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  2. she's two and a half and very much an active, rambunctious, loving toddler! No new artwork. But she can draw faces and some letters and she's just the sweetest smartest little thing ❤️ I am a cashier, and I am lucky that my managers know I prefer to be on the floor bc they use me as a stocker almost every day so no Alli stuck on register all day long!! we didn't do anything for Easter. I worked shrugs and we couldn't go to my mom's anyway bc they replaced her roof this week. We don't really have Easter traditions anymore... my grandmother died last August, and holiday dinners were always at her house. 😕
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  4. Today was an incredible day. Easter bunnies galore! We had so much fun finding eggs and did not lose ever one. They were all found and returned home. How was Easter for everyone else?
  5. Happy Passover and Happy Easter to everyone. May you have a very wonderful holiday and enjoy this special day. Pictures of Huey's decorated home will show up tomorrow. Horatio
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  7. Welcome back Topazia. It is nice to see you, again. Congratulations, this is terrific news! What are you doing in your new job? How old is MacKenzie now? She is growing so fast. What is your little girl up to these days? Any new MacKenzie artwork for you to share with us? Not much going on here. I am still doing the same old stuff. Working, renovating the Florida house and taking photographs.
  8. 😮 A new face! Welcome to the boards, Scarlett! I'm having a lovely month so far. I started a new job last month and I've been working FULL TIME so I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY!!!! (it's been a while...) and of course MacKenzie is a genius and beautiful and wonderful.
  9. Today was a beautiful day! My friend had a baby shower, I won a lot of candy. Since it was so nice out, my dad and I took our dogs to the park afterwards. Moose immediately found a big puddle to splash in, and Pippin's nose is all dirty from all the sniffing around he did. An excellent park adventure, by dog reckoning. I hope everyone else is getting some nice spring weather, too!
  10. Hello Scarlett. Welcome to HampsterDance Boards. A career in computer science will be terrific. Pink is a beautiful colour. I love it when the sunrise or sunset is pink. Two dogs, two ferrets and a mouse? WOW! Saint Bernard puppies are big and the adults are really big. They are such terrific dogs. We are happy that you have found us and we hope that you will stay. See you all later.
  11. Ferrets are terrific. My sister had one and my father had to 'babysit' it. It was pretty hilarious watching my father take the ferret for a walk throughout the house. You need two. They are pretty social and need company.
  12. Welcome aboard, Scarlett! It's been quite a while since we saw a new face around here, I hope you enjoy your stay Shazam was pretty fun! Again I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece, but it was a good ride and not a waste of time. If anyone is looking for a nice action movie that doesn't involve too much brain power, take a look when it makes it to Netflix. In other Moose-related news, his adoption anniversary was on Monday. He's been with us for two years! We love our big barrel-chested boy. My friend used to have some ferrets and they were a ton of fun. I've always wanted one but my parents always said no because of the smell XD Some day!
  13. Yes, of course! I am currently a highschool student, and I plan on making a living with jobs involving computer-science. Specifically programming. My favourite colour is pink, and I love puzzles. I've had several pet hamsters over the years and I currently have two dogs, two ferrets, and a mouse. Sadly, no hamsters right now. One dog is just a pup of about 14 months and shes SOOOO cuuute! She's a saint bernard though, so she's pretty big. I found this place buried deep in the internet after wanting to look into the origination of the old hampsterdance video. Y'all seem like a fun and nice bunch! A few people I know saw that movie also, and they liked it. I hope you did too!
  14. Scarlett, welcome to HampsterDance Boards. Would you please tell me a little bit about yourself?
  15. Hellllloooooo - Kat - !!!! Moose sounds like such a wonderful dog. We had a dog named Buttons, who wore boots when he went outside in the snow. First, he decided that he would not go outside in the snow without his boots on. Then it was the snow and the rain. LOL!!! That behaviour was all our fault. If we had not put the boots on him, to begin with, then he would have never known what it was like to keep his feet dry. LOL!!! I have not been to the movies in a while. Would you please let us know how Shazam was? All I have been doing is reading, reading and a bit more reading.
  16. There's been lots of rain here this week, which means lots of humidity. Don't like that D: And neither do the dogs. Moose, in particular, will NOT go out if the ground is wet. If you ask him it's because he's made of sugar (that's why he's so sweet) and the rain will melt him. I suspect he's just being a baby, though I saw Captain Marvel, it was pretty fun! Not my favorite Marvel Movie, but certainly not their worst. I'm going to see Shazam tomorrow, let's see how DC did. I don't like most of their movies lately, but Aquaman was pretty good, so maybe they're learning.
  17. I hope that everyone's week was good. The weekend is here and now to have a couple of days of fun. Today is National Pencil Day and National Take a Walk in the Park Day. Let's all get out and enjoy a local park.
  18. Heyo! I'm new here! This place seems pretty cool, and has some history to it as well! I stumbled upon this place a while ago, and I'm glad the sign-in has been fixed now. While today is still Sunday for me, its actually the last day to go skiing at a resort nearby. Its definitely getting warmer! I went swimming today and was able to walk to the car in a damp swimsuit without freezing too much. I'm on vacation right now, which is why I'm talking about skiing and swimming.
  19. Today is Sunday, and there is snow on the mountain tops. What a gorgeous day filled with blue skies, cumulus skies and a gentle breeze.
  20. HAPPY HAMMY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY HAMMY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY HAMMY BIRTHDAY MASTERMIND AND MR. MOOSEY, HAPPY HAMMY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Wishing you both all the best! May you two have a terrific celebration of your birth, with many more birthdays to come. Horatio
  21. LOL!!! We will have a screen over our pool. That keeps some of the leaves out, but little itty, bitty bits sometimes slip through.
  22. I was spoiled by going to a Y for a long time that had a heated pool. It was always the perfect temperature. And it was inside so there were never any leaves or dead bugs in it. It's been a long time since I went to a pool but any time I went to an outdoor, unheated pool after, it always took some adjusting
  23. That is always the way it is. When it comes to getting into the swimming pool, I need one hundred degree temperatures with the water temperature around ninety-five. Otherwise I do not get into the pool. I would freeze to death.
  24. I was in one of those parts of America having crazy snow for the past couple weeks. I'm done with winter! Bring on spring! Of course, as soon as it gets above about 83 degrees I'll be crying for winter again.
  25. Florida is having a heat wave, whilst the rest of America is seeing excessive snow storms. We did not have any winter at all.
  26. Well then... stop in more often. Would you please fill us in on what you have been doing, what is going on and how life is treating you?
  27. Hope everyone is doing well! I think about you all quite often.
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