:
  12. my boyfriend and i don't sew together...but we do make music! he's amazing at guitar.
  13. Toto


    tibbyffoffolawws is my favorite. (:
  14. No. It was a picture someone sent me that made me think just how much guts you would have to have to go out in public like that. Would you mind posting it again, or showing me where it's at? I really think it's him.
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